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Siddique Abdullah Hasan & other Lucasville, Ohio, Death Row Prisoners
Plus Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina] on issues related to Iraq.

Recently Dr. Wilmer Leon, on WOL Radio, organized an unusual program. Dr. Staughton Lynd spoke on the Lucasville, Ohio uprising and Imam Badi Ali threw light on the Shia issue in Iraq, highlighting the struggle of Moqteda al-Sadr.

We'll bring the main points of this extraordinary program in our next issue. Readers might remember that Jamaat al-Muslimeen listed Siddique Abdullah Hasan as 'Prisoner of the Month' earlier this year.
Translator Yusry

Jamaat al-Muslimeen has highlighted the struggle of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar and Lynne Stewart against the fabricated charges being imposed on them. For the last three weeks, the prosecution has been in court reading conversations of the defendants tapped by the FBI. Till now there is nothing which would connect the defendants with "terrorism." The prosecution's method seems to be: Throw enough dirt and some will stick.

Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar is an outspoken critic of the murderous Hosni Mubarak regime installed in Egypt by the U.S. and Israel. He is paying the price as the U.S. tries to crush opponents of its murderous ally who specializes in torture and terrorism.

Lynne Stewart has a track record of support for civil rights. She defended the blind Shaikh free of charge. The price: She is being accused of helping "terrorists!"

Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar's wife Lisa and their children are standing firm in Islam while a totally innocent husband and father continues to be held in prison.



As New Trend reported earlier from Pakistani sources, Pakistani forces occupied a key hub in South Waziristan on September 10 [after two hours of bombing on Sept. 9 which killed more than 100 Pakistani civilians.

On September 11, Islamic forces of the Ahmed Zai Wazir cut Ludha Razmak highway through which Pakistan was reinforcing its troops at a key point and dug in. Exchanges of heavy firing ensued, the Pakistanis using artillery, missiles and mortars and the mujahideen answering with machine guns and mortars and occasionally rockets.

For 18 kilometers, from Karvaan Manza to Imar Ghazai, the populations of the Ahmadzai Wazir are leaving, most on foot, for safer areas, many of them going on to Dera Ismail Khan's districts.

Daily Ausaf's reporters on the spot report that Col. Hamid Iqbal Khattak of Pakistan's army and Assistant Political Agent Arsheed Navaid threatened tribal leaders that if any fire came from any area, the army would launch an all out offensive in the area.

On September 12, hundreds of Islamic fighters, mostly of the Ahmadzai Wazir, probably with a few Chechen, Uzbek and Arab mujahideen at the core launched an enveloping offensive on the Pakistani troops cut off at Karwan Manza. The attack started at 6 in the morning. By the end of the day, the mujahideen called on Musharraf's troops to surrender or face death. Nawai Waqt reports that the Pakistanis have raised white flags of surrender.


September 11. Numerous Pakistani cities witnessed demonstrations against U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and against Israeli atrocities in Palestine. The gatherings in Lahore, Hyderabad, Sahiwal, Islamabad, etc were addressed by leaders of the Islamic coalition MMA which wants peaceful change in the country. The biggest rally was in Pershawar. Leaders like Maulana Fazlur Rahman and National Assembly representative Mairajuddin declared that all of the 100+ people killed in the bombing of the Mahsud area by the Pakistan air force (PAF) were Pakistanis. Not one was a "foreigner."


On September 12, in Lahore's Township area, a leader of Jamaat ad-Da'wa, Maulana Ibrahim Salafi, was gunned down by unknown assassins as he was returning home from a mosque after fajr prayers.

As Jamat ad-Da'wa is not involved in any sectarian conflicts and focuses on sending fighters to Kashmir, the murder has international dimensions. Jamaat ad-D'awa's leader, Hafiz Saeed, has urged fighters not to be provoked. The Jamaat suspects India's hands.

[New Trend's analysis is that the Musharraf regime probably has a hand in this murder. Hafiz Saeed has held General Musharraf personally responsible for the attacks on Islamic tribesmen in South Waziristan at the signal of America. Jamaat ad-Da'wa's rapid expansion especially in Punjab is a serious problem for Musharraf who wants peace with India and an end to the Kashmir issue.]
------------------------------------------------------------------- AFGHANISTAN:

U.S. Troops Kill 8, Injure 15 Demonstrators in Herat

HERAT, Western Afghanistan: September 12:

Dusk-to-dawn curfew has been imposed on this major Afghan city. The situation became serious after Karzai sent in "government" forces and U.S. troops to replace the popular Governor Ismail Khan with a Karzai man.

