Brit Humes
Fox News TV
Dear Brit Humes

A number of your viewers have told me that on July 1 your show excerpted a few lines from my Friday sermon in Greenboro, North Carolina and tried to pass it off as "hate speech."

Your group, I have been told, focused on these parts of my sermon:
1. In which I extolled the role of Palestinian women in the liberation struggle against Israel.
2. That part wherein I urged Muslims to stand up for their rights in America because the Zionist Jews who control this country will not leave them alone if they stay quietly in their homes and mosques.

You could not pronounce my name correctly but you insisted on passing verdict on my words.
Looks like you are so ensconced in the comfort of Fox studios that you have stopped paying attention to the norms of honest journalism. My journalism students know that:

1. Context and premise must be provided to ensure accuracy in journalism.
2. The source of information must be stated.
3. If someone is criticized by name, he/she should be given the right of reply.
4. Stereotypes must be avoided.

Your group violated all the rules of honest journalism.

1. You mentioned me by name and tried to defame me as a hate monger but you did not give me the opportunity to reply.
1a. You did not mention your source so that anyone who wanted to find out WHAT I REALLY SAID would not be able to do so. [I suspect that my sermon was provided to you by the Jewish Federation which has been laboring to condemn my sermon ever since it appeared in ARAB NEWS of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.]
2. You did not mention the context or the premise of my sermon. For instance you omitted the foundations of the khutba which were that:
i. Muslims do not coerce any person of any religion to embrace Islam.
ii. Muslims do not want anyone's land. In fact all the fighting is going on in our lands, be it Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan or Chechnya.
iii. We have historically befriended and protected the Jews. We oppose them today because they have taken Palestine by force and because they control the lives of millions through monopoly of the media and financial institutions.

These are verifiable facts. You ignored them all.

Your "assassination-in-passing" of my good name is typical of the way you exhibit your media power. You tried to present me as a "fiery preacher" and hatemonger without knowing that I have more religious and western education than the whole bunch of you.

I doubt if you could stand up to me in an honest, fair debate.


Kaukab Siddique, B.A. (Hons), M.A., Ph.D.

2002-07-04 Thu 21:16ct