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Royer and Masud Khan get 300 months: Hammad gets 97 months: Orgy of Government Hate Against Islam: Support for Kashmir pre-dated U.S.-India deal

New Trend Special

June 15, 2004 was a sad day in the history of American justice. A Judge in Alexandria, Virginia accepted accusations made by the U.S. government which are ridiculous, to say the least. Two innocent Muslims have been labelled as "terrorists" and one has been sentenced for "conspiracy" with the others.
Royer and Khan were sentenced to MORE THAN 300 months in prison, which amounts to LIFE IN PRISON. In the case of Masud Khan [of Pakistani origin], there will be NO PAROLE!
The prosecution has dubbed these young men as part of a "Virginia Jihad Network." A close study of the case shows that the government's claims are absurd and ridiculous.
Hammad Abdur-Raheem was given 97 months [8 years 1 month] on the basis of a conspiracy theory because he was in the army before embracibg Islam. The judge claimed to be very lenient to Hammad, otherwise he could have received 50 years!
Readers should note these salient features to understand the injustice which has been done: New Trend's sources say that Attorney General Ashcroft is trying to show Americans that he is ruthless with "terrorists." He can't find any real terrorists, so he get totally innocent people punished to prove that the WAR AGAINST TERRORISM IS BEING WON!
Is it a coincidence that ON THE DAY OF SENTENCING IN VIRGINIA, Ashcroft claimed that a SOMALI MUSLIM Nuraldin Abedi, in an immigration prison for six months, had been planning to BLOW UP A MALL in Columbus, Ohio!

WHICH MALL? How could one person do such a thing? Did he have any material he could use for this person? There is no such evidence. Even the Mayor of Columbus [on CNN] doesn't know what this is all about. But Ashcroft claims it is true and released the information ON THE eve OF THE VIRGINIA SENTENCING.
[The good news is that the MUSLIM COMMUNITY PACKED THE COURT and an overflow room was opened up for visitors.]
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BOYCOTT NEWS: [BOYCOTT BUSINESSES WHICH SUPPORT ISRAEL.] Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn, New York, gave the boycott brochure at Muhsin Khalifa masjid to 50 people but mosque security stopped further distribution.
Another 25 brochures were given at a book store run by a supporter of the Nation of Islam (NOI) in Brooklyn.

Muslim protesters say feds defiled mosque during raid in Philadelphia
Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA - Federal agents desecrated a mosque when they detained an imam during a raid two weeks ago, leaders of local mosques said Friday.

The 150 federal agents defiled the Ansaar Allah Islamic Society when they entered the mosque with weapons drawn and dogs, said Isa Abdulmateen of the Majlis Ash-Shura of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, an umbrella group of local mosques.

"They defiled our house of worship on this bogus pretense of terrorism," Abdulmateen said.

About 100 people protested the raid outside the Philadelphia federal building, many shouting "Allahu Akbar!" meaning "God is great" in Arabic. Protesters waved signs reading "Stop state terrorism of Muslims" and "Mosques are the house of Allah, not dogs."

Federal offices were closed Friday in observance of President Reagan's funeral service.

Local imams said the raid was meant to intimidate and antagonize Muslims, and federal officials should have handled the situation more sensitively.

"It is a disrespect to Muslims all over America that you (federal agents) would bring your dogs into our house of worship - and without taking your shoes off," Imam Shahdeed Baiian said.

Internal Revenue Service agents searched the mosque and an adjacent home in the city's Bridesburg section, plus a third home in Northeast Philadelphia on May 27. No one was arrested on criminal charges, but immigration authorities detained Egyptian cleric Mohamed Ghorab, the imam of the small mosque.
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Br. Solano Speaks in Greenboro to Support Mosque: Islam is his Choice & he teaches Unity : Comments on glory of Muslim Spain

This past friday the Khutba at the Greensboro, NC mosque was delivered by Brother

Roberto Solano of Brownsville, Texas. He gave an Islamic message directly related to the need to construct a new building in Greensboro in lieu of renting a space.
The Muslim community is in dire need of such facilities and they have acquired a large lot of land with a warehouse type of building that can with some effort be made into the type of mosque that is needed by the over 100 Muslim families in Greensboro, NC.
A fund raising effort was made after the delivery of the Jummah Service sermon.
Robert Solano gave examples of hadiths and Qu'ranic ayats that show that the building of a mosque is a event in Paradise.
Many made pledges that will help pay for the initial $70,000 that are needed to finish paying off the land/building and remodeling same into a mosque.
In the Friday afternoon sermon a short history of Islam in Muslim Spain was given and a much needed comparison with current events was made.
The last muslim kingdom in the Iberian Penninsula (Spain) was destroyed by the invasions of northern Christians and the Inquisitions in 1492.
This was caused in great part by the failures of Muslims to be united.
The task in Greensboro is just beginning and much more material assistance is needed.
Financial contributions from all Muslims in general are welcomed.

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