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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 26,1430/ March 24, 2009, # 15

Photo of the month. Palestinian mother calls for the wrath of Allah on Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak. Please scroll all the way down

Personal from Kaukab Siddique, Editor of New Trend
March 21, 2009: A date to remember in our family life.

Love, Marriage and Hadith: A Triumph for my Sister

My sister is a highly educated woman and very devoted to Allah Almighty. Unfortunately we disagree most of the time. I have become wary of getting into arguments with her about Islam because she is very persistent and will not lose a debate inspite of my considerable skills at argumentation.

A few years back her life was shattered by the cataclysmic death of her college going son in a car accident during a storm on the highway which swept him away along with two of his friends.

The tragedy changed my sister's life in strange ways which indicates how mysterious is the power of Allah. My sister is now a constant visitor to her Beloved's house in the far away city of Makka. Sometimes she goes there to spend the last ten days of Ramadan, sometimes for the lesser pilgrimage [Umra] and sometimes with the tumult of millions hungering for salvation [the Hajj]. Along the way she makes new friends, the hijabi types, in South Africa and in the mosques of Damascus.

She is constantly preaching the spiritual message of the Hadith of the greatest of all men, Muhammad, peace be on him. I often wonder how a highly westernized woman, immersed in developments in the medical sciences, could change so much and accept the deeply traditional wisdom enshrined in the Hadith.

Now comes my sister's greatest triumph. She carried out her American-born daughter's wedding according to the Sunnah! She and her husband invited relatives, friends and acquaintances to their daughter's wedding. The young man who married my niece accepted Islam and learned its basic teachings most conscientiously. [Both are medical graduates, just about.] The task before my sister, on the day of her daughter's wedding, was to keep both her Muslim and non-Muslim friends happy and yet not violate the Sunnah: quite a task and quite an accomplishment!

The nikah was performed by an 'Alim from Lebanon. He spoke well about love and tranquility in the words of the Qur'an. Then my sister taught the large audience what she calls the LOVE Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh. These authentic Hadith indicate how Muhammad, pbuh, expressed his love for his wife 'Ayesha, r.a.. All these ceremonies from Hadith easily replaced the jahiliyya ceremonies of our national cultures. Members of the audience made the same symbolic offerings of love and then added a few dollars of SADAQA to help the needy. Finally my sister reminded the assembled guests about the miracle of Zam Zam water which was given to a woman [Hajira, r.a.] who would not accept defeat in the vast expanses of the Arabian desert..

The Imam from Lebanon was extremely humble and finally [I suspect at the instigation of my sister] urged me to lead the maghrib prayers out on the lawn immediately after sunset. I tried to get out of it by saying that I had forgotten my prayer cap in my car, at which he took off his own cap and gave it to me. [While we prayed, the non-Muslim part of the audience watched the glow of the sunset, a beauty from Allah which no artist can match.]

A non-Muslim lady at the gathering asked me, with reference to the bridegroom: Why is it that those Christians who marry Muslims embrace Islam. Why can't they remain Christian? I told her that Muslims love Jesus, pbuh, and Mary, pbuh, so by embracing Islam, Christians do not lose Jesus, pbuh. They keep Jesus and Mary, peace be on them, but they gain Muhammad, pbuh, the Seal of the Prophets. So, they win everything and do not lose anything. She said; Now I know what's going on!

I have an envious fear that my sister is moving ahead of me in Islamic spirituality. I merely talk and write about the Beloved. She visits the House of the Beloved in Makka! What goes on there remains a mystery between her and the Beloved.

Personal Note #2:

Ten Year Old Says, she won't Write to an American Soldier in Iraq: They are Occupiers

Maitha is ten years old and lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. Recently her school teacher asked her class to write a letter of support to a soldier in Iraq. Maitha refused to write. The teacher wanted to know why. Her reply: They are occupiers. I cannot support an occupier. The teacher was stunned. [This is a public school.] She called Maitha's father. He is Imam Badi Ali of the Islamic Center of the Triad. He explained to the teacher that our children know that American forces should not be in Iraq and a child should not be asked to support an army of occupation.

