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Imam Warithuddin 'Umar, from Albany, New York has sent the following response to CNN on its Nigeria report.

Dear Producer:

Your spin on the "rioting" in Nigeria is all wrong. Let me give you the appropriate story as it should be, and as it is actually registering throughout this corrupted changing world. "Alert! Muslims in Nigeria take a stand and decide to fight against their puppet government and it's USA/Israeli backers. The waning Western powers are promoting cultural death, corruption and promiscuity among the Muslim countries by promoting such activities as beauty contests, dancing and sexually suggestive music. The so-called beauty pageant is built on parading near-naked women before the public.

The Muslims see the cultural imperialism as part of an overall attempt by Israel and the USA to weaken and control the Muslim world. The Muslims won't stand for it. The Nigerian Muslims are providing a model of how to respond to such grievous insults to Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and Muslim history.

It is assumed by Muslim analysts in America that the nearly two billion (2,000,000,000) Muslims and their supporters and friends will begin to respond this way in the future to assaults on the Muslim way of Life."

2002-11-28 Thu 07:40ct