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It was not a surrender: Taliban withdrew in good order with Weapons
Osama and Mullah Omar Failed to bring down USA right away!: Analysis
American Taliban was Led to Islam by Malcolm X's Autobiography: Ban it!

Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker) has maintained right from the beginning that the Taliban are a small but significant guerrilla force. It would be totally self-destructive of them to fight a conventional war. They showed the quality of their faith and ability to take appropriate evasive action by withstanding 60 days of bombing by the most powerful air force in the world.
The U.S. bombing made Taliban government of a united, Islamic Afghanistan impossible. It created a humanitarian catastrophe and liquidated the sources of civilization in that tormented land.
THE TALIBAN WITHDRAWAL FROM KANDAHAR WAS NOT A SURRENDER. They withdrew in good order WITH THEIR WEAPONS, leaving the city to a reliable Islamic commander Mullah Naqibullah. The media's drumbeat of "surrender" is brazen propaganda meant to create an atmosphere of victory.The Taliban have carried out a classic guerrilla maneuver: withdrawal from direct conflict with a force which has overwhelming firepower.
Mullah Omar has "disappeared". If the U.S. fails to capture him, the jihad will continue. If the U.S. captures him, the jihad will still continue. The U.S., owing to the zionist media blitz, still does not realize that the Jihad has just begun. Islamic Observers note that the idea of jihad against America has now spread around the world. No amount of bombing can change the new mental construct of the oppressed masses of Islam who always used to be foolish enough to consider America a friend.
THREE POCKETS OF TALIBAN have re-appeared in the Mazare Sharif area in the north. The United Nations has decided that the Mazar area is too dangerous for a UN rep to go in.
According to a U.S. reporter, the road from Ghazni to Kandahar is still in the hands of the Taliban.
OUR ANALYSIS OF OSAMA BIN LADEN's JIHAD: It appears that Osama wanted to bring down America, right now before the year 2001 ended! The video tapes which were put on Al-Jazeerah urged the masses around the world to rise up and overthrow American power. The Muslim world responded with impressive but peaceful demonstrations in 20 countries. The people were behaving as if their governments are representative governments and will respond to Muslim public opinion.
In Pakistan, at the peak of the movement, 80% of public opinion supported the Taliban but the coup leader in charge did not budge. The Pakistani government's sell-out also figured in Taliban's decision not to defend the cities: The Americans had successfully cut off the Islamic lifeline coming through the fraternal nation of Pakistan. The $1 billion U.S. bribe to the Pakistani coup leader worked.
The composition of the puppet government set up in Bonn to govern Afghanistan indicates a well-thought-out plan to solidify the country's fault lines. The only concept left out of the new set-up is that of ISLAM: All others are reflected in the set up: TRIBAL, ETHNIC and SECTARIAN. The Zionists are making sure that Afghanistan will not re-emerge as a united, Islamic power house.
{In the U.S., the Bush-Ashcroft power grab is being challenged by liberal and left groups. ACLU has filed a suit against the sweeping new powers assumed by the Bush team.}
THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X might have to be banned by the Bush-Ashcroft mafia! It turns out that this book was responsible for bringing to Islam, Br. Abdul Hamid (Walker), the "American Taliban" who was captured in Konduz after the slaughter of prisoners by the U.S. air force. Malcolm X said: "I do not see the 'American dream'. I see the American nightmare." (Info sent by Imam Nadim Ali.)
There is a largely unpublicized anti-war movement going on in America. The following news item sent in by one of our non-Muslim readers shows both the conscience and the curse of America.
Shot Just Misses Antiwar Demonstrator

By Maureen O'Hagan
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, December 4, 2001; Page B03

A group holding a weekly peace vigil in Howard County has endured curses, yelling and threats of violence. But on Saturday, police said, someone in a car fired a shot at the group that came within inches of one of the protesters.

Samuel E. Stayton, 66, of Columbia, said he was carrying a sign made of particle board and had it propped up on his belt buckle about 4:30 p.m. Saturday, about halfway through the vigil. "I heard this noise and felt a vibration in my sign," he said. "I looked at the sign and saw a little hole in the lower left corner."

Stayton said the hole went through the sign and missed his midsection by about four inches.

The sign read, "Peace on Earth."

"We believe it was a BB or a pellet of some kind fired by a moving vehicle," said Howard County police spokeswoman Sherry Llewellyn. An officer went to the scene and took a report, but Stayton said he had not seen who fired the shot.

The vigil, which has attracted about 10 to 15 people each week since it began about two months ago, was organized by a local Quaker group in response to U.S. military action in Afghanistan, although not everyone involved is affiliated with the Quakers. The gathering is held Saturdays at Broken Land Parkway and Little Patuxent Parkway, a busy intersection near The Mall in Columbia.

Participants stand silently on the sidewalk carrying signs with slogans such as "Justice, yes. Violence, no" and "War is not the answer."

Saturday's shooting was the first violent incident the group has encountered. The demonstrators have been heckled before, and occasionally someone has flashed an obscene gesture. "Last week, I heard, 'War is good,' " Stayton recalled. "Another one said, 'War is the answer

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