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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 23, 1428. October 6, 2007. #77

Two interesting khutbas: Imam al-'Asi on Jerusalem, on the sidewalk in Washington, DC, and Dr. Siddique on boycott of Israel and freedom for Imam Jamil in Baltimore. Scroll down.

DEMOCRACY, SHAMOCRACY: Pakistan's General Musharraf got himself "re-elected" on October 6 from the sham parliament he had set up last time. The opposition members decided to stay away from such a ridiculous game. Strikes, protests and demonstrations against Musharraf wracked all of Pakistan on October 6 in spite of Ramadan. At America's orders, in one day Musharraf issued an Ordinance cancelling all the corruption cases against Benazir Bhutto who is working with Musharraf for American style "democracy."

The good news is that the Red Mosque re-opened on October 4 on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Umm Hasan, woman leader of Jamia Hafsa, entered the mosque along with hundreds of other men and women.

On October 5, thousands attended the Friday prayers in the Red Mosque. The intense khutba was given by a scholar named Maulana Abdul Ghaffar who reiterated that the mission of the martyr Abdul Rashid Ghazi will continue in the same peaceful but uncompromising manner he had taught. As vast numbers of people crowded the inside and the outside of the Lal Masjid [Red Mosque], Musharraf's security forces melted away, so to speak with their tails between their legs.

The young people have decided to repaint the mosque RED.

Meanwhile fighting continues in the northern areas. Entire Waziristan has been put under night curfew by Musharraf's military forces. Lightly armed people are attacking the army in a reckless style.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News], P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234

Imam Warith Deen Umar on Radio: Speaks of his Ordeal with U.S. "justice"

September 28, 2007: Imam Warith Deen Umar spoke on "al-Islam for all" radio, live, for 20 minutes. The radio program comes out of Brooklyn, New York and was hosted by Br. Abdul Baqi Hamed. The Imam recounted the attacks by the U.S. government on his apartment in the Bronx and his family home in Albany, New York. After the unprovoked attacks, the government went through his entire life's record and found something "wrong" when he was 20 years old! As a result, he was sentenced to a YEAR of home arrest and his passport and computers were taken away.

The entire fiasco started when the Zionist newspaper The Wall Street Journal published an extensive front page story on Imam Umar accusing him of supporting the 9.11 attacks. As a result he lost all his job opportunities, and leading Zionists like Democrat Schumer came on TV to attack him and his work as Islamic Chaplain in the prison system.

Imam Umar's house arrest ended only the DAY BEFORE his radio program, so it is obvious that his Islamic spirit is unwavering. He said that he has written an unusual book during his arrest which will be out in the near future, inshallah.

National Islamic Shoora to meet: October 20, 2007

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora will meet at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania all day on October 20, inshallah. Participation is by invitation only.

Email: if you would like to make a presentation.

Evaluation of Jamaat policies as well as delineation of tactics and strategies will be carried out.

Sis. Saadiqah Amatullah Hasan from Toledo, Ohio will speak on the case of Imam Hasan who is on death row in Youngstown, Ohio.

Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz , Distinguished Professor of Math, will speak on racism in America.

Imam Badi Ali will talk on the current situation in the Middle East.

Sis. Ashira will present on Masjid development.

Local arrangements and security are by Br. Aqueel [Philadelphia].

Lunch and snacks will be served without charge.

Ancient Timbuktu and the Glorious Culture of West Africa: Sis. Karen

October 22, 2007: Sis. Karen English, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen and author of several books for African-American children, will speak at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, inshallah.

She will give an eyewitness account of the culture and artifacts of the ancient Islamic city of Timbuktoo which was once the hub of civilization in Africa.

Ramadan's Message: Be Aware of Allah: Oppose the Oppressors. Dr. Siddique calls for Boycott of pro-Israel Businesses and Support for Muslim Political Prisoners

October 5, 2007: Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba and led prayers at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore. Here are a few salient points:

Our America [2 iems]

Police out of Control: 15 Year Old African-American Girl Brutalized by Police Officer

Ft. Pierce, Florida. October 5, 2007: A teenager was wrestled down by a burly White police officer. She "resisted" [how a tiny 15 year old can "resist" a big, muscular man is anyone's guess] and the officer sprayed tear gas into her face, POINT BLANK.

The images of the violent arrest appeared on TV. The most shocking close- up was on Fox Tv's Hannity and Colmes show. Hannity, himself a burly White man, tried to justify the violation. The girl had bitten the officer as he wrestled her down!

Woman Dies in Police Custody After Arrest at Airport

Phoenix, Arizona: September 28. [Autopsy on October 2.] Security forces stopped a White New York woman from boarding a plane. She was treated like a security risk, tied up and put in a tiny room. She ended up dead. An investigation is underway.