There were major demonstrations against America. According to the sanitized version of the situation on CNN Headline News (Sept. 12), "demonstrators threw stones at U.S. troops. The troops opened fire, killing 8 people, injuring 15."

THREAT FROM MULLAH DADALLAH: Taliban's military commander, DadAllah, using a satellite phone, told Pakistan's Sana news agency that the Taliban had fired 4 rockets at Kabul's International Airport to show Taliban's growing capability. He threatened to kill all of America's occupation forces. He declared that America will lose in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He claimed that the video tape issued on 9.11 by Ayman al-Zawahiri was genuine.
Annual Convention of ISNA [Islamic Society of North America]

Thousands Disappointed by ISNA’s Leaderless Gathering.
Chaos, Confusion, Indiscipline: Major Islamic Issues Ignored.

[New Trend report pieced together from eye witnesses]

From September 3 to 6, 2004 several thousand Muslims gathered at an expensive suburb of Chicago not far from O’Hare airport. They were from all over the country, many of them young and enthusiastic about Islam. The biggest attraction was the bazaar which displayed the creativity and Islamic potential of the Muslims of America: Books of a great variety, services, clothing of several ethnicities made it worth visiting.

Unfortunately the leadership of ISNA seems to have sold out to the U.S. government so completely that its members have become a mass of nice people without any sense of direction.
Here are a few glimpses of the essential features of the ISNA Convention: ISNA had NO EXPLANATION or discussion of the infiltration of its ranks by government agents. New Trend readers know how ABDUR-RAHMAN al-AMOUDI, who never missed an ISNA or ICNA Convention [and was honored by both], confessed to being an agent for the U.S. State Department. He always had quantities of cash on hand, which he said {in his statement} he used to ‘buy’ Muslims opposed to U.S. policies. Later he plea bargained to a claim that he was working for Libya to kill the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. ISNA’s Islamic Horizons paper as well as its leadership had a simple "solution" to the problem. They simply behaved as if it had never happened. [Sort of like Stalin pretending that Trotsky never existed.]

Who else is/was an agent of the government in ISNA? W.D. Muhammad’s services to the State Department were open and publicized in his own paper. hE IS PROUD OF HIS SERVICES TO THE OPPRESSORS. But who else in ISNA’s "leadership" is a SECRET AGENT OR A PAID agent? Don’t ISNA’s members deserve to be told what these "leaders" have been up to?

ISNA has shut its membership out of all discussion of the issues. In more than five years it has not published a dissenting letter on its main policies. Hence the chances that ISNA will improve are near zero. ISNA is finished as a Muslim organization though it may continue for some time as a social club or a matrimonial service or an occasion for a bazaar.


Your assertion that conspiracy theorists are mentally defeated is extremely unfair.

A programme was recently shown here on the topic of conspiracy theories. What the program showed was that the conspiracy theorists were indeed asking the right questions. And in fact their persistance has led to several "facts" being uncovered which "authorites" would have prefered to remain unknown. Some examples:
  1. Why weren't any of 4 planes intercepted?

    1. Local strikeforces had been disbanded due to military cutbacks after collapse of Soviet union.
    2. Claimed that no protocol for suicide hijacking.
  2. Why did the buildings collapse so easily, surely they knew they could be hit by a plane?

    A: Yes they knew, but not for a combined shock + fire (Which if you think about it is dumb isn't it?)
  3. Why were dancing Isrealis seen filming the twin towers?

    A: Turns out they were "just" tourists (?!) But later turns out they were working for an organisation that is a front for Mossad in the US.
  4. Why did a large group of Saudis make a rapid exit from USA?

    A: Apparently they were innocent. But led to discovery of close relationship between Bush family and the House of Saud.

Shoaib [London, England]
Cell phones, Patriot Act, Hedges..............

Making cell phone calls from planes in flight is impossible with current technology. If you don’t believe me discreetly try it once the aircraft is on level flight. The problem is that at normal jet speeds 450-550 mph the cell structure is not able to pass the calls fast enough. And what do you think about the anthrax? It required a level 4 biohazard laboratory and was mailed prior to 911 but just right time to create panic in the country and get patriot act passed.

And of course the Israelis who made money using stock hedges on airlines that they expected to have their stocks drop.

Rafe [California]

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