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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 28, 1428/ March 18, 2007 #23

Scroll down to report on U.S. taking out Somali Islamic refugees from Kenya to secret prisons. Also, report on Indian forces shooting down people to give their land to a multinational corporation.

Holocaust Censorship: Germar Rudolf sentenced: Scroll down

IT WAS COLD during March to Pentagon: 18 degrees F! As usual the Media Lied!
Here's a note from a non-Muslim reader. [See eyewitness account below.]

After some deliberation, I did go to D.C. today. It was so cold and windy, my driveway was icy, but had already opted to go.

I was so distressed, when I arrived home, to have R tell me that the media are saying that there was just about an equal number of pro war to anti-war protesters. This was definitely not true. There were a smattering of pro-war people along the edges of the march, but nothing significant. It's really a downer, after taking the trouble to brave this weather, to have the effort relegated to insignificance.


Iraqi Suffering Reaches Mega Proportions

According to UNHCR, an estimated 750,000 Iraqi refugees are in Jordan and more than 1,000,000 in Syria. [March 16, 2007]

Book Received
Challenging the New Orientalism: Dissenting Essays on the "War Against Islam"
by M. Shahid Alam. Order from: 2006, 248 pages, $19.95. Charming layout and printing.

New Trend strongly recommends this book to all intellectuals interested in the issues related to the criticism of Islam in America. Shahid Alam, from Bangladesh, shoots down Zionist scholars with as much accuracy as M.M. Alam observed in shooting down Indian jet fighters in the 1965 war with Pakistan. He demolishes Tom Friedman in one brilliant chapter and breaks Bernard Lewis into little pieces with great economy of analysis.

New Trend will publish a detailed review later, inshallah

ISLAM IN AMERICA: The Treachery of Siraj Wahhaj, al-Amoudi & ISNA
by Kaukab Siddique

New Trend urges SIRAJ WAHHAJ and ISNA [the so-called Islamic Society of North America] to repent and seek forgiveness from Allah and apologize to the Muslim Ummah for helping a Zionist judge to send Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman to prison for life.

SIRAJ WAHHAJ lied under oath, telling the Zionist judge, Michael Mukasey, that Dr. Abdel Rahman taught Muslims to "rob banks!" Shaikh Omar is so strong in his morals that he would not eat meat unless sacrificed as zabiha according to Islamic Law, let alone teaching illegal activity: He is an expert in FIQH. Siraj calumniated him with this big lie.

Siraj later gave a big interview to the Wall Street Journal and repeated his story about the Shaikh as if it is a joke. Siraj goes around claiming to be a Muslim leader and collecting money for ISNA-related projects while the great scholar of Islam Shaikh Omar languishes in a cell in America's gulag. Siraj did not care that earlier the same Wall Street Journal had ruined the career of Imam Warith Deen Umar, a much greater man than Siraj will ever be. The Wall Street Journal also sent out Asra Nomani to infiltrate Pakistan.

Along with Siraj, another ISNA man, Abdur Rahman al-Amoudi, also helped the Zionists by claiming that it is okay for a Zionist judge to be in charge of the trial of Shaikh Omar. Al-Amoudi's money games finally landed him in prison. His great friends Mahdi Bray and Mauri Saalakhan have still not given any account of their close relationship with Al-Amoudi. Were funds involved in this activity? Read al-Amoudi's confession.

Somebody should advise Siraj Wahhaj: he should apologize, or one day the Muslim world will put him and ISNA on trial.

Eyewitness Account
Peace Legions Besiege Pentagon War Center: Americans Curse Bush, Demand Troop Withdrawal without Delay: Islamic Presence Felt: Haitian, Filipino Reps Speak. Call to Close Down Prisons.
New Trend Special

On March 17, 2007 the ANSWER Coalition organized a very large anti-war demonstration in Washington, DC-Northern Virginia. By 12.30 PM thousands of demonstrators were pouring into the streets at Constitution ave. and 23rd street. This was a very young crowd from hundreds of organizations across the country. Right on time, the protestors started marching towards Virginia, crossed the Potomac river and converged on the Pentagon, the central headquarters for America's worldwide military operations. The seemingly impregnable center of America's offensive power was struck on 9.11.01 by Islamic martyrdom operators but has quite recovered from the blow. Now it was facing a new kind of threat, columns of Americans demanding peace instead of war! At a time when Bush's support base has dropped to less than 35%, in places to 20%, the demonstrators marched with a new assurance now that they represent a national consensus.

As the demonstrators marched, they chanted slogans against the war in Iraq demanding an IMMEDIATE withdrawal of U.S. troops. More and more, demands for the IMPEACHMENT of Bush have become common. Credit goes to Ramsey Clark who started the impeachment campaign more than a year back with an initial list of 500,000 signatures.

