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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 8,1430/ August 29, 2009, # 42

From Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina]

Spotlight: Unity in Islam comes through the acceptance of Allah's Command. Unity brought about by money or national interests is very limited. Look at what Allah does for Muslims through Ramadan. Globally there is an effort to do what the entire ummah is doing: Fasting according to the Sunnah of the Prophet, pbuh, even in the smallest details. Thus unity comes through spiritual means, not through deals and pressures.

Words of wisdom from Br. Shamim Siddiqui [veteran teacher of Islam]. What is missing in our efforts? Please scroll down.

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Boycott of Israeli Goods is effective [Info received with thanks to Dr. Ismail Zayid, Canada.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen which is leading the boycott of businesses in America which support Israel should take heart. The boycott does work. In England a non-Muslim woman is calling for boycott of products coming out of Israeli settlements only. It has rattled Israel because the Zionists fear that this could lead to a boycott of all Israel. Here is an excerpt from Jewish Community Online:

August 20, 2009: "A call for food retailers to boycott all Israeli goods has been condemned by the Israeli ambassador and anti-boycott campaigners.
In an article for trade magazine The Grocer this week, prominent food writer Joanna Blythman calls on retailers and importers "actively to look for alternatives to so-called Israeli produce".
She contends that many items labelled as coming from Israel are in fact "grown on Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory... the fruit and vegetables grown there amount to stolen goods". She adds: "The only clear and honest wording appropriate is 'from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank'."

Canada's Muslims: Strengths and Weaknesses. 400,000 Muslims in Toronto Alone.
Sis. Ashira [Baltimore] Interviews Br. Shamsul Hasan & his wife Husna.

Recently Jamaat al-Muslimeen representative Sis. Ashira visited Canada. In the Toronto area, she interviewed Br. Shamsul Hasan and his wife. Br. Shams, as his friends call him, has made tremendous efforts over the decades for the peaceful spread of Islam. He distributes Islam-related literature of a great variety, including selections from New Trend. Among his selections from New Trend was criticism of ISNA man Hamza Yusuf's claim that the Jewish holocaust story is as credible as the Qur'an. [!] He steadily distributes reports on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and other issues.
Here are Sis. Ashira's questions followed by answers from Br. Shamsul Hasan and his wife.

1. What is the approximate number of Muslims in Toronto?

Ans: There are about 400,000 Muslims here. Most places hold 2 Jum'ah services. In Toronto people of ethnic backgrounds outnumber the whites. The city is about 55% Muslim. There are many Somalians here and the Khalid bin Walid Masjid is our Somali Center. There are no less than 40 places to pray. Toronto has the largest number of Muslims in Canada. Montreal is about ¼ of this number.

2. Are there what you would consider genuinely Islamic activist organizations here? If so, who are they and what is their main focus?

Ans: Masjid Tariq is a progressive community with its Imam from Guyana. He studied in Libya. There you will find many programs for all ages, and meals are provided free of charge. Masjid Salahuddin is also progressive with its Imam from Egypt. He works with political prisoners.
The Islamic Foundation graduates the most students who are hafiz Quran. They have over 600 students and their secondary school was the Number One school in the whole Ontario area, second to none.

3. To what extent is the Muslim community able to express itself concerning wars and other concerns, i.e., what avenues are available and used?
Ans: The speakers at the Salahuddin masjid and the Tariq masjid are free speakers; they don't care one bit. One is retired and, therefore, has no concern of losing a job, etc. The Islamic Center of the York Region during Ramadan always brings in lots of speakers. These speakers of course have their effect on the community at large.

4. You are a writer for the New Trend newspaper. As such have you been "bothered" by government agents concerning your positions?
Ans: No. You see the Islamic community has representatives in the parliament and in other places of political importance.

5. Would you describe the Muslims of Toronto as "mostly assimilated" or "mostly ghettoized?"
Ans: They are assimilated, even the police force.

6. The call to Jumah is expressly given in the Quran. Do you find the women attending as much as they can? Are the masajid used as places for family orientation or fraternal gyms?
Ans: The women do attend, but they do not have voice, except at Masjid Tariq and the Islamic Center of York. They do need to have more voice in matters.

