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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 3, 1428/ June 18, 2007 #46

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release
U.S. Muslims Condemn Queen Elizabeth's knighthood for Salman Rushdie

On June 16, 2007 the British Queen, Elizabeth II, decided to honor a hatemonger, Salman Rushdie. The author of Satanic Verses denigrated the Qur'an, insulted the best of men, Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, and ridiculed 'Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., and other blessed women of Islam. Surely the queen of England knows this. Rushdie is a mediocre author. If he had not abused Islam, he would have been of little interest to the British Crown.
The honor given to Rushdie is a calculated insult aimed at the one billion plus Muslims of the world. Was this the queen's idea [who is quite senile at 80] or has this come from International Jewry? Considering the fact that Rushdie has been invited to teach at the Jewish stronghold of Emory University in Atlanta, and to speak at the Jewish cultural institution, the Meyerhoff, through Villa Julie College, [Baltimore], the British action too may well be from the "enemies of truth" as David Irving calls them.
I urge Muslims to protest to Britain against this shameful act against Islam. I urge American Muslims to, peacefully, make it very clear that Rushdie is not to be honored if there is ever to be mutual respect and dialogue between the British and American power structures on the one hand and the world of Islam on the other.
Does the Queen realize that this is the era of Islam? Islam is victorious and Rushdie's insults only create hate but cannot defeat Islam. Britain did serious damage to the world of Islam by creating "Israel" and the occupation of Kashmir. British military forces are in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are the final spasms of a dying, hypocritical and racist empire. By honoring a scoundrel like Rushdie, the queen has shown that she thinks the earth is flat and the sun still shines on the British Empire!

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

Letters of protest can simply be sent to: Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, London, England

Exclusive New Trend Report
Otis Jackson's Confession [April 2007] Matches the Police Report on him Dated June 3, 2000.
Imam Jamil al-Amin NOT Responsible for Shooting of two Policemen in March 2000.

New Trend magazine now has the FBI transcript and hand written statement of Otis Jackson dated June 3, 2000. It matches the confession by Otis Jackson, now known as Farrakhan Bey, which New Trend published in its April 27, 2007 issue. The question arises why the government has been sitting on the statement of Otis Jackson while it went on to prosecute and sentence Imam Jamil al-Amin, also known as America's Imam [H. Rap Brown before he embraced Islam]?

According to the FBI transcript [file #62D-LV-33941] "Jackson was interviewed in the presence of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers Dante Tromba and Greg Neglich."

On the day of the murder, Jackson drove to Imam Jamil's residence and waited for him along with another "black male." The transcript continues: "Approximately 10 minutes after Jackson arrived at Alamin's residence, Alamin arrivd in a car at the residence. As the three men were talking, a police car arrived and two police officers attempted to serve Alamin with a warrant. Jackson believed the warrant charged Alamin with impersonating an officer and something about stolen property. Jackson stated that he did not think the warrant was valid, so he spoke out and a verbal disagreement with officer Kitchen proceeded. The argument got heated and Kitchen's partner attempted to handcuff Jackson."

The transcript goes on to describe the fight and the shooting of the officers in detail. Jackson also describes the guns he used and the process he followed to get rid of the guns after the shooting.

According to Jackson, not only was Imam Jamil NOT involved in the shooting but "Alamin tried to stop Jackson from shooting at the offcers by getting in Jackson's way." The transcript adds: "Alamin asked Jackson why he had shot the officers, but Jackson did not answer except to say that he was going home."

Jackson's hand written statement affirming the content of the transcript is appended to the transcript.

That was in June 2000. The government hushed up the confession of the shooter. In 2007, Jackson wrote his confession again, in his own handwriting, and sent it to New Trend.

Thus the leading Imam of America is being held in prison and mistreated for something which he never did. It is time for all Muslims, for all people of African descent, and African-American Muslims in particular to demand justice and cry out:

GAZA: Huge Islamic Victory: Israel, Bush Rush to save Mahmoud Abbas
by Imam Badi Ali, North Carolina [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora]

The Islamic Resistance [Hamas] trounced the Fatah forces of treachery and corruption although the Islamists were outnumbered 5 to 1, in places 7 to 1. Alhamdulillah, the criminal elements funded, armed and supported by Israel have turned out to be a sorry bunch of cowards.

