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Commentary on 1 and 2 by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)
1. Civilian Uprising in Northern Nigeria to Defend the Honor of the Prophet (pbuh)
[Background: Oprah Winfrey's Attacks on Sharia Law for adultery+Beauty Contest Plan]
2. ISNA (in Ramadan) Honors President Bush, Publishes unIslamic Photos in its own Paper
3. ALGERIA: U.S. helping the Generals to Kill Muslims

[This is serious stuff, so let's begin with two quotes which will make you smile.]

"Sharon is a man of peace." (President Bush)
"We don't want to dominate Palestinians. The two states will be equal but the Palestinian state will be demilitarized." (Shimon Peres, CNN July 30, 2002)
1. NIGERIA: The northern city of Kaduna has been placed under curfew after the Muslim masses came out in the streets. The uprising started following insults aimed at Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) published in a Zionist (Falwell type) Christian paper. In clashes between the Falwell type Christians and Muslims, more than a hundred people are reported killed and more than 500 injured. The Falwell type Zionist Christians have disrupted the established harmony of Christians and Muslims by following the "strategy" of insulting the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). Every year, missionaries from European countries and America go to Nigeria in pursuit of this Zionist inspired agenda.

Just as Falwell had outraged Muslims by claiming that Muhammad (pbuh) was a "terrorist," the puppet Nigerian paper made the blunder of insulting the best of men by trying to link him with the Beauty Pageant which the European power structure is trying to impose on Nigeria.

The methodology of the Zionist Christians is to undermine the modesty, decency and purity of Muslim womanhood in the Muslim world by implanting night clubs, beauty contests, blue movies, mixed dancing and "debates" about the legitimacy of homosexuality and dating.

IN ADDITION TO THE BEAUTY CONTEST IN NIGERIA, the Zionist media have been keeping up a drumbeat of attacks on Sharia Laws which the people of Northern Nigeria have endorsed. OPRAH WINFREY, the richest woman in America, has been attacking Sharia Law in a very clever way, pretending to be defender of a Nigerian woman to be punished for adultery under Sharia Law. OPRAH, who has NEVER made waves against the Zionist establishment in America, has NEVER spoken in support Muslim women raped in Kashmir, Chechnia, Gujarat or Palestine, suddenly decided to be champion of this woman in Nigeria. She could have said that Islamic law is meant to safeguard the sanctity of the family and marriage and imposes deterrent punishment. Sometimes such law can be misapplied or a local judge can make a mistake. Oprah made an issue out of it to discredit Sharia itself.
Then comes the BEAUTY PAGEANT. In a land where women cover themselves from head to foot (and even men cover themselves head to foot), we have the EUROPEANS injecting a crowd of half naked women based on the premise that women should uncover themselves in public.
On top of that, the agents of these people tried to link the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) to the Beauty Pageant.

The response of the people of Northern Nigeria shows that the African people, in the line of Osman Dan Fodio and his daughter Asmau, will not tolerate attacks on the sanctity and honor of the Prophet (pbuh). The Qur'an teaches JIHAD against cultural imperialism related to attempts to degrade women.

The so-called Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is busy distributing the November/December 2002 issue of its publication, "Islamic Horizons." On page 10 of this issue, ISNA dishonors itself and the Muslims of America by publishing in full color two totally unIslamic photos. The first photo shows a bearded man, wearing a kufi cap, the President of ISNA, Dr. Nur Muhammad Abdullah, shaking hands with President Bush. The second photo shows a female wearing a headcovering, Dr. Ingrid Mattson, the vice-president of ISNA, shaking hands with President Bush.
1. The Qur'an has strictly forbidden cooperation with oppressors.
2. The Prophet (pbuh) has taught that heaven trembles with the wrath of Allah when an oppressor is honored.
3. The Prophet (pbuh) would not allow a woman to shake hands with a man, not even with the Prophet (pbuh) himself, let alone shaking hands with the leader of the oppressors.
4. This ISNA garbage is being distributed in the blessed month of Ramadan. This is the last month in which a Muslim would even dream of cooperation with the oppressors.
5. ISNA is in violation of the most basic ideas of Islamic decency and normalcy. ISNA was under no pressure to publish this monstrosity. IT CHOSE TO PUBLISH THESE PHOTOS.
6. ISNA is involved here is clear "reverse d'wah," telling Muslims in America and all over the world that Bush is the friend of the Muslims and that it is okay not only to shake hands with him but to publish those photos in a supposedly Islamic paper.
If the Muslims of America are willing to accept ISNA's garbage, then there is no hope for this Muslim community. BUSH'S HANDS ARE DRIPPING WITH THE BLOOD OF MUSLIMS. He killed thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan last year, mostly civilians, and bombed that helpless Muslim country during Ramadan.
This Ramadan too, almost every day, Bush's heroic air pirates are raiding the Muslim land of Iraq. And only YESTERDAY (November 21), Bush decided to INCREASE the MILITARY AID going annually to Israel. The missiles hitting the people of Palestine were sent there by the Bush administration.
If ISNA's leaders have any fear of Allah and the Hereafter left in them, they should resign and apologize to the Muslim ummah. (Once again the wearing of beards and hijabs does not necessarily mean that one is following Allah, if the taqwa is missing.)
(with thanks to Sis. Hamdiyeh, South Carolina)
U.S. trains Murderous Algerian special forces

uploaded 14 Nov 2002

The United States is training Algeria's military and security forces to fight Islamic activists.

U.S. officials said the Bush administration plans to expand its aid to Algeria in the military and security field. They said the aid will include the transfer of equipment and accelerated training for Algerian special forces.

Washington relayed its pledge to increase military and security aid to Algeria during a visit by U.S. Undersecretary of State Marc Grossman last week to Algiers. Grossman was said to have outlined a range of proposals to increase cooperation between the two countries.

"We are doing that with some joint training and also with other help that we can provide," Grossman told a news conference in Algiers last week. "And I believe that that assistance will grow."

Grossman said the U.S. help would focus on counter-terrorism. He did not elaborate but said the assistance would also seek to enhance Algeria's judicial system.

Officials acknowledged that Algeria has complained of what it has termed the low level of U.S. assistance to the North African country. They said U.S. equipment has been minimal and slow in arriving.

But the Bush administration, officials said, has pledged to accelerate military and security aid. They cited visits over the last month by senior U.S. military commanders. They included NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Europe Gen. Joseph Ralston.

"Algerians of course have suffered from terrorism for a very long time and that is something that binds Americans and Algerians," Grossman said.

Source: World Tribune

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