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Shocking Account Of Torture, Murder Told By "Illegal Combatant"
America used its ally Dostum to slaughter the Muslims
Mullah Zaeef Sighted in Camp Delta Torture Cell
May 08, 2003
Source: Daily Islam, Translated by JUS
[With thanks to Sis. Hamdiyeh.]
For over a year, 32 year old Ishaq boldly stood up to the aggression and extreme physical torture perpetrated by the Americans and Dostumís militia in the cells of both Cuba and Shabarghan prison. Ishaq was recently released from Camp Delta and has finally reached his home in Pakistan Ė in a severely injured condition. In a special interview with Daily Islam yesterday, Ishaq told of the savageness of Dostumís soldiers and the inhumane treatment of the Americans. "Rashid Dostum arrested us from Kunduz after the fall of Kabul and jailed us in Shabarghan. After some days, thousands of Taliban were brutally martyred after being taken out of jails. Hundreds of throats were slit. Martyred Taliban bodies were thrown away in pits with the help of bulldozers and were earthed over. Every day the torture got worse. We were not given anything to eat and we survived on grass. Later, glass was mixed in our food which has started my intestines bleeding. Torture cells were made on the ground floor in Shabrghan jail. Dostumís men used to throw Muajahideen in boiling water. Some of the Mujahideen also died due to poisoned water." Ishaq went on to say that a lot of the Mujahideenís throats were slit in front of him. "Their blood was held in their bodies and then petrol was injected. Finally their bodies were set on fire. We were once brought out of Shabarghan jail and were tortured and marked with hot iron bars on our sensitive body parts. This was repeated on several occasions and many of the Mujahideen were martyred. Then on one day, we were loaded on a helicopter and made unconscious with injections.

Me and dozens of my fellow Mujahideen were kept in Kandahar and then transferred to an American aircraft. A plane flew us to Cuba one day. Our beards was cut off on our first day in Cuba. Our hands and feet were cuffed with heavy handcuffs and we were caged in small cages with a load of two mounds on our backs. We were interrogated daily. The interpreters for interrogators in Cuba were Pakistanis. Some of these men were good and were frustrated to see our condition. Some of them also used to see us with poisoned eyes.

In Cuba, torture, slapping and kicking during interrogation was a daily routine with FBI officials. One American official hit an Arab Mujahid while he was praying. After spending more than a year in Cuba, we were sent back to Shabarghan from where we were later on released." Ishaq told Daily Islam that initially he saw the Talibanís Ambassador to Pakistan, Mullah Zaeef in of the torture cells in Cuba. "Americans had cut off his beard but he was not seen later on. A rumor also spread about his martyrdom but a fellow Mujahideen told that he was shifted to an aircraft for interrogation. Americans severely torture the arrested Arab Mujahideen and high profiled Taliban leaders." Ishaq also saw Mullah Fazal with his ears stuffed with cotton. "His eyes were blinded with glasses and he couldnít see anything. A part of his skull was also cleared and covered in ice." "Offering prayers and reciting Holy Quran was prohibited in Cuba. But when we went on a hunger strike for 25 days, we were permitted to offer our prayers, a copy of the Holy Quran was provided as well as better food was given." Ishaq went on to say that someone from Quetta struck a deal with Rashid Dostum for approximately US $ 40,000 to identify the commanders among the arrested Mujahideen in Shabarghan jail. Most were martyred by Dostumís men, with a few handed over to the Indian government for substantial compensation.

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