Islamic Gaza has uncovered the open support for Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah by Israel and the U.S. The U.S. immediately took steps, in coordination with Israel, to make sure that Fatah would be entrenched in the West Bank to try to divide the Palestinian people. Here are the immediate steps taken by the U.S. and Israel.

Millions of dollars sent to Mahmoud Abbas. Millions more in the pipeline.
Attempts to cut off Gaza from the world.
Attempts to strangle Palestinian democracy by setting up a puppet regime in the West Bank with men appointed by Mahmoud Abbas.
The Zionist media have unleashed a spate of propaganda to demonize Islamic Gaza.
The regimes of Hosni Mubarak [Egypt], King Abdullah [Jordan], King Abdullah ["Saudi" Arabia] have come out in support of the U.S.-Israeli program and against Hamas.
Hosni Mubarak, the biggest terrorist of Egypt, has gone to the extent of declaring Hamas a terrorist organization.

This is the time for the Islamic world to support Gaza. It's a test for Hezbollah and Iran. If their pro-Palestinian rhetoric meant anything, here is the time for them to come out with concrete material help for Gaza.

Israel is planning to attack Gaza. It has fire power from the most modern weapons supplied by the U.S., but an attack could backfire because it will, inshallah, energize the Muslim world in support of Islamic Gaza.

Samarra Conspiracy was an Excuse for attack on Islam:
Shi'ites Blow Up Tomb of Leading Companion of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Talha bin Ubaidullah, r.a.
by New Trend's Iraq observer

June 15, 2007. The tomb of Talha, r.a., in the town of Zubair, near Basra, was blown up in broad daylight by assailants posing as photographers. The security guards were Shi'ites. None of them were killed in the explosion which was so powerful that it leveled the entire edifice.

June 16, 2007. Another landmark, sacred to the Muslim mainstream, the mosque named after the 10 leading Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, Ushra Mubashira, was blown up by Shi'ite explosives experts in the same area.

In each case, the apostate al-Maliki, expressed sorrow and the Shi'ite leader Sistani issued a condemnation. However, neither of them demanded the death penalty for the culprits. Shi'ite actions are carried out only after endorsement by top Shi'ite leaders.
[Editorial note: New Trend condemns these actions being carried out by occupation forces allied to the U.S. Talha [r.a.] was a great companion of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. He was with the messenger of Allah, pbuh, during the great battles of Islam. In the battle of Uhud, he took an arrow for the Prophet, pbuh, and bled profusely, mixing his blood with that of the Prophet, pbuh, who was also badly injured.

Talha, r.a., was known for his generosity. He was a good businessman and, later, landowner, and gave away huge sums from whatever he got to help the poor and the needy and to support Jihad. His piety and spirituality won praise for him from the Prophet, pbuh, and he was promised paradise even when he was alive.

In the strife following the murder of the third Rightly Guided Caliph, Usman, r.a., by the miscreants who claimed to be supporting Ali, r.a., Talha, r.a., supported 'Ayesha, r.a., in her efforts to catch and punish the murderers of Usman, r.a. He was assassinated during the battle of the Camel, in the month of Jamada al-Thani year 36 of the Hijra, by a miscreant supporting Ali, r.a. [For details of the life and death of Talha, r.a., see Ibn Sa'ad's Tabaqat, the classical Hadith collection on the lives of the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh.]

Our observers say that apparently the apostate al-Maliki regime engineered the destruction of the Shi'ite shrine in Samarra and then in "retaliation" started attacking Sunni mosques and mausoleums across the country. Scholars say that the Shi'ite imams allegedly buried in the Askaria shrine in Samarra have no historic authenticity. They certainly do not compare with Talha, r.a., one of the greatest companions of the Prophet, pbuh. In fact, the text books show, none of the Shi'ite imams, except Ali, r.a., come anywhere near Talha, r.a., Ayesha, r.a., or any of the other great Sahaba.
Shrine worship which is common among Shi'ites is seen in Islam as "shirk" [associating others with Allah], the greatest sin which puts one outside the fold of Islam. Increasingly Muslims see the Iraqi Shias as apostates. The Muslim world should question the Shi'ite authorities and stop their collusion with the U.S. and Israel before there is a global Islamic backlash against Shi'ism. The situation is grim as the Shias, be it Allawi, or al-Hakeem or Sistani, have supported the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and they, as well as Sadr and the Iranians, kept quiet when Fallujah was being bombed during Ramadan and even on Lailatul Qadr.