[Comment by Kaukab Siddique: We have so many Islamic schools in America, yet we do not hear of any young people condemning the policies of the White House or the Pentagon. Youth should always be in the forefront of the struggle. Unfortunately they are being taught a SANITIZED Islam: the "five pillars" Islam: Not the Islam of Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, which begins with "La," the rejection of false gods. We need more children like Maitha. She could go to a public school and speak the truth. Yet we have lackey organizations setting up Islamic schools and taking Muslim children to the Pentagon and teaching them to be proud of the centers of oppression and war.]

Lest we Forget

Bush to U.S. Children: Collect Pennies for Afghan Children

by Sis. Sofia [New York city] [The writer is a teacher of English in New York.]

This poem (which I wrote after 9.11) was written as a satire against then President W. Bush (the poem is using his "voice") and representing Americans' macho mentality (represented in their slogan "We are number one"--something we don't hear anymore now) that was prevalent at the time in the U.S.A while many "made in the USA" bombs were being dropped over Afghanistan. The poem has used actual news items as part of the text. In other words, I have not made up any of the facts mentioned in it. (It's interesting to see how Afghans continue to suffer today what they did in 2001). The satirical twist given to them are mine. I think this poem is more in sync. with the overall purpose of New Trend.
Come children one and all
Come gather your pennies together
for your penny harvest
to save the children of Afghanistan
from starvation
and sure death
this winter strong.

Our bombs killed many
too hungry and too poor to run away.
Our bombs that rained from the skies.
But they deserved them all!
For we are strong!
And we can't be beat!

Even our food from the skies
knocked them dead
to smithereens
Even as they slept in their terrorist beds.
Tons hurling at lightening speed.
We were on their side.
You see?
They didn't need any graves.
Poor souls!
Their bodies torn to shreds
Even as they slept.
For everything that moved had to die.
You see?

Go meet your Allah in hell
We told them.
Even as we told them
how much we loved them.

Come little children
Do your piece now.
Convince one and all
how much we all love them.
Come collect your pennies
to repair their land
torn to shreds
by our billion dollar bombs.
You see our might and their plight?
They turn to us for mercy instead of the Lord!
We can't be beat!

Yes, we know we should have turned the other cheek
But that's only for public consumption.
We'll let Hollywood convince them
in sixty second ads
that we meant no harm.
That we were out to get only two
But got twenty thousand instead.
Some of them were only friendly fire, we said.
Now we must clean up the streets of Kabul and Kandahar.
Pick up the dead bodies--and all those bombs,
landmines and all....

Come little children, let's not disappoint
the children of Afghanistan.
Let's send them Christmas trees and teddy bears
because they need our help.
Come count your pennies little children of America.

"Mommy, why do the children in Afghanistan need my pennies?"
"Because the President said so!" she said.

In memory of millions of innocent lives lost and destroyed in Afghanistan by acts of aggression of a foreign power--the U.S.A.

Pakistan: Hoping for Rule of Law

by New Trend's Pak observer

Tens of thousands of Pakistanis came out to support the lawyers' movement and against the "disqualification" of Muslim League leader Nawaz Sharif. The Zardari government was determined to crush them. Then came the phone calls from Hillary Clinton. America did not want to see the Pakistani elites fighting each other because that would help the forces standing for Jihad and Shar'ia.

There is hope now that the reinstated Chief Justice will right the most blatant wrongs of the Generals, but it remains to be seen ....

Photo below shows the Islamic women leaders of Jamia Hafsa being told that they cannot meet the Chief Justice. These are the most radical and activist women in Pakistan. They wear the complete burqa-hijab to signify total rejection of Anglo-American hegemony. American Muslims should not be influenced into thinking that this burqa is a sign of acceptance of male dominance. These women bow before none but Allah.

Jamia Hafsa, named after the daughter of Caliph Umar, r.a., was destroyed by commando units of the Pakistani army. When will Musarraf and General Kayani be brought to trial for these horrendous crimes against Islam?

