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Shawwal 9, 1426/November 12, 2005 #84
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November, 9: Israeli forces entered Al-Khalil [known as Hebron to the Jews] in occupied Palestine and kidnaped 24 Palestinian girls. They are being held in Israeli prisons. Amjad Najjar, Chairman of the Al-Khalil Prisoners support group, says Palestinians have been receiving threats from Jewish settlers and Israeli troops warning them of similar kidnapings.
[Source Daily Khabrain of Lahore, Pakistan.]

A Message to non-Muslims from a Wise Woman:

"September 11 changed my life once again... The September apocalypse was a revelation - an 'unveiling' of a reality that had been there all the time but which we had not seen clearly enough before: we live in one world. What happens in Gaza or Afghanistan today will have repercussions in New York or London tomorrow. We in the First World cannot continue to isolate ourselves in our wealth and good fortune. If we do that, those who feel dispossessed or excluded will come to us, in a terrible form. The study of other people's religious beliefs is now no longer merely desirable, but necessary for our very survival..."
[The Spiral Staircase. My Climb out of Darkness by Karen Armstrong, p. 304.]
A brief tribute on Iqbal's anniversary, Nov.9
Poet of the East, Muhammad Iqbal to Muslims
The poet explains the greatest worry of Satan [Iblis].
Iblis says:
"Ho na jay ashkara shara-e-paighambar kahin
Alhazr! 'Ain-e-paighambar say saw bar alhazr.
hafiz-e-namoose-zun, murd azmaa, murd afrin.
Maut ka paigham har nau'-e-ghulami kay liay...
iss say burh kur awr kia fikr-o-'amal ka inqilab
Padshahon ki nahin, Allah ki hay yeh zamin!"
[Iqbal in "Armaghan-e-hijaz," collected in Kulliyat-e-Iqbal, translated by Kaukab Siddique from Urdu.]

"Let not the Sharia brought by the Messenger become extant.
Beware! A hundred times, beware of the Messenger's Charter,
Which protects the honor of womanhood, puts men to the test, inspires men!
It heralds death for slavery in all its forms...
What can be a greater revolution in human thought and deed [than the thought]
that the earth belongs NOT to kings but to Allah!"
GERMANY: "holocaust" denial trial
Report by Kaukab Siddique

GREATEST FRAUD of OUR TIMES: Germany ARRESTS and IMPRISONS people for THOUGHT CRIMES: Talks "Democracy," loves Israel.

Ernst Zundel has been in a German prison for 8 months. His trial opened on November 8. What's he being tried for? "Holocaust Denial!" or as the German government puts it primly, "disparaging the dead."

Germany has outdone even the U.S. government in its violations of democracy. In a shocking development, the German judge DISMISSED ZUNDEL's attorney, Horst Mahler, accusing the attorney of having distributed "anti-semitic" literature.

Thus Zundel cannot have his own attorney. The judge wants him to have an attorney who will AGREE WITH THE PROSECUTION. In other words, Zundel can only have an attorney who believes that Zundel is wrong. Go figure that out!

Germany is second only to the U.S. in support for Israel and in provision of weaponry and funds to Israel.

The holocaust of the Jews is considered a myth by those segments of the intelligentsia who have studied the research work which has emerged in the last 25 years. It is ridiculous in this age and time for a regime to put a scholar and a writer on trial because he denies the ideology of the State.

Muslims should keep an eye on the Zundel trial. If he is not honorably freed, Muslims should demand a trial of Salman Rushdie, Irshad Manji, "Ibn Warraq," the obscene woman named Hirsi Ali [being supported by Holland] and others who have disparaged the Muslim dead, including Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
WAR NEWS: Report & Analysis by New Trend Media Monitor


November 12: In spite of the destruction of FIVE Iraqi cities by the U.S. in the last three months, mujahideen attacks on U.S. troops are on the increase with the steady flow of losses among elite American troops.

According to official U.S. figures 25 U.S. troops were killed in Iraq during the last 7 days, November 4 to 11, bringing the total to 2063 killed and more than 15,200 wounded. Each U.S. trooper is the most heavily armed soldier in the entire world and costs about $500,000 to produce.

