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GOVERNMENT shows ITS UGLY FACE: Denial of Visit by Prominent Imam
Devious Attempt to Create Divisions Among Muslim
International Rally Will Show Muslim Response to Injustice

Pharoah ..."he was arrogant even among inordinate transgressors." (44:31)

(Dear readers, asa, oppression of Imam Jamil al-Amin is increasing. The gag order on him was not removed inspite of earlier positive indications. He has also been stopped from leading Juma' prayers or participation in such prayers. Now we have the following report which indicates the arrogance and misbehavior of the prison authorities towards an Imam who wanted to make a scheduled visit to Imam Jamil strictly according to the rules.)
(Readers might remember that on his second visit to Imam Jamil, Br. Kaukab was similarly mistreated, denied the visit, and when he questioned the denial, the prison boss, then a male, came near to hitting him. At that time people thought the jailors were so aggressive owing to Br. Kaukab's writings, but now it appears that this is their policy of injustice and mistreatment of Muslim visitors)
(Imam Warithuddin Umar, from Albany, New York, is a learned brother and leader in the Muslim community and well-known for his positive contributions to the inmates in the prison system. For more about him, see New Trend magazine, Vol. 20, Number 12.)

{Text of Imam Umar's letter}
Dear brother Kaukab: As Salaamu alaikum
On August 15, 2001 I returned from touring the state of South Carolina's repressive Prison Industrial Complex where many captive believers reside. We visited nine prisons in five days. The Imams/Chaplains invited me there to assess the system and make a determination as to whether or not the prisons meet the minimum standards for services for Muslim inmates and prisoners. The South Carolina system is grossly inadequate and poorly run and fails to meet our standards. After a week in South Carolina, we drove to Atlanta on a prepared schedule to visit the Fulton County Jail and meet with Imam Jamil Al Amin. There were 3 of us. Myself, Imam Muttahhir Sabree, South Carolina Chaplain and Imam Muhammad S. Adly.
We arrived at the jail as agreed at 10 am and were told the elevators were not working. I respectfully asked for professional courtesy to be extended to us since we had traveled such distance to have this visit. Curtly and nastily the woman Jail Chief, Shirley Greene responded, "we don't give professional courtesy to Clergy, and we've done enough for Al Amin." We respectfully waited in the lobby hoping for an answer as to when the elevators would be repaired. We stayed until the afternoon and decided to see if we could speak to someone with more discretion to allow us to use the stairway or freight elevators. I assured the Chief that I was fully aware of protocol and security measures as a present Chaplain with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and former Ministerial Program Coordinator for the New York State Department of Corrections.

We continued to be denied. When we asked to speak with her superior, Sheriff Jacqueline Barrett (another woman in charge), we were referred to Imam William Abdur Rahim. I spoke to him on the Chief's office phone. He introduced himself as the Convener of the Atlanta majlis shuurah and the liaison between the Atlanta's Muslim community and the jail-city administration. He advised us to leave and go back to my hotel room at Atlanta Airport and he would take me in the next day. The two Imams with me had to leave and go back to S.C.

I extended my flight arrangements and stayed waiting for Imam Abdur Rahim. I called his number at 9:30 am, again at 2:30pm and again at 5:30pm each time leaving a message on his answering machine thanking him for his efforts and asking him to please call me at the hotel to let me know what was happening. He never called. The Imam from the Atlanta Federal Prison came to the hotel and sympathized with me. I did get a call from the jail Chaplain, Imam Muhammad Furqan who had been away doing dawah at another prison. He called near midnight and said he thought we had been allowed into the jail as he had made the arrangements. He stated he had not been told about "downed elevators".
I left Atlanta the next morning (8/15) disappointed in my Muslim brothers and suspicious of the tactics of the jail system. The day after I arrived back in Albany, New York. I received a call from a fellow Imam/Chaplain in North Carolina (brother Khalil Abdur Rahman). It turns out brother Khalil set up the original arrangement for our visit. He informed us that Imam Jamil was being denied all visits even from his lawyer wife! The Sheriff was given a report that the 3 of us had created an incident and went outside the prison and protested our treatment. This of course was a CREATED LIE.

It is now obvious that our visit was used as a pretext to deny Imam Jamil and further the damage to his case and his life. The Imam suggested that as a method of tactic we might want to consider to apologize to the city jailers. We did nothing. We showed no arrogance or disrespect. We were indeed professional and I fully understood the sensitive nature of the circumstances. I would never jeopardize our brother. I think an apology would justify their mistreatemt. I was informed that the jailers told Imam Jamil that we destroyed his visiting privileges or something to that effect. I asked the brothers who had contact to let Imam Jamil know of the deviousness of these devils who try to turn the Muslim against one another. May Allah bless us in our struggle.
www.NewTrendMag.org (Click on java scripts, click on NEWS and go to Imam Jamil.)
The best site for issues related to Imam Jamil.

Dear Muslims: You must come in your thousands to the International rally in downtown Atlanta (Woodruff Park, Peachtree street) on September 14 for united Juma' and on September 15 for all day rally. All independent Muslim organizations and other faith groups are expected to send representatives. The oppressors are now holding our beloved Imam and want nothing less than death for him.

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