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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 23,1430/ April 19, 2009, # 19

Husayn al-Kurdi writes perceptively about the Darfur campaign. Scroll down please.

Who is Demjanjuk? Why should Muslims be interested in the persecution of this 89 years old Ukrainian in Ohio? Please scroll way down.

Br. Yusuf asks a key and central question about Islam. For Dr. Kaukab Siddique's answer, please scroll all the way down.

For scary news from Pakistan, please scroll down. Photo of Pak Generals. Also photo of Red Mosque leader Maulana Abdul Aziz.

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Congratulations to Somalia

April 17, 2009: The 340-member Somali Parliament unanimously decided to accept Islamic Law [Shar'ia] as the law of the land. [This is a good example for Pakistan and other Muslim countries to follow.]

Outreach: Bridges TV Murder & Christian Scholar's Report on Israeli bombing of Gaza Tunnels

Silver Spring, Maryland: April 17, 2009: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's literature was given to 113 Muslims after Juma' salat at the Muslim Community Center. This is an upscale community quite out of touch with the Islamic viewpoint on current events.

The literature included a report on the Bridges TV murder. The alleged murderer who brutally beheaded his wife was imposed on the Muslim community and honored by CAIR.

The literature also included news about Taliban victories as well as a reminder of the terrible crime committed years back by Dr. Baruch Goldstein who opened fire during Ramadan in one of the holiest mosques in Palestine. Israel has not been punished for this horrific crime.

The main article distributed is a superb article by a venerable Christian leader, Charles Carlson, about Hamas. He discusses Hamas and why Israel was attacking the tunnels into Gaza during the Gaza genocide. He also takes on the racist American Jew Alan Dershowitz.

Juma' khutba
Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Gave positive Message, says Baltimore Imam

April 17, 2009: Br. Abdul Qadir gave the Juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen. He called for the spiritual development and unity of the Muslims. He gave the juma' gathering glimpses into the meeting of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora which met in Greensboro, North Carolina on April 11.

Br. Abdul Qadir reflected on the Shoora's emphasis on understanding Zionism and the damage Zionism is doing to America. He spoke on the need for the Boycott movement launched by the Shoora against businesses which support Israel.

Referring to Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz' presentation at the Shoora meeting about the importance of education, Br. Abdul Qadir spoke about the harm materialistic and profit oriented education can do and is doing. Dr. Shabazz has analyzed the way negative racial and hegemonistic biases persist as an undercurrent in American education even at the most prestigious universities.

Non-Violent Resistance
Update on Boycott of Businesses which Support Israel by Jamaat al-Muslimeen Leader

Sis. Karen English, Director of the Boycott Movement, has updated the Jamaat's boycott information. The boycott movement which Jamaat al-Muslimeen started many years back is now worldwide. Mosques which still offer Coca Cola and don't speak against Starbucks and other products will receive motivational literature from Sis. Karen, inshallah.

Special mention should made of Nestle' which Sis. Karen spoke about at length during the Jamaat Shoora meeting. Here are 24 of Nestle's products:
Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Bit O Honey, Britoni, Coffeemate, Dreyers, Hot Pockets, Lean Cuisine, Lean Pockets,Libby's Pumpkin, Nescafe, Nestea, Nestle Hot Cocoa, Nestle Toll House, Nestle Juicy Juice, Nestle Carnation, Nesquik, Oh Henry, Pixy Stix, Raisinet, Stouffers, Sweetarts, Sno-Caps, Tasters' Choice.

Through its JOINT VENTURES with companies in Israel, such as Osem and Materna, Nestle' is helping to perpetuate Israel's apartheid policies and human rights abuses of the Palestinian people.

Christiane Amanpour Insults Shi'a Muslim Women: CNN is indulging in Blatant anti-Islam Propaganda

April 16, 2009: CNN brought Christiane Amanpour to broadcast a bizarre story about Shi'a women in Kabul. Ms. Amanpour claimed that Karzai is enacting a law to please Shi'as which will permit men to "rape" their wives. [She repeated the word "rape" and called it a "rape law."] She claimed that "Afghan women" came out on April 15 to demonstrate against the "rape law" and rowdy men threw stones at them.
[This was a repeat performance by Amanpour. On April 7 too she had mourned the suffering of Afghan women and attacked the "rape" law.
These Zionists have so much control of the media, they think they can spread the biggest lies against Islam and no one will challenge them.]

For what really happened in Kabul on April 15 and what Shi'a Muslims say about the law in question, plus a photo of our Shi'a sisters, please scroll all the way down. Our report is from AFP so that Amanpour should not have the opportunity to complain that this is "merely" the Muslim viewpoint.

Obama Day 86
Crimes Against Humanity protected.
President Obama Bows to War Party: He will Protect Bush Torturers' Crimes Against Humanity

April 16 [Excerpted from the Independent of UK]

"Barack Obama yesterday confirmed he will shield from prosecution CIA operatives who inflicted waterboarding and other extreme interrogation techniques against terror suspects during the Bush years, even as the White House released memos containing shocking new details of what was permitted in their secret prisons.

