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CHICAGO CALLING: FOUR REPORTS by New Trend's representative Ather Masood


2. What Prime Minister Mahathir actually said.

3. We still want Iftaar with Bush?

4. Imam Jamil's repeated on A & E

Ramadan began again everywhere including Chechnya. The land of Imam Shamil is still in the hand of those killing Muslims in the month of Ramadan. With conflicts raging in Iraq and Falasteen, Muslims everywhere are forgetting those who continue to fight for their freedom without publicity. Once such place continues to be Chechnya.

Why has the Organization of Islamic Conference not called out for Chechen refugees? Many positive and negative things took place during the Organization Of Islamic Conference. The highlight had to have been a very thought provoking speech by Prime Minister Mahathir. It is the opinion of this writer that, Mr. Mahathir's speech be read in it's entirety for better understanding.

BUT how can we explain Mr. Putin's presence at the gathering? It is safe to assume that Mr. Putin has killed more Muslims than, perhaps, any world current world leader today. How is he to be invited to any gathering of Muslims? Iran remains silent over Chechnya. How shameful! Muslim organizations either knowingly or unknowingly forget the father and mothers of Imam Shamil but hypocritically use his name in attracting attention. With this in mind we respectfully ask, what is the difference between Chechnya and any other part of the world?

In September the Council of Europe thought of suspending Russia over it's open Human Rights violations in Chechnya. In the end, however, European leaders thought it was better to "swoon," Russia into settling for peace with Chechens. As always it went nowhere, with Russia claiming Chechnya is under control and will be handled peacefully. (


And where were all the Feminist groups condemning the Russian soldier who raped a fourteen year old Chechen girl ? Where were all the women claiming to fight for Amina Lawal? How come they suddenly disappeared when it came to the Chechen girl, as rapist was released under the pretext of being "insane" (a common defense of many Russian soldiers these days in Chechnya). CLEARLY there is a double standard with people in power playing games. Will Muslims ever learn?

How shameful it is that thousands of refugees are still languishing in neighboring Dagestan. How shameful it is that other Chechens are stuck in other parts of europe, away from their rightful place under the sun. How shameful it is that even "Muslim" governments are silently cooperating with Mr... Putin. Is it any wonder that people out of desperation are going to great lengths to make the world know of their forgotten genocide? We must ask ourselves some serious questions and get busy. Russia claims Chechnya is a land of "terrorists." But how many acts of terrorism have been caused by the Russian Army? How many Chechens have been killed? We do not have even a credible count in numbers.

The United Nations knows of this problem but cannot do anything about it. The United States talks of freedom and democracy all over the Middle East. But how come there is not an ounce of democracy in Russia? It was only quite recently that Mr.. Putin's biggest political rival, Mikhail Khordokovsky, was jailed.

In some parts of Chechnya Taraweeh prayers have also been banned out of fear of extremist meetings. But extremist Russians meet all the time in not so secret meetings. Even if it is the Kremlin or Right-wing fascist elements against Muslims.

The Chechen problem will not go away for Russia or the Muslim world. The old monarchy of mother Russia tried to exterminate Chechnya but failed. Stalin deported the entire nation of Chechnya and still they came back walking from Siberia. Khrushchev, and Gorbachev tried to turn Chechens into their fighting machines which backfired in the end. Mr. Yelstin tried direct genocide but that went nowhere until his retirement. And so now we have Mr... Putin. Who takes a part of the Chechen people for his needs against the democratically elected President of Mahskolov. (another democratic leader ignored by President Bush) And now even some "Muslims," have sided with Mr. Putin's "tricknology." But as long as there are Muslims there will always be a Chechnya. As long as there are Muslims, Chechen refugees will be heard anywhere and everywhere. Even if the media does not speak of Chechnya, we will certainly.

