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[Commentary by BUUT SHIKAN, Idol Breaker.
2. Letters about Donahue's Al-Qaida expert.
3. AFGHANISTAN / Pakistan: Ramzy al-Shibh "promoted" and arrested.

On September 16, 2002 in a superb diplomatic move, President Saddam Hussain of Iraq unconditionally accepted the return of the weapons inspectors. Go in and check, see if Iraq has any weapons of mass destruction.

[The Muslim world is sick of this constant flow of self-righteous bigotry coming out of the Zionist administration focusing on the claims that given any more time, the President of Iraq will destroy the whole world with his horrific weapons of mass destruction. The media propagandists working for war, talk so much garbage about Iraq that they seem to have brainwashed themselves through sheer repetition.]

Now if Bush goes into Iraq, he'll have to go in naked. Saddam has skilfully removed Bush's fig leaf of "he's preparing weapons of mass destruction."

The move came after Scott Ritter's superb speech in front of the Iraqi parliament. Ritter has become a crusader for peace. The prayers of all those opposed to war are with him.

Ritter is one of America's best, second only to Ramsey Clark, but he is still hesitant to stay clearly that the people behind Bush urging war are the Zionist Jews, be it Perle, Wolfowitz, Sharon or Netanyahoo. Israel is the war camp's forward base planted in the heartland of Islam.

As long as the criminal bunch of Zionist Jews is not defeated, war will continue in the middle east. These Jews hate Islam, Arabs, Palestinians, Africans, Muslims, anyone who is not a murderous Jew.

Many left wingers talk about oil and "blow back" and all kinds of peripheral issues. The stark reality is that the armed Jewish state has been planted in the heartland of Islam. As long as these criminals do not go back where they came from, there will be no peace.

As David Irving and other cutting edge scholars ask, why do the Jews never ask themselves, why is it that NO ONE WANTS THEM. Is there anyone who can honestly say: I love (zionist) Jews?
Even Osama bin Laden has not been reviled so much on the Zionist media as Saddam. Osama is the darling of the Muslim world (with 74% of support even in Kuwait which was 'liberated' by the U.S.) but Saddam rules a modern state with massive oil deposits, an advanced educational system and the ability to change the economy of the Muslim world.

Looking at it objectively, Saddam has hit people who rose up with weapons against him. Compare with America's treatment of WACO. The people of WACO were not even threatening America. They had guns INSIDE their compound. They were killed in their homes and then blamed by the Zionists for having set the fire themselves. [Kill them and then claim: they killed themselves. Only the Jews could have thought of such beautiful propaganda.]

Saddam has done nothing comparable.

When the alleged gassing of Halabja took place, America was supporting Iraq. If Iraq is to be blamed, America should be tried as accessory.

In any case Halabja has not been investigated by any non-partisan group and most of the reporting on it is from Iran and from a Jew who wrote on it a few months back (and was immediately hailed by Mr. Cheyney).

The 42-day bombing of Iraq by the U.S. made Halabja look like a bed of roses. No American pilot has been tried: not one name has even been mentioned.
TODAY American planes raided Iraq as they have been doing almost every day, ostensibly trying to shut down movement by IRAQ WITHIN ITS OWN TERRITORY. Iraq as a nation has been victimized for 11 years. When will justice be done?

Our observers say, part of the purpose of a new war against Iraq is to obliterate the traces of crimes committed against Iraq during the last 11 years.
Some of our readers have written about DONAHUE's fake Al-Qaida expert, Rohan Gunaratna:

Amir Butler from Australia wrote to Donahue:

Dear Mr Donuhue,

I understand that you recently hosted Dr Gunaratna on your show - a supposed terrorist expert. The unfortunate fact is that Dr Gunaratna's area of expertise is not al-Qaeda or even Arab/Islamic movements in general. Gunaratna's expertise is in the Tamil Tigers and the Tamil insurgency in Sri Lanka. On the frequent occasions that he has spoken on al-Qaeda et al post September 11, he has frequently made a fool of himself.

