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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 11, 1428. October 23, 2007. #82

The historic "Crescent and Cross" Conference in California where Dr. Siddique spoke has issued an imp. statement. Scroll way down.

Rally outside the pro-Israeli Mega-Church in San Antonio, TX. Oct.28. Scroll all the way down. No more war for Israel.

Personal from the Editor: Dr. [Hajiani] Asma Fischer has just returned from Makka after doing I'tikaf in the Haram al-Shareef. Here is a brief comment from her in the form of quotes.

Asalaamoalaikum, friends, family and well wishers.
I have experienced a beauty at the Kaaba and the Haram in Itikaaf that I wish for each one of you!. All I can say is reflected in quotes sent by a friend that I share with you:

"Without doubt, it is in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find contentment" - Qur'an 13:28.

"Truly in the heart there is a void that can not be removed except with the company of Allah. And in it there is a sadness that can not be removed except with the happiness of knowing Allah and being true to Him. And in it there is an emptiness that can not be filled except with love for Him and by turning to Him and always remembering Him. And if a person were given all of the world and what is in it, it would not fill this emptiness."

-- Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyya

That which God said to the rose,

and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty,

He said to my heart,

and made it a hundred times more beautiful.



"Fasting the six fasts of Shawwal after fasting all of Ramadan, in its blessings, is like fasting all year." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, narrated by Abu Ayyub Ansari, r.a, in the Sahih of Muslim and the Sunan of Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and Tirmidhi.]

National Islamic Shoora: Peaceful but Uncompromising
U.S. Muslims Spell Out Issues, Strategies, Tactics:
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania: October 20, 2007

Members of the National Islamic Shoora, Central Committee, of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, met all day at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. The guest speaker in the morning session was Sis. Saadiqah Amatullah Hasan from Toledo, Ohio. In the afternoon session, the guest speaker was Imam Warith Deen Umar from Albany, New York.
[See next issue for details.]

Prayers were led by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz , the internationally renowned Distinguished Professor of Mathematics. He also gave the brief but comprehensive dua' from the Qur'an at the conclusion of the meeting.

Highly motivated delegates came at their own expense and in spite of their crowded schedules from California, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York and various towns in Maryland including Baltimore.

The National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen has emerged as an Islamic nucleus in which each member excels in his or her own field of work. Here are some of the values and standards by which the Jamaat works and which distinguish it from other groups.

"What will explain to you the Path that is steep? It is to free the slave ...." [The Qur'an 90:12-13]

Nine RESOLUTIONS PASSED by the National Islamic Shoora to express its stance on current events. The resolutions express a sense of the feelings of MILLIONS of U.S. Muslims which they are either unable to or are afraid of expressing:

1. The great majority of the American people oppose war with Iran. There is great danger that Zionist elements in the American power structure will bring about a military strike at Iran either directly by the U.S. or through its cat's paw, the terrorist entity known as Israel. We condemn all attempts to spark a war with Iran which is all the more reprehensible in that Iran has been supporting U.S. policies in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

2. U.S. troops should be withdrawn without further delay from Iraq. The Islamic resistance in Iraq has shown, and many U.S. experts agree, that military victory is not possible in Iraq. The suffering of the Iraqi people has reached genocidal proportions but they continue to resist. The only humane and sane outcome will be a quick withdrawal.

3. We urge NATO to withdraw its occupation army from Afghanistan. NATO belongs in the NORTH ATLANTIC not in a Muslim country. NATO is facing defeat but is continuing to inflict serious suffering on the Afghan people. We say: No more massacres of Afghan women and children! NATO out of Afghanistan!

4. Palestine's future belongs to the Palestinian people. We hope all factions will unite under the elected government. We condemn the intrigues of Mahmoud Abbas, Condoleezza Rice and Ehud Olmert as they are an insult to the intellect of the civilized world. Attempts to bypass the legally elected representatives of the Palestinian people and the tragic results of Israeli crimes which have turned Gaza into a concentration camp are a shame and a disgrace for America and the Arab states which directly or indirectly help Israel.

4a. In Lebanon too, outside interference needs to be stopped. The Lebanese people, with a strong Islamic component, have the right to decide their own future without interference by Israel and the West. The recent Israeli air attack on Syria's facility shows that Israeli agents are in the top echelons of the Syrian government itself.

5. Pakistan's people must not be thwarted in their choice of Islam as the solution to their issues of unity, poverty, and national integrity. We condemn the attempt by the Bush administration to impose Benazir Bhutto, an obvious agent of America, on the Muslim masses of Pakistan. We condemn the bombing of the people of Waziristan by the Pakistan air force and the occupation of Islamic villages in the northwest by the Pakistani army following the destruction of the Islamic women's university, Jamia Hafsa.

