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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 3, 1428/ May 20, 2007 #39

Honoring Two Very Special People.

Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz : Award for Educational Theory and Unique Distinction in Mathematics

May 19, 2007. The National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave a plaque to Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Lincoln University, in recognition of his contributions to educational theory related to the pedagogy of the oppressed and his unique distinction in the field of Mathematics.

Sis. Karen English: Award for Outstanding Commitment and Contributions to the Islamic Cause

May 19, 2007: The National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen awarded Sis. Karen English, from Los Angeles, California for her outstanding achievements related to Islam and the cause of Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Sis. Karen is the director of the Campaign to Boycott businesses which support Israel. Recently she visited the ancient city of Timbuktu in West Africa, one of the oldest Islamic cities in Africa. She is the author of numerous books for children.

Resolutions passed by National Shoora
Masjid al-Aqsa's Liberation From the Terrorist Entity. ["Israel"] Unites the Muslims of America: Attack on Masjid in India Condemned: Impeach Bush: Put them all on Trial

The National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, which met in Greensboro, North Carolina, unanimously passed the following Resolutions:


1. Masjid al-Aqsa in Occupied Al-Quds [Jerusalem] is facing serious attempts by the Zionist terrorist entity known as "Israel." to undermine and demolish it. The Muslims of America are deeply disturbed by this Zionist activity and urge all Muslims to unite and put an end to the Zionist plan to demolish the third holiest mosque of Islam.

2. We condemn the attack on a historic mosque in Hyderabad, India, by Hindu extremists. The government of India must safeguard the rights of the very large Muslim population of India which has been under steady attack by Hindu extremists who were responsible for the demolition of Babri masjid.

3. IRAQ: U.S. troops must be withdrawn forthwith. Delays in the process of withdrawal will not lead to any positive outcome and will only increase the suffering of the Iraqi people as well as the losses of U.S. troops. We hail the anti-war movement and the efforts of people like Cindy Sheehan which have made it clear that the American people want withdrawal of forces from Iraq.
3a. British Prime Minister Blair's rule is ending in disgrace. We hail the British people for being anti-war and urge Britain to stop persecuting the Muslims of Britain.

4. IRAN: The continuing formulations of plots by the U.S. to carry out a strike on Iran are a threat to world peace, do not have the support of the American people and should be abandoned.

5. LEBANON: We hail the resistance which defeated the Israeli attempts to invade Lebanon. The Zionist entity ["Israel"] must indemnify Lebanon for the damage it inflicted.

6. SUDAN and SOMALIA: All foreign interference must stop.

7. PALESTINE: We urge the factions to stop their fratricidal conflict. Their energies should be directed against Israeli occupation. Palestinian authority cannot function as long as occupation continues.


8. We hail the efforts of Americans who even in the darkest days of the Bush Administration did not waver from the path of justice and truth. Such people, though unusual, are the saving grace of America. Among them are:

Ron Paul [Republican from Texas]
Ramsey Clark
Congressman Melvin Watt [North Carolina]
Cynthia McKinney [Georgia]
Cindy Sheehan
Scott Ritter
Charles Barron [New York City Council]
Michael Moore
Jimmy Carter [on Palestine]
Al Gore [on the environment]

9. Impeach Bush. The entire Bush administration should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. We hail the efforts of Ramsey Clark who initiated the "Impeach Bush" movement.

10. We support immigration from Mexico, Central America and Haiti. America does not belong to any one race. It belongs to Allah and should be open to the oppressed people of the world.

11. Release Imam Jamil and Prof. Sami al-Arian. The bottom has dropped out of their cases and further imprisonment is nothing but injustice.

12. American TV and various businesses on the worldwide web are systematically underming family values by disseminating homosexuality, lesbianism, fornication and adultery. We urge American Muslims and Americans in general to oppose and defeat these tendencies.

13. America is facing serious exploitation and oppression of women. Crimes against women have increased exponentially. We condemn all attempts to objectify, degrade and harm women.