I would encourage you to read which provides a detailed exposition of Gunaratna's claims, particulraly during his much lauded visit to Australia where he was feted by the media and government as an expert on "islamic terror".
Fareez Farook wrote:
I read your open letter to Mr. Donahue and you are 100% correct in your assessment of Mr. Rohan Gunaratna. He is from Sri Lanka and wrote a book about a left movement named JVP who fought against the Srilankan government in the 90s.

There were lot of errors in that book and I promptly wrote him a letter pointing them out. Though he admitted them he wrote he was in a hurry to leave the island for a tour to China and did not have sufficient time to go through the book. He also invited me for a lunch whenever I visit Sri Lanka.

Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion and rest assured ALLAH will save it from its enemies.

That was a great letter you sent to Donahue. I have also sent it on (hope you don't mind) to that program hoping it will let them know that some of us are on to them.

The J's are sure plowing through this country with their war machine propaganda. Yesterday, I was listening to a sermon from a church of my faith up in Maryland (via the internet). All the minister could talk about was the Jews and their current holiday. Then he mentioned the humility of Henry Kissinger and how he was harassed in Germany as a child because he was Jewish. (I wonder why he wasn't rounded up and taken to a concentration camp if they knew he was Jewish.) Then the minister went on to describe all of the wonderful things he did in government, etc. It made me sick. [CAN READERS TELL MS. CAROLYN THE TITLE Of the KISSINGER BOOK?]

There is a wonderful book out that I read about a year or so ago on Henry Kissinger. It talks about what an evil man he was and all of the people he had slaughtered in Cambodia, the overthrow of the Chilean government and other governments. But for the life of me, I can't remember the name of this book. Do you know which book I am talking about? It is a small book with his picture on the cover.

Well the point I am making is that the Jews have the Christian churches covered. They are humbled and awed by the Jews in this country-revering higher education, money and their victimization. Funny, I have spoken with this minister before and he was pretty much in agreement with me about the Zionist control of this country.

This morning I read in the paper that Bush spoke with a Palestinian leader for 7 minutes. It reported what was said, how Bush wanted to eventually see a Palestinian state, etc. Wasn't Bush wonderful to give a member of Arafat's cabinet 7 minutes of time. They said it was the first Palestinian leader Bush had spoken with since he was President. Never mind that he has held talks with Ariel Sharon about 7 times.

Do you think that we will be going to war? It sure sounds like it. I heard Britain's foreign minister speaking out on the radio this morning about going to war with Iraq. He said we can't let countries get away with breaking U.N. Resolutions or else the world won't respect the U.N. after while. Can you believe this?
AFGHANISTAN (slightly tongue in cheek):

The Bush administration has promoted Ramzy al-Shibh to "mastermind" of the 9-11 attacks. Till now it was Muhammad Atta. Now we are told that Al-Shibh was captured in Karachi, Pakistan exactly on 9.11 (Musharref's gift to Bush).

Is Al-Shibh really a top gun in Al-Qaida or is the whole excercise a hoax meant to prove that the war is being "won?"

[On September 16 U.S. forces swooped into Bahrain and arrested a U.S. citizen of Yemeni descent who had gone to Bahrain to GET MARRIED. Now the Lackawanna 5 have become the Lackawanna 6. Muslim citizens of the U.S. can now get arrested if a "Muslim" like Khalid Qazi of AMC points a finger at them. Muslim organizations are serving the FBI.]

How many marriages has the U.S. messed up? The U.S. is now claiming that its investigation of the bombing of the marriage party in Afghanistan shows that the U.S. bombing was justified! First reports said 150 civilians were killed in the bombing. Later the Kabul regime did some damage control and fixed the deaths at 48.

This justification of bombing the wedding comes days after the U.S admitted that it WAS at fault for the incident in which 4 Canadian soldiers were killed. Is this a case of blatant racism, or somehow Canadian lives are simply more valuable than Afghans'? Rumsfeld never wanted the Afghan dead to be counted anyway.

2002-09-17 Tue 15:35ct