May Chechens sing the old hymn:
O mountains of Gounib,
O soldiers of Shamyl,
Shamyl's citadel was full of warriors,
Yet it has fallen, fallen forever ..
No...Imam Shamyl's citadel has not fallen. Instead the people with his spirit are now everywhere.


Quite recently Min. Mahathir of Malaysia was roundly condemned for his opening address. First, how many people actually read his speech ? It is interesting to note that a four page speech was watered down into three or four quotations. The usually allegations of Anti-Semitism followed the ( Once again The word Anti-Semitism is not something exclusively owned by Zionists. Such an idea is not correct. There were plenty of Semitic peoples at the OIC gathering. In fact the speech itself did not condemn all Jewish people. In fact he made the following statement in his speech:

"We also know that not all non-Muslims are against us. Some are well-disposed towards us. Some even see our enemies as their enemies. Even among the Jews, there are many who do not approve of what the Israelis are doing. We must not antagonize everyone. We must win their hearts and minds. We must win them to our side, not by begging for help from them, but by the honorable way that we struggle to help ourselves. We must not strengthen the enemy by pushing everyone into their camps through irresponsible and un-Islamic acts."

The Prime Minister clearly stated his opinion on Israel and Falasteen. With the media in high gear Mr. Mahathir was condemned. We must ask the question why all the condemnation now, when the Prime Minister has said similar things in 1991, 1992, 1996, 1999, and even in 2000? The answer is simple. Those who are "offended" now were making lots of money setting up free trade zones in Malaysia. Back then nobody dared to say much of Mr. Mahathir's comments. Could it be those same Zionist elements are unable to share slave labor profits now as before?

How can Anti-Semitic criticism be leveled when even Mr. Musharraf and Mr. Kharazi approved of the opening remarks? In an attempt to castigate the Muslim community, Anti-Muslim elements chose the Malaysian Prime Minister to vent their frustration on Muslim sensibilities. Not even Turkey, who has a close relationship with Israel said anything.

In contrast was the speech by General Boykin. Not in one place did the "respected" general quantify his statements. Not in one place did the Mr. Boykin condemn a section of the Muslim community but all of it. Only after criticism was leveled did General Boykin try to retract his statements. MUSLIMS NEED TO READ THE SPEECH FOR THEMSELVES AND STOP PARROTING THE MEDIA. An entire speech was reduced to a few lines and portrayed as a "war on Jews." A profoundly thought-provoking presentation was reduced by Zionist forces into a sensationalized story. How sad it is for Muslims to roundly compare the Prime Minister's speech to that of Mr. Boykin. STUDY before you criticize.

Malcolm X used to say we need to study for ourselves. Somehow a few prominent Muslims forget this important point and attack other Muslims to only make others happy. EVEN IF YOU DID NOT AGREE WITH MR. MAHATHIR, DOES HE NOT HAVE FREEDOM TO SAY WHAT HE FEELS? Mr. Boykin certainly does.


This writer was profoundly shocked to hear still some Muslim leaders went to see Mr. Bush for Iftar.

1. DESPITE the ascension of Daniel Pipes to the Institute of Peace.

2. DESPITE the continued reluctance to condemn General Boykin.

3. DESPITE the war in Iraq with the death of thousands and Iraqis and Americans.

4. DESPITE the war in Afghanistan with the death of thousands of Afghanis and Americans.

5. DESPITE calls from Najee Ali (with some generalizations) of Operation Hope to boycott the event.,

6. DESPITE the continued insults by this administration towards anything Muslim.

7. DESPITE the Patriot Act being endorsed by Mr. Bush.

8. DESPITE John Ashcroft 's persecution of Muslims with support from the President.



SOME muslim leaders and institutions found ways to visit Mr. Bush. So sad that after all of the trials and tribulations, some of us have still not learned. What are some of us thinking? Can we not just say no to Bush ? By now it should be clear that this is a war on Islam, though cleverly concealed. Those who visited the President, are no different then those who voted for him in the first place!

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