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Canadian "Justice:" the Case of Momin Khawaja

A middle class, non-violent Pakistani Canadian, Momin Khawaja of Ottawa, Canada, has been in prison for a year and three months without a trial date in sight. Now, following the London attacks, a Canadian paper came out with this insensitive and heavily slanted report on the long suffering young man:
Local Terror Suspect Remains Locked Up 
by Darren McEwen 
Friday, July 08, 2005 12:51 AM 
An Ottawa computer programmer accused of planning a foiled bombing in London won't face a preliminary hearing until early next year.

In the meantime, Momin Khawaja, will continue to be held in an Ottawa-area jail.
The man was arrested after his Orleans home was raided by police in March 2004.
He's the first person to be detained under Canada's new Anti-Terror Act.
Khawaja's lawyer says the case could take a few years before it is resolved.

Report Leaks out that Egyptian Spiritual leader, the Blind Shaikh, Dr. 'Abdel Rahman, is unwell in Prison

[Following the London bombing, this report came out on a well-known New York Jewish radio station, 1010 WINS.]

Jul 8, 2005 7:39 am US/Eastern
(1010 WINS) TRENTON, N.J. A New Jersey official says Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind Muslim cleric convicted ten years ago of plotting to blow up New York City landmarks, is a concern for New Jersey authorities, wary that his poor health may spur terrorist activity.

State Attorney General Peter Harvey said Abdel-Rahman is serving a life term in federal prison. But information about the radical Egyptian sheik has been scarce, particularly after his former lawyer, Lynne Stewart, was convicted earlier this year of sneaking messages from him to his disciples.

Harvey spoke after a news conference at which state officials discussed beefed up security in New Jersey because of the terrorist bombings in London.

Abdel-Rahman is serving his sentence in a federal prison hospital facility in Springfield, Missouri.....

No Reparations for 400 Years of Slavery in USA but Germany Pays through its Nose for 5 Years of alleged Jewish Suffering

by Nadrat Siddique

Are you aware of the latest in the reparations fight? I was reading about it on the Reparations National Conference discussion board (yahoo group), and the injustice of it made my blood boil. The reparations law suit was thrown out of court by U.S. District Judge Charles R. Norgle on July 6.
The descendents of those whose forced labor built this country were told by Judge Norgle:
  1. that they didn't file in time (as if filing earlier was possible in the climate of Jim Crow, lynchings, and the like),
  2. that they can't prove they were harmed personally by the legacy of slavery;
  3. that whoever enslaved, raped, tortured, murdered their ancestors is dead and gone and present-day whites are inculpable of those atrocities, and
  4. that awarding reparations will make Black people think of themselves as victims.
What if one applied the same standard to the Jews (oops, does applying the same standard make me anti-semitic?) The conclusion would be the following:
  1. Most Nazis are dead, so Germany should stop paying reparations to Israel;
  2. Most Jews who claim they should get reparations can't prove individual harm to their persons (eg, how would they be around had they endured the putative ovens personally?), so they shouldn't be entitled to reparations;
  3. Most members of the Third Reich are dead or on their way out, and none hold responsible positions in today's Germany; their descendents had nothing to do with their actions and so should not be held responsible;
  4. To pay reparations to Israel or to individual members of the Tribe will confer on Jews victim status. So, according to the standard set by the Judge Norgle, reparations to Israel and the Jews should cease immediately.

Why Was London Attacked? Is there any Islamic Basis for this kind of war? Bush-Blair could push 1% to 20% Muslim resistance up to 90%

by New Trend's editor

New Trend's mail box was cluttered with the usual conspiracy theories after the London attacks. Muslim elites are mentally unable to deal with the idea that Al-Qaida or or other Islamic groups might have successfully struck a western metropolis. This conspiracy stuff usually entails that perhaps Blair himself organized this, and if not him then it must be the Israelis! Muslim upper classes, mentally colonized, are quite incapable of dealing with reality.

After that we get the U.S. media whose theory is basically that Islam has been "hijacked" by "Radical Islamic extremists" ["wahhabis"] and terrorists. The American media, heavily Zionist, claim that Bush and Blair are right: These crazy Muslims are attacking us for no reason at all other than that we are so prosperous, democratic and civilized, these propagandists repeat ad nauseum.

Third is the category of American Muslim bootlickers, the ISNAs and MPACs and "progressive" Muslims. They rushed to condole with the British embassy. Cair [a group which claims to be Islamic but has no policies which could be proven from the Qur'an and the Sunnah] called on American Muslims to condole with the British embassy. Very few did, but a "Muslim leader" named Mahdi Bray thought this was the "in" thing to do and rushed to the embassy to beat CAIR to it.. To top it all, Ibrahim Hooper, an employee of CAIR came on MSNBC [July 9] to declare that Muslims everywhere are against Osama bin Laden and love America! Which world does Hooper live in?
[Mahdi Bray starts his letter to the British ambassador: "Your Excellency..." which itself is a violation of Islam."]
[For an in-depth look at Osama bin Laden and his mass popularity in the Muslim world, Hooper should read IMPERIAL HUBRIS written by the CIA's expert on Osama who resigned from his job because his bosses would not listen to his conclusions. After the London bombings, he told CNN in plain words that the government is "lying" to the American people about Osama and the "terrorists."]