In addition, on November 10, a martyrdom operator walked into Al Qadouri restaurant on Abu Nawas street in Baghdad, a favorite breakfast place for policemen hired by the U.S.- installed regime, and blew it up. Thirty five people were killed and dozens wounded. "The majority of the victims in Baghdad were police." {Baltimore Sun, 11.11.05, page 13A]
Amman, Jordan: Analysis

Attacks in Jordan Could Signal Coming End of Abdullah.
Intelligence meeting was Interrupted by bombers: Chief of Intelligence Among those Killed

U.S. TV channels have created considerable confusion in their reporting on the attacks in Amman, Jordan on November 9. An American viewer watching CNN or FOX TV would think that the attackers wanted to hit a wedding party in one of the hotels. CNN's Anderson brought in former Queen Noor of Jordan, a fashionable woman, steeped in the make-up world of Paris and Hollywood, who looks more like an actress than a queen, who delivered a little lecture on Islam to the effect that she and the Jordanian monarchy love Islam while the "terrorists" hate Islam.

{Queen Noor did not explain that the three hotels, Hyatt, Days Inn and Radisson, are American hotels and are seen as dens of iniquity in Jordan which the Muslim majority of the country stays away from.}

U.S. TV screens repeatedly showed "demonstrators" in Amman, waving Jordanian flags, condemning the assailants and telling Zarqawi to "burn in hell." It was a somewhat futile exercise because the assailants could not hear them as they had already sacrificed themselves in the attacks.

A close look at the "demonstrators" indicates that these were Jordanian troops out of uniform as well as government officials along with Christian and Muslim bedouins, all funded by the government through the generosity of the United States. Most Jordanians do not have those cute little flags which seem to have been mass produced in a hurry. The media refused to state: WHICH ORGANIZATION BROUGHT OUT THE DEMONSTRATORS? What kind of security check was carried out on them?

Our analysis shows that King Abdullah panicked when he learned of the attacks. He sensed that his end might be near. Hence, to claim "peoples' support," he pressed his entire U.S.-funded machinery into these "street protests": about 500-1000 people who carried on for two days.

The impact of the attacks can be judged from condemnation issued by President Bush. He used terminology which he uses only for condemnation of attacks on Israel.

{As usual there was a funny aspect to Bush's use of language. He called the attackers "cowards." It's difficult, by any definition of the word, to describe people who sacrifice themselves to attack powerful foes as "cowards." If these are cowards, how should one describe Israeli gunners who use heavy artillery to hit unarmed Islamic activists in occupied Palestine, or U.S. air force pilots who drop 500 pound bombs on Iraqi cities where Iraqi "insurgents" are "suspected" of hiding.}

The U.S. CALLED IN THE SECURITY COUNCIL of the U.N., and had a condemnation issued unanimously by the 15 members "to bring the perpetrators organizers, financiers and sponsors of these intolerable acts to justice." Observers say, the Security Council is nothing more than the handmaiden of the U.S.

Of the 61 people killed in the attacks, the U.S. TV did point out that three of them were Americans [film producer Miustapha Akkad, known for the millions he made from his horror films on Holloween, and his 33 year old daughter].

Pakistani Urdu language media provided extra information: One of those killed was an ISRAELI BUSINESSMAN. Another one killed was Bashir Nafi, HEAD of the Palestinian INTELLIGENCE SERVICES
[which is used to hunt down Palestinians opposed to Israel.]

Five of those killed were Iraqis.
[The hotels attacked are known as meeting places for Iraqi collaborators working with the U.S.]

Others killed were probably intelligence officers, including a Saudi, an Indonesian and 3 Chinese.

The most tragic was the suffering of the wedding party, belonging to the Jordanian elite upper classes with relatives living in the U.S. Some of them flew in from the U.S. and are known for their close ties to the monarchy.

{The Islamic assailants chose the BAR [liquor section] of two of the hotels in which to explode themselves. Liquor is strictly forbidden in Islam but King Abdullah openly flaunts import of liquor into Jordan.}


Jordan is politically one of the most backward countries in the world. It is ruled by a HEREDITARY monarchy.
Jordan does not recognize ANY peaceful way of removing the monarch.
King Abdullah works closely with and is protected by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad. His father, Hussain, was a CIA agent who was working for the CIA to prepare support for Israel even at the time when the secular Arab regimes were supposedly united against Israel. Abdullah's grandfather too betrayed the Palestinians and was killed by a Palestinian. Abdullah's father, Hussain, killed thousands of Palestinians during the tragic days of Black September. The repression was so drastic that some Palestinians suffered the self-humiliation of taking refuge in Israel to save themselves from Hussain.
Abdullah's father, Hussain, handed over Jerusalem to the Israelis after putting up token "resistance." It was treachery of the lowest kind.
The monarch came out openly to recognize Israel and went on to become the DEFENDER of Israel's eastern frontier. The Jordanian army is so alert in defense of Israel that only half a dozen mujahideen have been able to cross into Israel from Jordan in the last 15 years although the border is quite long.