Four of the memos that were written by the Justice Department officials in the wake of the 11 September attacks offering legal justification for the use of special techniques on prisoners were made public in their entirety without any passages blacked out, as some observers had expected.
The now-discredited practices detailed in the documents ranged from waterboarding to collaring prisoners before slamming them naked against a wall. Suspects were forced to stand naked for prolonged periods and were slapped and deprived of sleep. One passage refers to the placement of insects into a suspect's "confinement box".
In a statement issued after his arrival in Mexico yesterday on a 24-hour visit, Mr Obama acknowledged what he called "a dark and painful chapter in our history". He then went on: "But at a time of great challenges and disturbing disunity, nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past."
Human rights groups and Democratic activists will be disappointed, though not surprised, by Mr Obama's continuing unwillingness to pursue those who carried out what they consider to have been war crimes. The memos were only released because of a lawsuit against the administration by the American Civil Liberties Union."

Obama: Day 79
America's First Jewish President?: This was not an Interfaith activity. It was personal-private celebration.
Obama's Passover seder: First in the History of the White House

[Michelle Obama and the two children are there in the photo. It's obviously a family affair.]
Thu Apr 9, 7:19 pm ET [Associated Press report.]
"WASHINGTON President Barack Obama hosted close friends and staff at a private White House meal Thursday evening to mark Passover.
The White House said the Seder meal was traditional, including matzo, bitter herbs, a roasted egg and greens in the family dining room in the executive mansion. The evening also featured the reading of the Haggadah, the religious text of the holiday.
Among those invited was Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama's closest advisers, and family friend Eric Whitaker, who was visiting from Chicago and attended a Seder last year with the campaign. First lady Michelle Obama and the family's two daughters also attended.
The staff guest list included aides from the campaign trail who marked last year's Passover at the Sheraton hotel in Harrisburg, Pa. Obama's personal aide, Reggie Love; Michelle Obama's deputy chief of staff, Melissa Winter; personal aide Dana Lewis and associate social secretary Samantha Tubman all received invitations.
Also on the guest list were Eric Lesser, a personal aide to senior adviser David Axelrod, and his family. Lesser worked during the New Hampshire primary and later handled baggage for traveling reporters. White House videographer Arun Chaudhary - a constant presence on the trail - landed invitations for his family.
Others in the exclusive group included Michelle Obama's counsel and friend Susan Sher; Herbie Ziskend, a staff assistant to Vice President Joe Biden's policy and economic advisers; and White House deputy director of advance and special events Lisa Kohnke.
White House aides said they believe it was the first president-hosted Seder at the White House."

[New Trend adds: The Seder ends with the slogan: "Next year in Jerusalem!" It refers to an Islamic city which the Zionist-Jewish terror group known as Israel occupied by force of arms.]

The Sell-out of America's Muslims

CAIR-ISNA-MPAC-ICNA: A closer look at their FBI relationship: CAIR brought FBI into Muslim Communities. MPAC wants to be FBI's lapdog. ISNA does not Condone criticism of FBI.

by Malangbaba [Part 2 of a series] The writer, a well known human rights activist, lives in New Orleans, Louisiana

The fallout from the potential breakup of this abusive and dysfunctional relationship between Muslim leadership and the FBI (and other law enforcement agencies) continues...

In response to the serious criticism by the Muslim organizations (of lack of honesty and integrity by the FBI, the use of informants and agent-provocateurs, the FBI cutting of relations and accusing CAIR of being unindicted co-conspirators, and use of "McCarthy-era tactics"), a spokesperson from the FBI responded to none of the allegations and made this statement:

"Limiting honest dialogue, especially when complex issues are on the table, is generally not an effective advocacy strategy," spokesman John Miller said in a statement. "The FBI has continued our outreach efforts, across the board, with a number of concerned groups and where we agree -- or disagree -- most have concluded the best results are achieved through continued conversation. We believe that, too."

This should clearly be a sign to the Muslim organizations that the FBI and the government are not at all sincere in their intentions and efforts, and absolutely refuse to acknowledge ANY of their actions.

In today's article, "Muslim Americans at Odds Over FBI Contact," on the same issue in the Washington Post, the fault lines among the different Muslim organizations are starting to become more apparent. Some selections from the article:

"Disengagement does not enable mutual understanding. It does the exact opposite," said Aakif Ahmad, who is on the board of advisers for two Muslim American organizations. "Emotive terms like 'McCarthy-era tactics' undermine the hard work on the part of many people seeking to find common ground."