Along the way and near the way, there were small groups of COUNTER DEMONSTRATORS who had been galvanized by a false rumor that the graveyards of war dead would be desecrated. The police were out in large numbers while government helicopters flew overhead trying to drown out the sound of the anti-war chanting.

For once the ISLAMIC PRESENCE was recognizable owing to the activism of young Islamic protestors. There were people from several Islamic entities: Masjid al-Islam and Ummah Savers in Washington, DC; Muslim students from the University of Maryland Baltimore County; and Jamaat al-Muslimeen. There were also a few Islamic people from other cities but too scattered among the columns of ANSWER marchers. There were a few secularist Muslims too, including Pakistanis who distributed a flyer condemning the murder of Baluch leader Akbar Khan Bugti. There were also a few secular Arab activists, mostly Palestinian.

How to make the ISLAMIC PRESENCE FELT among so many thousands of protestors ? The problem was solved when Br. Bilal, a tall African-American brother from Masjid al-Islam started chanting TAKBEER, ALLAHU AKBAR and every Muslim joined in and even a few non-Muslims who recognize it now as the Muslim call for STRUGGLE.

Nadrat Siddique led the Islamic chanting using a real loud megaphone. She was wearing a deep red dress in the tradition of Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., as reported in Hadith. After she led the chants for 45 minutes, Br. Kaukab and then Br. Aqeel from Philadelphia used the megaphone to deliver Jamaat al-Muslimeen's message. Imagine the scene as these chants were interspersed with Br. Bilal's repeated slogan of Allahu Akbar! Here are the chants: Try them in your own rallies:

What do we want for.... [This was said in front of each country name]:

U.S. Out!

U.S. Out!

Iraq, Iran?
U.S. Out!

U.S. Out of Muslim Lands!

What do we want for.... [again repeated for each]

U.S. Out!

U.S. Out!

And Kashmir?
U.S. Out!

U.S. Out of Muslim Lands

One, we are the Muslims
Two, a little bit louder
Three, we want Palestine to be free

La hawla wallah quwat illah billah

[The following was the central slogan]

From Iraq to Palestine
Occupation is a crime

La illahha ill Allah
Muhammad rasullallah

La illahha ill Allah
Freedom for Jerusalem

La illahha ill Allah
Freedom for Jerusalem

Money for jobs and education
Not for war and occupation!

Shut it down!

Shut it down!

Terre Haute
Shut it down!

Shut it down!

Abu Ghraib
Shut it down!

Shut it down!

Shut it down!

Free free Jamil Al-Amin
Free free Jamil Al-Amin
Free free H. Rap Brown
Free free H. Rap Brown

Freedom for the political prisoners
Free them all NOW!

Free free Ahmed Abdel Sattar
Free free Ahmed Abdel Sattar

Free free Eddie Conway
Free free Eddie Conway

Freedom for the political prisoners
Free them all NOW!

Free free Jalil Muntaqim
Free free Jalil Muntaqim

Free free Herman Bell
Free free Herman Bell

Free free the Panther Eight
Free free the Panther Eight

Freedom for the political prisoners
Free them all NOW!

Tear down the walls
Tear down the walls

[The following was also a Central slogan]

Bush, Cheney, and the CIA
Biggest Terrorists in the World Today

In addition to these chants by all three, Br. Kaukab called these out very loudly:

Free Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar

Free Masaud Khan

Free Ali al-Timimi

Jamaat al-Muslimeen news
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

OUTREACH to Baltimore Muslims at Biggest Mosque

On March 9, 2007 Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature was distributed after Juma' salat at Masjid ar-Rahmah on the West Side of Baltimore. The literature included an extensive article by Dr. Kaukab Siddique on CALIPHATE vs DEMOCRACY.

More than 500 people pray at this masjid and we did not have enough papers to give to everyone. We need funds from readers to publish enough papers to continue our outreach. [The papers were well received. Looks like the efforts of some people in this community to stop Jamaat al-Muslimeen have failed. The people in charge are either unwilling or unable to stop the distribution.]

Two Hour Interview with Radio Lewis News Emphasized Oppression of U.S. Muslims by U.S. Zionist Regime : Islamic Women in Islamabad Challenged General Musharraf

Lewis News has a Muslim-friendly program coming out of Washington State on the Pacific coast. It reaches 800,000 people on the west coast of the U.S. and in various parts of the world. During the night of March 16-17, Dr. Kaukab Siddique was the guest in an interview-conversation with Mr. Schantz of Lewis News, which lasted for 2 hours from 11 PM to 1 AM Eastern Standard Time. It will be replayed for two more days and then put on the Lewis News web site for 6 months. There were no commercials in this program so the conversation actually continued for 2 hours, minus 2 one minute breaks Dr. Siddique took for tea . [Dr. Siddique drinks green tea from China.] Thanks for making the interview possible go to Br. Zafar Minhas and Br. Nashid Abdul Khaliq, both based out of "Saudi" Arabia.

