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Saddam Hussain Answers Bush: Scroll down for Excerpts:
Community Rallies to Support 6 Victims of Witch hunt: Spies Isolated
Some good news: There was heavy support for the six Muslims in a Buffalo, New York court today, Sept.19. Looks like AMC and Dr. Khalid Qazi are now isolated owing to their support for FBI's move against Muslims.
"Sharon is a Man of Peace": A look at the Terrorist hiding in Palestine
Ms. Ashleigh Banfield and Steve Emerson: Birds of a feather
Brief Letters:
From Ijaz on the Georgia lady who called the police on three young Muslims:

"The lady and the three boys: how did she know which cars were theirs for the plates. This is especially if she came in after them or there were more than 10 people in the restaurant. Diners are never empty."
Sis. Hamdiyeh, Charleston, SC, sends this item on the Lackawanna Six:

"Alwan, with Mukhtar al Bakri, 22; Faysal Galab, 26; Shafal Mosed, 24; Yasein Taher, 24; and Yahya Goba, 25, were charged on Saturday with conspiring to give material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization.

John Molloy, who represents al Bakri, said he was impressed by the number of people who attended the meeting and were willing to help arrange the bail.

"My client is very shocked," said Molloy. "He was snatched from his wedding bed. The reception (in Bahrain) ended at 2am and he was arrested at 11am."
On Dr. Shabazz's critique of the ISNA convention:
"Thank you for sharing this courageous statement." [From Don]
"I guess I'm glad I wasn't there. I'm in agreement with you."
Dear Ms. Ashleigh Banfield (MSNBC)

I watched you talking to Steve Emerson a few minutes back (September 19) about the six innocent Muslim citizens of the United States who are being prepared for a lynching in Buffalo, New York.

Is it possible that you don't know Emerson's track record on Islam and Muslims? His voice has been a steady message of hate, relentlessly spewing the seeds of suspicion, bigotry and racism. When was the last time he was honest about Muslims?

Ms. Banfield, you are supposed to be a journalist but you forgot a basic rule of journalism: both sides must be heard. You, with Emerson's help, are trying to convict the six Muslims before they are tried. What kind of justice can the six expect when you have already spread the idea that a "big meal" means a terrorist attack.

How do you know what happened in the camp in Afghanistan which the Muslims visited, other than the prosecution story? Have you interviewed any of the six?

One of the six was arrested when he was visiting Bahrain to get married. Have you tried to interview the family which his arbitrary arrest broke up?

Try to follow the norms of journalism so that your audiences can believe that you are a journalist and not a Zionist propagandist. The audience for C-Span has grown vast because of the heavy-handed "Emerson-as-expert" type of bilge which you keep dribbling.

Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
The New Holocaust Deniers: Media Silent on Sabra-Shatilla
[Sharon the Terrorist is Bush's Best Friend: He calls Palestnians 'terrorists.']

By Nadrat Siddique

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Sabra-Shatilla massacre. I turned onthe radio and strained my ears for the hint of a mention of this holocaust of Palestinian refugees by a Phalange militia under the control of the man who now runs Israel's war machine--Ariel Sharon. My ears popped, and still not a single peep from any of the major broadcast stations, The one noteable exception was the noble Pacifica Radio.

On my college campus, with its large Jewish and Arab populations, I wondered how many students, when asked, would accurately be able to answer the question of "What happened at Sabra-Shatilla?" The same highly informed student population would undoubtedly be able to spout off the accepted storyline of the Jewish holocaust.

I wondered how in good conscience, could one devote entire sections in bookstores, semester-long college courses, entire T.V. programs and Hollywood movies, memorial ceremonies, newspaper ads, and more, to an event which, according to Jewish and pro-Jewish historians, took place decades ago--while maintaining a total silence on Sabra-Shatilla, which is so much closer to us in time, and which policies of genocide of the Palestinian population have only been amplified, not attenuated nor addressed through reparations.

Unlike the survivors of the Jewish Holocaust, and their descendents, the survivors of Sabra-Shatilla have not only had no acknowledgment of their suffering, but must continue day after day to see the overseer of that massacre, Sharon, honored and respected in the halls of power, maintained in his position of head of state of occupied Palestine. Imagine if Adolph Hitler, after perpetuating genocide against the Jews (ala the Jewish historian version of history), remained as head of the German state today and continued to inflict suffering on the Jewish population. Such is the situation of the Palestinians who must live with the constant reminder that Sharon, far from being punished for his misdeeds, has been rewarded with installation in high office, and continues launch new Sabra-Shatillas daily.

This day let us remember Sabra and Shatilla, and work to stop further Sabra and Shatillas from happening.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Nadrat Siddique

If you blow out the candles in my eyes,
If you freeze all the kisses on my lips,
If you fill my native air with lisping curses,
Or silence my anguish,
Forge my coin,
Uproot the smile from my children's faces.
If you raise a thousand walls,
And nail my eyes to humiliation,
Enemy of man,
I shall not compromise
And to the end
I shall fight.

--Samir Al-Qassem
(from M.G.)
You should have listened to Saddam's message on C-Span. It was just great! For once we hear words of truth and honesty.
HE IS SO CLEAR ABOUT ISRAEL. No wonder they hate his guts. He is the only ruler today who clearly refers to the Jewish state as "The Zionist Entity."

He knew about America's intentions to:
1. Get control of our oil, all 100% of it.
2. Create U.S. hegemony in the region.
3. Help Israel.

He was great! They say, he said, we help the Palestinians. That is right but we would do more if it were not for the embargo.

He stripped the falsehood from the story that the U.N. lets Iraq sell some of its oil for food. [What gall these imperialists have, controlling the life blood of a nation.]

He invited the scientists and leaders of the world to come and see if there are any wmds in Iraq.

Brother: They will not let him survive. This man speaks the truth and says it like it is. He is the enemy of the Zionists and they know it.
EDITOR's NOTE: According to TOM CLANCY, America's top writer on war stories, USA has tried SIXTY TIMES to kill Saddam by missiles and bombs but each time he escaped. How silly those Muslims must be feeling now who used to claim, under Iranian influence, that USA does not want to kill Saddam and that's why he is alive today. (It's a form of kufr to think that Bush can do whatever he wants to.]

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