Khutba to 500 plus people

Be Youth Leadership Oriented to Shun the Inroads of "American Islam"

Authentic Islam must be futuristic & Victory Oriented, not Assimilative

May 18, 2007: Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba at the Islamic Center of the Triad in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Center is flourishing under the leadership of Imam Badi Ali and a team of people who are helping. A large Sudanese community has settled in Greensboro, in addition to Somalis, Palestinians, other Arabs and a sprinkling of Indo-Pakistanis and African-Americans. The khutba was very well received.

Main points of the khutba:

Text: "By the declining day. Surely mankind is in loss except those who have faith and do good deeds, who teach the Truth and who persevere together [in the struggle.]. [The Qur'an ]

Authentic Islam is based on the Qur'an and the Hadith and not on the opinion of people.
Islam is strictly futuristic and victory oriented, not submissive or assimilative.
Our young people are our future. We must teach them the real Islam, of Muhammad, pbuh, not the "American Islam" the oppressors have devised.
Our young people must be brought into the center and to the front of the community.
Under the leadership of Muhammad, pbuh, youth were in the forefront of the Islamic struggle.
Look at the example of Ali, r.a., when he was 12 and the example of 'Ayesha, r.a., when she was 14.
Many of the narrators of Hadith were very young: Abdullah ibn Abbas, r.a., Abdullah ibn Umar, r.a., Abdullah ibn Zubair, r.a., etc.
We need young people who can look the oppressors in the eye and not be afraid.
The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in one of his last commands, ordered that the army be sent out under the command of a very young Muslim, Osama, r.a. We must understand the wisdom of this command.
We must educate our women so that they can be like the mothers of the Taliban and the Palestinians who want their children to go forth against the oppressors and exploiters. Paradise is under the feet of those mothers who want their children to stand up for Islam. If our mothers are not active in Islamic work, we don't have a chance of having a future generation which puts Islam ABOVE Dunya.
We must change our attitudes towards children and women.
We must encourage marriage among our young people, to be based on TAQWA, not nationality or race.

Leaders of Indian Muslim Diaspora Condemn the Bomb Explosion at the Historic Mecca Mosque in Hyderabad, India.

May 18, 2007

Leaders of the Muslim diaspora living in the United states have condemned the bomb blast at the historic Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, India as a heinous and cowardly crime. The terrorist explosion killed many worshippers engaged in the Friday prayers. Friday is the Muslim sabbath and the historic mosque was full of worshippers. Many of the victims are children. Many more people were killed when the police fired on the worshipers who rushed out of the mosque in panic and anger.

The leaders urged a high-level investigation to bring the perpetrators of the bomb blast to justice. They demanded that the investigation also look into the police firing on the panicked and angry Muslim worshippers as well as into the unusual absence of the police force at the Mosque before the Friday prayers. Those law-enforcement officials who are responsible for first withdrawing the police security force from the mosque before the explosion and later for ordering the police to fire upon unarmed worshipers must be punished. It is a known fact that the police is heavily infiltrated by the Hindutva-fascist sympathizers. The government must give all minorities proportional representation in the police force to ensure police neutrality and integrity, the leaders demanded.

The diaspora leaders congratulated all Indians, especially the Muslim community for showing tremendous restraint.

They condemned the self-declared experts of the Hindutva camp who rushed to declare that the explosions were either planned by Pakistan or by Muslim extremist groups. "The rush to exonerate Hindu extremist groups such as Bajrang Dal who were implicated in similar terrorist attacks on mosques in the recent past with an intention to fan communal hatred is deplorable," the statement read. The leadership expressed disappointment that some in the media have bought into the Hindutva propaganda that Muslims themselves have staged the attack, and are turning a blind eye to the home-grown terrorism of Hindutva groups.

These leaders have asked the Treasury department and the law-enforcement agencies to look into the fund-raising and other nefarious activities of the Hindutva fronts in the US.

The statement also reminded that in the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition more than 2000 Muslims were massacred in Bombay and other cities of India in 1992 by the Hindutva mobs. Ten years later more than 2000 Muslims were massacred in a well-planned pogrom with the help of the State machinery in the Hindutva-ruled state of Gujarat. The massacres, rapes and ethnic cleansing were documented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International along with other human rights groups.