7. Is there relevance in the khutbas given by the Imams? Relevance meaning that the examples in the Quran are linked to the present conditions and solutions are extrapolated and presented for application.
Ans: Most of the presentations are from the "past". The Imams are not educated. They don't know English well and the people speak English, especially the young people. However, special speakers are coming from other countries and they do well.

8. What is needed to make a real positive difference in the Muslim community here in Toronto and what is needed to make a real positive difference in the general community here?
Ans: The Muslims need to be educated. The people must be addressed in the language they understand.

9. What about our YOUTH our FUTURE? What is being done to assure that we are preparing them?
Ans: Many parents say they need sports and activities at the masjid centers. Tariq and the Islamic Foundation have these activities and facilities. The youth come to the centers and they bring their friends for these activities. A Black Belt at Masjid Tariq is responsible for many converts. Many of the hospitals have areas for prayers. Everyone is trying to give the children recreational activities with their Islamic learning. The TV should not be their babysitter.

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Lord of Mercy


©Imam Ali Siddiqui

It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "Remember! Zakat-ul-Fitr is Wajib (strongly recommended, just short of obligatory) on every Muslim, man or woman, free or in servitude, adult or child." (Hadith: Tirmidhi's Sunan)


Literal meaning of Zakat (or Zakah) is the process of purification. Fitr is from the word Fitrah and its literal meaning is (one's) nature or natural state. Hence the meaning of Zakat-ul-Fitr is to purify one's nature.


Ibn Abbas (ra) reported that the Prophet (saw) made the Zakat-ul-Fitr obligatory for the purpose of: purifying our fasting from vain talk and shameful mistakes, to make arrangements for the poor and the needy for food and clothing (for the festival of Eid). (Hadith: Abu Dawud, Ibn Maja)


Every adult Muslim, with sufficient food for the family for a day, should pay Zakat-ul-Fitr for himself/herself and all his/her dependents. Even those who did not fast should pay it. Zakat-ul-Fitr should also be paid for the child born or the person died before the Fajr (dawn) on the day of Eid.


At the time of the Prophet (saw), payment of Zakat-ul-Fitr was made in terms of weight of grain. It is one Sa for each person. One Sa approximately equals to 3.15 kg or 6.94 lbs. The Muslim jurists agree that Zakat-ul-Fitr can also be paid in cash equivalent to the cost of 3.15kg/6.94 lb. of grain including rice, wheat, lentils, corn, and dry cheese.


Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said, "Whoever paid it (Zakat-ul-Fitr) before Salatul Eid, it is acceptable Zakat before Al'lah. Whoever paid it after Salat-ul-Eid, it is just a charity." The companion of the Prophet (ra) used to pay it a few days earlier. (Hadith: Bukhari)

Imam Shafi'i held the opinion that Zakat-ul-Fitr can be paid as early as the beginning of Ramadan. I suggest that Zakat-ul-Fitr should be paid early enough so it will reach the needy and the poor before the Eid day. It will enable them to use it for food and clothes and give them the opportunity to enjoy the happiness of Eid-ul-Fitr.


Zakat-ul-Fitr should be paid directly to the needy and the poor. However, you can also pay it to an organization, which would distribute it in accordance with the teaching of Islam. Remember! It is still your responsibility. So, make sure before paying that the organization will distribute it according to the teaching of Islam and before Salat-ul-Eid.

There is a new concern in collection and distribution of Zakat-ul-Fitr and Zakat-ul-Maal. Millions of dollars have been confiscated by the government agencies. This requires additional care on our part to select an organization carefully and rationally so that Zakat is delivered to the rightful person. Best method is still the personal contact.

Year after year Zakat is sent to deserving persons in the Muslim World. Let's try to spend some of it in our own communities including Moaliful Qoloob, non-Muslims to turn their hearts and minds as friends of our communities. This will require knowing our own communities and friendly and deserving non-Muslims. It may be difficult at first but it will be better for us.

How to Calculate Zakat-ul-Fitr?

