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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 18, 1429/ February 25, 2008, #13

Scroll all the way down to exclusive article on New York's gory secret by JAM rep. Sis. Aisha.

You can help a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay. Sis. Linda sends details on Saifullah Paracha's situation. See how to write and whom to write to. It can be done. Scroll down.

Our America [From our media monitor]
Bizarre Obama-Hillary Competition: Black Upper Class Sides with Hillary
[3 items only]

Support for Obama is reaching mass level. There is growing consternation in the Hillary camp. A "State of the Black Union" conference, with top Black elites in attendance, led by Tavis Smiley, held in New Orleans on February 23 clearly slanted towards Hillary Clinton. Earlier, Johnson, Black producer of BET was the first to attack Barack Obama though his own TV programs are morally repugnant beyond measure.

Till now, the corporate-Zionist media have NO criticism of Obama: 100% support, even from Fox!

Don't forget your Islam as Election Fever Grows:

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges readers to remember that these are not Islamic responses:

1. Let me vote for her because she is a woman.

2. Let me vote for him because he is Black like me.

3. Let me vote for him because he is Arab, etc.

4. Let me vote for him/her because we'll get money for our school.

This system is going down. Let's help those who want to come out. Nothing is to be gained by becoming part of it.

Not much is going to change regardless of who gets elected. By staying out Muslims can be morally influential, not as supporters of any one group.

NO COVERAGE of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

In coordinated and continuing censorship of the war, the media refuse to cover the war. The pictures of war would bring up all the frustration of the masses of Americans. The "surge" has obviously failed and fighting is continuing on a daily basis. Brief news of attacks on Shi'ites are reported in the news trailers below the TV screen but nothing about the occupation of Mosul by Shi'ite troops backed by the U.S.

Kite Runner Author's Hate Book Made him Rich: Also Involved in Darfur Propaganda

Khalid Hosseini, an Afghan Shi'ite living in California, made a huge sum of money on the sales of notorious book Kite Runner. Zionist outlets like the New York Times put his book on the best seller list. He made so much money that he is reported to have given up his job. He is involved in the Darfur-related "humanitarian" activity aimed at defaming Sudan.

The book of fiction, now a movie, depicts a Shia boy from the Afghan Hazara community as the victim of a Pashtun bully boy and sodomite who later joins the Islamic movement known as the Taliban. The Pashtun is a very nasty character and, as an extra twist to please the Zionist publicists of the book, he is shown as half-German and Nazi! It's all fiction and no attempt has been made to obtain the Taliban viewpoint.

[We urge Shi'ite leaders in the U.S., Qazwini, et al, to condemn Khalid Hosseini and his book otherwise this book will harm their claim that they want to be non-sectarian.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [2 items only]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

February 26: Rally Against Rushdie: Meyerhoff Hall, 1212 Cathedral Street, Baltimore: What does Islam Say?

By Kaukab Siddique

Would you protest pornographic abuse against your father or your mother? Here is what Islam says.

"The Prophet is more important for the believers than their own selves, and his wives are as their mothers." [The Qur'an 33:6]

Are insults against the Messenger, pbuh, and his family a minor matter or are they central to our Islamic response?

"Those who insult God and His Messenger will be rejected by God in this world and the next - He has prepared a humiliating punishment for them - and those who undeservedly insult believing men and women will bear the guilt of slander and obvious sin." [33:57. Translation by M. Abdel Haleem.]

[Dear Muslims, Rushdie insulted not only all believing women but the dearest of them all to the Prophet, pbuh, 'Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a.]

Are Muslims supposed to watch wrongdoing directly affecting their faith and just be patient and keep praying? No, they have an obligation to speak out as commanded by Allah Almighty:

"The believers, men and women, are each others protecting friends and guardians: They command what is just and they forbid what is evil..." [9:71]

In fact, speaking out for Haqq and against evil is placed above faith itself as a sign of faith:

"You are the best of peoples, sent forth for mankind, commanding what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah ..." [3:110]

Are Muslims justified in thinking that let Jamaat al-Muslimeen go rally and we don't have to do it? No dear Muslims, individual responsibility is the norm in Islam:

" Each one of you is a ruler and each one of you is responsible for those you rule..." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith narrated by Ibn Umar, r.a., and published in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.]