Hindutva is a fascist movement that was founded in 1920's on the model of Mussolini's Fascist Party and later adopted Hitler's model of Final Solution for its genocidal policies against the Muslim and Christian minorities of India. Hindutva movement operates many fronts and has spread its tentacles world wide. Some of the Hindutva activities in the US can be researched on the websites and

Contact person:
Shaik Ubaid, MD
(516) 567- 0783

Dr. Shaik Ubaid, New York Founder President, Indian Muslim Alert Network, National Coordinator Coalition Against Genocide

Kaleem Kawaja,Washington DC, President, Association of Indian Muslims of America

Saeed Patel, New Jersey National Coordinator, Non Resident Indians for a Secular and Harmonious India

Habeeb Ahmed, New York East Coast Representative, Indian Muslim Relief and Charities

Dr. Syed Sohail Ahmed, IL Islamic Medical Association of North America, Chicago Chapter

Dr. Waheeduddin Ahmed, Milwaukee, Former President, Islamic Society of Milwaukee

Syed Azmathullah Quadri, Chicago, Former President, Muslim Community Center, Chicago

Marine says urinated on dead Iraqi at Haditha

By Marty Graham

05/10/07 "Reuters" -- - CAMP PENDLETON, Calif., May 9 (Reuters) - Angered that a beloved member of his squad had been killed in an explosion, a U.S. Marine urinated on one of the 24 dead Iraqi civilians killed by his unit in Haditha, the Marine testified on Wednesday.

Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz, who has immunity from prosecution after murder charges against him were dismissed, also said he watched his squad leader shoot down five Iraqi civilians who were trying to surrender.

In dramatic testimony in a pretrial hearing for one of the seven Marines charged in the Nov. 2005 Haditha killings and alleged cover-up, Dela Cruz described his bitterness after a roadside bomb ripped Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas, known as T.J., into two bloody pieces.

"I know it was a bad thing what I've done, but I done it because I was angry T.J. was dead and I pissed on one Iraqi's head," said an unemotional Dela Cruz in a military courtroom in Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego, California.

Dela Cruz also said he watched squad leader Sgt. Frank Wuterich shoot five men whose hands were tied up near a car. Dela Cruz said he also shot the five men as they laid on the ground.

Wuterich "walked to me and told me that if anybody asked, they were running away and the Iraqi Army shot them," Dela Cruz testified.

Three Marines have been charged with murder, and four officers have been charged with dereliction of duty and obstructing the investigation.

Prosecutors contend the killings were revenge for Terrazas' death, while the Marines charged say it was a clearing operation, conducted under lawful orders, that had disastrous results.

Squad leader Wuterich's lawyer later called Dela Cruz's testimony false.

"It's about the fourth or fifth version of events we've heard from Sgt. Dela Cruz. It's false, of course," Neal Puckett said in an e-mail. "It's just so sad that he is being required to testify against his fellow Marine NCO in order to guarantee his freedom. He's a victim, too."


The Marine Corps initially reported the deaths as a result of the bombing and a firefight with insurgents. Reporting by Time magazine in January 2006 later prompted the Marine Corps to investigate the killings.

Dela Cruz said he was asked four times to lie about what happened in Haditha, although no one asked him about the killings for a time.

A Chicago native, Dela Cruz saw intense action in his first Iraq tour of duty in 2004. A Marine Corps News article once featured him as one of the unsung heroes of the Iraq war.

Wednesday's hearing focused on Capt. Randy Stone, who served as the legal advisor for the Kilo Company. Stone, 34, is charged with violating an order and two counts of dereliction of duty in connection with the killings.

On Nov. 19, a convoy of Marines from the Kilo Company was traveling through the town of Haditha when a roadside bomb detonated, killing Terrazas and injuring two others. Surviving Marines stopped a car and shot its five occupants, then swept through two houses, killing the people inside.

According to testimony, the five men in the vehicle were the first of the 24 victims. Dela Cruz said that after he helped Wuterich shoot the men, he went in one direction with Iraqi soldiers while Wuterich went in another direction.

Another Marine, Sgt. Albert Espinosa, testified on Wednesday that he pressed for an investigation of the killings almost immediately after it occurred in November 2005.

He testified Wednesday that he was frustrated by the apparent indifference of his commanding officers. "We deserve an answer to what happened and wasn't happy with the answers I was getting," 1st Sgt. Albert Espinosa testified.

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