I heard many amounts over the years. It is a tendency to fix a higher amount by many organizations so that they may collect sufficient amount to distribute among the poor and the needy. One year it even went up to $15 per person. When specifying an amount it should be fixed at a minimum amount in accordance with the teaching of Islam so that every one can pay it with ease; however, we should encourage Muslims to pay a higher amount according to their life style.

Minimum Zakat-ul-Fitr is one Sa in weight of grain. One Sa is approximately equal to 3.15 kg or 6.94 lbs. Every person should look at the price of grain where they shop. One either pays Zakat-ul-Fitr a weight of 6.94 lbs. or 3.15 kg in grain or its cash equivalent. Additional point, if in your life style you eat top-of-the-line fancy rice, then pay in its cash equivalent

May Allah accept your fasting, Zakat-ul-Fitr, Salatut Taraweeh, recitation of Quran, Salat and your struggle for the pleasure of Allah (mirdadi(A)llah! Ameen!

© Imam Ali Siddiqui, 1982,

Revised August 28, 2009

Additional information can be acquired by contacting the Imam:

About the author:
Imam Ali Siddiqui with 37 years of service, is a Friday Khatib, Islamic teacher, Muslim Chaplain, youth advisor, family counselor, educator, poet and writer with a vision who has been involved in the teaching of Islam, history, comparative religion, contemporary issues to Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Words of Wisdom: The Missing Link in our Islamic Efforts
by Shamim Siddiqui [New York] [The writer has written extensively on Islamic Da'wa. Here is his key point.]

1. The Guidance or the Scheme or the Blue print;
2. The trustworthy leadership to implement that plan and stands as its model;
3. The land where to establish Allah's Deen as a POLITICAL entity.
* Rasulullah (S) got the Master Plan from Allah (SWT) in bits and pieces in 23 years in the form of the Qur'an.
* He (S) himself undertook the task of building that requisite team of trustworthy workers [we call them Sahabah out of reverence] in ones and twos - getting 124 from Makkah in 13 years, 63 from Aus and 173 from Khazraj of Madinah through the magnificent Dawah efforts of Musab bin Umair (RA), constituting the team of trusted leadership of his (S) time,
* Simultaneously, he (S) was always in search of land to build the HQ of the Islamic Movement, He (S) sent his (S) trustworthy Sahabah to Ethiopia in search of that. He (S) himself went to T'aif but could not succeed as you know. Allah (SWT) managed it from Madinah. It was His planning. Madinah became the HQ of the Islamic Movement and then that of the Islamic State.

Now we have:
* Guidance" completely intact in its most original and perfect from;
* We have the "land" - so-called 57 Muslim countries; BUT
* No trusted, disciplined and organized Islamic Leadership, except some sporadic leaders here and there.
The leadership can now be build ONLY through the process of building the Islamic Movement of America [IMOA] on the pattern Rasulullah(S)
BUILT the Team of his (S) time. That is the basic and the prime most Job of Ummah at this juncture.

Our America: #1
Hurricane Katrina Anniversary:1500 drowned. Black 9.11
Sent by Sis. Hamdiya [Charlotte, North Carolina]
Expert fired who warned levees would burst [Bush's Legacy]

By Greg Palast [Excerpted]

There's another floater. Four years on, there's another victim face down in the waters of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Ivor van Heerden.

I don't get to use the word "heroic" very often. Van Heerden is heroic. The Deputy Director of the Louisiana State University Hurricane Center, it was van Heerden who told me, on camera, something so horrible, so frightening, that, if it weren't for his international stature, it would have been hard to believe:

"By midnight on Monday the White House knew. Monday night I was at the state Emergency Operations Center and nobody was aware that the levees had breeched. Nobody."

On the night of August 29, 2005, van Heerden was shut in at the state emergency center in Baton Rouge, providing technical advice to the rescue effort. As Hurricane Katrina came ashore, van Heerden and the state police there were high-fiving it: Katrina missed the city of New Orleans, turning east.

