Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

(in response to a question from Sis. Eileen, New Jersey)
(Info collected by Br. Khalid Amayreh, Occupied Palestine)

"One who does anything to help or support or strengthen
an oppressor when he knows that such a one is an
oppressor, has undoubtedly left the fold of Islam."
(Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith)

Abu Zar Ghaffari says: I asked the messenger of Allah,
pbuh, which deed is at the level of excellence? He replied
"To believe in Allah and to do Jihad in His Way."
(Hadith, Bukhari, Muslim)

The Afghans have made it possible for all right-minded people to see that when the "progressive" people of the West have to choose between statues beautifully wrought out of mountainsides by a bygone generation and young children dying of disease by the hundreds, the Kofi Enan types unerringly choose statues over children.

Behind the media blitz aimed at proving that Afghans are savages and deserve to die, the destruction of the places of worship of a living people has been covered up. The Zionist Jews have been destroying and desecrating mosques in occupied Palestine and the destruction did not make it even to page 22 of the New York Times.

Here is an incomplete list of mosques desecrated by the Jewish occupation forces ONLY DURING the RECENT Intifada:
1. Masjid Hiwwara in Nablus, burned down by Jewish settlers.
2. Masjid Khaled ibn al-Walid in Hebron (al-Khaleel) attacked and ruined recently.
3. Masjid Tabariya, burned during the first week of the Intifada.
4. Masjid Beir al Saba turned into a museum
5. Masjid al-Baher, near Akka
6. Masjid Rafah, bombarded on March 13 with artillery shells.
7. Masjid Khan Younis (along with a nursery) attacked last month.

(This list is incomplete. We need information from our readers to make it complete.)

DURING THE TAKEOVER OF PALESTINE BY JEWS IN 1948, nearly 400 MOSQUES were desecrated, many of them completely obliterated.
The Zionist Jewish way is to attack the places of worship of others. They are systematically preparing the destruction of masjid al-Aqsa. Remember the Jew who killed worshippers praying in a mosque during Ramadan? And the Jewish woman who threw a pig head at a mosque?
These are the people who want blasphemy laws to be repealed in Pakistan. Notice that there was not even a pretense of 'cultural decency' from the Zionist media when the Hindu extremists destroyed Babri masjid in India?
The attacks on mosques in Pakistan, though carried out by local agents and Indian operatives, seem to have the Zionist mindset and planning behind them.
What have you done against Israel today? Are you still buying from Jewish businesses which fund Israel?
Note: There was recently a linkup between BARNES AND NOBLE bookstores chain and ADL (the so-called ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE of Bnai Brith) in the name of fighting hate crimes. Behind the facade is the attempt to keep all questioning of Jewish myths out of the public limelight. Please question BARNES and NOBLE.

2001-03-24 Sat 12:05ct