Africa: Background Story

Mass Conversions to Islam in Rawanda: [A non-Muslim expresses Concerns]

Jihad Is Taught as 'Struggle to Heal'

By Emily Wax [Excerpted.]
Washington Foreign Post Service

Many Rwandans are converting to Islam after Muslims hid them during the genocide. (Emily Wax - The Washington Post)
RUHENGERI, Rwanda -- The villagers with their forest green head wraps and forest green Korans arrived at the mosque on a rainy Sunday afternoon for a lecture for new converts. There was one main topic: jihad.
They found their seats and flipped to the right page. Hands flew in the air. People read passages aloud. And the word jihad -- holy struggle -- echoed again and again through the dark, leaky room.
April 6, 1994, the first day of the state-sponsored genocide in which ethnic Hutu extremists killed 800,000 minority Tutsis and Hutu moderates.
"We have our own jihad, and that is our war against ignorance between Hutu and Tutsi. It is our struggle to heal," said Saleh Habimana, the head mufti of Rwanda. "Our jihad is to start respecting each other and living as Rwandans and as Muslims."
Since the genocide, Rwandans have converted to Islam in huge numbers. Muslims now make up 14 percent of the 8.2 million people here in Africa's most Catholic nation, twice as many as before the killings began.
Many converts say they chose Islam because of the role that some Catholic and Protestant leaders played in the genocide. Human rights groups have documented several incidents in which Christian clerics allowed Tutsis to seek refuge in churches, then surrendered them to Hutu death squads, as well as instances of Hutu priests and ministers encouraging their congregations to kill Tutsis. Today some churches serve as memorials to the many people slaughtered among their pews.
Four clergymen are facing genocide charges at the U.N.-created International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and last year in Belgium, the former colonial power, two Rwandan nuns were convicted of murder for their roles in the massacre of 7,000 Tutsis who sought protection at a Benedictine convent.
In contrast, many Muslim leaders and families are being honored for protecting and hiding those who were fleeing.

"I know people in America think Muslims are terrorists, but for Rwandans they were our freedom fighters during the genocide," said Jean Pierre Sagahutu, 37, a Tutsi who converted to Islam from Catholicism after his father and nine other members of his family were slaughtered. "I wanted to hide in a church, but that was the worst place to go. Instead, a Muslim family took me. They saved my life."
Sagahutu said his father had worked at a hospital where he was friendly with a Muslim family. They took Sagahutu in, even though they were Hutus. "I watched them pray five times a day. I ate with them and I saw how they lived," he said. "When they pray, Hutu and Tutsi are in the same mosque. There is no difference. I needed to see that."
Islam has long been a religion of the downtrodden. In the Middle East and South Asia, the religion has had a strong focus on outreach to the poor and tackling social ills by banning alcohol and encouraging sexual modesty. In the United States, Malcolm X used a form of Islam to encourage economic and racial empowerment among blacks.
Muslim leaders say they have a natural constituency in Rwanda, where AIDS and poverty have replaced genocide as the most daunting problems. "Islam fits into the fabric of our society. It helps those who are in poverty. It preaches against behaviors that create AIDS. It offers education in the Koran and Arabic when there is not a lot of education being offered," said Habimana, the chief mufti. "I think people can relate to Islam. They are converting as a sign of appreciation to the Muslim community who sheltered them during the genocide."
While Western governments worry that the growth of Islam carries with it the danger of militancy, there are few signs of militant Islam in Rwanda. Nevertheless, some government officials quietly express concern that some of the mosques receive funding from Saudi Arabia, whose dominant Wahhabi sect has been embraced by militant groups in other parts of the world. They also worry that high poverty rates and a traumatized population make Rwanda the perfect breeding ground for Islamic extremism.
But Nish Imiyimana, an imam here in Ruhengeri, about 45 miles northwest of Kigali, the capital, contends: "We have enough of our own problems. We don't want a bomb dropped on us by America. We want American NGOs [nongovernmental organizations] to come and build us hospitals instead."
"The Catholic church has a problem after genocide," said the Rev. Jean Bosco Ntagugire, who works at Kigali churches. "The trust has been broken. We can't say, 'Christians come back.' We have to hope that happens when faith builds again."
To help make that happen, the Catholic church has started to offer youth sports programs and camping trips, Ntagugire said. But Muslims are also reaching out, even forming women's groups that provide classes on child care and being a mother.
At a recent class here, hundreds of women dressed in red, orange and purple head coverings gathered in a dark clay building. They talked about their personal struggle, or jihad, to raise their children well. And afterward, during a lunch of beans and chicken legs, they ate heartily and shared stories about how Muslims saved them during the genocide.
"If it weren't for the Muslims, my whole family would be dead," said Aisha Uwimbabazi, 27, a convert and mother of two children. "I was very, very thankful for Muslim people during the genocide. I thought about it and I really felt it was right to change."