First, who is Aakif Ahmad, and what organizations he represents is not identified in the article. It appears that he is involved with Muslim Advocates, Search for Common Ground, Corporate Executive Board Company, U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project, and a contributor to the Democratic Party. Foremost, he represents no Muslim organizations that represent (or even claim to represent) US Muslims. Secondly, a quick glance at the disturbing personalities involved at the US-Muslim Engagement Project yields current and former State Department officials (Madeleine Albright), neo-cons and key figures in Bush administration (Richard Armitage), AIPAC officials (Thomas Dine), Arab and Muslim sellouts (Ziad Asali, Vali Nasr), Oil Industry (Red Cavaney), military officials (Daniel Christman), and an assortment of industrialists and capitalists with relationships to the Rockefeller Foundation, World Economic Forum, East West Institute, Council on Foreign Relations, among others. A quick glance at the personalities on the various boards and funders of Search for Common Ground shows a lot of the very same, if not similar types of figures.

Secondly, two questions to be posed to Mr. Ahmad are:
  1. What have been the concrete results and benefits of "engagement" over the past 8 years, asides from community fragmentation, trumped up cases, racial and religious profiling, informants, agent provocateurs, and creation of fear within the Muslim community?
  2. By what standard is the use of "McCarthy-era tactics" an emotive, rather than very real and descriptive, term? (See above list and previous posts)
Carrying on...

But now, the coalition says it may halt that. It is aiming its ire at the FBI over two issues: the decision last fall by the FBI to cut off contact with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, one of the nation's largest Muslim American advocacy organizations; and allegations that the FBI is sending informants into mosques to entrap members into making violent statements against the United States.

CAIR Director Ibrahim Hooper said the group used to organize town hall meetings between the FBI and Muslims and offer diversity training workshops for agents.

It was through these very same town hall meetings that the law enforcement agencies established most of the contacts and relationships which later blossomed into becoming informants. All of this resulted as the legitimacy provided to them by groups like CAIR within the community, and thus they should also hold themselves accountable for the havoc wrecked upon and within our communities.

FBI spokesman John Miller said that the FBI operates within appropriate guidelines. "The FBI does not investigate mosques, we investigate people, and we do that based on predicates that are defined by law and FBI guidelines," he said.

Again, if the Muslim organizations have any doubts remaining about the bold-faced lies of the FBI, then the statements by their spokespersons should clear them up.

But whether to stop cooperating with the FBI has been the subject of hot dispute among Muslim leaders. Some are critical of the agency's treatment of CAIR and use of informants but say they don't agree with the threat to cut off contact with it.

The Islamic Society of North America, a large umbrella group of American mosques, said in a statement that it has met with the FBI and urged it to open an investigation into the infiltration of the mosques. However, it said, it does not condone ending contact with the FBI.

Ah, ISNA seems to enjoy the abusive relationship. What will an "investigation" accomplish, when it is clearly apparent from the FBI's tactics, and their subsequent statements, which clearly indicate that these tactics were intentional and deliberate?

And Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, said his organization would not suspend talks with the FBI.

"We think we need to intensify our dialogue on these very important issues that would advocate for the community's interests and, we believe, would help strengthen America's mechanisms for protecting our country," he said.

MPAC has to be the worst and most two-faced on all the Muslim organizations. It issues strong statements when people in the community are angry, and then is the first to reconcile and reassure the enforcement agencies of cooperation immediately afterwards.

In the past, MPAC accidentally did this reverse and then attempted to make up for it when the plans of the Los Angeles Police Department to do a "mapping" of all the Muslims in LA was exposed, and the complicity of certain Muslim organizations in that plan.

Not all Muslim groups in the area object to Mr. Downing's idea.

"There has been a lot of discussion on the issue of ghettoization and counterghettoization," said Salam al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, which is considering being the Police Department's partner in the project. Mr. Marayati said his group supported anything that would help integration as long as it safeguarded civil liberties.

When people in the community were outraged, MPAC responded with the claim that they were opposed to the mapping project, and that the media mischaracterised their position. However, if the previous statement by Salam Al-Maryati to the NY Times was unclear, other statements by MPAC staff were more straight and to the point:

"While we think mapping is a good idea to understand the demographics of a community, law enforcement should not be looking at the problem of extremism only from an intelligence standpoint," said Safiya Ghori, director of government relations at the Muslim Public Affairs Council.


In addition to mapping, Ghori said, there should be community dialogue because "establishing trust is not just about identifying risks. It's about working to develop more dialogue and understanding between law enforcement and the Muslim-American community."

Ghori said reading Downing's written testimony about the mapping project made her a "little nervous."

"This sort of study should look at characteristics and behaviors rather than ethnic and religious groups as a whole," she said.

So MPAC only differed to how the mapping project was going to be carried out, but otherwise supported it? Right. Gotcha!

MPAC has a pretty thorough history of wanting to be the favored Muslim lapdog of enforcement agencies in this country. There seems to be a repeating pattern which cannot be denied by a statement here or a statement there.

Letter: Re: Br. Shamim Siddiqui's Tafseer of Sura Yusuf

I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary on Soorah Yusuf. It's one of my favorite. It had not really occurred to me to look at it from the context of the Prophet's own life. In recent years, I have come to see it as quite applicable to the struggle [both internal and external] of Muslims in this society, and have actually given lectures to that affect [one such is called 'Joseph and New Egypt" available on CD.]