New Trend was the first to point out that apparently the attacks in London are related to the British occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and Britain's Israeli alliance. It appears that the best NON-MUSLIM analysis which came out of Britain is along the same lines. British leader George Galloway, the famous journalist Fisk and world famous historian David Irving pointed to Afghanistan and Iraq as the cause. Even an establishment figure, Robin Cook, has gone in the same direction. Thus British self-criticism has been much more candid than was that of the U.S. after 9.11. Of course, the suffering of the U.S. was on a much bigger scale than that of Britain.


[There is a slight chance that the attacks might have been carried out by the IRA, or some crazy nut group. However the chances of Islamic involvement are very high.]

Muslims have a very exalted concept of acceptable standards in warfare. However, most scholars who come out with these abstractions about warfare are themselves mere "book people" and have not been involved in any actual conflict. Some of them quote a verse from the Qur'an which has nothing to do with war, that killing one person is like killing all humanity.

On the non-Muslim side there is open justification of the use of OVERWHELMING FORCE: Witness "Tora Bora" and "Shock and Awe." Ever since the First World War, through the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam, the French in Algeria, the Soviets in Afghanistan, the Israelis in Palestine and Lebanon, the western powers have shown that morality and decency are irrelevant in warfare while power, brutality and terror are uppermost.

The Muslims' conventional governments, all the way from Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia to Pakistan have been taken over by surrogates of America. In any case, they do not have the military ability or national will to stand up to America.

The vacuum thus created has been filled by newly emerging Islamic forces led by Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi and to a lesser extent President Saddam Hussain. American experts call the new Islamic methodology of war "asymmetrical warfare." Western politicians and Zionist media call it "terrorism."

The new Islamic leadership seems to be working on the assumption that there is no equation between the military forces of the West and Islam. Guerrilla forces, even according to the principles of Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara should not try to fight regular militaries in set piece battles.

Thus the new leadership seems intent on attacking soft targets, as in 9.11, Bali, Madrid and London in a way which would undermine the economy of the western powers and create a sense that western cities can undergo something akin to, though on a smaller scale, what Kandahar and Baghdad went through. An attempt is underway by the Islamic leaders, it seems, to convince western populations of an old dictum of Osama bin Laden that by voting for Bush and Blair, these nations have put themselves on the side of aggression and occupation inflicted on the Muslim world.

Can these terror attacks be called Jihad? Owing to the civilian casualties caused, that term does not fit. These attacks can best be described as attempts at "retaliation" which is prescribed in the Qur'an. When a Jew kills a Muslim in Palestine, the Islamic formula is that the Jew should be killed in return. However, statistics show no equation between the numbers of Jews and Palestinians killed. The equation is even worse in Iraq and Afghanistan. This lack of equality in killing could be leading to "terrorism." The Qur'an says:
"O ye who believe! Retaliation [al-qisas] is prescribed for you in cases of killing: the free for the free, the slave for the slave, the woman for the woman ..." [2:178]
"In Retaliation, there is life for you, o people of understanding, that ye may be aware [of Allah]." [2:179]

In the Hadith, there are specific examples of war by deception where Islamic fighters sneaked into the enemy camp and spread terror and death.
[See Sahih of Bukhari about the killing of Ka'ab ibn Ashraf and Abdullah ibn Abi Huqayq related in kitab al-Jihad.]

Thus Osama Bin Laden or whoever is behind these attacks is showing the Muslim world and the West, both, that there will be retaliation for attacks against the world of Islam.

The reign of terror in Afghanistan, the destruction of Iraqi cities, the bombing of Fallujah during Ramadan, the slaughter of Muslims during Laylatul Qadr, and finally the stories from Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay have made it difficult for most Muslims to say that attacks against western targets should be very carefully carried out according to the strictest standards of Jihad.

When the precision weaponry and night goggles of British and American troops do not differentiate between Muslim families in their homes and "insurgents," which Muslim is going to preach to "suicide bombers" [martyrdom operators]
[though this example is not applicable to London], that they should not give their lives if the targets are not clear?

To top it all, the Muslim soul has been rent asunder by the desecration of the Qur'an. Rumsfeld's Guantanamo guards, and the British and American guards who killed Muslim prisoners after torturing them and abusing the Qur'an in front of them, have, potentially, created millions of Muslims willing to attack America and Britain.
[When will Rumsfeld resign? He refuses to leave in spite of demands by Senator Kennedy.]

The world has been transformed. The Muslims do not surrender in front of overwhelming force, and they persist in hitting back in the crudest way, often at the softest targets. It is an ugly war: the strategy of the militarily very weak against the militarily very strong.

Does it work? The Jew Hirsh Goodman, a committed Zionist, said Israel is withdrawing from Gaza because of the "suicide bombers." Australian troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan after Bali. The U.S. has refrained from moving into Syria and Iran owing to the steady growth of resistance in Iraq
[with a steady stream of martyrdom operators] and its re-emergence in Afghanistan.