What they did not know was that the levees had cracked. For crucial hours, the White House knew, but withheld the information that the levees of New Orleans had broken and that the city was about to drown. Bush's boys did not notify the State of the flood to come which would have allowed police to launch an emergency hunt for the thousands that remained stranded.

"Fifteen hundred people drowned. That's the bottom line," said von Heerden. He shouldn't have told me that. The professor was already in trouble for saying, publicly, that the levees around New Orleans were no good, too short, by 18?. They couldn't stand up to a storm like Katrina. He said it months before Katrina hit - in a call to the White House, and later in the press.

So, even before Katrina, even before our interview, the professor was in hot water. Van Heerden was told by University officials that his complaints jeopardized funding from the Bush Administration. They tried to gag him. He didn't care: he ripped off the gag and spoke out.

It didn't matter to Bush, to the State, to the University, that van Heerden was right- devastatingly right. Exactly as van Heerden predicted, the levees could not stand up to the storm surge.

In 2006, I met van Heerden in his office at the University's hurricane center; a cubby filled with charts of the city under water. He's a soft-spoken, even-tempered man, given to understatement and academic reserve. But his words were hand grenades: the Bush White House did nothing about the levees, despite warning after warning.

Why? A hurricane is an Act of God. But a levee failure is an Act of Bush -- of the federal government. Under the Flood Control Act of 1928, once the levees break, it's Washington's responsibility to save lives -- and to compensate the victims for lost homes and lost loved ones.

By telling me this, the professor had to know he was putting his job on the line. This week marks the fourth anniversary of the drowning of New Orleans.

Shakoor Aljuwani of the Rebuilding Lives Coalition reminds me it is also the fourth year of exile for more than half of the low-income Black residents who once lived in the Crescent City. In the Lower Ninth Ward, 81% have yet to return.

Our America: #2
Slap in the Face for those who want Peace with Israel: Obama's Minor "demand" Rejected

US Won't Press Israel on Settlements

US Promises Not to Press for East Jerusalem Freeze

by Jason Ditz, August 27, 2009
While the US State Department publicly insisted the official Obama Administration on the Israeli settlements had not changed, privately diplomats are saying that the adminstration has done a virtual 180, backing off pretty much all its demands with respect to Israel's settlement activity.

At this point, the US had agreed to completely abandon complaints over Israeli construction in East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied in 1967. Though the US will not publicly endorse the continued construction it will no longer ask Israel to freeze them.

About all they got was a dubious promise from the Netanyahu government to not issue new construction permits for settlements in the West Bank for nine months. Even this promise likely means little, as thousands of already approved construction projects will continue in the meantime and the Israeli government is already talking about an exit strategy from the program, even though it hasn't officially halted the permits yet.

Our America: # 3
Focus on CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Breach of America's Trust
Israel's Fifth Column
Jeff Gates

... The dominant influence of pro-Israelis in mainstream media is not the focus of this article. Here the focus is Wolf Blitzer at Cable News Network who typifies how "the people in between" manipulate public opinion in plain sight and, to date, with legal impunity ... The displacement of facts with what a populace can be induced to believe is the very threat to personal freedom that the Founders sought to escape. The only modern aspect of this ancient form of warfare is the reach of the media technologies with which such deception can now operate - as with CNN - on a global scale.

War News:
Islamic Revolution in "Saudi" Arabia Coming?: Regime Arrests Top Scholars for Osama Links
Saudi Paper Okaz Uncovers Unusual "Terrorists": Arrests Revealed on August 19

Professors, businessmen among 44 arrested in KSA
By Abdullah Al-Oraifij [August 26, 2009]
RIYADH - The 44 members of Al-Qaeda whose arrests were announced last Wednesday included among their ranks university professors and local businessmen whose links to the terrorist organization went back several years, sources have told Okaz newspaper.
According to the sources, the 44, who were detained between July 9 and Aug. 2 of this year, had an over seven-year association with the organization and had met with Al-Qaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri in Afghanistan as well as other members of the group killed in the Kingdom such as Abdul Aziz Muqrin, Turki Al-Dandani, Yousef Al-'Ayeeri, and Yemeni national Khalid Al-Haj.
Between 20 and 30 of the arrested were reportedly holders of doctorate degrees and some of them worked as university professors specialized in science fields such as electronic and electrical engineering and computers, as well as fields of Shariah Law including theology and comparative jurisprudence.
The single non-Saudi detainee was described by the sources as an Egyptian with connections to Al-Qaeda No. 2 and fellow national Zawahiri.
Okaz newspaper further learned that among the detained were local businessmen who financed terrorist plans through real estate and farming incomes, while some used charity work to gather donations.