Any thoughts on Ms. Redding, the Episcopalian minister who embraced Islam, yet stayed in the Church until recently? I recently composed some thoughts on this, for which see I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin [The writer is an imam in Milwaukee.]

War News: Egypt: Mubarak takes steps to quash support for Gaza

April 17: Egyptian forces arrested an Islamic activist who was trying to smuggle $2 million in cash into scarcity ridden Gaza. His driver and 8 year old child were arrested with him. The child was released after 3 days of detention.

Egypt also arrested an activist linked to Hizbullah who was trying to open communication into Gaza to help Hamas fight back against Israel. Egyptian dictator Mubarak's agents then arrested 49 Egyptians and claimed that they were working for Hizbullah to ATTACK Egyptian targets.

Mubarak is trying to stir up Egyptian nationalism against Hizbullah to help Israel. It's not clear if the Egyptian people are being fooled by these moves.

War News: Iraq

April 15, 2009: Kirkuk: Ten Iraqi policemen were killed and 22 others wounded when they were targeted by a martyrdom operator as they headed home from protecting an oil installation. Their bus was burned to a hulk. Only their kalashnikovs survived. [Source; local police commander] The U.S.-backed regime has hired 31,000 police to secure oil supplies providing funds to the regime installed in Baghdad.

ELEVEN U.S. troops have been killed so far in April. Reports of the fighting are being censored.
In Basra, the Maliki group arrested a Saudi man and claimed that he had arrived to help al-Qaida.

War News: Afghanistan

NATO Admits Killing Afghan woman, 3 Children, 2 Civilian men: 14 Wounded

April 17: In a Taliban attacks 5 km from the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif, a Norwegian officer of NATO was killed. [Last week, north of the city, a Swedish officer was killed.] The Norwegian Prime Minister is grief stricken.

In Logar province, south of Kabul, three suspected Taliban were killed in a raid by U.S. forces.

Kabul - April 16, 2009: NATO admitted that its forces killed six civilians in an airstrike in eastern Afghanistan

Six people, including a woman and 3 children, were killed and 14 were wounded in April 13 airstrike in Kunar province. For 3 days NATO insisted the dead were Taliban.

April 14, 2009: Kunar: A U.S. soldier was killed by a roadside bomb planted by the Taliban. Four Karzai poicemen were killed in two machine gun attacks in Kandahar province.
April 13, 2009: Kandahar [northwest]. According to Canadian sources, a surprise Taliban raid on an armored column of Canadian troops killed one Canadian soldier and wounded 4. The dead soldier was a highly trained woman from Quebec and is being mourned. [Till now 117 Canadian troops have been killed in Afghanistan. They have killed more Afghans, including children.]

War News: Pakistan
Latest U.S. Air Raid on Pakistan

April 19, 2009: A U.S. drone aircraft fired two missiles into the home of an Islamic activist in South Waziristan. First reports indicate that three Muslims were killed and 5 wounded in the attack.

Pak troops devastated by Islamic bomber: His car was packed with estimated 100 kg of Dynamite

April 18: According to first reports, a martyrdom bomber drove into a heavily guarded Pak military post in the Doaba area of Hangu. The powerful explosion also destroyed 11 military trucks in a passing Pak army convoy on the Hangu-Parachinar highway. At least 26 Pak troops were killed and 10 wounded. Seven police officers were also wounded. Pak reinforcements were rushed to the area and it has been cordoned off. President Zardari has condemned the outrageous attack.

Islamic Bomber Attacks Pak Police in Charsadda area

April 15, 2009: In tehsil Tangi of Charsadda area, a martyrdom operator broke through a police cordon with a car filled with dynamite and blew up the most important police post in the area. The powerful explosion was heard for miles. Pak news reports say 18 people in the police post, including 12 police officers were killed and a VERY LARGE number were wounded. Hospitals in surrounding towns are filled with wounded policemen and death toll is expected to rise. Among those killed were the three top police officers in the area, a DSP, an SHO and an ASI. The SHO had in a previous attack saved the life of the brother of Peoples Party leader Aftab Sherpao, Interior Minister under General Musharraf who was involved in the attack on the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa.

Maulana Abdul Aziz: "If I had a 100 sons, I would sacrifice them for Islam. Allah's acceptance can be seen in Swat."
Freed Red Mosque leader addresses tens of thousands in re-constituted Red Mosque [Islamabad]

April 16: Maulana Abdul Aziz, the surviving leader of the Red Mosque was freed on bail. He was greeted by youth groups and 50 Islamic women from Jamia Hafsa which was destroyed by General Musharraf. The court found that all but one of the charges brought against him by Musharraf were false. The only charge remaining now is the peaceful takeover of a library by the young women of Jamia Hafsa.

