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CORRECTION: Dr. Edward Miller's note on Mexico should have read as follows:
"The Mexican border tragedy is but one result of Wasington's obeisance to the Farm Lobby. As taxpayers with a agri-subservient Congress, we have recently awarded our multimillionaire agricultural interests with over $190 Billion over ten years in "support" ...."
The correction is $190 billion (not $18 billion).
REF: OUR CRITICISM OF IMAM W.D. MUHAMMAD, one reader advises that our readers should first read the Imam's MUSLIM JOURNAL magazine and then decide. Her letter is as follows:

I welcome the challenge that the New Trend Magazine brings to the ummah. We don't need to always agree to look at another viewpoint. We need a wake up call in America and New Trend is it. It is good to have people among us who are not afraid to express their views no matter how controversial. I find it strange that none of the national leaders have directly answered any of New Trend's questions. This would be a great opportunity for them to show the ummah that they truly are working in all areas (social, economic and political) for the ummah and not selfish interest. I guess they haven't seen the questions yet.

You have made some strong statements about Imam WD Mohammed in some of your recent newsletters. I would like all who want to know more to read the Muslim Journal newspaper (the middle section) weekly. This is where Imam Mohammed's lectures are printed. I am mentioning this to give all an opportunity to read for yourself what he has to say about politics, economics and social life. It does not matter if you agree or not or support him or not. I just felt someone from the ASM should answer your inquiries about his views. It is best to read for yourself. Again, it does not matter if you agree with him or not or support or not. Just giving some information.

Hadayai Majeed, Muslim Women's Political Action Committee
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