Let's pray for peace. May Allah help the American and British people to realize that there is no way they can win against Islam. Try to understand this from the fact that less than 1% of the world of Islam has entered the war against the U.S./UK/Israel, while about 20% are said to be ready to join, and another 70% are simply riled up against the West but want peace. About 9% are scared of America!

If we [USA and UK] are not totally being controlled by International Jewry, we must take steps towards peace and not support the Bush-Blair policies which will inevitably bring 90% of the world of Islam into the war. Only Israel will gain from such a war.

Re: London Bombing: We should be against ALL killings.

salaam alaikum Brother Kaukab.

I really appreciated your note re peace for all and against all killing. Your past writings did not reassure me like this and often seemed quite different. I agree with you and grieve all of the violence and innocent civilians killed as well as soldiers of all side who all are someone's little boy.

New Jersey

Re: New Trend's Appeal to "wage Peace."

I was interested to read the footnote below, congratulations.
When I saw Blair and the other criminals, I was imagining them rubbing their hands with glee.
"Who shall we invade next?
How many more restrictions should we place on personal freedom?
We can now re-introduce torture and detention without trial?
Let's stir up more paranoia"
As an example of paranoia my 17 year olds school trip to France today, was cancelled yesterday, after anxious parents started ringing in to request that their child be excused. The coach takes them nowhere near central London and it's private transport. My remark was that there is more chance of being run over by a bus than blown up in a bus! The irony is that this was a history trip to visit the war sites and graveyards of northern France where many allies were killed "in defence of freedom" - in part a tribute to their bravery. No bravery demonstrated by parents though!

[London, England]
New Trend's note: Let's pray for peace. We Americans must oppose ALL human suffering. Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, could not accept even the suffering of a cat or a dog. We must be against war, whether it is carried out by Apache helicopters, tanks and F-16s or by guerrilla fighters with sticks of dynamite. Under Bush and Blair, we are facing open ended war. Israel and International Jewry are the gainers. Let's stop trying to prove that we are stronger than the enemy. We must prove that we are better in waging peace. Let us work for self-determination for the Muslim world and to put an end to all occupation, be it in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnia, Afghanistan or Iraq.
[Re: CAIR's Appeal to give Condolences to British embassy.]

Micky Mouse Americans

Kaukab Siddique sahib, we fully agree with your views. CAIR is a traitor organization and is working for terrorist Bush and terrorist Blair. In Germany, Americans are insultingly called, micky mouse Americans.

CAIR never said a single word when Muslims were massacred in Afghanistan, Mosul, Falluja, Baquba, Ramadi, Najaf and Baghdad. It shows that CAIR is headed by the Jews who are working with the traitor Muslims amidst us.

Allah's La'nat on these traitor Muslims.
Your trend magazine is great and is a source of good information for all of us here.

Tariq Bin Ziad

The western nations are now feeling the effects of too much pornography.

[Re' New Trend's report on the rape of 8 year old Shasta Groene.]

From animal sex to anal sex, now the children are the next target.

Soon, even babies may end up being the victims.

It is about time we control how pornography is degrading human character.

[The Philippines]
Check this one also.

US serviceman arrested for sexual assault on girl in Okinawa

First posted 12:57pm (Mla time) July 04, 2005
Agence France-Presse

TOKYO, Japan -- Police said Monday they have arrested a US serviceman in Okinawa for allegedly fondling a 10-year-old girl, triggering fresh outrage on the island which hosts more than half of all US forces in Japan.

Armando Valdez, a 27-year-old Air Force technical sergeant stationed at Kadena base, was arrested Sunday on "charges of indecent assault on a 10 year-old girl," a local police spokesman said.

"The suspect allegedly forced the victim to roll her upper clothes up and fondled her breasts," the official said.

The Asahi Shimbun said the assault had taken place at a carpark and that the suspect took pictures of the girl with his cell phone before fleeing.

"I was terrified. I did what he told me because I thought he may kill me," the daily quoted the girl as telling police.

Okinawa, which was captured by US forces in one of World War II's bloodiest battles and returned to Japan in 1972, has seen frequent protests against US forces, particularly in 1995 after three US Marines gang-raped a 12-year-old girl.

"We are talking with the US side so that this kind of thing will not happen in the future. It is truly regrettable," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda, the spokesman of the Japanese government.

Okinawa Governor Keiichi Inamine, who is campaigning to reduce the number of troops in the subtropical region, expressed "fierce anger and indignation."

Noting that Okinawa had repeatedly asked the US military to prevent recurrence of crimes, Inamine said he "could not help concluding there is a problem in the US military's discipline."

"It is a serious crime that tramples on the human rights of women. Given that the victim was an elementary school pupil, we can never forgive it and feel it was extremely regrettable," he said in a statement.

The US military could not be reached for comment Monday, the Independence Day holiday.

The United States stations 40,500 troops in officially pacifist Japan under a security alliance and stresses it is sensitive to local concerns.

Okinawa accounts for less than one percent of Japan's land mass but remains the base of 65 percent of the US troops, with other communities reluctant to host them.

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