India: Young Muslims Adhere to Islam while old men tremble at Hindu Threats

Principal's Burqa remarks sparked protests in a Hyderabad college
Saturday, August 29, 2009 12:05:56 PM, Express News Service

Hyderabad: Tension prevailed at Vani Degree College for women at Mehdipatnam after its principal is said to have asked a burqa-clad student to unveil herself for identification before entering the college premises. At this, hundreds of agitated undergraduates joined by Intermediate students of the sister junior college, raised slogans against the principal, Y Annapurna. They also pelted the college building with stones, prompting a lathi-charge by the police.

[By contrast the old Ulema supporters of Congress, Jamiat Ulemae Hind, have been condemning Muslim fighters as "terrorists" and seeking Hindu love. These old men have taken the same line as ISNA in America. The bodies of Mumbai attackers who revenged Kashmir are still not accepted by these old men -Editor]

Pakistan: War News
Brutal Fighting During Ramadan

August 28: In Mohmand Agency's sub-section Safi, a local Taliban commander nicknamed Chakri who had surrendered to the Pak army was kidnaped by the Taliban and executed for treachery. The army had put him in charge of pacifying the local people. A local Taliban spokesman called media to confirm Chakri's death.

Pak army is reporting exchange of heavy fire with a Taliban group in Malakand Agency's Palni Charat road. The fighting continued for several hours. The army says it killed 7 Taliban including some "foreigners" [a term used for Arab mujahideen helping the Taliban] but did not divulge its own losses.

In Khyber Agency the bodies of 5 people have been found. It is feared that they were collaborating with the Pak army.

August 27, 2009: Latest U.S. Drone Attack on Pakistan

South Waziristan: At about 2 in the afternoon, a US drone struck a home in the Ragh area of Kunigram village with missiles. At least 10 "suspected Taliban" were killed and 15 wounded. Pak sources say that the causualties included "foreigners" [a term used for Arab mujahideen helping the Taliban].


August 27, 2009: Pak border post blown up.
Torkhum is a border point in the Khyber agency through which military supplies for NATO's army in Afghanistan move every day to continue the occupation of Afghanistan. Well trained Pak paramilitary forces ensure the safety of the NATO supply route and a military post was built in this area for this purpose. Near sunset when the troops were preparing to break their fast, a youth approached them on foot. He was carrying water bottles. According to the political officer in charge of the area, he shouted out to the troops: "I am bringing mineral water for you." They did not realize that he was a martyrdom operator. He blew himself up with a huge explosion which tore down the military post. By last reports, 22 of the Pak paramilitaries were killed and 21 wounded. The Taliban have taken credit for the attack.
[New Trend Pak observer notes: Pakistani troops are usually mercenaries and seem to be under the impression that they can support an aggressive kafir occupation army and still pray and fast as Muslims.]

Taliban still Fighting in Buner:
Also on August 27: A heavily armed Pak police caravan came under Pak Taliban attack in Buner. After extensive exchanges of fire, the Paks called in heavy artillery fire and the Pak Taliban retreated. [Readers may remember that Pak declared that it had taken Buner about 4 months back. The fighting started when America raised the alarm about the presence of armed Taliban in Buner which is only 60 milies from Islamabad.]

Top Islamic leader Calls for end to atrocities
Pak Military's Five Days of Random Shelling in Swat's Malam Jubba area:
Entire Population forced to Leave

August 24, 2009: Qazi Hussain Ahmad, outgoing ameer of Jamaate Islami, said that he has received reliable reports of Pak army's NON STOP shelling of the Malam Jubba area of Swat [including its 3 sub sectors]. As a result, he said, the displaced population has left these mountain areas and arrived in Mangalore which itself lacks food supplies and services and is now inundated with refugees.