[Editor of New Trend says: We condemn the use of words like "wahhabi." There is no such sect. Also, the numbers of those killed in Rwanda are grossly exaggerated by the U.S. media for Zionist purposes. It was bad but not like what they say.]

Behind the news: The Ugly reality
Prostitution in Bangladesh: Early Marriage Illegal, fornication Encouraged.
Who is behind this Catalcysmic Program to Undermine Bangladesh?
by Dr. Firoz Kamal [Bangladesh]

Exploitation, subjugation and physical annihilation against weaker nations are not the only crimes of the European colonialists. In Islamic countries, they went further to rock their moral fabrics that were built through centuries. Institutionalised practice of such immorality in the form of prostitution is such an immoral colonial legacy in Bangladesh. They nurtured and sponsored such a vice as a profession. These colonialists descended on that Muslim land from a different social, cultural and moral milieu. Secularisation left them bereft of moral values that could prevent them from institutionalisation of such a sin. Their hedonist lust took them to promiscuity, homosexuality, prostitution and other perversions that were unknown at least in the public arena. These were indeed severely punishable offence in any Muslim land. Unfettered sex was not a crime in their value system, but in Bangladesh they did not have institutional premise to put that in practice. Hence, they launched prostitution not only as a trade, but also an institution.

They established western cultural islands in almost all cities, especially in capitals, ports, and district and sub-district townships. They raised them as safe havens for free sex, gambling and other immoralities; and started franchising such sins in every corner of the country. The government patronage helped such vice spills over even to interiors. The trade also developed consumers amidst natives; the feudal, the zaminder, the business elite and those who were adequately taken away from religion also joined the rank. Later on, the colonialists deployed this sin as a tool to increase their income, their introduced toll on it. To make the Muslims morally corrupt and powerless, the colonialist had a more nefarious design. They targeted the institutions, which were indispensable for Islam's survival. These are the social venues that nurture the desired norms, values and behaviour necessary for developing a value-based Muslim society. Mosque, Islamic schools (madrasa) and family are such institutions, Islam sustains as a way of life to cater services for the mankind by means of these organs. If these institutions turn non-functional, Islam as a way of life can not exist either.

Dismantling Islamic institutions was therefore the ulterior motive of the anti- Islamic forces in all times. Prostitution has been institutionalised by the secular forces to work with such purpose. It was introduced to destroy moral and family values- the core essence of an Islamic community. Besides, they introduced secular education to foster values that are compatible with the western vice and detrimental to Islamic faith. Education itself is a tool of guidance, the colonialists used it to guide people towards its own way, and much away from Islam. Cultural conversion was the profound outcome; and the new converts became the archprotectors of the corrupt colonial legacy. This is why, after the departure of colonialists, prostitution could continue in a Muslim country like Bangladesh with out any support from its original initiators.

The native converts not only faithfully did the job; but also made those vice more robust and pervasive. The disease was endemic in the past, but now has scaled up to an epidemic proportion. Such punishable moral crime now draws full recognition from the secular law, the judiciary, the media and the government. The perpetrators are now labelled as sex worker. In Bangladesh, de-Islamisation is a major secularist agenda. Secular education, media, cinema, theatre, Internet - all are working as parts of a single package to do the job. They are being used not only to disrupt the societal norm, and but also to undermine the moral thresholds. The Islamic values, norms and practices that were developed through centuries are now facing constant cultural aggression. Promoting prostitution is now a major project of the global anti-Islamic coalition. They find it a better weapon to fight Islamic revival. They know that sowing vices in public life is the sure way of reaping corrupt faith. Culmination of such public sin in an individual renders him or her morally irreparable. Allah (SWT) has repeatedly revealed in the Holy Qur'an, He does not guide a sinner (faasiq). Hence, by joining prostitution or extra-marital sex, life takes an irreparable turn towards anti-Islam.

