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1. Cab Driver (once a pilot in Sudan) Labelled Terrorist by U.S.
Sudanese Community in North Carolina Rallies to his Support
2. Sudan Notes Israel is Arming and Funding SPLA Rebels Again
3. Sanctions Against Sudan Remain in Place Despite Appeasement of U.S.
1. Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's representative in North Carolina, has once again played an important role in the human rights struggle. He has mobilized support for a Sudanese Muslim who is being victimized by the U.S. government. Muslims must unite to stop the American government's oppression of Muslims in America. Fortunately there is no treacherous group like American Muslim Council (AMC) or a spy-type like Dr. Khalid Qazi in North Carolina. Muslims are outraged and united in opposition to this shameful attempt to victimize this Sudanese Muslim. Below we give excerpts from three North Carolina papers, from Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte. Note that when there are no traitors around, the genuine voice of the Ummah gets through. [For more information and to help the victim: or Stetson H.Clark 336-851-1451]

"Members of the Islamic Center of the Triad said yesterday that Hamed, a former pilot for the Sudanese national airline, drove a cab in Greensboro for about two years. He was taking college classes and working to bring his wife to this country, they said.

"He is just a cab driver," said Badi Ali, the president of the Islamic center. "He came here for no other reason than to find a better life."

Hamed, who usually attended Friday services at the mosque, was described as modest and likable. Ali said that Hamed's father is a high-school principal in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital.

"He is a soft-hearted, hard-working man with a good reputation," Ali said. "Unfortunately, Muslims across the nation are having to deal with events like this. We are guilty until proven innocent."

Men from the mosque met yesterday to discuss ways to help Hamed, who they said is not an especially devout Muslim and had shown no signs of being anti-American. Some collected money for a legal-defense fund and hired a lawyer for him. Hamed's friends say that he left Sudan, a poor African nation wrecked by years of civil war, with the hopes of earning a pilot's license here. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks quashed that dream, they said.

"He knew that as a Muslim he probably wouldn't be allowed to fly," said Jamal Omer, a Sudanese immigrant who worked with Hamed at United Yellow Taxi. "He was going to school for engineering. They got the wrong guy."

There are about 2,000 Sudanese living in Greensboro, and Omer said that about two-thirds of the cabdrivers for Yellow Taxi are from Sudan - many of whom held professional positions back home. Degrees from oversees universities are often not recognized in the United States.

"There are doctors driving cabs here," said Omer, who has a Sudanese law degree. "We drive cabs because you can set your own schedule and go back to school."

Friends say that Hamed took classes at Guilford Technical Community College before enrolling at N.C. A&T State University in spring. Hamed was living in an inexpensive apartment off West Market Street with three other Sudanese cabbies. No one answered the door at the apartment yesterday.

Omer said that the arrest had sent shock waves through the Sudanese community and that Hamed's roommates are living in fear that they might be deported. Since Hamed was arrested, some wives have urged their husbands to shave their beards to better blend in.

Though he has not been convicted of any crime, officials denied permission for him to be interviewed.

"We understand that these are sensitive times," Omer A. Omer said. "But if you knew (Hamed) you would know that he is not involved with those people (in al-Qaida). We believe this must be a horrible mistake, but if the evidence proves us to be wrong, we will be the first to condemn him."
(Courtesy Charlotte Observer)
A 30-year-old Sudanese pilot is being held on immigration charges as investigators try to determine if he is an al-Qaida operative who planned to fly an airplane into an American target, government officials said Friday.The man is in custody in North Carolina, accused of making false statements while applying for a U.S. visa, The Associated Press reported. He was identified as Mekki Hamed Mekki, according to law enforcement and administration sources, although no other details about him were provided."There is a lot of uncertainty about this case. We're trying to sort it out," one of the officials told The Associated Press. The FBI in Greensboro and Charlotte and Justice Department officials in Washington refused to discuss the arrest.Members of Greensboro's Sudanese community fear the detainee is the man they know as cab driver Mekki Hamed. Greensboro cab driver Mekki Hamed was detained by federal authorities in Greensboro on Sept. 13. His friends and co-workers say they haven't seen him for several days.Drivers for United Yellow Cab Association, where Hamed worked, said they had heard he had been arrested, but they weren't sure why. They said he had been a pilot in Sudan and that he had studied in Pakistan. They weren't sure how long he has been in the United States. They said they and other Sudanese drivers for United Yellow -- a dispatcher said about 75 percent come from Sudan -- were raising money to help him hire a lawyer. "He's a very decent guy. They just suspect him. They got the wrong person," said Abdel Elsseikh, a driver parked in the United Yellow lot on South Elm Street on Friday afternoon.One driver, Mohammed Ahmed, said Hamed had leased his cab -- United Yellow No. 50 -- to another driver. He did so, so that he could take college classes. Amin Wagalla, another United Yellow driver, said Hamed told him he had been a captain in the Sudanese national airline before he won a visa lottery that enabled him to come to the United States. Badi Ali, president of the Islamic Center of the Triad, said Hamed attended services, called juma, on Fridays at the mosque off High Point Road. Ali called him a "well-disciplined, polite, modest, likable man with a sense of humor." Hamed told Ali that his family is well-known in his hometown of Khartoum, the Sudanese capital. His father is principal of a high school and a noted scholar."(Hamed) came to this country for one reason and one reason only: to earn a better life," said Ali. "The media is sensationalizing these incidents with a green light from the administration."
(Courtesy: Greensboro Record)
2. The Sudanese government has issued a statement SPECIFICALLY BLAMING ISRAEL FOR ARMING THE SPLA REBELS in southern Sudan. Israel plays a reactionary rule all over Africa in opposition to all popular Islamic and peoples' movements. Its role in Sudan has been the most vicious.

The arms and funds are said to be smuggled in through Uganda whose government is supported by the United States. A gang leader named Garang has become a "national leader" over the years owing to the weaponry sent in to arm and funds to pay mercenaries and bandits. Garang's repression against local populations have led to the flight of thousands of Christians from the south to take refuge in the Islamic capital of Khartoum.

For years Sudan has been trying to work out peace in the south but each attempt is thwarted by Israeli moves. This time Sudan came out openly to name Israel as the force behind the ongoing violence in the south.
3. Ever since the 9/11 attacks SUDAN's government has bent over backward to appease the United States. The country was opened up to American spying and intrusions. All Islamists suspected of anti-U.S. sentiments were harrassed and/or expelled. However, the appeasement has not worked. THE SANCTIONS ON SUDAN, placed in conjunction with zionist propaganda about "slavery in Sudan", REMAIN IN PLACE.

Latest news indicate that the U.S. has NO plans to remove the sanctions.

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