During of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, 80% of the Jordanian people opposed the invasion but the King supported the invasion and the U.S. diligently carried out its intelligence activities in Iraq through Amman.
During 2004-2005, opposition to the U.S. in Jordan reached a historic and unprecedented 99%, yet the King continued to give his COMPLETE support to the U.S. and repeatedly visited the U.S. to coordinate his activities.
[THERE GOES DEMOCRACY! Don't tell me next time that the U.S. supports democracy.]
[The polls were taken by U.S. pollsters.]
Abdullah cracks down on the slightest domestic opposition with an IRON FIST. Under Hussain his army went into action against unarmed protestors in the southern city of Ma'an who had blocked the roads. Abdullah himself led the charge in a TANK. Hundreds of protestors were killed.
The regime practices arbitrary arrests and ROUTINE TORTURE of suspects. The regime has executed dozens of Islamic opponents after cursory "trials." Some of these victims were opponents who had taken refuge in Syria. The Syrians handed them over to Abdullah and they were "tried" and executed.
U.S. investigators indicate that some Islamic captives of the U.S. are being held in "black hole" centers in Jordan and have been subjected to brutal torture.
The King has the support of some elements of the so-called Muslim Brotherhood, a group which reneged from its original Islamic charter and started working with Saudi Arabia and various corrupt regimes. In the U.S. itself, Abdullah has the support of CAIR. Recently CAIR and Abdullah distributed some propaganda about the fight against terrorism. Abdullah and CAIR are jointly fighting "terrorism" under the leadership of President Bush.
How widespread is the opposition to the King? Jordan arrested 120 people after the hotel attacks, a big number in a country with a small population. Most were let go except 20.
What is the King's support base: A tiny Christian minority, supportive of Israel, extremely well-to-do, supports the King 100%. In addition, he has troops recruited from feudal bedouin tribes, barbaric and primitive in their opposition to authentic Islam but very "religious" in a cultural way. These forces are HEAVILY ARMED and funded by the United States. Finally there are elements of the "Muslim Brotherhood" who infiltrate Islamic groups and mosques and spy for the King.


In Iraq next door to Jordan, elite forces of the U.S. have wiped out the cities of Tal Afar, Qaim, Karabila, Haditha and Husayba, as they had done earlier with Falluja. The U.S. went house to house, treating each Iraqi home as a haven for "terrorists." Mosques, schools, homes, were wiped out. This was genocide. An estimated 1,000 civilians were reportedly killed in these 5 towns [40 in one U.S. bombing alone] along with 120 "insurgents." The populations were made homeless and denied food and water until they submitted totally. Neither JORDAN, nor the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL protested these atrocities.
Jordan is strongly suspected to have provided backing, support and intelligence for these operations.
Many of the collaborators being trained to fight alongside U.S. troops are trained in Jordan.
First reports indicate that the martyrdom operators who hit the three hotels in Amman were IRAQIS [three men and a woman] working under the orders of a Jordanian, Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi. Thus the attacks were an overflow of the war in Iraq, though the reports need furher investigation.
There were warnings that the hotels might be attacked during the Intelligence meeting; hence, as the L.A. Times reported, the Israeli component of the Intelligence group were evacuated. The Jordanians, however, had no idea what shape the attack would take. The coordination between Israel and King Abdullah is very close. As the Jordanians describe it:
"Traitor, son of a traitor, grandson of a traitor."
AFGHANISTAN: [Sources: Nawa-e-waqt & The News Int'l]

Taliban strike in Heartland
Hikmatyar says Jihad will continue till U.S. is expelled

November 11. A Russian cargo plane was brought down near Kabul. All ten air crew on board were killed. The Karzai clique claims it was an accident, however other reports indicate that mujahideen have brought in stinger type weapons from Central Asian republics and handed them to Taliban.
[Russia & the U.S. work together.]

November 10: A Taliban cadre ambushed a police convoy on the Uruzgan-Kandahar highway killing 7 policemen, capturing two and destroying their vehicles.
{Losses confirmed by U.S. installed regime.}
Taliban's new spokesman, Qari Yusuf, called Pakistani media to claim the victory. The previous spokesman, Latifi, was captured by Pakistan.

A U.S. hired Afghan soldier opened fire on U.S. troops near Gardez injuring two. Return fire killed him.

November 8. In Paktia, Afghans in Kabul regime uniforms stopped a truck delivering supplies to U.S. troops, set the truck on fire but let the driver go after beating him.

In Laghman, near Kabul, Taliban killed a district police chief appointed by Kabul.

