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Question from Sis. Qudsia:
Your web site says that both Qur'an and Hadith are essential to Islam. Then, what is the difference between Qur'an and Hadith?

Answer by Kaukab Siddique:
The difference between them is the same as that between Allah and Allah's messenger. The Muslim accepts the Qur'an as Allah's word and accepts Muhammad, pbuh, as the messenger of Allah. The Hadith is Muhammad's, pbuh, commentary on and implementation of the message he received, called the Qur'an, plus a record of his own role as the leader of the Muslim world for all time to come.
In America, Muslims often have a distorted understanding of the Qur'an because they try to understand it without the Hadith, just as the Christians try to interpret the Bible arbitrarily.
by a reviewer

ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO is running number 4 in the nationwide popularity listing of movies based on sales. It is a sickening movie, replete with violence from beginning to end. The violence is there for the sake of violence. For instance one character kills the cook who cooks the best pork dish so that there should be none like him! The producers come up with gruesome ways of committing murder, mutilation and torture, some of them shown right on the screen.
The violence is combined with racism and insults aimed at religion. The Mexicans are, almost without exception, shown as horrible brutes involved in murder and mayhem as a hobby. One of the noisiest shootouts take place in a church.
After watching this senseless but extremely popular movie, one is not surprised that the culture of violence permeates America and is expressed in the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

2003-09-24 Wed 18:01ct