Opposition to the occupation of Iraq should include a united front to end U.S.-Shi'ite attacks on mosques and mausoleums. One way, observers say, would be the withdrawal of Shi'ite troops who are working as occupation forces along with the U.S. in the cities of western Iraq.

American Muslimah re-Arranges her Life.
Why Follow Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in everything?
[Continued from previous issue]

by Sis. Rahgeer-e-Saleha

Having to plan around my salah times has forced me to: THE FALLOUT THE CHALLENGES
All of the challenges come from within. My desire to sleep through the dawn prayer, my desire to overeat, my desire to not have the regimentation of the five phone calls to Allah. My depression of losing my son, my regret of all the things I did not do with him, my regret of things I could have done in the past, and my regrets of things past.
My desire to change others without first practicing the change in my self until it is permanent.
Whenever I feel I have reached a stable state of Salah, Shaitan makes me slip or perhaps my Bahemi Nafs does and I slide. I have noted that the slide is similar to the slide of the mountain climber; if you lose a footing a few rocks loosen and if you are paying attention you can regain your foothold. However if you are climbing in a cocky manner and are "full of yourself" that nothing can falter you, then the loss of the foot hold is hard to regain.
Paying attention or focus has been the key for me: What do you pay attention to? What is my focus?
If I pay attention to the distractions here and there and forget that my goal is to get to the peak of what I am climbing and be engulfed by His (swt) love eternally, then the slide is bad and I may find myself at the bottom of the abyss, which is where I was when my son died.
I previously thought that I could see, hear and participate in everything with the non-believers in the name of "tolerance" and still be a functioning pure Muslim. I have found that I am weak.
I realized that there are eight doors to my heart: i.e. my five senses, my arms, my legs and my tongue. If I leave all these door open to unchannelled distractions, by the end of the day I am overwhelmed by what has entered them and has affected my heart. I find that I have not accomplished any thing and have lost my focus in salah. Whatever enters through those doors is either a potent distracter or is a potent support for helping me focus my efforts in my Salah and my climb towards Allah's love.
I now know and admit that I am weak. I cannot pour distractions in the form of TV news, violent movies, mindless novels, non-energizing music and disaster announcing newspapers and politics through the doors into my heart and be unaffected by them. I know that these distractions deter my focus, in my search to find happiness, peace and tranquility for my soul through Salah and are an impediment in obtaining the connection that I seek with Allah (swt)
No one ever told me till recently that the human beings were designed in a manner that the closer they came to their Creator (Allah) the happier they became. It was a foreign concept for me. My western education had separated all avenues of happiness from religion, Religion was the bitter pill you took to land in Paradise, but everyday happiness lay in the mundane distracters of "entertainment." Thus I undertook an experiment, with me as the guinea pig.

