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Producer MSNBC

REF: "Imus in the Morning"

Dear producer

On May 28, Imus had Tom Rose of the Jerusalem Post on the phone and inflicted the Israeli view of the world on his audience for a full segment. Imus must be one of those few people who do not know that Jerusalem is an occupied city brutally held down by the Israeli military and secret intelligence forces. Neither Rose nor Imus recognized this reality during the lengthy gossip session they had.
During its decades of occupation of Jerusalem, Israel has repeatedly violated the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site for Islam. Israel has resorted to the deportation of Palestinians from Jerusalem along with the demolition of homes and the takeover of Palestinian properties. All these are violations of international law and mark Israel as a pariah state isolated from the norms of civilization.
In that context, Imus' friendship with Rose is comparable to accepting a phone call from Hitler's propaganda minister Goebbels while Warsaw was under Nazi occupation. Rose is a frequent visitor at Imus' program.
Imus could have made an effort to balance Rose's call by inviting an Islamic scholar to respond. Imus did not do so. Is it possible that Imus does not know journalism 101, that those criticized have the right of reply?
Imus is a RADIO talk show host but unlike other hosts does not (by and large) permit the public to call him. Why is this inane radio program repeated on TV? Is support for Israel all one needs to be on TV? MSNBC should maintain some standards otherwise the only people watching it will be 10% of the American people who are neo-conservative or neo-colonialists (Neo-Cons).


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
For overseas readers, MSNBC is one of America's three main cable channels, the other two being CNN and FOX.
Heavy Fighting in Occupied Kashmir: 20,000 Indian Troops Swing into Action
Vajpayee Got Nod from Musharraf and Bush to Crush Kashmiri Resistance
Mujahideen Evade Military Thrust: India Claims Heavy Losses Inflicted

"Go forth, lightly armed or heavy, and fight with your goods and your persons in Allah's way. That is best for you, if ye but knew." [The Qur'an 9:41]
[This verse is the call to battle of the poorly armed but fearless freedom fighters in Kashmir.]

On May 28, 2003 the Indian military offensive in Kashmir reached its peak. Heavy fighting is taking place in the Pir Panjal Mountain range as the mujahideen take evasive action to escape Indian air and ground assaults. The Indian offensive is the biggest since the fighting in Kargil. The spearhead of the Indian attack, bigger than in Kargil, consists of 20,000 of India's most heavily armed troops led by helicopter gun ships.

The attack follows Bush's placement of major Kashmiri resistance groups on the list of "terrorists," a clear signal to Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee to crush the Kashmiris. Following the signal from Bush, Pakistani coup leader Musharraf gave the "go ahead" to India by offering restoration of normal relations while Vajpayee prepared the attack. Musharraf has sealed off the Kashmir "line of control" to prevent Lashkare Taiba volunteers going in from Pakistan to help the Kashmiris.

Just before the offensive, Musharraf banned the entry of Pakistan jihad leaders, both of Jaish Muhammad and Lashkare Taiba, from entering Azad (free) Kashmir in case they tried to mobilize support for Indian occupied Kashmir.

India is claiming to have killed more than 100 mujahideen in the ongoing offensive, which if true, would be the heaviest loss suffered by the resistance in any one action. On the other hand, there are indications that the mujahideen are fighting very well and are withdrawing in good order.

Indian reinforcements are pouring into the Kashmir from India. One report says 13 new battalions have arrived.
[Ed. Comment: While India kills Kashmiris, Pakistan's fat army, living off the blood and sweat of the Pakistani people, is patrolling the Afghan frontier to make sure Islamic refugees do not escape the wrath of America's gun ships.

India has bought the latest radar system from ISRAEL for $1.2 billion.
[Source: Fox News, May 28, 2003.]

Comment: India has been dealing under the table with Israel for 11 years but this is the biggest and most open arms deal between the two.

Owing to the control of Pakistan's foreign ministry by secularized, pro-western elements, Pakistan has done nothing to stop the flow of Indians by the thousands who live in Muslim countries and control important sections of Middle Eastern economies in Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan's foreign office totally failed to let the middle eastern people know that India has recognized Israel and has been doing business with it for more than a decade.

2003-05-30 Fri 23:03ct