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"O Allah! I seek refuge with You from helplessness, laziness and cowardice, and from such old age in which one loses understanding, and from stinginess; and I seek refuge with you from the punishment of the grave and the fears and misdirections of life and death." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith in Sahih Muslim.]
New Trend is against ALL violence, be it directed against human beings or against animals or against the environment. We want peace in the world but we know that peace can only follow justice. We are for the self-determination of all nations. We believe that Palestinians, Kashmiris, Chechens, Afghans and Iraqis have the right to liberate their countries and to drive out the occupiers. We consider it a form of hypocrisy if wars launched by governments are not condemned and the losses inflicted by states are sanitized as "collateral" damage. By contrast, we hear the constant condemnation of attacks by the weaker side as "terrorism." ALL violence must be condemned. Not even a cat should be killed or left to starve.
1. President Bush. "These despicable acts were committed by killers whose only faith is hate, and the United States will find the killers, and they will learn the meaning of American justice."
2. Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.. "They (the terrorists) cannot shake even a hair on our bodies. According to the Qur'an, they are going to the hellfire."
3. Military Coup Leader Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan. My heart bleeds on the attack in Saudi Arabia {or some such words}.
4. Prime Minister of India, Atal Behari Vajpayee condemned terrorism, tried to connect to Kashmir.
5. President Putin of Russia. [He sees connection between Riyadh and Chechnya.]

And nearer home:
6. Nail al-Jubeir, Saudi Director of Information, in USA. "It is an attack on all of us." [He meant people in the Saudi and U.S. power structure are one. [CNN May 13]
7. Stephen Schwartz, author of a propaganda book called THE TWO FACES OF ISLAM. The "Wahhabis" are responsible for the attack, he said, and that America should seize Saudi assets. [MSNBC TV, May 13]
8. Steven Emerson, notorious Zionist Jew, agreed with Schwartz that Saudi assets should be seized. [Ibid.]
9. CAIR, a Saudi-funded "advocacy" group which uses the name of Islam, strongly condemned the Riyadh attack.
10. Christopher Hitchens, an irresponsible political commentator who strongly supported the attack on Iraq as an act of "liberation." [From his appearance on TV, he seems to be high on something, very well fed, and seems to have just come from a brothel with love locks falling on his forehead. He claims Saddam killed about 400,000 to a million Kurds. He likes to add or subtract zeros from the figures he uses, quite arbitrarily.]
11. Gary Bauer, a Zionist Christian evangelist. He is TO THE RIGHT of SHARON and rejects the American plan for "two states" in Palestine. [MSNBC, Hardball]

All 11 of them condemned the attack in Riyadh without any 'ifs' or 'buts.'
1. None of them have condemned the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan.
2. None of them have acknowledged that 60,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan. Or that of these, nearly 4,000 civilian Afghan deaths have been documented by an American analyst.
3. They do not condemn the 100,000 Iraqis killed in the First Gulf War by the elder Bush. They never mention any statistics of Muslim civilians killed.
4. They do not mention or condemn the million plus civilian deaths caused in Iraq by the U.S.-U.N.-Saudi embargo and sanctions, many of them CHILDREN UNDER FIVE.
5. They do not mention the numbers of Iraqis killed in the current war of aggression, let alone condemning the bombing in any specific terms. [The only exception could be CAIR which has expressed some vague regrets.] [According to Ramsey Clark, 5,000 Iraqi civilians and 25,000 troops were killed in three weeks of bombing. None of the 30,000 knew what hit them as the U.S. used the most sophisticated murder machine the world has ever known.]
6. General Musharref helped the U.S. attack on defenseless Afghanistan. During this war on Iraq, he did not MAKE THE SLIGHTEST GESTURE OF OPPOSITION to the aggression, although Pakistanis by the millions were condemning the war. Calling in the U.S. ambassador to show slight displeasure was too much for Musharraf.
7. The Saudi rulers too did not call in the American ambassador to reprimand him for the U.S. bombing of Iraq even when Bush was using B-52s and B1s WITHIN the city of Baghdad.

For all of them, the U.S. attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq were not crimes, but the mujahideen attack on Riyadh is a crime.
by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

It appears from U.S. reports that the attackers shot their way into the compound and then blew up a truck and several cars packed with explosives at three buildings in the compound.

Fifty Americans escaped injury because they were out in the desert with Saudi troops in a military exercise.