6. We urge the Muslims of America to work for and support the release of Islamic political prisoners being held in the American gulag. Imam Jamil al-Amin [known as the Imam of America], Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, Dr. Ali al-Timimi, Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Ahmad 'Abdel Sattar , Prof. Sami al-Arian, Masoud Khan, Jose Padilla, Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi and scores of others are the victims of the American injustice system. We must unite to demand that they be released and returned to their families.

7. We condemn the control, manipulation and misuse of the corporate media by American Jews and their fellow travelers. We, U.S. Muslims, are not anti-Semitic. In fact many of us are semitic ourselves, but we cannot ignore the fact that the American public is being misinformed and misled by Zionist Jews in the media in support of war and the oppression of people in Africa and the Middle East. The propaganda related to Darfur and the censorship of the suffering in Somalia are the most recent examples of this destructive tendency.

8. We urge American Muslims in particular and Americans in general to oppose, condemn and take steps to stop the exploitation of women, the legitimization of adultery, the glorification of homosexuality by the corporate media and Hollywood. Violence, rape, incest, child molestation are being steadily publicized and trivialized by the power structure. Jesus, pbuh, and all that is sacred to Islam and Christianity is being profaned and abused in a variety of ways. It is our duty as Muslims to stand against these tendencies.

9. We support the rights of the people of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti, West Indies and South America who are coming to the U.S. seeking a better life. This country belongs to Allah Almighty and not to any one race. Hence exploitation and oppression of immigrants and workers must stop.

Tuskegee, Alabama & Newark, NJ

Amir Abdallah Yasin: Extraordinary Islamic leader Right here in America by Br. Mansur, Cleveland.

[See September 22 and October 6 issues of NT for pt. 1 and 2]

Amir Abdallah has performed his civic duty to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. In the early 1970's, in his absence from meetings which he had not been attending, he was elected to be the president of the 100/244 Chadwick Avenue, Mount Calvary Homes, (200+ family) Tenants' Association! The tenants held their meeting, then flooding into the halls, came to the door of his 3rd floor apartment and "drafted" Amir Abdallah to be their president and tenant leader. Amir Abdallah gives due credit to his excellent Administrative Action Team of Tenants: his Building Captains (Carl Brown and Helen Sancho); his Chief Officers (James Blair, Barbara Dabney, Mrs. Larnes) and many, many other tenants. Their collective actions effected the longest running rent strike in "partially subsidized" private housing in the United States! Those were difficult times but he led them through 30 months of court battles for improved living conditions in those two new, gigantic, yet cheaply constructed buildings. During this entire time, due to his leadership, not one person got evicted! [(During the same period of time Toby Henry was leading a similarly successful long-term strike in one of Newark's public housing projects. He and Amir Abdallah were greatly assisted by Ellsworth Morgan, Director of the non-profit "Newark Tenant's Organization, Inc." which assisted tenants in redressing legitimate grievances by being a liaison between tenants and the local Legal Aid Association through one of their primary Legal Advisors, Attorney Stanley Varon, who was often assisted by students from local Law schools.) Amir Abdallah and Ellsworth Morgan, consulting with the officers of the 100/244 Chadwick Tenants' Association, guided two young Law Students, Lee Hollick and Woody Widrow in the drafting of an exemplary Rent Control Act for the City of Newark. Amir Abdallah introduced it to an acquaintance, city councilman Earl Harris, who was very impressed. So much so that he brought it to the Newark City Council and fought for it until it became Newark's first Rent Control Bill signed into law! Amir Abdallah only supported two local politicians with the Political Strength of the 200+ families he represented, and their extended families; Councilman Earl Harris and Councilman Sharpe James, who is the current Mayor of Newark now seeking his fifth term!]
Amir Abdallah's formal schooling and higher education took place in New Jersey and in New York. Having began his college/academy schooling in the area of "aircraft design" he eventually pursued a career in the field of Municipal Engineering. He remained in this Engineering Profession for nearly twenty-five years and retired from it in 1985. In addition, he has successfully completed a number of intense courses and semesters of study at several Islamic Institutions of higher learning in the United States and abroad, including King Abdul-Aziz University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. He has also completed and received certificates for Managerial Training, etc.
Amir Abdallah has four children from his first marriage (ages given for 2005):
*Khadijah Yasin: age 42, a prominent doctor of Gynecology & Obstetrics
*Kamilah Yasin: age 35, a successful Banking & Finance Executive
*Aliyah Yasin: age 33, having completed college, did post-grad study, worked, entered & graduated from Med School, and is now a Pediatrician.
*Azizah Yasin, age 32, a successful tri-state attorney (Licensed and admitted to the Bar of 3 states)
Amir Abdallah has three children and a stepson (all brilliant & and determined to succeed) from a subsequent marriage in which his wife died in 1984 after ten months of hospitalization, leaving him with four young children, ages 10 months, two, four and seven years of age. Currently: Amir Abdallah's stepson, Abdur-RaHman Isma`il, age 28, has degrees from the University of Delaware in Business Administration & Nursing Administration and, seemingly, has found his niche in the latter field. His 25 year old daughter, Yasmeen Yasin, a winner of several Literary Awards, had begun an educational pursuit towards a career in Journalism at New Jersey's Bloomfield College. However she is now a Communications Specialist with a National Telecommunications Company. Amir Abdallah's 24 year old son, Muhammad Yasin, a Graduate Chef from a well respected Culinary College, is employed with an International Dining Establishment, and is working toward owning his own Bakery and Family Restaurant (inshaa`Allah). His 22 year old daughter, Asmaa Yasin, who is gainfully employed, has a real literary knack, and (inshaa'Allah) great things are expected of her.
Amir Abdallah makes daily du'as for all of his children and his grandchildren. He sends prayers daily for all of our children as well, and he makes no "bones" about the obligation we American Muslims have to Islamicize America and not just "be here." He says: "We must pray for each other." He also says: "This work, this da'awah, is to truly establish Islam in this land. It is our obligation, our duty, which can only be carried out organizationally. The results belong to Allah, alone. Therefore, seeing it happen in our lifetime should not be our concern. The work, here and now, is!"
Amir Abdallah, having (al-Hamdu lil-laah) returned stateside after residing for nearly 17 years in the U.S. Virgin Islands, resides in the beautiful Tuskegee, Alabama, and in Newark, New Jersey. From this dual residency, he administers to the affairs of his organizations, preaches, teaches and engages in literary pursuits. His initial relocation to the USVI in 1978 was the result of careful organizational planning as an expansive Organizational endeavor, which after his arrival, due to his preaching and growing popularity was fraught with nearly nine (9) years of VI State and federal opposition and deliberate persecution, which (al-Hamdu lil-laah) he survived.
For the past 16 years Amir Abdallah has been married to Attorney Jannah C. Yasin. They have fought many battles together, and by Allah's favor, won most, survived others, but never lost. Clearly, inshaa'Allah, there is yet much work for Amir Abdallah & Company. He says of the work: "If not now, when? If not by us, who?"