Here are some of the main points Dr. Siddique made as he was goaded on by his interviewer, Mr. Schantz, who is, to put it mildly, strong opposed to the Bush administration in truly American nationalist style.

The U.S. could not win in Iraq owing to Islamic resistance, particularly in Anbar, Baghdad and north to Mosul. Without understanding Islam, Americans cannot understand the process of change in our world.
Islam has its own agenda and Islamic forces want to implement the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith in the form of Shar'ia.
According to the universally accepted principle of self-determination, Muslims have the right to shape their nations according to Islam. Bush and the Zionists present this effort as "terrorism."
In every Muslim country, people are rising up, usually peacefully but sometimes with weapons, to make Islam real.
The U.S. has planted dictators in almost every Muslim country, linked to Israel, be it Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Musharraf of Pakistan, Abdullah of Jordan.
Americans who are non-Zionist and not part of the power structure should visit Muslim countries and create international friendship. The Muslims are not against the American people. [We invite Mr. Schantz to visit Pakistan.] Islamic hospitality is alive and well.
Daniel Pearl's beheading was much too cruel but notice that he was an Israeli, using American cover to infiltrate Pakistan whose people see Israeli Jews as the enemies of peace and of humanity. [Mr. Schantz' comment: We don't behead anyone. Instead we obliterate entire families with missiles or drop cluster bombs in populated areas.]
Sooner or later America will realize that U.S. support for Israel is the root of the conflict. Israelis need to come home peacefully. [Mr. Schantz' comment: U.S. won't stop supporting Israel.]
General Musharraf has been cornered by the Pakistani people but he survives owing to a mercenary army funded and armed by the U.S.
It's difficult for Americans to know about Pakistan because the tiny Americanized enclaves of secular Pakistanis are the only sources of information about Pakistan in the U.S. media. The concerns and issues facing the Pakistani people are blocked by these westernized elites.
Recently ISLAMIC WOMEN, dressed in strictly Islamic outer garments, defied the power of General Musharraf [also known as Busharraf because he is Bush's puppy] and won. The U.S. media did not get this news at all although the women's uprising was in ISLAMABAD, the capital of Pakistan, and was reported in all the Urdu language newspapers.
Within America, the regime is oppressing the Muslims. Our leaders are in prison, our innocents are in prison, our people in their thousands have been oppressed by the Bush administration. [Here Dr. Siddique identified the following political prisoners being held by the U.S.]
1. Imam Jamil al-Amin, on fabricated charges.
2. Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, 60 years for talking on the phone to the Egyptian dictator's opponents.
3. Dr. Ali Timimi for giving Islamic teachings which the regime disapproves of, LIFE in prison.
4. Masaud Khan, visited an anti-India Islamic camp in Pakistan, sentenced to 90 years.
5. Jose Padilla, accused of "dirty bomb" plot, a charge later dropped, given "special treatment" in a cell for 3 years, now is a helpless wreck, and many, many others.........................
U.S. Muslims should stand up to the U.S. government and stop the oppression. Instead, many of their organizations are led by people working for the U.S. government interests.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen is trying to change the situation of America's Muslims by peaceful means, uncompromising but analytical, systematic and organized.
Americans who want to see a genuine Islamic expression of America's Muslims should go to our web site, the biggest Islamic site in the U.S.:

U.S. State Department's "Imam" Turned Down by India's Muslim: Yahya Hendi Exposed.
Was it an Attempt to Counter Br. Hodari Ali's Historic Visit to India?

[ It appears that the U.S. State Department was disturbed by the huge success of Br. Hodari Ali's visit to India where masses of Indian Muslims and Dalits {Black Indians} welcomed him. To counter the independent Islamic movement, the White House sent out a well known Uncle Tom and bootlicker Yahya Hendi to India. He sings the songs of how happy the Muslims are in USA . In effect, the oppressors and mass murderers in the White House wanted to use Hendi for their own purposes. Unfortunately for the regime, India's Muslims are much too sharp to be fooled by such tactics. Here are some quotes on the subject from the India correspondent of USA Today dated March 15. -editor's note]

"The chaplain, Imam Yahya Hendi, was in India for three days late last week to debunk myths about the status and treatment of Muslims in America, much as he has done in State Department-sponsored trips to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The visit, arranged by Karen Hughes' two-year-old public diplomacy office at the State Department, did produce successes.

