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BOOK NOTICE by Buut Shikan [Idol Breaker]

Pakistan's Nukes Under U.S. Control: Musharraf's Secret Uncovered.

Looks like Michael Scheuer's IMPERIAL HUBRIS launched a battle of the books. Scheuer appears to be an American nationalist who, as a senior intelligence officer, saw that America's interests were not served by the war on "terror." He had the courage to write that U.S. support for Israel is a major cause of the war. He shocked readers by pointing out that Osama bin Laden is not a terrorist and should be seen as what he is: An Islamic leader and fighter who is victoriously leading the Muslims against America. Scheuer also stated that the U.S. can never win in Afghanistan and Karzai is a dead-ender. Probably in response to IMPERIAL HUBRIS, a book came out in November 2004 which defends President Bush's viewpoint and omits Israel as an issue. George Friedman's AMERICA'S SECRET WAR [Doubleday, pp.354] is to be taken as seriously as IMPERIAL HUBRIS. These two books are very different from the dozens of "fluffy" propaganda books about "terrorism" which have come out after 9.11. Though the two books are in serious opposition to each other about Bush's policies, their basic understanding of the war is exactly what New Trend pointed out almost three years ahead of them. These are the basic points from New Trend: [At this point George Friedman parts company with us, because he wants to discount the Jewish/Israeli factor.]
The most important information in Friedman's AMERICA'S SECRET WAR is about Pakistan. Till now Pakistanis have only been told about the humiliation heaped upon Pakistan's nuclear scientists, led by A.Q. Khan. It's actually much worse. Musharraf has simply sold out everything Pakistan had, from the most strategic [like nukes] to the tactical [like the rights of the people of Waziristan ensured by Mohommed Ali Jinnah himself]. Friedman reveals that American forces actually TOOK OVER PAKISTANI NUCLEAR WEAPONS FACILITIES. Here is the relevant quote: "It has never been clear if Musharraf buckled, if the U.S. simply presented him with a fait accompli, or if Musharraf secretly agreed but wanted it to appear that he had been forced. However, at a point in March, U.S. forces (not in uniform and drawn primarily from former SOCOM troops transferred to CIA and units from SAD), along with scientists from NEST, deployed simultaneously to all of Pakistan' s nuclear reactors. They rushed to take inventory of what was there and examine records of what ought to be there ... "
"The United States had secured Pakistan's nuclear facilities, although it was only nominally observing them. Musharraf worked with the United States to keep this secret.... " [p.228] Thus Musharraf handed over Pakistani nukes and related facilities to the U.S. and kept it secret from Pakistanis. Friedman works out an elaborate theory to justify Bush's action against Pakistan. He builds a story about how there was a chance of an Al-Qaida nuclear attack in America, using a "bomb in a handbag." He claims that there was danger that the terrorists would steal a small nuke either from Pakistan or former USSR and bring it to New York. It's a weak theory, seemingly taken from movie horror stories. Then he goes on to build the scenario that the U.S. was tipped off that an actual nuke had been stolen. And hence, he claims, the U.S. used India to pressure Pakistan, and finally the U.S. itself ended up threatening Pakistan with a nuclear attack on its nuclear facilities. Thus an excuse is presented for Musharraf to allow the U.S. to take over Pakistan's facilities and "inspect" them. New Trend's strategic analysis has been that the U.S. wants Israel alone to have nukes, and to that end wants to make sure that all other nuclear development be stopped [be it in Libya, Iran or North Korea] related to the Middle East. New Trend's analysis has also been that Musharraf cooperated with the [now gone] Indian government to cow down the Pakistani people when they were agitating against the U.S. attack on Afghanistan. Thus Musharraf has been a consistent ally of both the U.S. and India against Islam. This can be seen very clearly in Musharraf's policies related to both Afghanistan and Kashmir as well as in the induction of 75,000 Pakistani troops to subdue Islamic Pashtun tribes supporting the Taliban in Pakistan's Frontier Province. Friedman's subtle defense of Bush's policies is very well done but it crumbles when analyzed. None of the Al-Qaida attacks have been carried out with WMDs, be it 9.11, or Bali or Madrid or the attacks in Riyadh. The story of the Al-Qaida nuke, though scary, is not credible.
[A Poem for the Children of Fallujah and Muslim Families Forced to Leave home by U.S. bombing.]

"Get Out of Fallujah"

by Karen English
Jamaat al-Muslimeen, California
You must get out of Fallujah
Because while you are proudly walking home from school
A paper heart for your mother clutched in your small hand
An F-18 hornet on a bombing run will 
Mow you down and pulverize your books
Mistaking your for a nest of insurgents.
While you are gathering under the wedding tent 
Your glass raised in celebration,
War planes criss-crossing the sky
Will deal your wedding party a crushing blow
How easily your tents are mistaken for a rebel safe house.
While you are preparing the evening meal
Attack helicopters will swoop down 
and hover outside of your window
Making all the necessary adjustments 
Until they have you and your cooking spoon in their sights
Then they will let go with every bit of their ammunition 
Having mistaken you for a militant Muslim network.
Just as you settle in your favorite place among the date palms
To return to the poetic words of Rumi 
A convoy of Abrams tanks will roll by 
And then back up
Their big guns will swivel on their base until you are in their line of fire
Their 44 caliber 120 millimeter guns capable of firing explosive rounds
Will blast you into fine red spray
And Rumi's words, reduced to brilliant black powder
The occupation forces having received credible intelligence 
That your tree was a weapons cache 

You must get out of Falluja
Your enemies are poised and ready 
Their mouths are watering with anticipation and bloodlust

Pack your bags
Steal away in the night
Get past the checkpoints
But if they stop you, heed the advice of your black brethren in America
Put both hands on the steering wheel and look straight ahead

And pray you get out of Falluja 
[Courtesy Zahi Damuni, Al-Awda]

Palestinian Women in Telmond Prison on hunger strike: protest inhumane treatment . Women's bones Fractured by Israeli Guards. One Year Old Sprayed.