This is the way she was treated: "Officers handcuffed Carol Ann Gotbaum behind her back, shackled her to a bench, and left her alone in a detention room. Police said she was later found unconscious and not breathing with the chain from the shackle pulled against the front of her neck. It appeared that Gotbaum got tangled as she tried to manipulate the handcuffs from behind her to the front, police said." [Note that the last sentence is the police "justification" of the death. She did it to herself!]

New Trend notes that freedom and rule of law are no more in existence in this country. Law is a front to oppress and abuse America's people.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique invited to Major Conference critical of terrorist entity known as "Israel."
'No More Wars For Israel' Conference to be held in Southern California Weekend of October 12-14

Note--The conference is being dedicated to Mordechai Vanunu, former Israeli nuclear technician who spent 18 yrs in the hellhole of an Israeli prison for trying to warn the world about the most dangerous nation in the world possessing the most dangerous weapons in the world. He has recently been convicted of violating an Israeli court order barring him from speaking to foreign journalists and faces an additional 6 months in prison.--

Important Update--'You-know-who' is up to their old tricks that they inherited from their Pharisee forefathers of trying to silence any opposition to their agenda. As such, these individuals who would dare accuse the rest of us of being unpatriotic are trying to rob us of our rights to free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and freedom of worship. Elements within the Zionist extremist camp are already in panic mode over this upcoming conference and are calling around to all the hotels in Southern California pretending to be Police Officers and trying to find out where the conference is being held so that they can do their usual business of intimidating hotel owners and others into shutting us down. This is the reason why details of the conference are being kept private at this time.

On the weekend of October 12-14 patriotic voices of conscience from around the world will be gathering in southern California to call for an end to the endless wars being waged... and yet more planned, if the neocons get their way.... in the Middle East by the U.S., sacrificing the lives of our sons and daughters all for the sake of a worthless parasitic and terrorist nation by the name of Israel that has been subjugating the Arab Christian and Muslim population of Palestine for nearly sixty years.

NOW is the time to stand up and let your voices be heard.... BEFORE our out-of-control president and the Israeli moles who encircle and advise him begin what very well may be World War III by attacking the peaceful nation of Iran....AGAIN for the sake of the cancer in the Middle East known as Israel.
This one of a kind and important conference will be held in Orange County, California, minutes away from John Wayne International airport, and 30 minutes from LAX.

CONFIRMED speakers include:

*Capt. Joe Cortina, Former US Green Beret to talk about what he personally witnessed when he was on diplomatic business in Israel several years ago

*Phil Tourney, survivor of the attack on the USS Liberty and former president of the Liberty Veterans Association

*AFP correspondent, author and radio talk show host Michael Collins Piper

*Patrick Grimm, well-known internet writer/commentator

*Columnist and RBN radio host Mark Dankof

*Hesham Tillawi of Current Issues TV

*Bedros Hadjian, expert on the Zionist role in the Armenian Genocide

*Fr. Christopher Hunter, Traditional Catholic Priest, patriotic author and long time anti-Zionist activist

*Mark Green, journalist, producer and former TV talk show host.

*Dr. Kaukab Siddique, pubisher of the Islamic magazine New Trend

*Author and AFP correspondent Mark Glenn of Crescent and Cross

*Investigator and film maker on the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty Tito Howard

*Professor Ray Goodwin, author and regular contributor to The Barnes Review

*Founder of 'We Hold These Truths' and Project Strait Gate Charles Carlson

*Black nationalist Leader Dr. Robert Brock

*MarWen Media's Wendy Campbell, documentary film-maker.

*911 widow and truth activist Ellen Mariani who will discuss her ongoing lawsuit and the efforts of judicial criminals to silence her

*Eillen Fleming, journalist, author, pro-Palestinian activist and owner of

*Joachim Martello, well-known Muslim american writer/researcher/activist

Open invitations have been extended to the following personages--

*Former US President Jimmy Carter

*US Representative Ron Paul, candidate for the Presidency

*Former Prime Minister of Malysia Dr. Mahatir Mohammed

*Professors Mearsheimer and Walt, authors of the controversial book "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy"

*Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter

*Former Under Secretary for the Treasury and Columnist Paul Craig Roberts


Reserve your place now for this history-making conference and be among the number of your fellow patriots who are saying with ONE VOICE: NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!

Those not able to attend--WE NEED DONATIONS! Please consider helping us out.

Send checks or money orders to Mark Glenn at the following address

Box 27
Careywood, Idaho 83809

Those interested in sending donations online via credit card should send an email to and we will get back to you.