" But several Muslim leaders contacted in advance by U.S. diplomats refused to have anything to do with the visit.

"At our mosque the imam wanted to lead a mass prayer and interact with the people," said Hyder Ali, a spokesman for the Baitul Aman Mosque, the largest in West Bengal. "But we turned down the request ... because he was acting on behalf of a government which for long years has been responsible for killings and sufferings of innocent Muslims in many countries including Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. We did not want to betray our brothers and sisters in those countries by extending him hospitality in our mosque."

Nur-ur Rahman Barkati, the chief of another prominent Calcutta mosque, said he would be pleased to allow Imam Hendi to conduct a prayer at his mosque had the American been on a "purely religious mission, with no connection with America's foreign diplomacy."

"He is a Muslim -- he is our brother. But we could not take him in our arms because he was here as a representative of the American government and George Bush -- the enemies of Islam and the world's Muslims," he said.'

It appears from the report

German Court Sentences 'Holocaust Denier' Rudolf to Prison Term
European Jewish Press - AFP

A German court on Thursday sentenced 42-year-old Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf to two and a half years in prison for inciting racial hatred. The court in Mannheim in southern Germany found that Rudolf had contested the murder of six million Jews in Europe during World War II in propaganda on the Internet and in various publications. Rudolf described the Holocaust as "a gigantic fraud" at the start of his trial. He said that he had found no evidence that the gas chambers used to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews ever existed.

14th March 2007
Nandigram Faces the wrath of the State.
West Bengal Government with CPM Cadres Begin War Against The People of Nandigram

Ten/Fifteen killed and few hundred wounded : women children and men continue to fight

This is not just a 'news'. It is a shocking and shaking cry from the people of Nandigram that has just reached us here, this moment. Since yesterday, there was a fear and a threat expressed that CPM has planned to attack with thousands of Police and CPM Cadres joining them, armed and prepared to forcibly occupy their land and the territory. The public statement to this effect was made by none else but Shri P.R.Roy Secretary, Home Affairs and Raj Kanojia IG- Law and Order, state of West Bengal. The opposition in WB on the other hand, during assembly session, had demanded a dialogue to start immediately.

As per the latest information, thousands of Police on entering the area, this morning, started firing, and 20 at least are found killed while hundreds are wounded lying on the street. Police are forcibly taking away the dead bodies. Women are at the forefront and have faced the attack the most. Children and men along with women are on the streets coming out of homes and villages to stop the brutal State and Party forces who are trying to take the territory under siege for SEZ with MNCs.

We are also informed that media persons were stopped from witnessing the brutal atrocities while two media persons from TARA News are said to be missing.

This Brutal attack must be immediately condemned and CPM must be compelled to stop murdering farmers immediately. Such state fascism and corporate war against people can't and must not be tolerated.

What happens in Nandigram and West Bengal is to decide the fate of not just hundreds of thousands of farmers, fish workers, laborers, artisans who voted for left front but now are in unprecedented battle for survival.

Please fax your condemnation letter immediately to

Prime Minister: (Fax) 011- 23016857, 23015603

Sonia Gandhi: (Fax) 011- 23018550, 23018651

Home Minister of India: (Fax) 011- 23094221

CM West Bengal: (Fax) 033-22145480

Governor West Bengal: (Fax) 033-22002444, 22001641

CPM: (Fax) 3747483
CPI: (Fax) 3235543

Your Urgent and Forceful Intervention including whatever kind of protest possible will go a long way.

Medha Patkar


Delhi Office: Action 2007, 1-A, Goela Lane, Under Hill Road Civil Lines, Delhi - 110054
Tel.: 011-23933307, (0)9868200316 E-Mail:

Mumbai Office: Action 2007, C/0 Chemical Mazdoor Sabha, 29-30, First Floor, 'A wing' Haji Habib Building, Naigaon Cross Road, Dadar (East), Mumbai-400014, Tel.: 022-24150529, (0)9969363065

U.S. allies in Africa may have engaged in secret renditions A network of US allies in East Africa secretly have transferred to prisons in Somalia and Ethiopia at least 80 people who were captured in Kenya while fleeing the recent war in Somalia, according to human rights advocates in Kenya. Kenyan authorities made the arrests as part of a US-backed military campaign in December and January against Somalia's Islamist militias, which Washington claims are linked to Al-Qaeda. At least 150 prisoners, including men and women of 17 nationalities and children as young as 7 months, were held in Kenya for several weeks before most of them were transferred covertly to Somalia and Ethiopia, where they are being held incommunicado, the groups charge. American officials in Kenya and Washington declined to comment on the allegations that they were involved in the detentions or renditions.

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