Statement from the Crescent And Cross Solidarity Movement Concerning October 13 'No More Wars For Israel' Conference

Official Final Statement of the " No More Wars For Israel" Conference

The No More Wars For Israel conference wrapped up its two-day event in Irvine, California with amazing success. Many activists with diverse orientation from around the US, Canada, and Australia attended the conference originally scheduled to take place at the Marriott Hotel in Irvine but then forced to move to another venue as a result of the hotel canceling the event for what organizers felt was political pressure by the ADL and other pro-Zionist/anti-free speech groups.

The Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement is an open forum started two years ago by writer Mark Glenn and Hesham Tillawi of Current Issues TV as a project to unite both Muslims and Christians under two main principles: First, that Islam and Christianity are not enemies, and second, efforts of both Muslims and Christians must be channeled to resist the forces of evil, identified as Zionists and Christian-Zionists.

The No More Wars For Israel conference concluded with the following positions on several political issues of our days:

US War On Iraq:
We affirm that the war on Iraq was a war of aggression by a Neo-Con/Zionist-occupied United States government against a sovereign state, that was and remains a member of the UN and as such was not in any way, shape or form a threat to our country. We believe the major cause of the war was the cause of Israel, as outlined in the 1982 Zionist-funded and engineered publication known as Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties combined with the A Clean Break: Strategy for Securing the Realm and followed by the Project for New American Century that were planned and executed by many well known Zionists and their puppets in the American Administration now collectively and colloquially referred to as the "Neo-Cons".

The Palestinian people have suffered--not just decades, but generations--under the brutality of the Israeli Military Occupation and we therefore call upon all people of conscience to unite efforts in bringing freedom to the Palestinians and to establish an independent, viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. We affirm the Right of Return for the Palestinian People according with established UN resolutions on the subject especially UN Resolution 194. We believe it is up to the Palestinian People represented by their Sole Legitimate Representative to decide on the form of state they desire.

US Government
We affirm the necessity of the United States government and all branches of government remaining free of all foreign influence organizations such as AIPAC, JINSA, WJC and others for our own National Interest. We call upon all our elected officials to have American interests first and foremost and not those of any foreign power.

Neither the No More Wars For Israel conference nor the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement or the website are affiliated with any groups preaching hate or racism. We affirm the right of all peoples to take pride in their race and culture and deny that any possess the right to disparage others based upon racial parameters. All people deserve the dignity that is part and parcel of being a human being.