An Extraordinary Islamic Leader in USA: Amir Abdallah Yasin [Part I. Intro by Br. Mansur, Cleveland, USA]

AMIR Abdallah Yasin, born June 8th, 1942, is and has been, for the past 32 years, the Amir (Commander, Overall Organizational Leader/CEO) of the International Islamic Community/Congregation (Amirate) of "Masjid Baytul-Khaliq" (Def: A Mosque named "House of The Creator"), Inc., headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Amir Abdallah, who is also known as and often referred to as Imam Abdallah, is well known, nationally and internationally, for his Islamic work, contributions and leadership.

Amir Abdallah has held a number of offices, many up until he presented resignations in 1988 when he, with his family, relocated to St. Croix, U.S.V.I. Until his resignation he had held the post of "Imam" at Newark Community Mosque (1974-1988). He was one of the founders of the Islamic Council of Essex County, New Jersey and its first presiding chairman (1979-1988). After establishing New Jersey's first organized public 'Eids (special post Ramadan and post Hajj prayers and festivities) in 1976, Amir Abdallah was the first and presiding chairman of the Unified 'Eid Committee of New Jersey (1979-1988). He was one of the founders of the Islamic Federation of North America, and served as its National Treasurer for two years (1980-1982). Also, it is through his efforts that the first full time Islamic grade school became established in Newark, New Jersey (1977). The "Islamic School of New Jersey" was planned and spawned in and under Amir Abdallah's authority, through his appointed personnel, and under the auspices of Masjid Baytul-Khaliq.

[The "home" of the Islamic Community of Masjid Baytul-Khaliq is Newark Community Masjid, which is also known as the Da'wah Center of Newark. During the 1990's it also hosted the Da'wah College, under the Directorate of Shaykh Heshaan Jaaber.]

For two years Amir Abdallah hosted a popular New Jersey cable program entitled "Islamic Discussions" (1985-1987). He is currently the Secretary-General of the "Council of Imams of New Jersey".

Amir Abdallah has also served as one of the National Community Leaders on the Council of a National Islamic Community based in Atlanta, Georgia (1985-1992). He is currently one of the principle Islamic Leaders in the Caribbean, and one of the Virgin Islands' primary Islamic spokespersons. For seven years he preached regularly at the local V.I. mosque (1989-1996) and for the past 13 years has been the Director of the "Da'wah Center & First Ribat" of the U.S. Virgin Islands".

Primarily Amir Abdallah administers to the affairs of his own International Organization, internationally, nationally and locally, from his resident/organization address in the U.S.V.I. He has also represented his New Jersey based organization through the Islamic Society of North America, an Indiana based national organization and through the Saudi Arabian "Council of Mosques of the U.S. and Canada" since its inception.

During the 1980`s Amir Abdallah had been one of the National Board members of the "National Islamic Assembly" based in Chicago, Illinois; functioning as its Northeast Regional Director. He is a past member of the Interfaith Coalition of St. Croix, resigning in 1992. He has spoken, lectured and preached at mosques, grade schools, colleges and gatherings locally, nationally and internationally. For two years he hosted the popular Virgin Islands radio program, "Islamic Perspectives", which broadcast throughout the Caribbean. Amir Abdallah is a regularly published writer, and author of a well received book entitled Islamicizing America; its sequel is in the works

For thirteen years he was a dedicated member of Saudi Arabia's Propagation Team in the United States (1978-1991). Inshaa'Allah, the culminating details of this relationship shall be fully revealed in the sequel of Islamicizing America.

In 1997 Amir Abdallah became the U.S. National Amir for the U.S. contingent of the World Murabitun Movement and by so doing, absorbed that body into his existing National Amirate. However, in August 2001, Amir Abdallah was compelled to disband the U.S. contingent of this group.

Amir Abdallah has been an ardent worker and teacher within the New Jersey State Prison system. In 1975 he gave "Shahadah" (Proclamation of Faith) to several inmates at Trenton State Prison and organized them into that institution's first recognized (though 'system' persecuted) Orthodox (Sunni) Islamic Community. In 1976 he began weekly classes and Jumu'ah at Rahway State Prison and again organized and structured its first recognized (though 'system' persecuted) Orthodox (Sunni) Islamic Community. In 1987 Amir Abdallah, after besting a host of qualified candidates for the post, became the first Islamic Advisor (given the oxymoranic title of "Islamic chaplain") at Newark's newly constructed Maximum security institution, Northern State Prison. He organized and structured the Islamic community at this institution, allowing only the recognition of Orthodox (Sunni) Islam; closing the door on all aberrations during his tenure. These Islamic Communities continue to exist to this day. Al-Hamdu lillaah (The Praise belongs only to Allah.). Amir Abdallah Yasin has responsibly held many other posts too numerous to list here, but we shall note one other:

[To be contiued]

Sidewalk Khutba Denounces Israeli Occupation: Imam Muhammad al-'Asi

October 5 -- New Trend attended Imam Al-Asi's juma'a congregation, known as the Sidewalk Khutba, in Washington, DC, on the occasion of Yom Al-Quds. NT anticipated observing the annual Quds Day procession down Massachusetts Avenue (Embassy Row). The procession was cancelled, however, evidently due to the lack of a permit.

