Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

Objective Studies of Jewish Holocaust Claims are Needed
Holocaust Industry is Basic Funding Source for Israel

According to the Jewish version of the Second World War, six million Jews were killed by Adolf Hitler's regime, many of them gassed at Auschwitz.

Owing to these claims, post-war Germany (which had nothing to do with the alleged crimes) has paid more than $13 billion to the terrorist entity known as Israel. Germany continues to fund and arm Israel and has given it three submarines which can fire missiles at Arab cities from under water.

The crimes allegedly took place in Europe but a Holocaust memorial has been built in Washington, DC, thus side-tracking the issue of the Black Holocaust for which no reparations have been made. When the alleged holocaust did not take place in America, why is there a holocaust memorial in USA? It raises a fake fear of anti-semitism and is a symbol of the propaganda which the American people have swallowed. The holocaust story is constantly brought into every American home by way of:

1. Movies.
2. Television 'documentaries'
3. Stories of survivors (who have all heard of gassing but never actually saw one. How they survived if their stories are true is self-revelatory.)
4. Newspapers owned and/or controlled by Jews (including the biggest papers in USA: NY Times, etc.)
5. Novels and magazine stories.
6. One-sided 'history' books found in all libraries, et.
In that context, it is understandable that the American people pay conscience money to Israel. THERE IS A DIRECT CONNECTION BETWEEN THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY AND THE SURVIVAL OF ISRAEL.

WHAT CAN MUSLIMS DO? Muslims living in America must call for discussion and investigation of the holocaust story. Freedom of discussion and expression is the right of every American. We must invoke that right to find out what really happened.

Muslims should know that there is an entire group of scholars who are challenging the Jewish version of the holocaust. These are not Nazis or crackpots as the Jews would have us believe. Their books are the most highly documented books on the issues related to the Second World War. In fact these scholars, known as revisionists, are extra careful about their docmentation because they know the Jews own the media and can easily destroy any weak scholarship.

Apart from the revisionists, there is DAVID IRVING, an institution in himself, who has brought the highest quality of scholarship to studies of the Second World War. We should get his books into each library available to us.

America is the spawning ground of Zionist terrorism. If the funding and arming of Zionism is stopped in America, the Mujahideen will then be able to deal with the terrorist state planted in our heartland.

We Muslims have no problem with Jews who do not support Israel. But Israel is a cancer in our body-politic which must be knifed out. If we do not fight academically, by scholarship, true knowledge, effective use of the pen against the Zionist enemy, Israel will continue to be funded and armed from America.

There is no point in voting for Bush or Gore. Both support Israel. One might express distaste for Israeli "excesses" (no one has done so yet!) but when it comes to the existence of Israel, they are under Zionist sway.

Remember Nixon's airbridge for the re-arming of Israel's entire arsenal after the Egyptians under General Shazly broke through? That's exactly what Bush will do if Israel faces any real threat.

Our work is cut out for us: Study, research, apply, go to the people, distribute, write, speak, demonstrate. Talk to ordinary Americans. Rebut Zionist movies, books, 'Survivor stories'.

Most important: Highlight the suffering of German civilians. Nobody has the monopoly of suffering. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND GERMAN CHILDREN, WOMEN and MEN were burned alive in ONE NIGHT when the allies bombed Dresden. Today the German people are not even allowed to mourn Dresden. (There were Jews among the British pilots who bombed Dresden.)

Actually the holocaust story seems to be a cover to divert attention from the horrendous crimes committed against German civilians by the allies (including Jews).
(to be continued)
Boycott Jewish businesses which support Israel. IT WILL BE A REAL SHAME IF 100,000 Arab/Muslim visitors go to Eisner's Disney this Christmas holiday. The Disney money is pumped into Zionist organizations by Eisner.

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