Islam accepts only three levels of behavior when confronted with evil. Below that is kufr and hell fire:

"One who sees wrongdoing should remove it physically: if one lacks strength for that, then speak out against it, and if one lacks even that strength, then consider it wrong in your heart, and that is the lowest level of faith." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith narrated by Abu Sayeed al-Khudri, r.a. and published in Sahih Muslim and others.]

We are at the second level of Islam: So let us speak out. Come forth and speak out. There is no excuse when you can and don't!

Finally, the test of LOVE. If we don't love the Prophet, pbuh, above ourselves, faith is sterile and merely academic:

"The messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, said: none of you can be a true believer until you love me more than you love your own father, your son and all mankind." [Narrated by Unas ibn Malik. Hadith published in Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari.]

Outreach: Mobilizing Muslim Opinion Against Rushdie and NPR-Villa-Julie-Meyerhoff Hate Campaign

February 22, 2008: At the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB, also known as Masjid Rahma) a flyer about the February 26 rally urging Muslims to protest the honors being awarded to Islam-hater Rushdie was given to 215 people. Most of the response was lukewarm. The clique in charge of the masjid refused to announce the rally. Instead they had a juma' khateeb repeatedly calling on people to join ISNA-CAIR, which anti-Islam groups working closely with the FBI, the Pentagon and the White House. Some of the recipients of the rally flyer responded positively but these were about 10% of the 215.

By contrast, at a small masjid located 5 miles away from ISB, flyers were given to only 25 people; the response was entirely positive. The people here were outraged that a dirty hater like Rushdie would be invited and honored.

At another small masjid about 4 miles from ISB, the imam himself announced the rally, reaching about 75 people.

A number of sincere Muslim groups have broken away from ISB and have set up independent masjids. A report says that some time back, the imam of ISB resigned and set up an Islamic teaching center up the street from Rahma. We have heard that he tried to get ISB to see the Sunnah ruling on the crescent sighting requirements for Ramadan and Eid, but ISB adamantly [and blindly] followed the governmental-agent organization known as ISNA. [Those who know more about this are welcome to let us know in confidence.]

We urge the President of ISB to write and let us know how much the ISB gets from the government.

Jewish Hand Behind the War

'We Are In War Against Radical Islam,' Says Kissinger
Henry Kissinger (interview ),1518,535964,00.html

... I don't like the term "war on terror" because terror is a method, not a political movement. We are in a war against radical Islam that is trying to overthrow the moderate elements in the Islamic world and which is fundamentally challenging the secular structures of Western societies. All this is happening at a difficult period in European history ... I do believe that George W. Bush has correctly understood the global challenge we are facing, the threat of radical Islam, and that he has fought that battle with great fortitude. He will be appreciated for that later.

Denmark's Blasphemous Attack on Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Condemned in hundreds of Rallies Across Pakistan

From February 22 to 25, Pakistanis in numerous cities and villages came out in good numbers to condemn the latest hate campaign by international Zionism coming out of Denmark's puppet media. The biggest rally organized by Jamaat-e-Islami, Feb. 24, was on Karachi's New M.A. Jinnah road. The crowd roared condemnation of Denmark as Muhammad Hussain Mehnati, JI Ameer for Karachi, joined numerous other speakers to call for end of diplomatic relations with Denmark. Thousands of young men and women students from JI and Insaf chanted and waved banners declaring their readiness to sacrifice themselves for the honor of the Prophet, pbuh.

On February 25, the entire spectrum of CHRISTIAN Pakistani church leaders joined Jamaat-e-Islami leaders at a Convention in Karachi to condemn the Danish cartoons. The leaders agreed that attacks on the Prophets of God, be it Moses, Jesus or Muhammad [peace be on them] must be condemned by people of all faiths. The Danish propagandists should realize that their attacks will not be accepted in silence, the leaders said.

