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[Some outspoken Muslims in Atlanta have broken the silence about Islam and the war which is so prevalent in controlled masjids. Here is a report of a press conference held at Masjid Mu'minun in Atlanta on March 10. It was covered by two local TV stations.]

Sis. Hedaya Majeed introduced the speakers with remarks about justice, integrity and peace. She said there can be no true peace if people are expected to give up their integrity (self-respect), not have a true voice (just go with whatever the status quo says or does right or wrong) and there can be no peace without true justice. She added that the use of Secret Evidence can not bring any true peace.

If the people of Iraq want Saddam Hussein out they will get rid of him themselves. They don't need the U.S. to decide that for them or to take action for them.
She spoke with a firm voice for Islam.


The Imam of the masjid quoted the conditions of war that the Muslim must follow and then he stated he has written letters to the Commanding Officers of some Muslims in the US Armed Services requesting that they get duty that is not on the frontline fighting (if we go to war). He said the Islamic community supports the decision of some Muslims not to go into the military if a draft is called. Muslims can not fight other Muslims under the conditions of this war that is being marshalled by President Bush. Since Iraq has not attacked anyone, this is not a just war and Muslims can not support it.
Three scholars of Islam from Arabia, the heartland of Islam, Arabia, have issued the following ruling:

1. Anyone who helps the unbelievers in the war against Iraq's people will be involved in KUFR.

2. Anyone helping the U.S. to capture mujahideen or helping the U.S. war in any way is a MURTAD (apostate) and has left the fold of Islam.

3. Those who fight against the invaders should be considered mujahideen.

The three ulema who are signatories are: Ali al-Khudair, Nasir al-Fahd and Ahmad al-Khadi. The Saudi police is looking for the three but is unable to find them.
[Source: AFP, from Dubai by Internet]

New Trend has received this information. A woman named Noreen Ahmed, working for the Chicago Tribune, is interviewing Imams and Muslim community leaders/activists. Please be VERY CAREFUL and BE ALERT.

London's Sunday Times and a number of other publications have questioned the U.S./Pakistani[Musharref] version of the arrest of Khalid Shaikh Muhammad.

The family of Ahmad Abdul Qudoos, from where Musharref's ISI claims to have arrested Khalid deny that he was ever in that house or that he was there when the reported raid took place. The neighbors too say that they have never seen a stranger there, entering or leaving the house. The women of the house follow strict purdah and there was no question of any man coming in there from outside. The wall of the type at the back of the person shown in the picture which is supposedly Khalid Muhammad does not exist in that house.

Musharref's agents have released a video of a man being arrested but his face is not shown clearly and there is no evidence that it is Khalid Muhammad.

The cassettes of Osama's speeches, his letters, a lap top computer and a satellite phone, allegedly seized in the raid were definitely not in that house, these reports say.

Evidently, Khalid Shaikh Muhammad was arrested earlier somewhere else and Abdul Qadoos's house was raided to create a false connection with a Jamaate Islami family. (JI is a peaceful political party and Musharref seems to be working under U.S. supervision to create a "terrorist" connection with it owing to its burgeoning popularity.)

[Some sceptics say that the whole Khalid Muhammad story may be a total fake. Digitally it is quite easy to create the likeness of a person. If the person captured is really the "mastermind" of 9.11, he should have been shown in a CLEAR PHOTO UNDER U.S. GUARD.]

Also, one report indicates that Khalid Muhammad was supposed to be NUMBER 22 in the U.S. list when the list was started, not number 3. If he is in any way the mastermind of 9.11, the U.S. should soon be able to tell the public how 9.11 happened. He is probably number 22 and hence has been easy to capture. The U.S. desperately needed a victory and was handed one by Bush's friend Musharref.

Number 22 can be "promoted" to number 3 and to be a "mastermind" of 9.11 to help the U.S. justify its tremendous expenditures on the war against terrorism.
[Notice that Abu Zubayda and Ramzi al-Shibh have never been shown in U.S. hands after providing a whole bag of propaganda opportunity to the media. Even Manson was interviewed on U.S. TV. Why can't these people be shown on TV, let alone interviewed?]

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