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By: Ather Masood

Congressman Coble vs Japanese-Americans
Let's Bring the Troops Home from Iraq!

These days the word "terrorist," is used around a lot. Most often this word is used in context toward Muslims. But would it surprise you to know that President Bush's grandfather was a terrorist? Why does the President not clean up his own house first, before pursuing "terrorists," in other nations? In it's long history of fighting other peoples, Geronimo of the Apache nation was the last major resistance leader among the Native Peoples. In the 1800's Goyathlay (real name in the Apache tongue) repeatedly defeated American soldiers from the 6th calvary for may years. His victories and attempts to preserve the Apache way of life drew much criticism, envy, and jealousy from the military establishment in the United States. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Prescott Bush was responsible in stealing the skull of Geronimo, leader of the Apache people. Many of us may not know. But it is incumbent upon us to join forces with those who continue to suffer in this great nation. In 1918 History tells us that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current Bush in office, raided Fort Sill in Oklahoma with two other companions. While he was there, the three individuals stole Geronimo's skull and sent it off to New Haven Connecticut. ( ) The Native Peoples' have tried repeatedly to dialogue with the Bush family over this matter. Time after time excuses were made to Native-American representatives about the whereabouts of Geronimo's skull. To this day. Several different representatives have gone over the years to locate and return Geronimo's skull to it's proper resting place.

The skull of Pancho Villa is also know to have been looted by the same crowd of terrorists.
Where are the people who are asking for the remains of Geronimo and Pancho Villa? Let us forcefully ask President Bush to be civil and return these remains back to their resting places. We must ask ourselves how the present day family members of Geronimo must feel. Would anyone be happy knowing one of our relatives' remains is being used for strange sadistic rituals? Is it not proper for Geronimo to receive his proper resting place? Lastly do such actions paint Mr. Bush as a Terrorist? So will the real Terrorist please stand up. As Muslims it is our duty to call for the return of both skulls and inform others to do the same. JAPANESE-AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVES SHAFTED BY REP. COBLE Earlier this month Congressman Howard Coble agreed to meet with the Japanese-American council (along with several other Muslim, Middle-Eastern, and other Civil Rights groups). On July 10 Mr.. Coble refused to meet with the representatives lead by the Japanese-American community. You may remember Mr.. representative Coble thought it was "good," to have Japanese-Americans in prison camps during WWII. His remarks came in response to calls for similar measures against Muslims and Arab peoples in America. Once again we see the true face of a public official who breaks his promises and then goes out openly to condemn other people that are not like himself. Mr. Coble owes everyone an explanation for his crude discourse within the domain of the American people. The Muslim community must stand shoulder to shoulder with the Japanese people to force Mr. Coble's resignation. Anything less would be uncivilized. A full statement from the Japanese- American Citizens' Council is as follows:
Rep. Coble Reneges on Agreement to Meet JACL Statement in response by JACL
Having agreed last month to meet with the JACL and other civil rights groups to discuss his comments concerning the internment of the Japanese American community during World War II, we are extremely disappointed that Rep. Howard Coble has reneged and now refuses to schedule any meeting. His continued refusal to discuss this matter with the JACL and other concerned members of the civil rights community only demonstrates Rep. Coble's arrogant disregard of the Asian Pacific American community and his rejection of the concerns expressed by millions of Americans, holding himself above the principles of a representative democracy. As an American and someone who cares about civil rights, I personally find his actions offensive. Needless to say, we are baffled at Rep. Coble's recalcitrance, intractability and complete distain for our concerns such that he will not even discuss the issue face to face. We will continue to call on the House Republican leadership, as well as the White House, to repudiate Rep. Coble's statement about the WWII internment and to explain to us how his insensitivity will serve the best interest of a subcommittee charged with determining fair treatment of those who fall under the broad net of this administration's anti-terrorist policies. This matter is far from settled.
John Tateishi
National Executive Director
Japanese American Citizens League
San Francisco
For more information about this issue please see the following website
It has been about two months since President Bush declared victory in Iraq. At that time American were bragging about being a superpower and having the ability to do anything anywhere. Sure enough triumphant American citizens proclaimed the end of Saddam Hussein and a new friendlier Iraq. With the burning of the Quran written by Hazrat Ali (rz) to the wanton killing of Iraqi citizens, American policymakers were assured of a bonanza. EVEN SOME FEDERAL EMPLOYEES THREW PRIVATE PARTIES PROCLAIMING VICTORY AGAINST FUNDAMENTALIST MUSLIMS. The families of soldiers declared anti-war representatives to be traitors to America for not supporting troops. We must submit to all those present now: WHERE ARE ALL THE FAMILIES OF THESE TROOPS NOW WHEN OFFICERS WISH TO COME BACK HOME? Where are all the "proud" servicing men and women who say supporting troops is necessary. Now that the army wants to come home, do they not deserve our support? We ask this openly and respectfully. Now all is silent. all the war-mongers from the President down to the brainwashed Americans are silent. NOW WE REALLY KNOW THAT PRO-WAR SUPPORTERS WERE ONLY SUPPORTING THEIR EGO AND NOTHING MORE! Jamaat-Al-Muslimeen in Chicago calls on all members to begin new demonstrations to bring our troops back home. They are now asking to come home. While jobs in America fail, Affirmative-Action in schools still under attack (even with the recent Supreme Court ruling), inner cities overflowing with homeless people, elderly being denied proper health care, families being dismantled, and some cities bankrupt, the Republican party still thinks Iraq is Texas. Why are poor black, white, and brown soldiers dying? THIS IS NOT SOME GAME! PEOPLE'S LIVES ARE BEING TAKEN FOR NOTHING! Americans cannot just sit and party, while Iraqi, Americans, Muslims, Christians, Men and women and children are being killed over stupidity. our troops need to come home to their families where they belong! Jamaat-Al-Muslimeen will ally itself with all progressive forces to call for massive demonstrations in protest of our actions in Iraq. We will continue to update whatever takes place.

2003-07-25 Fri 19:46ct