In ISLAMABAD, February 22, the Red Mosque [Lal Masjid] saw a resurgence of activism in response to the Danish and European attacks on Islam. Maulana Abdul Ghaffar, the new khateeb of the Red Mosque, carried out a stinging analysis of the Danish attack and demanded that Pakistan cut relations with the Zionist surrogate. At one point, police rushed into the mosque to stop the collection of funds for the rebuilding of Jamia Hafsa [Women's University] demolished by Musharraf. The crowd countered the police and threw the policemen out of the masjid.
Hundreds of young women in burqa sat on the ruins of Jamia Hafsa and wept in memory of the female martyrs who stood up to Musharraf's commandos. Gradually the truth about what Musharraf's men did to the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa is seeping into the Pakistani conscience. Support for the Red Mosque movement and remembrance for shaheed Abdul Rashid Ghazi is spreading in various areas of Pakistan.

The best khutba against the insults aimed at Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, came out of Lahore at a huge Friday prayer gathering in center city. Here is the summary, thanks to Abdullah Muntazir.

Cartoons an expression of Western frustration - Hafiz Saeed

February 22, 2008/14th Safar, 1429

Ameer, Jama't-ud-Da'wah Pakistan, Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, has said the re-publishing of cartoons by the enemies of Islam and Muslims is merely a clumsy and vulgar expression of the frustration of the West at the rapid spread of Islam throughout the Western world. He urged Muslim rulers to end their servile attitudes towards the enemies of Islam and Muslims and to fulfill their duty for the protection of the Prophet's, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam's, honor. He said the people of Pakistan had voted against the U.S. and its allies in the recent elections, and they have made it clear that they will never accept any policies which are against Islam.

In his sermon during Friday Prayers at Jamia Masjid al-Qadsia, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said Islam is spreading rapidly in Denmark and adjoining countries. He said the Western media, itself, maintains that if the present rate of conversion to Islam continues in the West, then Muslims will become a huge political force within a few years. It is precisely because of this frustration and exasperation, and an expression of their vulnerability, that they keep publishing the derogatory cartoons again and again. They want to make Muslims feel helpless, he said, yet Allah, subhana Hu wa Ta'ala, wants to rekindle the flame of pride and prestige among Muslims, and proof of this is manifest in the fact that interest in the Quraan and the life of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam is growing day by day.

Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said Jama't-ud-Da'wah will continue with its program of uniting Muslims and creating awareness among them through the platform of its 'Movement for the Protection of the Prophet's sallallahu alaihi wa sallam's Honor', so that the obligation of awakening the Muslim Ummah can be fulfilled. He said conditions are changing rapidly. The enemies of Islam and Muslims want to wipe out Islam and jihad from the world, yet the Muslim Ummah is becoming ever stronger because of the sacrifices being offered by Muslims in various parts of the world. People are leaving Western culture and civilization and turning towards Islam in the very heart of Europe, he said. Kosovo's independence was announced as a measure to check the ever increasing trend by Muslims of offering sacrifices, he said, yet all their schemes will eventually fail, and the of sacrifices and martyrdom of Muslims will, in'sha'Allah, ultimately result in the establishment of the Khilafah.

America's dream of the New World Order, Hafiz Saeed said, is about to be shattered just like Russia's dream of global hegemony was smashed. The call of the Quraan and Sunnah is reaching every household, yet unfortunately, he said, some self-proclaimed scholars are misleading people by misinterpreting the fundamental Islamic obligation of jihad. He urged Muslim scholars to work to unite the Muslim Ummah, instead of trying to strengthen their own particular sects.

[Editor's note: None of the allegations against Paracha mentioned in this report have been proven or tried. He has not been put on trial.]

Pakistan: Life of a Prisoner in Guantanamo is At Risk: Plea for Saifullah Paracha

Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-031- 2008

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding the deteriorating health of a Pakistani prisoner detained in a U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The prisoner is suffering from a serious heart ailment and his health has worsened since he was first imprisoned there in September 2004. The government of Pakistan has not intervened to ensure he is afforded with adequate medical attention. He has been charged for alleged involvement in the September 11 attack but has since not been tried nor produced in court. The prison's medical facilities are inadequate and his request for treatment outside the prison has been denied.