Qazi sahib said that this continuous shelling is cruel in the extreme as it is hurting the entire population in the holy month of Ramadan. He also noted that the army is now starting an operation in Mangalore itself where the newly displaced people had taken refuge.

Pak Taliban insist Baitullah died August 23: Sounds like Disinformation

On August 25 and 26, Wali-ur-Rahman and Hakimullah Mehsud, close associates of Baitullah Mehsud, called various media. They insisted that Baitullah, the leader of the Pak Taliban, died on August 23. They said that he had been very unwell and was then injured in the US drone attack which killed his wife on August 5.

They announced that Hakimullah is now leader of the entire Pak Taliban while Wali ur Rahman was the leader of Pak Taliban in the strategic South Waziristan area. [Following the announcement, a US drone tried to target Wali ur Rahman and killed 10 people.]

New Trend's analysts of Pakistan say that insistence on Baitulah's death sounds like disinformation. The Pak Taliban seem to be very confident, united and organized. There is no sign of a leadership problem, no evidence of burial prayers or place of burial.

The Pak Taliban became the target of America in a way no one other than Shaykh Usama has been. Here is what Holbrooke, , America's Jewish roving rep in Pakistan said on July 24, 2009:
'ISLAMABAD: US special envoy Richard Holbrooke on Thursday branded Baitullah Mehsud one of the most "odious and dangerous people" in the region, and said although the US had been slow in recognising his importance, the TTP chief's elimination was "without a doubt" of strategic importance to Washington. '

[Earlier on August 19, Maulvi Umar, former Taliban spokesman in Bajaur area, was captured by a tribal militia organized by the Pak army. He was beaten up and handed over to Pak military. It was an ineffective capture because Umar had been relieved of his duties as spokesman several months earlier. He was apparently travelling to South Waziristan to check on the news about Baitullah's death when he was captured.]

Iraq: War News

Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Dies of Lung Cancer: Major Vacuum in Shi'ite Leadership

August 26, 2009: An architect of the US invasion of Iraq, top Shi'ite leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim died of lung cancer while under treatment in Iran. His death is creating a serious problem for the Shi'ites of Iraq. He was important as the key link between Iran and America. He wanted his son to succeed him but other Shi'ites consider the 30 year iold "inexperienced." With Hakim's death, both America and Iran face a problem of factionalism in Shi'ite areas of Iraq.

Iraq's al Qaeda claims Baghdad bombings: Serious Setback for US Installed Regime
Eleven Storey "Government" Ministry Demolished

The Post Monitoring [From Pakistan]
CAIRO: Al Qaeda's umbrella group in Iraq on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the bombings of government ministries in Baghdad last week that killed more than 100 people and left hundreds wounded.

The group, known as the Islamic State of Iraq, said in a statement posted on the Internet that "with God's grace," their "sons launched a new blessed attack at the heart of wounded Baghdad."

The attack, it said, meant to "wreck the bastions of infidelity" of what it describes as the pro-Iranian government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The statement listed targets al Qaeda claimed to have hit, including the finance, foreign and defense ministries in central Baghdad. The statement, posted on a Web site commonly used by terror groups, could not be independently verified.

The wave of explosions that ripped through Baghdad last Wednesday - with nearly simultaneous truck bombs hitting Iraq's Foreign and Finance ministries - killed at least 101 people and left more than 400 wounded. The US military said the attacks bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda, which is known for its high-profile vehicle bombs and simultaneous suicide attacks. The al Qaeda front's statement said it sought to kill Iraqi government officials.

It said the explosions "shook the earth under their feet and tore apart their hearts of fear and horror proving to everyone the weakness of their government."

But it also expressed regret "for those innocent people who were killed" because they were accidentally at the targeted sites and wished the wounded speedy recovery. It warned of more attacks, and urged people to "keep away from these places" of the "heretic" Iraqi establishment

2009-08-31 Mon 19:36:53 cdt