According to the U.S. ambassador in Saudi Arabia (as we reported earlier from CNN), the people living in the compound come under three categories:
1. Advisors to the Saudi National Guard [which at an expense of $3 billion/year holds the country under the corrupt rule of the Saudi family.]
2. Advisors to the Saudi army [which has never fought in any Islamic cause, and has strictly avoided conflict with Israel which abuts its northern border.] This army is basically used as a dumping ground for U.S. military products at high prices.
3. Defense contractors. Second to oil, the sale of military-related products to Saudi Arabia enriches American military-industrial complex and stabilizes the Saudi monarchy, making it almost impossible for the Saudi people to rise up against the weaponry in the hands of Saudi mercenaries.

Islamic assailants have introduced a new kind of warfare which nullifies the superiority of American firepower. The Americans have no one to shoot at and no country to destroy in revenge. If the American military goes on the rampage against its own puppet rulers, the result will only be an open conflict between Islam and America, which at this time is more carefully channeled through regimes such as the Saudi one, which actually uses the name of Islam while allying itself with those supporting Israel and India.

In the current war on Iraq about 150 American troops were reported killed. Most of them are from poor families, Hispanic, Black and poor white from small towns. These are cannon fodder. America can afford to lose any number of such troops.

By contrast, the Riyadh attack, even with 34 killed and 160 injured (till last reports) of whom only 8 were Americans, has shaken the American-Saudi alliance. It has hit the underpinning of the Saudi power structure, the whole area of defense contracts, National Guards, and military connection with the U.S. military-industrial complex.

The key to understanding the situation is as follows: There is a war on between Islam and the Zionist-U.S. power structure. Nine mujahideen gave their lives in the Riyadh attack. The Saudis say that the charred bodies of the nine have been found.

Let us hope and pray for peace. With TRUTH and honesty in reporting, reality may prevail, and the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.
King Abdullah of Jordan Gets $700 m Reward for betrayal of Iraq in Current U.S. attack

[With thanks to Sis. Hamdiyeh, South Carolina.]
[Wire report.]

Jordan discreetly helped to facilitate the US-led campaign to overthrow former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. King Abdullah distanced himself publicly from the war under strong domestic pressure while allowing US special forces crucial access to western Iraq from Jordanian soil.
The $700 million tranche is part of a $1.1 billion aid package to the kingdom that includes $400m in military aid. This is in addition to $450m given annually by Washington to Amman.
Jordan's deal is part of a $8bn supplemental aid package to reward regional allies including Egypt, Afghanistan, Israel and Pakistan.
With US lobbying, Jordan has secured three months of free oil from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE to make up for lost Iraqi supplies.
Powell will also seal a long-delayed bilateral investment treaty held up since 1997 which officials and businessmen hope will boost growing US direct investment.
The treaty affords better protection to US firms operating in Jordan and encourages investment in industrial parks that export duty free to the lucrative US market.
A First: British MP Pinpoints Jewish Responsibility for U.S. and British Foreign Policy
Rejects Charges of Anti-Semitism
Dalyell steps up attack on Levy

[Excerpted, with thanks to Br. Shoaib in London, England.]

Michael White, political editor
Tuesday May 6, 2003
The Guardian

The Labour MP Tam Dalyell yesterday scornfully brushed aside accusations of anti-semitism but stood by the allegation that has landed him in political trouble, that "there is far too much Jewish influence in the United States" and one over-influential Jew in Tony Blair's entourage. Faced with threats to take "inflammatory remarks" to the commission for racial equality, the MP for Linlithgow raised the stakes significantly by criticising Lord Levy, the music mogul turned Blair fundraiser and tennis partner, whose in timate contacts across the region have made him No 10's envoy to the Middle East. "I believe his influence has been very important on the prime minister and has led to what I see as this awful war and the sack of Baghdad," said Mr Dalyell .....

After Mr Dalyell was indirectly reported by Vanity Fair magazine as criticising "a cabal of Jewish advisers" driving US-UK policy towards Iraq - and now Syria - there were protests, and Professor Eric Moonman, a Labour MP 20 years ago, started legal consultations over a complaint to the CRE. But Mr Dalyell may be the MP least likely to buckle to pressure. Questioned on Radio 4's World at One, he said: "The cabal I referred to was American," and named seven hawkish advisers to President George Bush - six of them Jewish - as urging a strike against Syria. "It's the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs combined with neo-Christian fundamentalists. I think a lot of it is Likudnik, Mr Sharon's agenda, and when it comes to an attack on Syria this is a very serious matter." Pressed further, the MP conceded he had "picked out one person [in Britain] about whom I am extremely concerned and I have to be blunt about it. That is Lord Levy, Mr Blair's official representative in the Middle East. This has two questions: first, should not this be done by the Foreign Office; second, are special representatives to be accountable or not?" Downing Street has often been forced to defend Lord Levy, both over aggressive fundraising and as an envoy - welcome in Arab capitals, including Damascus, as well as Tel Aviv - who cannot be questioned by MPs.

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