Asi's khutba powerfully commemorated Quds Day. He quoted verses from the Qur'an naming the characteristics of the Bani Israel. Their nature, as delineated in the Qur'an, he said, was to wreck havock not just in a single city, country, or even continent--but throughout the earth. The "Muslim" heads-of-state who recognized Israel were complicit in the subjugation of Palestine, said Asi. Imams who refused to speak out against such misguided rulers were "Scholars for Dollars," he said, gesturing towards the Islamic Center.

The juma'a congregation is known as the Sidewalk, since it is held--literally--on the pavement outside DC's main Islamic Center. Asi commenced the practice after he was ousted from his elected position as the Center's imam by the Saudi government with the help of U.S. authorities in 1983. NT asked him what would happen if he attempted to enter the Center today. Asi said he'd variously been barred outright from the Center; been told he could enter but not talk to or interact with anyone; and banned from preaching there. NT noted that such actions appeared to constitute particularly flagrant violations of Asi's the First Amendment rights (his Islamic right to access the Islamic Center notwithstanding).

Worshippers emerging from the Islamic Center proper appeared stunned at Asi's powerful message, and several of them stopped in the middle of the street, gawking at the kaffiyeh-adorned Sidewalk imam. Notably, few other imams around the DC area commemorated Quds (Jerusalem) Day, although ostensibly the freedom of Jerusalem--second most holy site to Muslims--is an issue on which Muslims are in complete agreement.

Muslim Truck Driver Facing Grave Injustice
As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah!
We had the mediation with the Justice Department, nothing was accomplished, therefore we are preparing for a trial by jury... we feel that this case is very important because it will have much to do with how Muslim are dealt with here in America. It is not that often that we get to be the plaintiff, most of the time we are forced into the defendant line.

Please keep me in your prayers and visit my blog to get the full story.
Maa Salaam,
Bilal Mahmud
None of us are free, if one of us is chained!

IRAQ WAR: What the Media are not telling Americans

In September 2007, 66 U.S. troops were killed as compared to 72 in September 2006. Several hundred were wounded.

On this basis, a difference of 6, the mediasay that things are improving.

News reports, however, show that fighting has swung out to the north, including Mosul and Kirkuk. In guerrilla warfare, such mobility by a force working among the masses is to be expected.

The situation is quite bleak. On October 5, U.S. airforce bombedan area near Yaqubah and claimed to have killed 65 Islamists. However, eyewitnesses say that all those killed were women and children. Numerous homes were destroyed. [Pakistani daily Jasaratquoting British sources.]
Such heavy losses indicate that the U.S. is involved in mass killings in its attempts to crush Iraq.
Al-Qaidah-in-Iraq has been hit hard by U.S. -Iraqi forces which killed 18 fighters and captured 38, including 4 from Saudi Arabia. FourU.S. trained police were killed and 7 wounded. Yet, Al-Qaidah inIraq remains intact, led by Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and has claimedcredit for attacks across Iraq. The U.S. refuses to specifywhere exactly the 66 American troops were killed during September.
However al-Qaidah in Iraq says exactly when and where it happened. [Source for chart below:]

Year US Deaths US Wounded
2003 486 2,408
2004 8498,003
2005 846 5,948
2006 822 6,398
2007 812 4,996
Total 3815 27753

Military Fatalities: By Month
Period US UK Other* Total Avg Days
10-2007 6 0 1 7 1.17 6
9-2007 66 2 1 69 2.3 30
8-2007 84 4 0 88 2.84 31
7-2007 79 8 1 88 2.84 31
6-2007 101 7 0 108 3.6 30
5-2007 126 3 2 131 4.23 31
4-2007 104 12 1 117 3.9 30
3-2007 81 1 0 82 2.65 31
2-2007 81 3 1 85 3.04 28
1-2007 83 3 0 86 2.77 31
12-2006 112 1 2 115 3.71 31
11-2006 70 6 2 78 2.6 30
10-2006 106 2 2 110 3.55 31
9-2006 72 3 2 77 2.57 30
8-2006 65 1 0 66 2.13 31
7-2006 43 1 2 46 1.48 31
6-2006 61 0 2 63 2.1 30

2007-10-07 Sun 18:23:57 cdt