In Dihirwand district, U.S. forces attacked Taliban ambushers killing 4.

In an interview given in secret to an Afghan daily CHIRAGH, mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hikmayar said [November 8] that there cannot be any peace in Afghanistan till U.S. occupation forces and all those working under the aegis of the U.S. are expelled. He declared "elections" held in Afghanistan under U.S. auspices are "meaningless" and "irrelevant." He urged all Afghans to fight the occupation unitedly.

PAKISTAN HAS STOPPED THE EXPORT OF PETROLEUM to Afghanistan owing to conditions created by the earthquake.. As a result, related generators are suffering and there has been no electricity in Kabul for the last three days [Nov.7,8,9].

Petroleum will have to be imported at greater cost from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.


Pakistanis are engaged in hectic relief activities to reach the survivors of the quake before winter sets in with all its ravages in December.

Jamaate Islami is in the lead. Its social welfare group Al-Khidmat sent off its 21st consignment of relief goods from Karachi on November 9. The newly shipped canisters are carrying flour, lentils, rice, sugar, cooking oil [ghee], dry milk, water bottles.

Jamaate Islami's leader for Karachi, Dr. Mairajul Huda Siddiqui praised the voluntary efforts of Jamaate Islami workers and urged them to go all out to send tents, blankets, heavy blankets and more rations before the winter severity sets in.
KASHMIR: India Continues Suppressive Activity

November 8: Indian forces continued to attempt to suppress the occupied people of Kashmir. In Baramula, Indian troops brutalized a local imam for urging the people to resist. The soldiers also seriously injured his mother and daughter.

In district Doda, Indian troops carried out house-to-house searches for resistance youths. They opened bursts of fire in some houses killing two young men. In Hujwairi village, Indian troops opened fire to terrorize the people and killed two more young Kashmiri Muslims. In Nogam, Hizbul Mujahideen elements clashed with Indian troops. Two Indian troops and two mujahideen were killed. A "Muslim" police officer working for India was abducted and killed.

A Good Point From Hizbut Tahrir:

An Islamic movement which works for the return of the Caliphate, has advised General Musharraf not to accept help for the earthquake from Israel and India. Hizbut Tahrir's Pakistani branch said that if India and Israel care for Muslims, they should simply stop abusing, killing and injuring Muslims in their own jurisdictions.

[General Musharraf declared Hizbut Tahrir an illegal organization after the Hizb called for his overthrow. Looks like the Hizb has survived.]

Thoughts on Quake. You think this is bad? Think about Hell!

I really liked the:
"Rosa Parks: Symbol of Peaceful Resistance to Segregation & Racism," article, especially the list at the end.

But it was spoilt by the:
"At this a woman got up and said: Bush should stop attacking the Taliban for making Afghan women wear the burqa. We are wearing it right here in Philadelphia."
Which to be quite honest, I was surprised at you! There is a big difference between wearing something because you chose to do it, and doing it out of compulsion! You ruined the credibility of your article by putting in that (other person's) remark.

I haven't written to you much about the earthquake. I'm really tired of people trying to score political points out of everything. Don't you think that this is a time to reflect, on what our Creator's perspective is?:
  1. In the Quran, there is no comparison between sufferring in this life and the hereafter.
    You think this is bad? Think about hell!
  2. This life is not the END. It is the means to the END. Which is in the next life.
  3. Allah does not dwell on the suffering of the believers in this world. He dwells on the suffering of the unbelievers in the next world - and their actions which led them to it. For example persecuting the believers (momineen) - Sura Buruj
  4. In surat ul kahf (18th surah) a Prophet Khidr kills a child. Think about that. Isn't it shocking! Even my 5 year old, unprompted saw the earthquake on TV and for the first time in his life said "Allah IS cruel". But we forgive a 5 year old. The child we are finally told would have grown up and saddened his believing parents. And in any case Muslim tradition assumes the immature child is going straight to Paradise!. So you see children dying isn't a real loss, from a spiritual point of view!
  5. We have sahih traditions assuring us that people killed in collapsed buildings are shaheed.
  6. One of the shortest surahs (99) is called earthquake. Why not READ and reflect as though it is now? Not some remote Day of Judgement. A tip - it refers to mankind, NOT believers and disbelievers. We call it natural disaster; maybe we should call it the NATURAL MESSENGER.
  7. Learn to hear the Natural Messenger, before it's just too late for everybody!
  8. The Angel of death is the friend we all have in common.
  9. When you died, when they died, we all entered Judgement Day.
Oh, and by the way, Eid Mubarak?

Brotherly, Shoaib

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