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juma' khutba in Baltimore
Muslim Role in America: Join the Power Structure or Reach out to Oppressed People?
Sunnah of Muhammad (pbuh) Indicates Process of Da'wah in Idol-worshiping society like U.S.
Can We Influence Anyone Without Voting? Here's the Answer

[Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the khutba on September 5 at a mosque opened by Nigerian Muslims near the big pro-government mosque known as Masjid Rahma (ISB) on the West Side of Baltimore, Maryland. Most worshipers here are Pakistani and Nigerian immigrants]

Text for Khutba: "Allah commands Justice [‘adl], doing good without asking for a return [al-Ahsan], and giving to (poor) relatives, and He forbids indecency [alfahsha], wrongdoing [al-munkar] and rebellion (against divine Law) [al-Baghi]. He instructs you that ye may receive admonition." [The Qur'an 16:90]


After 9.11, most Muslims immigrants are assimilating fast. An "American Islam" is emerging which is not very different from the religion of churches and synagogues in this country. The rich Muslims in this country have banded together to join the American power structure.

Owing to the assimilationist leadership, the Muslims of America are being led into support for the power structure. These ‘leaders' called for a BLOC VOTE for Bush and we see the resultant disaster before our eyes.

Instead of resigning and doing TAWBA, these 'leaders' are now preparing to get Muslims to vote for a Democrat [perhaps Lieberman?] or they will vote for someone of Arab descent, though looking for Arab descent or any descent is a form of Kufr. [Look at what Abizaid of Arab descent is doing to Arabs in Iraq.]

JOINING THE POWER STRUCTURE is a clear violation of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He did not win by voting for Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab. There is ABSOLUTELY no scope for such integration into the power structure for those who want to be Muslims.

YOU CANNOT CHANGE A CORRUPT SYSTEM by becoming part of it. The system is much more powerful than the Muslim community. Whatever little Islam is left in our new generations will be wiped out if we try to enter the voting-getting activities of Republicans, Democrats and others.


We Muslims have the OBLIGATION to command all that is good and to oppose evil (9.70). We can only be on the side of Good, not on the side of any party.

How did the Prophet (pbuh) influence his people without joining those in power:
1. Person-to-person contacts.
2. The Prophet's example as a person of piety, chastity and fear of Allah.
3. Communication through disseminating the Qur'an.
4. Organizing those who want a new way of life.
5. Using the existing system (such as attorneys, media, publications).
6. Creating a new system. [New Media, new communities, new economics, new politics.]
1. Congresspersons
2. Senators
3. White House
4. Pentagon
5. FBI
These are the oppressors of the American people and the exploiters of the whole world.
Nothing is to be gained by reaching out to them. Try it. They laugh at you and put your petition in the trash.

People could see, because of him, that Islam stands against all forms of exploitation, oppression and aggression. Malcolm X was never invited to the White House.

After him we have had "flag wavers" and "toms." Why would anyone want to become Muslim if you are a sneaky liar enough to say that "There is no difference between Christianity and Islam," or, that all those who are fighting against occupation in Kashmir, Chechnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine are "terrorists."

By joining the power structure, we show our children that we are hypocrites. When we say Allahu Akbar, we actually mean "White House Akbar." All these self-appointed leaders are waiting for an invitation to the White House to kiss the feet of their master.

1. African-Americans, our natural allies.
2. Hispanics, especially Mexicans, the new slaves of America.
3. Germans, about 25% of the population who are sick and tired of listening to the Jewish stories about the Second World War.
4. Women, 50% of the population. America has disgraced and humiliated women, making them proud of their humiliation, publishing their private parts in multi-colored magazines and making money off them.


We Stand for JUSTICE. America's prison system is the most horrific example of INJUSTICE and man's degradation of man the world has ever seen. We must stand up for Muslims and non-Muslims unjustly thrown into prison. [STOP BUILDING MILLION DOLLAR MOSQUES and MILLION DOLLAR PARKING LOTS for the mosques. Your brothers in prison don't even have money for attorneys.]

Al-AHSAN is doing good FOR ITS OWN SAKE, not for tax exemption or plaques or self-praise. Do good and try not to reveal it.

KEEP THE FAMILY TOGETHER. Are there poor and oppressed people in your family? No point in helping others when you haven't helped the weak ones in your family. ARE YOU MOTIVATING THE CHILDREN IN THE COMMUNITY or are you losing them to the mainstream kufr? Do you use funds to SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO VISIT AFRICA or do you give them funds to VISIT DISNEY?

INDECENCY is POURING into every home through TV. Look at how low the main media have gone. They bring a 20-year old Kobe Bryant as the butt of their jokes. He says: No, I didn't rape that woman. I just had adultery with her! This is seen coast-to-coast on every TV screen. And his wife is sitting there after he gave her a $5 million ring. Is this different from the Era of Jahiliyya when the rich among the Quraish used to gather and sing of their sexual exploits?

WRONG DOING or disobedience to God (Allah) has become common place. Most people in this country often do wrong without thinking its wrong. Or they do right only when the police is watching them. We must organize to stop wrong-doing. Have you ever protested against liquor stores or bill boards showing naked women? Do you write to the newspapers?

And FINALLY Al-BAGHI or rebellion against God has broken out. Churches now say that homosexuality is as normal as "heterosexuality." A MALE BISHOP has been sleeping with a man for 15 years and was recently promoted. That is Christianity today. They want a similar "Islam."
[Corrupt Muslims are being prepared to take "Gay Rights" to Muslim countries.]
WAR is being waged in the name of peace. Imperialism is being described as "liberation."

O Allah forgive our sin and our shortcomings. Give us knowledge of the Qur'an and the Hadith.
Make us compassionate and forgiving towards the weak, stern and fearless towards the rich and the powerful. Help us to follow the example of Muhammad, peace be on him, and of the sahaba and of those who followed them.

Defeat and destroy the YAHOOD, O Allah, and drive them out of Palestine.

2003-09-09 Tue 19:40ct