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Will U.S. Listen to Peaceful Mass Movement? Pakistani Secularists Face Defeat at every level
January 3, 2003 Rallies Support Iraq, Palestine, Condemn FBI raids, Back Paks in U.S.
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

The Islamic movement's coalition known as the MMA held mass rallies in every major Pakistani city on January 3, 2003 to condemn U.S. moves against the Muslim world. Tens of thousands of people said it in clear terms: "USA: Your bullying tactics are rejected by Pakistan."

The demonstrations were either not reported or reported in a dismissive way by the U.S. media. Americans get their news about Pakistan from the Zionist-controlled media, such as CNN (TV), NPR (radio) and the New York Times (print and online) which in turn are hooked up to Pakistani secularists (like Sethi of Friday Times), the Pakistani government and the U.S. embassy in Pakistan for their information. The result is:

1. Mass demonstrations are dismissed as "acts of a few religious extremists."
2. Bomb attacks (or more usually attempted attacks) by fringe groups like the shadowy "Jaish Muhammad" are given major publicity.
3. Christians and Muslims exist happily in Pakistan. Christians face nothing like the treatment Muslims have received in the U.S. but on Christmas an attack on a church probably made by Zionist or Indian agents to undermine Pakistani unity, was highly publicized by the Zionists to malign Pakistan.

Even Associated Press did a hatchet job on the January 3 demonstrations by halving the number of participants. It reported the 20,000 people rallying outside Madni Masjid in Peshawar as "about 7,000 people" but added that "many more were expected as the demonstrations got into full swing later in the day." In other words, AP did not report on the entire demonstration but only on its starting point.

AP referred to the estimated 2000 people outside the Red Mosque in the small city of Islamabad as "about 400 people" and simply ignored the thousands who rallied in Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Sukker and many other towns.

The demonstrations were PEACEFUL and WITHOUT INCIDENT. Not even a window pane was broken. The speakers DID NOT call for attacks on U.S. targets; however, the rhetoric of the speakers was used by the media in America to create the impression that violence was intended. For instance, Maulana Samiul Haq said: " The U.S. has started a war against Muslims. This is a war between the friends of Allah and the friends of Satan." He did not suggest that Pakistanis should attack American presence in Pakistan.

Similarly Maulana Fazlur Rahman said: "The American attack on Iraq will be an attack on the Islamic world. If today we cannot stop America from attacking Iraq, then tomorrow they will attack Iran, and then it could be Pakistan." Fazlur Rahman's movement is entirely political, not part of the jihad movement. He missed becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan by ONE VOTE in the new parliament.

Jamaate Islami leaders were even more low key and concentrated on condemning FBI raids on the homes of Pakistani physicians.

The U.S. embassy dismissed the importance of the demonstrations and stated that the U.S. was "not unduly concerned." On the other hand, the U.S. embassy is under heavy security blanket to prevent attacks from martyrs-to-be. In Karachi the U.S. consulate not only has a high wall but has layers of cement blockers: an armored vehicle with heavy machine gun at the ready faces the building while squads of police and special forces guard the gates. Thus those who want to bomb the Americans out have the U.S.'s full attention while the peaceful demonstrators are dismissed as insignificant.
[These demonstrations symbolize the feelings of the entire nation. Resentment of U.S. policies is pervasive and has percolated even into secularist circles. The ordinary Pakistani does not have the time or resources to join demonstrations but any random sampling shows that anti-U.S. protests have mass support.]
[The entire 1300 mile border populations stretching from the coastal tip of Baluchistan, running through Frontier Province into Chitral and Swat have voted overwhelmingly for peaceful Islamic movements opposing the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan. The Taliban are seen here are victims of a superpower bully. In the voting, entrenched secularist power structure was wiped out. Arrogant secularists, never defeated, like the Wali Khan clan in Charsadda or the PPP in Peshawar were erased by such big margins that they could not even plead "rigging" or "no fair." The Pathans and Baluch are boiling with anger at the U.S. assault on Afghanistan.]

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