The charge of "Anti-Semitism"
We affirm that it is the duty of all people of good conscience to do everything in their power to destroy this Weapon of Mass Distraction known as the charge of "anti-Semitism" that has claimed many political lives and careers of many of our good people in government, and private sectors. It is our duty to defeat this unfair and unrealistic accusation with sound reasoning and rational discourse. Furthermore, we remind the world that at present there is no better example of "anti-Semitism" than the wars of aggression that are being fought against the peoples of the Middle East who have more of a claim to the term "Semite" than do the Jews populating Israel who are of European ancestry. As long as this scurrilous charge can be irresponsibly bantered about by dishonest pundits and propagandists a clear, rational discussion concerning what is taking place in the Middle East and how this impacts negatively upon the rest of the peoples of the world cannot take place.

Followers of Jesus, pbuh, will Protest at the Biggest pro-Israel Church:
No More Wars for Israel

Vigil: San Antonio TX, John Hagee's Cornerstone Church, Sunday, October 28, 2007

On the public streets outside

John Hagee's Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas

Place: Cornerstone Church, 18755 Stone Oak Pkwy. San Antonio, TX
Time: Join us Sunday, October 28, 2007, 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
(Near Highway 181 north off Charles W. Andrews Loop)

Pastor Hagee is founder of Christians United For Israel, and "Night To Honor Israel." He is a committed and angry enabler of Serial Wars who lobbies openly for a pre-emptive bombing of Iran. He leads this big congregation in the bloody path of Christian-Zionism, teaching the apostate doctrine that the State of Israel is the "fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy." This mega-church is ignoring the Christian belief that Jesus Christ is that fulfillment and Christ's words call out for peace. This abuse of Scripture has led to serial wars and bloodshed of at least half a million Arab people and has forced 5 million or more into refugee camps, not to mention the 3900 American military and many civilian mercenaries that have died. Come, help call this big congregation to Choose Life, Not War.

To view the apostasy of John Hagee's Night to Honor Israel, go to Bill Moyers Journal, October 5, 2007 (

To view recent press coverage of Night To Honor Israel, quoting Project Strait Gate (We told the reporter there is little or no Christianity there) go to:

* Please park your car OFF THE CHURCH PROPERTY and park and walk only on public right-of-ways
* Watch for the big Yellow and black Project Strait Gate sign
* Signs are furnished, bring your own if you wish; examples are:

INNOCENT BLOOD ON OUR HANDS: Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, and American blood.
APOSTATE CHURCH Christ Followers Must Not Kill

* Please dress in traditional church attire.
* Refrain from loud exchanges with anyone, this is a quiet vigil.
* Please give space to those who come out to talk.
* Do not interrupt, do not argue...educate.
* Stay spaced so all the signs may be seen by those in the church.
* Feel free to tell the press what you think, but please refer official inquires to sponsors
* Hand out literature will be provided.
* The police will be notified of this event and be asked to be present.

Project Strait Gate
More than sixty vigils:
P O Box 14491
Scottsdale, AZ 85267
Home office contact 480 947 3329
Local Contact: Dave 210 687 1484
Press contact: Charles: 602-741-4650

Letter: Ft. Dix, New Jersey, Muslim Defendant's Mother Flees Torment [Writer's name withheld on request.]

The Palestinian-Jordanian mother of one Fort Dix defendant I told you about has fled to Jordan with her daughter. Her daughter was the twelve year old attacked , choked and yelled names at by a teen boy, due to her brother's status. It was a hate crime.

The Philadelphia Inquirer stated that the school tried to get the girl not to tell but the school denies that. The police didn't know about it until someone told the campus police days later. The mother and little girl went back to Jordan though then father and older sister are still here. Another sister is married, as I told you previously, to one of the Albanian Fort Dix defendants.

Letter: Criticism of Oct. 19 NT Article on Turkey and Armenians

#yiv1959910737 DIV {} The article which denounces the move by Congress to recognize the Armenian genocide is wrong-headed. Israel, Bush and Turkey are in the same bag.
The Armenian genocide is recognized by the world. It was not perpetrated by Muslims but by Young Turks who opposed Islam.
The record is clear: Turkey owes reparations to the Armenians for its responsibility in the death of upward of 1.5 million Armenians. The government of Turkey was involved and engineered the genocide.
Turkey will not join Europe until they admit and give reparations. They occupy part of Armenia.
The US murdered people the world over (indigenous and blacks here, colonized peoples elsewhere). We resent that Turkey, an empire at the time should try to escape its responsibility because they are supposed to be Muslims while there is a struggle to have whites be held responsible.
Turkey is an ally of Bush in attacking Iraq. It is hypocritical to defend Turkey.


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