Sixty-year-old Saifullah Paracha was a businessman and a prominent social worker in Karachi City, Sindh province. He was first reported to have disappeared on 6 July 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand while on a business trip, but his relatives found out later through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Islamabad that he had been arrested and subsequently detained in Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan on charges of terrorism. He was accused in having been involved in the September 11 attack. He was kept incommunicado there for over a year.

It was on 23 August 2003 that Saifullah's family learned of his detention from the ICRC in Islamabad. However, his family was unable to communicate with him while he was detained there. One year later, in September 2004, Saifullah's family was once again informed by a person from the ICRC that he had been transferred to Camp-5, a maximum security U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

It is reported that each cell is approximately measured 6 feet wide and 8 feet high. The lights are switched on 24 hours a day and the prisoners are allowed out of their cells only two hours in a day. The prison guards periodically change the temperature of the cells from extreme cold to extreme heat. For a week they turn up the air conditioning system to maximum freezing the prisoners who are given only a thin cotton sheet at night. This is then taken away the following morning. Then the following week the guards turn off the air conditioning system and raise the temperature to a stifling 35 degrees Celsius.

The only communication his wife, Farhat, has had was through his lawyer. She also sometimes receives electronic mail from some human rights organizations. Though she can receive replies from Saifullah to her letters, it can take four to five months. Also, the manner in which the letters are written she described as "short, hurried scribbling" and written at the back of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) documents.

Since Saifullah's detention there, he has experienced severe chest pains and shortness of breath on several occasions but has never been taken to a hospital facility for treatment. He had been diagnosed to have suffered a chronic heart disease prior to his arrest. Some of his relatives also had a similar history and died of such ailment. Thus, the denial by the prison authorities to have him treated in hospital and medical facilities outside the prison poses a serious risk to his life.

Saifullah is suspected of having links with al-Qaeda. According to his lawyer Mr. Zachary Katznelson, senior counsel of Reprieve, an organization based in UK working for prisoners in death row, the charges against him were reportedly over his alleged involvement in a plan to smuggle explosives into the U.S. for al-Qaeda. He was also alleged to have spoken to al-Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden. Farhat said her husband has never denied the fact that her husband had met Bin Laden sometime in 1999 but she denied the charges against him. In fact, Saifullah use to brag that he had met Osama and was somehow taken in by his soft-spoken voice. He said he had wanted to interview Osama to give his version for his private production house in Karachi City.

The serious concern over his deteriorating health and continued deprivation of adequate medical treatment was due to a number of deaths of prisoners detained there. Reprieve has reported that five prisoners have already died due to illness and disease in Guantanamo prison. They were not afforded adequate medical attention.


Prior to his arrest, Saifullah Paracha ran a business of exporting garments, construction of private buildings and a private production house for radio and television channels.

Towards the end of 2002, Mr. Majid Khan, a person who allegedly had links with Al-Qaida, booked an apartment, which Saifullah owned. The said apartment project was then incomplete when purchased by Saifullah which he named as the Cliftonia at Clifton beach in Karachi City after having it renovated for his business of selling the apartments. However, at the time, neither Saifullah nor the Pakistani authorities knew of Majid's identity.

Saifullah's 25-year-old son, Uzair, who joined his father's business after completing his Masters Degree in Business Administration, was also present when the booking was made. When Mr. Majid came to know that Uzair was then on a scheduled trip to the U.S. for study he had requested him to check the status of his citizenship at the U.S. Immigration office in Manhattan. Majid had claimed he was concerned over his U.S. citizenship after having been outside the country for many years. Uzair nevertheless promised to do so.

Sometime in March 2003, after Uzair arrived in the U.S. he went to the immigration to inquire into the status of Majid's citizenship. Unknown to Uzair, at the time Majid was already wanted by the U.S. government in connection with the September 11 attack. Soon after, Uzair was himself arrested on 23 March 2003 over charges that he had links with Al-Qaida. He was reportedly not provided any lawyer for his defense when he was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment in 2005.

