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War is Imminent: How Should the Muslims in USA and UK Respond?

The U.S. and UK are ready to launch an invasion of Iraq with 250,000 heavily armed troops. The invasion is scheduled to begin with a barrage of 8,000 missiles on Iraqi positions. Heavy civilian casualties are inevitable even if only 1% of the missiles cause "collateral damage."

Muslims in the U.S. and UK. will face severe psychological pressure as the invasion goes in. Here are some ways of dealing with the pressure.
1. TV will show America's military might, the planes, the missiles, the tanks, the heavily armed troops. Instead of being awed by this tremendous display of military power, Muslims should see the missiles, bombs, planes, tanks, etc., as the genitalia of a rapist about to assault a helpless victim. The Iraqis would not be attacked if the Anglo-Americans were not sure of an easy "rape." There is nothing to be proud for any decent person in this display of military might.

2. Stories of Saddam Hussain's crimes will proliferate especially when it will be impossible for him to answer. Remember that the Anglo-Americans are not going in for any human rights or humanitarian reasons. If any crimes are alleged, they must be investigated by independent authorities, not by the U.S. and the U.K.
2a. The invasion will be used to bury forever the evidence of the suffering caused by the U.S. embargo and sanctions. The deaths of nearly two million Iraqis will thus be hidden. [After the Second World War, the destruction of German civilian populations never became an issue because the world was mesmerized by stories of the Jewish holocaust.]

3.A Karzai type "democracy" will be attempted in Iraq with the dregs of CIA's Iraqi recruits, Kurdish warlords and pro-Iran clerics. Such a "government" will be neither Iraqi, nor independent nor Islamic. These agent-types will be brought forth by the media as representatives of a new "democractic" Iraq.


As far back as 1996, Richard Perle, who now advises the Bush administration, had written a paper titled "A Clean Break" for Netanyahoo, Israeli leader, calling for war on Iraq. Remember that the Iraqi nuclear plant at Osirik was destroyed by Israel in blatant violation of international law.

It's not a coincidence that the ENTIRE ZIONIST ESTABLISHMENT, including the Zionist major media, have for years called for the overthrow of Saddam Hussain. The STRATEGIC Zionist thinking behind the attacks on Saddam Hussain is ONE BASIC CONCEPT:
That the Arabs, Muslims, Africans should not be able to match Israel in any MILITARY EQUATION. "Disarming Saddam" is a euphemism for disarming the Muslim world to make sure that Israel can have complete military hegemony over the Middle East.

[Once the "disarming" has been done, a puppet Palestinian state will be created to take the steam out of the Palestinian resistance.]

IS IT FOR OIL or ISRAEL? It is for Israel, but as the Perle-Kashgoggi links have shown, the Zionists want to control oil too. This can best be done if the only INDEPENDENT Arab country is destroyed.

The REAL TARGET IN THE INVASION OF IRAQ, is Islam. Note that in the numerous scenarios being brought forth by the would be conquerors of Iraq, Islam is not seen as relevant or part of the new future. Islam is the enemy. It is mentioned only under the label of "terrorism."

[Will the U.S. invasion succeed? What will the Islamic world do? See our next issue.]

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