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(Commentary and Analysis by Idol Breaker)

Without Evidence or Arrests: Worldwide Propaganda to Divide Muslims
Ashcroft Sees Iranian Hand in Khobar Bombing Case

"The rejectors are guardians of one another; Unless you (believers) do likewise, there would be oppression/persecution (fitna) on earth and a massive breakdown of the natural order of things (fasadun kabir)." (The Quran 8:73)
"War is deception." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, recorded in hadith)

Only days back, the United States government announced a breakthrough in the Khobar Towers bombing case. It stated that 13 Saudis and a Lebanese man had been indicted in the case. Attorney General Ashcroft spoke at length on the indictments. His statement was broadcast unabridged by C-Span. He made some central points about the indictments:

1. Iran is behind the bombing.
2. None of those arrested are Iranians.
3. There is NO evidence which can be provided that would mark Iran as the force behind the bombing.
4. Those arrested are not in U.S. custody.
5. The indicted persons may not even be in Saudi custody, or only some of them may be.

After the Attorney General's statement, Iran vehemently protested attempts to connect it to the bombing.
Even the usually complaisant Saudi government was very disturbed and expressed unhappiness at the United States procedure. It also complained of U.S. inteference in its internal matters.
QUESTION ARISES? What's going on here and what is the U.S. government trying to do. Our analysis of the indictments is as follows:

The U.S. has failed over 4 years to arrest anyone connected with the Khobar Tower bombing. This indicates a VERY SERIOUS MATTER: that the mujahideen who struck at the U.S. air force had and have grassroots support in Arabia. They could not possibly be from the tiny Shi'ite population of Eastern "Saudi" Arabia. If that had been the case, they would have either sought refuge in Iran or would have been pinpointed for easy arrest in a small population. The Shi'ites in Arabia have nothing against the U.S. and have expressed support for the U.S. campaign against Iraq.

Street wisdom in Saudi Arabia is that the people of Arabia see the mujahideen who struck Khobar Towers as heroes of Islam. A previous attack in which the Saudis arrested and beheaded the mujahideen are seen as martyrs of Islam by the Arabian people. The Saudi government seems to be aware that any further moves against mujahideen will be seen as treachery and open support for the Zionists elements in the U.S. government.

The U.S. sees Arabian people's opposition to U.S. forces in the Gulf as a major setback for its policies. Thus the DISINFORMATION EXERCISE has an important purpose:
To make the Arabian people feel that foreign agents (Iranians/Shi'ites) have been operating from their soil against their self-proclaimed "protectors" i.e. U.S. forces. Thus the indictments aim at diverting support away from the mujahideen. (Remember how the Communist regime in Kabul used to say that the mujahideen in Afghanistan are CIA agents? This is the same kind of disinformation.)


IRAN HAS BEEN MOVING TOWARDS THE U.S. President Khatami's election has been been acclaimed in every sector of the U.S. media. Medeleine Albright said about Iran: We are on the same page regarding Afghanistan.
IRAN and SAUDI Arabia then signed a mutual security agreement whose wording seemed to have come out of the U.S. State Department: That we will jointly fight against terrorism. ("Terrorism" isan implied reference to Afghanistan and the refuge it has given to Osama bin Laden.)

Thus on the governmental level, Iran and Saudi Arabia are as close to each other as they used to be when the Pahlavi Shah was ruler in Tehran. The problem the U.S. seems to see here is as follows: If owing to governmental cooperation, the PEOPLE of Iran and Arabia also start coming closer together, that would enhance regional Muslim unity WHICH AT THE STRATEGIC LEVEL WILL ENDANGER U.S. plans.

Hence the indictments are meant to maintain suspicion and "precautions" between the Arabians and the Iranians at the people's level WHILE COOPERATION CONTINUES AT THE GOVERNMENT LEVEL.

Finally the indictments are meant to convey the image that sooner or later the FBI will catch all "terrorists." In reality the situation is very different: FBI has shown that it is a bunch of blunderers who miss more often than they hit.
NOTE ON AL-KHOBAR: As far as is known, the barracks hit by the mujahideen housed units of the U.S. air force.Nineteen air force officers were killed and 50 injured. Arab observers say that the U.S. air force is responsible for the destruction of Iraq's infrastructure. Along with the British RAF, it has caused thousands of civilian casualties in Iraq. In addition it destroyed all infrastructure facilities in Iraq leading to the death of 750,000 Iraqi civilians, mostly children, over a ten year period. The attack was a mujahideen style raid reminiscent of attacks on Soviet air bases in occupied Afghanistan. The U.S. is said to be afraid that next the mujahideen might blow up its billion dollar planes on the ground.
What would Iran gain from such an attack? Nothing. Iran is vehemently against the attack and wants better relations with USA (something which Imam Khomeini would have never accepted).
(Recently Iran's mission in USA has reflected a first move towards long range friendship with the US by sending invitations to US universities to invite students to visit Iran at Iranian gvernment expense.)
Iran maintains US/UN sanctions against both Iraq and Afghanistan.
The U.S. move is meant to confuse Muslims and to divide-and-rule.
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