Please write letters to the concerned authorities in Pakistan and elsewhere for them to intervene to ensure that Saifullah Paracha is given adequate medical attention he requires promptly. To deny any assurance that their citizens' welfare are looked into in foreign prisons threatens the life of this prisoner.

They must also ensure that Saifullah and other Pakistani nationals continuously detained in Guantanamo prison are afforded ordinary criminal procedure.

The AHRC is writing separate letters to the UN Special Rapportuer on the Question of Torture and Working Group on arbitrary detention calling for their immediate intervention in this matter.


Dear __________,

PAKISTAN: Life of a prisoner in Guantanamo is at risk

Name of the prisoner: Mr. Saifullah Paracha, a Pakistani national
Place of detention: At Camp 5, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Period of detention: From September 2004 to present

Status of his condition: Saifullah had been suffering from heart ailment and his condition while in detention has since worsened. He has never been taken to any hospital or medical facilities for treatment and was denied of his request for medication outside the prison.

I am writing to draw your attention to the plight of Mr. Saifullah Paracha, a Pakistani national presently detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After his arrest in 6 July 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand, he had been detained there soon after his transfer from Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan in September 2004. Mr. Saifullah had been detained reportedly over charges of having been involved in the September 11 attack in the U.S.

Since his detention in Guantanamo prison, I have learned that his medical condition had worsened. He had been experiencing difficulty in breathing and had severe chest pains several times in a week. Though the prison authorities are aware of this, they fail to afford him adequate medical attention, particularly of admitting him into hospital or medical facility outside the prison with sufficient medical service.

I have learned that although there are medical facilities inside the prison, these were reportedly not sufficient prompting Saifullah's refusal to have him treated there. His request to be admitted and treated outside the prison was also denied. His condition as a result deteriorates posing serious risk to his life. To deny this person adequate treatment he requires and the failure of the Government of Pakistan to ensure the welfare of its citizens is unacceptable. I urge you to take whatever intervention is necessary to look into the welfare of this prisoner and other Pakistani nationals reportedly detained there.

As a Pakistani national, the government of Pakistan has responsibility to ensure that welfare of their citizens detained in foreign lands is looked into. It should also take action into reports that Saifullah has not been taken for trial nor produced in court for the charges laid on him. He was detained in Afghanistan for over a year and was later in Guantanamo since his arrest.

However, I have learned that Saifullah has not been subjected to a normal criminal procedure. To deny this prisoner, as well as other prisoners detained there of equal protection to law, is tantamount to the denial of their fundamental rights envisage in the international laws. The continued deprivation of this prisoner's right to obtain adequate medication is a violation of the basic and minimum standards on treatment of prisoners under the international law. It is the utmost responsibility of the Government of Pakistan to protect its citizens.

I trust that you will take adequate action in this case.

Yours sincerely,


1. General Pervez Musharraf
President's Secretariat
Fax: +92 51 922 1422, 4768/ 920 1893 or 1835
E-mail: (please see -

2. Minister of Law, Justice and Human Rights
S Block
Pakistan Secretariat
Fax: +92 51 920 2628

3. The Minister
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Government of Pakistan
Fax: +92 51 920 7008

4. Mr. Ansar Burney
Minister for Human Rights
6 Hassan Manzil
Arambagh Road
Karachi City
Fax: + 92 21 262 3384 / + 92 21 920 5837
Tel: + 92 21 262 3382 / 83

5. His Excellency Mr. Mahmud Ali Durrani
Embassy of Pakistan
3517 International Court N.W
Washington D.C. 20008
Fax: +1 202 686 6373
Tel: +1 202 243 6500
E-mail: or or


Michael B. Mukasey
U.S. Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Fax: +1 202 616 2278
Tel: +1 202 353 1555

Ambassador Anne W. Patterson
American Embassy
Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5
Tel: +92 51 208 0000
Fax: +92 51 227 6427

SOURCE: Asian Human Rights Commission (

Robert Gates Secretary of Defense
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1000
The Honorable Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of State U. S. Department of State
2201 C Street, N. W. Washington DC 20520
Fax: + 1 202 261 8577

J. Alan Liotta
Principal Director Office of Detainee Affairs
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
2900 Defense Pentagon
Washington DC 20301-2900