April 17: The news spread that Maulana Abdul Aziz has been released and tens of thousands of people gathered to hear his juma khutba in the reconstituted Red Mosque [Jamia Hafsa has still not been rebuilt]. In his fiery khutba the imam said that the sacrifices of the young men and women had touched Islamic conscience in Pakistan. The youth rose up and today Islamic Law is a reality in the district of Swat. He said that jihad is the soul and heart of Islam. Referring to the martyrdom of his family members who defended the mosque, he said: If I had a 100 sons I would sacrifice them for Islam.

[Photo below shows a section of the audience listening to every word of the Maulana whose photo is in the inset.]

Following General Kayani's Visit to the CIA, the Chief of Pakistani intelligence General Pasha Visited U.S.A

General Shuja Pasha's April 17, 2009 visit to America was preceded by an elaborate disinformation campaign jointly carried out by Pakistan and USA. The story was spread that the U.S. is unhappy with the ISI [Pak. intelligence] because it is not working hard enough against the Taliban and is still focused on Pakistan's traditional foe, India. Pak media spread the rumor that General Pasha had refused to meet Obama's representative Holbrook [a story which was later rejected in the inside pages of Pak media]. Both sides said that America's top general Petraeus is also unhappy with the ISI. The purpose was to indicate that this is a relationship between equals and the generals are not simply taking their orders from Washington.
We publish below a report on where General Pasha actually went when he visited America. The photo too is interesting. It shows that General Pasha visited American military brass previously too. Here he is with General Kayani. This was about the time when the Pak army began its massive assault on Islamic forces in Bajaur [in which it succeeded] and in Swat [in which it failed.]

Our body language expert says that the two Pak generals are standing and smiling like boy scouts listening to a pep talk from the American Admiral Mullen.

Pak and US media do not tell their audiences that the ISI helped the mujahideen only during the time of General Zia and the anti-Soviet operations in Afghanistan. General Musharraf removed all Islam-leaning elements from the ISI. General Pasha was brought in to ensure that Islamic elements from the lower ranks do not make a comeback.

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen and Navy Rear Adm. Scott van Buskirk talk with Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Ashfaq Kayani and Director General ISI Major Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha. - AP

WASHINGTON: Director General Inter-Services Intelligence Lt Gen. Shuja Pasha arrived in the U.S.
Official sources in Washington said that Gen. Pasha is expected to meet the CIA chief and other US intelligence and security officials. His talks, are expected to focus on enhancing intelligence cooperation between the two countries in the fight against Taliban and al Qaeda militants.
Admiral Mullen also said that the US 'must do everything we can to assist' the Pakistanis but this 'has to be done very carefully.'

Admiral Mullen said the Pakistani Army chief had appointed in Lt Gen. Pasha, 'one of his best guys', as the new director of ISI. 'I'm encouraged with his (Gen. Kayani's) views and I'm encouraged with how he sees the problem.' But 'it's going to take some time to get at it inside ISI'.

CIA, ISI agree to develop working ties

Published: April 17, 2009
New York (Online) - ISI Chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha left Washington for Islamabad after a hectic 24 hours of meetings in the US while CIA and ISI have agreed to develop working relations for combating terrorism.
Gen Pasha during his brief stay in the US met with various leaders of the intelligence community, according to sources who were aware of Gen Pasha's meetings. Gen Pasha met with Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair as well as CIA Chief Leon Ponetta, who visited Pakistan just a few weeks back, sources said.
Leon Ponneta and Mr Pasha during their meeting agreed to develop a working relationship between the CIA and the ISI.

Q & A
What does Islam say about Participation in the Oppressive Power Structure?

Question: Es-Salaamu 'Alaikum my dear respected brother! To Proceed:
A question was posed to me and I would like to give an educated answer with clear proof.

We know that if we are Muslim and know that the only law is the Law of Allah on this earth and to put our trust in anything else is kufr. So why did Allah permit Prophet Yusuf ('alaihis-salaam) to hold a public office aiding and assisting the mushrik Fir'awn? The ayaat are as follows:
And the king said, "Bring him to me; I will appoint him exclusively for myself." And when he spoke to him, he said, "Indeed, you are today established [in position] and trusted." [Yusuf] said, "Appoint me over the storehouses of the land. Indeed, I will be a knowing guardian." [Surah Yusuf (12): 54-55]

Could you please elaborate on this, and, Insha'Allah, in a format that I may be able to publish on the website, or in New Trend Magazine (but also please answer in the e-mail). Jazak Allah Khair!

Yusuf El-Irlandi, Esq.
Jamaat Al-Muslimeen in Eastern Tennessee (Oak Ridge/Knoxville)

Reply by Kaukab Siddique [Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

walaikum asalam dear Br. Yusuf:

In any study of the Qur'an, the CONTEXT and PURPOSE of the sacred text must be understood and it needs to be studied with relevant Hadith. Sura Yusuf's verses which you have quoted are not about SHAR'IA [Islamic Law] or about the binding Sunnah of Muhammad [peace be on him]. In the April 5, 2009 issue of New Trend [#16] we published a tafseer of Sura Yusuf by our learned brother Shamim Siddiqui [New York city]. Please read it: It helps us to understand the Islamic message of compassion, da'wa under difficult conditions such as prison, modesty and chastity, family relationships, the continuity of Allah's messages and understanding of Prophet Muhammad's [pbuh] struggle in the light of the struggle of Yusuf [pbuh].