On 30 November 2004, a DCI/PS lawyer visited the women's section of Telmond prison where he was able to talk to one Palestinian detainee, Samah Abdallah. Samah informed him that on Sunday 28 November, the female Palestinian prisoners in Telmond went out to the exercise yard as normal. However, before the end of their allotted time outdoors, the prison administration ordered the Palestinian women and girls to return to their cells. The representative of the Palestinian female detainees, Amna Mouna, complained to the guards that it was too soon for the women to go back inside. As she did so, she was severely beaten by a group of prison guards after which she was taken to the punishment cells, which are cold bare rooms with no bedding, no heating and no natural light.

To protest against the manner in which the prison administration deals with female Palestinian prisoners and in particular against the beating of their spokeswoman and her subsequent isolation, the remaining Palestinian female detainees began screaming and shouting. The guards responded by bringing in other troops, armed with batons, water hoses and tear gas, who began to beat the women and spray them with water and gas.

As a result of the brutal attack, one prisoner, Sana Amer, suffered probable fractures to an arm and a leg, while two other Palestinian prisoners, Suad Ghazal and Asma' Hussain both sustained probable arm fractures. Many other prisoners were also injured by the guards. The prison administration did not provide medical or first aid treatment to the injured detainees. Instead, they placed a further 13 prisoners in the punishment cells.

There were further reprisals awaiting those who returned to their normal cells. The administration confiscated all electrical appliances in the rooms, and the personal supplies of food and cigarettes which the women had bought with their own money from the canteena. In a deliberate effort to make the miserable living conditions even worse, guards sprayed cold water all over the prisoners' belongings, soaking their mattresses and clothes. Given that it is winter, the women were not able to dry the bedding, so were forced to sleep in cold damp beds. The prison administration cut the prisoners' electricity and water supplies, and the smell of the tear gas continues to cling to the walls of the cells.

The person who has suffered the most is Nor, the 1-year old son of Manal Ghanem. He was born in prison on 10 October 2003 and has never been outside the Telmond compound. After being sprayed by water and gas, Nor developed a serious cold. He was not provided with any medication.

Samah also informed the DCI/PS lawyer that during the last week of November 2004, 30 female Palestinian prisoners were transferred from Ramle (Neve-Tertze) women's prison to the female section of the Telmond Compound. Lack of space was already a problem in Telmond when there were only 56 women prisoners there. Now the number has risen to 86, overcrowding has become a serious issue - with as many as five detainees confined to cells which are designed to house only two prisoners.

The Palestinian female detainees in Telmond, among whom there are at least five aged under-18, have embarked on a hunger strike to protest against the maltreatment they have suffered at the hands of the prison administration and the appalling conditions in which they are held.

DCI/PS will continue to monitor the situation and will send out further briefings as soon as it receives any additional information on the welfare and condition of the Palestinian female prisoners in Telmond.

For more information, please call +972 (0)2 240 7530 and ask for the Research & International Advocacy Unit or go to www.dci-pal.org or mail info@dci-pal.org.

Author of Imperial Hubris to Speak: "On With Leon" Show. Expert on Osama bin Laden.
WOL Radio: Baltimore AM 1010, Washington AM 1450 on Saturday Dec.4.

2:00 - 3:00 PM ET Michael Scheuer former CIA Analyst and author of: Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror - The war on terror has created near unanimity on many points, at least within the American press and political leadership. One essential point of agreement: al Qaeda specifically and radical Islamism in general are stirred by a hatred of modernity. Or as President George W. Bush has articulated repeatedly, they hate freedom. Nonsense, responds the nameless author of this work and 2003's Through Our Enemies' Eyes (the senior U.S. intelligence official's identity became an open secret by publication date). Indeed, he grimly and methodically discards common wisdom throughout this scathing and compelling take on counter terrorism. Imperial Hubris is not a book that will cheer Americans, regardless of their perspectives on the post-9/11 environment. We are, the author notes, losing the war on terror.

Though U.S. leaders try to convince the world of their success in fighting al Qaeda, one anonymous member of the U.S. intelligence community would like to inform the public that we are, in fact, losing the war on terror. Further, until U.S. leaders recognize the errant path they have irresponsibly chosen, he says, our enemies will only grow stronger.

According to the author, the greatest danger for Americans confronting the Islamist threat is to believe-at the urging of U.S. leaders-that Muslims attack us for what we are and what we think rather than for what we do. Blustering political rhetoric "informs" the public that the Islamists are offended by the Western world's democratic freedoms, civil liberties, inter-mingling of genders, and separation of church and state. However, although aspects of the modern world may offend conservative Muslims, no Islamist leader has fomented jihad to destroy participatory democracy, for example, the national association of credit unions, or coed universities.

3:00 - 4:00 PM ET Eugene Dewitt Kinlow - Eugene Dewitt Kinlow is a native Washingtonian. Mr. Kinlow is known for his enthusiasm and activism on quality of life issues for residents of the District, particularly those that affect citizens "East of the River." He is a member of the Covenant Baptist Church, and chairman of the Social Action Ministry there. He is an elected member of the Democratic State Committee, a board member of the Anacostia Coordinating Council, lead coordinator of the Ward 8 Coalition, and serves as vice chairperson of the Far SW Civic Association.

Eugene was sent to Florida by the Democratic State Committee during the 2004 election to organize on behalf of the Kerry for President campaign. The insight he gained based upon his experience in Florida will prove to be interesting and will answer some very important questions about why Kerry lost the election.

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