President George W Bush The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

Rear Adm. Mark H. Buzby
Commander Joint Task Force
Guantánamo Department of Defense
Joint Task Force Guantánamo
Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
APO AE 09360
Fax: +1 305 437 1241

Federal Minister of the Interior
Room No. 404, 4th Floor, R Block
Pak Secretariat
Islamabad, Pakistan
Fax: 0092-51-9202624


"Authorized" Murder of Muslim in Prison: Accused of Killing Drug Dealers
by Aisha Shaheed, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Manhattan, New York

New York - On February 21, 2008, Hakim Adam (aka Larry Davis) was murdered in prison by inmate Luis Rosado, 42. He was enjoying time in a recreation area that was reserved for him from 7pm to 10pm when the attack occurred. Hakim was currently serving a 25 year sentence for weapons possession and killing a drug dealer. Hakim was eligible for parole in 2016. Here is where his folklore begins:

On Nov. 19, 1986, six Bronx, NY police officers had gone to Hakim's (then Larry Davis) sister's house to arrest him on "charges" of murdering six drug dealers. Hakim escaped and there was a nationwide manhunt, which ended 17 days later with a 14-hour standoff with police.

While being tried for the murders of six drug dealers and shooting at those six police officers, it was discovered that those very same officers sent to arrest him were actually sent there to kill him. Why? Because he was selling drugs for them and he wanted out! He was acquitted of the more serious murder charges. His defense attorneys were able to convince the jury that those murder charges were trumped up by the police department.

He was tried and re-tried for the murders of those drug dealers until they found a jury that would convict him in 1991. Many in the black community were outraged because the corruption of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) was exposed during the trial and no cop involved in Hakim David's arrest had clean hands.

It was revealed that a novel and a movie about Hakim Adam's life was in the works and he was very excited about it. Now he is dead. Murdered by another inmate. Once he converted to Islam no one who wanted to do him harm in prison could get near him. The Muslim brothers protected him. So how could an inmate with such a murderous criminal history, in prison and on the outside, get that close enough to kill him. Why wasn't he in 23-hour lock down? The son of a prominent civil rights family revealed that the Muslim inmates were put in lock down and therefore, kept away from Hakim Adam during the time of his murder.

Luis Rosado, an inmate serving 25 years to life for murder, stabbed Hakim Adam multiple times in his head, torso, and leg, which is where his major artery had been severed. Oddly enough, there is no history of any contact between the two of them. It is not surprising that guards would use a Latino (Mexican) to commit such an act of violence against an African-American.

The kuffar haven't any respect for life. Here are some quotes from people associated with Hakim David's capture and eventual imprisonment:

Mayor Edward I. Koch (Zionist former New York City Mayor): "I believe that nobody should take joy in the murder of another individual, but if I told you I was weeping I would be lying. He was a vicious person, and if there's any justice anywhere he's rotting in hell."

Retired NYPD Lieutenant Vernon Gerbeth: "Justice has finally prevailed. The prison system did what the criminal justice system could not."

There is a serious schism between Black Americans and Mexicans, in particular, but with Latinos. It is very evident in California. White supremacy has permeated all four corners of the Earth and there are many people of African-descent who do not want to acknowledge that part of their family history. In fact, many Latinos claim to be white once they come to America. In Latin America, the division between light-skinned and dark-skinned people is very obvious and can have serious repercussions among families!

Had it been a so-called white Aryan inmate committing this crime, it would have been seen as racially-motivated and as an obvious set up by the corrections officers. If a Latino does it, that further creates a divide between African-Americans and Latinos. The agenda is to keep the American power structure in the hands of whites by dividing and conquering people of African-descent.

After his 1991 conviction and arrival to prison, Hakim Adam was severely beaten by corrections officers and was paralyzed from the waist down. He was in a wheelchair. He also had a broken arm at the time of his murder and could not adequately defend himself. There are many unanswered questions surrounding his death and it is my strong belief that Allah will expose the officials involved in this gross miscarriage of justice.
[The quotes are from 02/22/2008 edition of the New York Daily News.]

2008-02-25 Mon 20:10:59 cst