The Qur'an tells us that the revelation from Allah Almighty was completed and perfected with the revelation sent to Muhammad, pbuh.

"This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion." [The Qur'an 5:3]

The struggle of previous messengers has not been preserved like that of Muhammad [pbuh]. Hence the importance of Hadith. The Sunnah we follow is that of Muhammad, pbuh, not that of Yusuf, pbuh or any other Prophet.

Similarly, Islamic Law [Shar'ia] which we follow came to us from Muhammad, pbuh, not from previous messengers.
Under Islamic Law there is no place for kingship because Muslims are equal and work by MUTUAL CONSULTATON [Shoora].

"...all their works are by mutual consultation." [The Qur'an 42:38]

Hence Islam does not recognize either kingship or western democracy. The Islamic system is called Caliphate.

No Muslim can claim to be King. Only Allah is King.

"Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of mankind, the KING of mankind, the God of mankind" [The Qur'an 114:1-3]

Islam came to destroy kings, not to support them.

"When the Roman King [Caesar] is destroyed, there will be no Caesar after him, and when the Persian King [Chosroes] is destroyed, there will be no Chosroes after him: and by Him in Whose Hand is my life, you will spend their treasures in Allah's Way." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a., in Sahih Bukhari, kitabul jihad.]

The real issue you are facing is that of cooperation with and participation in an anti-Islam kafir system. The Saudis and their front groups try to use the verses of the Qur'an you have quoted to support the idea that kingship is permissible in Islam [or even that voting for kuffar leaders is okay]. These ideas of the Saudis and their supporters in America violate the Qur'an and are tantamount to TAHRIF, an attempt to use the Qur'an itself against Islam and to support the warmongers and the oppressors.

Let us see what the sacred texts of Islam say about any kind of cooperation with the oppressors, the rejectors, the kuffar, the munafiqoon, the tawaghit:

" ...Stand firm as you are commanded, you and those with you: turn [unto Allah], and transgress not (from the path), for He sees well all that you do. And INCLINE NOT towards those who oppress, or the Fire will touch you, and ye [shall] have no protectors other than Allah, nor shall ye be helped." [The Qur'an 11:112-113]

Scholars have noticed that these verses are condemning not only cooperation with oppressors but even an INCLINATION towards oppressors. Classical commentaries on the Qur'an discuss the depth of meaning in the Arabic text of this verse "wa la taraknu" [do not incline or bend or have the slightest positive feeling] for oppressors.

Commentators as varied as Zamakhshari and Beidawi agree that "wa la taraknu" is about the stage before actual physical cooperation takes place. The desire to bend slightly towards the oppressors becomes punishable by the Fire.

Qurtubi, another classical scholar, points out that this "inclination" includes dependence and a LIKING for the oppressors. These meanings are supported by the comments of Ibn Abbas, r.a., one of the companions of the Prophet, who was the earliest mufassir of the Qur'an. He says that this verse also implies that one should not keep quiet when one observes oppression being carried out. [Such as in our times the destruction of Fallujah during Ramadan or the degradation of the great scholar of Islam, Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, or the 'cavity search' of Imam Jamil and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui]

Qatada and 'Ikrima, of the first generation after the Sahaba [companions of the Prophet, pbuh] say that such inclination towards oppressors also implies obedience to them [such as the happiness of these "leaders" that they will, or could, get invitations to the White House].

Imam 'Auzai, from the first generation of Islam after the sahaba, says that his understanding of hadith on these verses is that NOTHING IS MORE CONDEMNABLE WITH ALLAH THAN A PERSON WHO CLAIMS TO BE AN IMAM [or 'Alim] BUT MEETS AN OPPRESSOR, be it a king or his functionaries. In the Arabic there is a play on the words 'Alim [Islamic scholar] and 'Amil [functionary].

The best comment comes from a classical Hadith scholar of the first era, Muhammad ibn Maslama, that:
"The approach of one who recites the Qur'an to the door of oppressors is WORSE THAN the likeness of the FLY WHO SITS on SHIT."

In our own times, Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, the Islamic teacher of Mohomed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, wrote the following note on 11:113 in his tafseer:

"Do not be inclined or attracted to the oppressors [those who have broken the bounds of Islam) in the slightest. Do your best to stay away from their friendship and companionship, refrain from respecting and honoring them, praising or exalting them, looking like them in appearance, jointly working with them, in short everything to do with oppressors, otherwise the fire will envelop you and you will find that you have no helper and Allah will no longer help you."

The learned Maulana then points to the solution for Muslims, given in 11:114, which we have not quoted, which is to incline towards Allah and to worship Allah morning and evening ..

