Press Release of Jamaat al-Muslimeen International

Doubts about Nation of Islam Laid to Rest
Muslims from around the World Hail Farrakhan/Warith Muhammad
Jerusalem Mufti Warns Zionists about al-Aqsa

The Second International Islamic Conference called by Minister Farrakhan from February 24-27 culminated in Chicago with Saviors' Day and Minister Farrakhan's speech which put an end to doubts about the Nation of Islam's entry into orthodox Islam.

The program was attended by 30,000 Nation of Islam members from around the continent. To witness the irreversibility of the change it has undergone, Islamic scholars, journalists, teachers, preachers, officials of organizations were invited by Minister Farrakhan. The invitees who endorsed Minister Farrakhan can be roughly divided into the following categories:
1. ISNA, AMC, IIFSO, WAMY and related groups.
2. Sufis of a great variety from Canada and USA.
3. Preachers from overseas especially Jordan and Egypt.
4. Jamaat al-Muslimeen International and other independents.
5. African-American Sunnis.
6. A few Shi'as.

The Nation of Islam leadership at various levels, culminating in Minister Farrakhan's speech, repeated again and again that they believe in Muhammad ibn Abdullah (peace be on him) as the last messenger and the Qur'an as the last and complete message of Allah.
Even the name of Savior's Day was changed to Saviors' Day and Saviors were defined as all true followers of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be on him).
Juma' prayers were led by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Imam Sabree. On this happy occasion, Imam Warith Muhammad prayed with the Nation of Islam and embraced Minister Farrakhan.
Then on Sunday, February 27, a much warmer reunion took place between Imam Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan in front of an audience of more than 30,000.
ISNA' donated $5000 to the Nation of Islam and ISNA Secretary General Syed Sayeed showed his support to the NOI. He also brought 15,000 copies of Islamic Horizons to be distributed.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen had an effective team in the conference including Dr. Kaukab Siddique, Sis. Ashira Na'im and Br. Ather Masood. Their presentations on four different occasions in front of hundreds of Muslims were acclaimed by the audiences including NOI members.
Independents who were highly honored at the conference included Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz (famous mathematician), Dr. Omar Bsgasra (both from Lincoln University) and Dr. Sapphire Ahmed.

Among non-Muslims invited to the program were Jewish leaders who do not recognize Israel, led by Rabbi Weiss. The Rabbi condemned the activities of israel as the antithesis of Judaism.
Jerusalem will never be left to the continued occupation by Israel, the huge gathering affirmed.

Commentary: Jamaat al-Muslimeen thanks the NOI for letting us distribute NEW TREND and SHOORA on a large scale.
Special thanks go to Shaikh Ahmed Tijani who has helped to replace the clapping after speeches with his fiery takbeers, and Minister Akbar Muhammad who is also working diligently to help the people of Africa.
It was good to see many "white" Muslims at the conference. The NOI has indeed crossed the racial divide.
It should be noted that over the last 10 years, especially in 1997, New Trend pointed out the movement led by Minister Farrakhan towards orthodox Islam. New Trend's coverage of Minister Farrakhan's 1997 conference was the only correct one published but faced serious difficulties when the relevant issue of New Trend was distributed across the country.
It was good to see that the detractors of New Trend were there in February 2000 to affirm what New Trend published in 1997. Once again New trend was 3 years ahead of other publications.
The deepest thanks go to Imam Alauddin Shabazz of Chicago who kept telling Jamaat al-Muslimeen right from the beginning that New Trend's stance on Minister Farrakhan was correct.
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