I have always been told that in order to be "educated" you must know current events, and be able to discuss them intelligently; thus the excuse of sensory overload with the TV, news and internet. I have also always been told that entertainment by definition is doing non-religious stuff. I was at the bottom of the barrel of unhappiness as anyone could be, with my mother's conflict-ridden prolonged illness, her death followed shortly thereafter by my son's sudden death, the swirling paranoia of anti Muslim hatred, the continuous barrage of disrespectful tirades against the Prophet (pbuh) and the progressive verbal diarrhea against Islam had engulfed me and my surroundings. My own state of no longer knowing what happiness meant added to it. I had tried every western method except alcohol to elevate my spirits and all methods failed. Every morning I saw the abyss of unending depression staring at me and getting out of bed seemed quite meaningless.
At a retreat I learnt that the closer you came to Allah the happier you became and the start of that road began with Salah and Dhikr, and exclusion of all the garbage and verbal and visual diarrhea of the media.
Thus as an experiment I took six months off from all input that was distracting to me from my Salah, i.e. radio, movies, newspapers, and most of the internet news, glossy women magazines and self help books, books about grief and how to handle it, dinner parties with people or conferences where Salah was not conducive. I used to be browsing books that had nothing to do with Salah or the Prophet (Peace be upon him).
This sounds grim and self-denying but the outcome was surprising.
I replaced the radio with CDs of the Seerah or qirat with meaning, or stories of the prophet or reviews of how to make salah as the Prophet did. I replaced the music with Nasheeds and I replaced the movies with nasheed videos and videos of the Qur'anic verses recited with meaning on YouTube.
I replaced my Internet surfing to different sunnahs of the Prophet regarding Salah, and I continue to come up with priceless treasures from all over the world. I replaced my self-help books with books on Salah and about the Qur'an, and some Tajweed and tafseer of the Qur'an on the Internet
I connected with my saleh friends who send me resources and share their practical and spiritual attempts at refining the Sunnah of salah: The purification of mind and body before the salah and keeping the connection with Allah open after it.

I am at peace with myself in my skin for the first time in my life. I have not impacted or changed any happening in the world, by my not reading the news or listening to it on TV. I have lost no friends by not watching violent movies or listening to obscene jokes or music.
The only change was within me: My goals:
To become less judgmental
To become less selfish, and be able to gracefully share my focus in my search for the Prophets (PBUH) path, without being preachy.
To do those things that would bring me closer to Allah's love and move away from those that are disliked by Allah. Ameen
Challenges: Please send me your advice on any of the aspects. and Please keep me in your prayers,
Jazaak Allah Khairun

Letter from Atlanta, Georgia:
Islamic Woman Leader Condemns Whispering Campaign against Dr. Kaukab Siddique

I do not agree with the manner sometimes of what is printed in New Trend. However even in disagreeing with Dr. Kaukab at times I have always found him to be very fair and open. He will listen to those who disagree with him. More fair than most other leaders in our communities who use very nasty underhanded techniques to attempt to undermined the work of people they do not like for one reason or another. I find the underhanded techniques more infuriating and damaging than anything ever printed in New Trend about anyone. See New Trend has spoken what they think is a word to the right as stated in the Qur'an. You can face your accuser if you are criticized in the New Trend Magazine. Anyone who feels they have been unjustly criticized in New Trend can at least respond. They can also use their resources to counter any statements by New Trend.

There is always two sides to all situations. I know for a fact that Dr. Siddique as been maligned. He was indirectly called an Agent Provocateur by a leader of an organization. The email post was sent far and wide. The leader did not come out and say his name. However it was done in a way that if you knew what had happened before the post was sent out you could fill in the blanks. He also has been accused of various other things not worth commenting on at this time. It was all done in a manner that was totally unislamic. It was all done by whispers and indirect speaking from various rostrums and email post. This is cowardly and not becoming of anyone especially Muslims. This same tactic is often used against women who work in areas that are not understood or feared by some of our leaders. Just drop a negative word or two here and there. Indirectly accuse a sister of not respecting leadership and then the pawns and puppets will do the rest, leaving the leaders hands unsoiled. The task of hurting an individual or the work of that person for Allah has been accomplished.

Unfortunately we have people among us whose behavior at times is questionable. We have leaders who by their very own actions and in some cases lack of action do more harm than good to our community. In these cases anyone of us who has the information should speak up and if necessary act up! To be correct before Allah all we need to do is present the facts that you have and be prepared to face the person you are accusing of wrongdoing. Anything that falls short of that is not of Allah and is not Islam.

I pray that as we all grow in this way of life that we call Islam that we can obey Allah and speak a word to the right with compassion. However when the time comes that the truth (as much as it can hurt) must be told that all of us can be brave as Dr. Kaukab and tell it straight and be able to prove what we are saying. I also pray that we can all be man and woman enough to look at ourselves, accept the criticism given and make the corrections we need to make. If we can do this we will be much better people. Isn't this what we all are working for in this life? Don't we want to become better people who can earn some mercy from Allah to make it to the Jannah?

Hadayai Majeed, Humble Servant of Allah, Representing Me

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