The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, has given us clear Hadith not to cooperate with oppressors. These are general teachings, in addition to the specific verses from the Qur'an:

From Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, r.a. the Prophet, pbuh, said: ...."By him in whose hand is my life, you will not achieve salvation unless you stop the oppressor and give the oppressed their right." [Hadith, Jami Tirmidhi, Abwab tafseer al-Qur'an]

From Abu Bakr Siddiq, r.a. .....I heard the messenger of Allah, pbuh, say, When people see an oppressor and do not stop him with both their hands, sooner or later the punishment of Allah will overtake them [the passive ones] too. [Hadith Jami Tirmidhi, Ibid.]

When such are the rules for non-cooperation with "Muslims" who become oppressors, there is absolutely NO BASIS in Islam for cooperation with oppressors who in addition to being oppressors are also kuffar.

This is what Christiane Amanpour tried to hide from American audiences

AFP Afghan Shiite Muslims shout during a demonstration in Kabul. An angry crowd of more than 500 Afghans ...
Wed Apr 15, 7:01 am ET
KABUL (AFP) An angry crowd of more than 500 Afghans chased off a few dozen protesters in Kabul on Wednesday who criticised a new law for imposing Taliban-style restrictions on Shiite women.
Up to 50 women lawmakers and rights activists marched outside a Kabul university demanding "justice" and distributing a declaration saying the Shiite Personal Status Law "insults the dignity of women", said an AFP reporter.
They were soon outnumbered by a rowdy group of 200 Shiite women and around 300 men who chanted slogans in favour of the law -- which regulates marriage, divorce and inheritance for the Shiite minority on their request.

Photo below shows our Shi'a sisters listening to a discourse in Kabul by Ayatollah Mohseni during which he analysed the law being enacted in detail. There is no question of forced intercourse or rape in Islam, he said. Women are encouraged to accept intercourse from their husbands because a Muslim husband cannot go outside marriage for sex, he said; he would be severely punished if he did.
Even then, during menstruation, illness, exhaustion and other bad circumstances, the woman does not have to accept her husband's advances. During menstruation, sexual intercourse is forbidden, he said.
Mohseni explained that women and men are allowed in Islam to have a pre-nuptial agreement about sex and frequency of sex as well as other matters of marital life.
[This is a summary by New Trend of Mohseni's comments. In Sunni Islam too, the wife's consent is required for sex. Islam does not see marital relationship as something imposed on the wife by the husband. It is a mutual relationship. Authentic Hadith say clearly that a wife can demand divorce if she is not happy with the husband's sexual performance. She can also agree or disagree with birth control.]

Censorship and the New Trend response to Jewish censorship.
He was arrested on the basis of a fabricated ID card:
Demjanjuk, ordinary Prison Guard Under German Rule facing Deportation at Age 89: Saga of Ukrainian Demjanjuk Indicates Zionist Control of U.S. and Germany

At age 89, Demjanjuk cannot walk, so he was dragged out of his home in March 2009 by U.S. security forces to be deported to Germany. What the Israelis could not do directly, they are now trying to do through Germany. Here is a well documented study of this case. The Jewish stories about the "holocaust" continue to milk America, Germany and other countries for funds for the terrorist entity known as Israel.

What is happening in 2009 is a repeat of what happened in 2005.

On December 28, 2005 the U.S. ordered John Demjanjuk [pronounced "dimanuook"] deported to his orginal land of birth, Ukraine. He is "suspected" of having been a guard at one of Hitler's concentration camps, though nothing was ever proven against him. The persecution of this ordinary person began in 1975 and in the process he was TWICE stripped of his U.S. citizenship under Jewish pressure. Study of his case shows how much power the Jews have in America and how it works.

Now look at the case of Demjanjuk. His saga shows how unforgiving and hate filled the Jews are, in spite of getting billions of dollars in reparations from Germany, and though the war ended 60 years back. By contrast, they destroy 1000 mosques, expel 4 million Palestinians, continue their war against Islam , and want Muslims to accept Israel as a legitimate entity.

Fortunately, the case of Demjanjuk has been documented with great care in a chapter of Dissecting the Holocaust, a 612-page study edited by Germar Rudolf . Here are the facts of the case as documented in this book:

Context: Many Ukrainians joined German forces when war erupted between the USSR and Germany in June 1941. Ukrainians had suffered heavy losses at the hands of Stalin's regime, including massacres, torture and open-ended imprisonment carried out by Jewish Communists working for Stalin's police apparatus. Demjanjuk was one of the Ukrainians who took refuge with the Germans. After the downfall of Germany in 1945, he fled to the U.S. and obtained U.S. citizenship.

* His suffering began in 1975 when a Communist sympathiser from Ukraine living in the U.S. claimed in a paper called News from Ukraine that Demjanjuk, who was now an auto mechanic in Cleveland, was a "Nazi" who had worked in German-organized concentration camps in Poland.

* The story was picked up in ISRAEL where alleged "witnesses" looked at the picture of Demjanjuk and claimed that he was "Ivan the Terrible" who had worked at the Treblinka concentration camp and allegedly committed terrible atrocities against Jews. Their stories gained credibility when News from Ukraine published an alleged ID card issued by the Germans, readers were told, to Demjanjuk. This card became the SOLE evidence in the case.

* Under the pressure of U.S. Jews, President Carter had set up a "Nazi hunting" ofiice called the OSI. In 1979 this office decided to take up the Demjanjuk case.

* Experts from the Demjanjuk defense exposed the ID card as a fabrication. It was also independently verified as a fabrication by German police, but the Israeli court suppressed the information.

* In 1981 the U.S. stripped him of his citizenship when five "survivors of Treblinka" claimed in court that he was "Ivan the Terrible." in 1984, Israel requested that he be deported to Israel. This was a violation of international law because Israel did not exist when the alleged crimes took place. He was deported in 1986 to Israel and tried there in 1987.

* The Israeli court used the prisoner to conjure up all kinds of horrors allegedly perpetrated on the Jews in Treblinka. Finally the Israeli court was delighted to sentence Demjanjuk to DEATH by hanging. There were celebrations in Israel. Soon however these were dampened by a Jewish writer's book which pointed out that people who have heard stories of horror can be induced to claim that they were "eyewitnesses."

* The death sentence was appealed. Meanwhile, the defense received a comprehensive report that the ID card, the sole evidence was FABRICATED. The defense attorney then "fell down" from the 15th floor of his hotel and died! [1988]

* After the death verdict, a big reactiion took place in the USA. People in the American mainstream questioned the possibility of the horrors alleged to have taken place in Treblinka. The Israelis had claimed that "Ivan the Terrible" used diesel engines to kill prisoners by carbon monoxide. Here is the response from a former U.S. presidential candidate, John Buchanan:

"The problem is: Diesel engines do not emit enough carbon monoxide to kill anybody. The Environmental Protection Agency never requires emission inspections of Diesel cars or trucks. In 1988, ninety-seven youths, trapped 400 feet underground in a D.C. tunnel, while two locomotives spewed exhaust into the car, emerged unharmed after forty-five minutes. Demjanjuk's weapon of mass murder cannot kill."
[The Washington Times, March 19, 1990.]

* When the Israelis realized that their story of 800,000 deaths by diesel engine exhausts was unravelling in mainstream American society, Israel changed its tune. In 1993, the Appeals court acquitted Demjanjuk for "lack of evidence." The Zionist media presented this as a triumph of Israeli justice, while hiding the fact that there had been no evidence to begin with.

* In 1998 Demjanjuk got his U.S. citizenship back. However, the Jews do not let go of their victims easily. His citizenship was REVOKED AGAIN in 2002. The OSI claimed that though he may not have been a guard at Treblinka, but he was a guard at other camps. None of these charges have been proven.

* In 2005, with the U.S. under complete Zionist control, Demjanjuk has again been ordered deported , this time to his original land Ukraine. His life has been destroyed so that the Zionists can propagandize their "holocaust" story.

* The rest of the chapter on Treblinka provides detailed, documented and convincing evidence that the 800,000 deaths claimed by Jewish survivors in Treblinka could not possibly have taken place

German scientist Germar Rudolf is himself in a German prison for having written this book.

"Save Darfur's" front Aims at the Destruction of Sudan

by al-Ustadh Husayn Farajallah Zaki Al-Kurdi [Chicago]

"Investors Against Genocide" are an adjunct of the "Save Darfur" campaign to perpetrate actual "genocide" against Sudan and the rest of Africa and the remainder of the world which is still available for conquest and plunder. They are calling for "divestment" from anything which invests in Sudan-related enterprises because Sudan is one of the countries standing in the way of their enterprise. They are using the agitprop techniques from the old divestment anti-apartheid "movement" which participated in what turned out to be the replacement of the old regime with one more efficient and suitable to their interests in the "Republic of South Africa", which is now their "indigenous" chief lackey for the continent, as was their intent.

The guise of "humanitarianism", "liberty" and even concern for "genocide" against Black people (!) is deployed as the effective mechanism for rallying support for their re-conquest of Africa, defeat of the Arab Nation and subjugation of the Islamic Ummah.

They, the actual perpetrators of systematic genocide against the aforementioned, pretend that those "horrid Black African Muslims" in Sudan are committing a "genocide" against some non-Muslim Black Sudanese in Darfur in order to fool people into helping facilitate their destruction and division of Sudan, as part and parcel of their march to conquer one and all and maintain all in bondage to them, including even the "whites" and "Christians" of this world.

Run by bankers and financial groups via corporations and governments, the plan is to rob, cheat, steal and conquer. All death and destruction carried out in this cause are a price they are more than willing to pay (in other people's lives). "Kill the Indians and steal the land" applies to all, with Arabs, Africa and the Muslim peoples now bearing the brunt of the ongoing campaign. This is also a continuation of the "Crusades" whhich have now been going on for over ten centuries, and may be said to number from ten to twenty depending on the method of historical accounting used to enumerate them.

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