The most trusted accomplices of the devils are thus produced through such institutions of sins. This is why promotion of prostitution or free sex becomes the key strategy of the anti-Islamic forces in Muslim countries. To supplement this evil design, the Bangladesh government has put hurdles against lawful sex and liberalises the avenues of illicit sex. To reduce the population growth, the law fixes the minimum age of marriage at 18. It brought debacle to the growth of moral health. Islam did not prescribe such a marital age. Rebellion against Allah's law went further to make illicit sex no crime if committed with the consent of both the parties.

But marriage before the age of 18 has been made unlawful, hence a criminal offence. Law thus made permissible sex impermissible, and permits the illicit sex. In Islam, marriage is an important institution; fostering sound family and Islamic community is impossible without it. If is it delayed or restrained, the growth of Islamic values meets disasters. In Bangladesh, the importance of such an institution has been undermined only to reduce the growth of population. Thousands of government and non-government workers are distributing condoms and pills from door to door to reduce birth of the unwanted child, but none is there to tell that extra-marital sex is a great sin, and it jeopardises the growth of public morale and a healthy Muslim community. Reducing extra-marital sex is not a government agenda, since it delays marriage and reduces childbirth, extra-marital sex is rather tolerated with conspicuous silence. Alongside the permissive government policy, the USAID the prime donor of population programme in Bangladesh, has opened numerous clinics to clear womb of the unwed and the unwanted pregnant. Hence a silent genocide is going on with a full swing. Although it not permissible by law, the law enforcing agencies keep blind eye on this, as if they have seen nothing of that kind. Since marriage is labelled a powerful tool for population growth, the Family Planning practitioners considers prostitution and other devices of extra-marital sex as convenient birth-reducing alternatives.

This is why if any religious group raises their voice against such vice, the whole battalion of the USAID supported Family Planning NGOs takes position in the street. Such posture of GOs and NGOs has strong moral implication, it has already damaged the behavioural norms. The symptoms have already started giving awful signals. One of the UN's population experts recently revealed a report that more than half of the Bangladeshi people experience sex before marriage. Is it not horrendous for a Muslims nation? It testifies how the morality is plummeting towards an abysmal end. But how could a country that nurtures, protects and legalises prostitution, and restricts marriage escape such moral disaster?

Montreal Perspectives
by Jalaluddin S. Hussain

Taking Pakistani "Democracy" with a Pinch of Salt+Canada Admits Bush but Bars Galloway+China Worries about U.S. Finances

A mini-victory for Pakistani people! Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry of the Pakistan Supreme Court has been re-instated and so are the other remaining dismissed judges. However, all the same, as a Pakistani-Canadian, I feel highly disturbed as basically the Lawyers' and Civil Society movement, to restore the dignity and independence of Pakistan's judiciary, have been effectively "hijacked" by the scheming politicians.

There are already pressures on the Chief Justice that he should not open files pertaining to the infamous "National Reconciliation Order (NRO)", the corruption cases, invloving the military and the feudal elites and the "disappeared persons". If Justice Chaudhry yields to these pressures really nothing will have been achieved!

"The Gazette" of Montreal in its March 18, 2009 editorial may term the reinstatment of Justice Chaudhry as "victory for the rule of law" but really from my standopoint it is no victory. If the corrupt politicians of the ruling and opposition parties and the corrupt feudal lords and greedy rich Pakistanis will have their way, expecting any improvement in Pakistan affairs tantamounts to dreaming in colors! It is unfortunate that even after more than one year of civilian rule in Pakistan, nothing has changed. The economic, social and security conditions have in fact deteriorated fast and the politicians do not seem to care at all. Perhaps, Pakistan needs a Long March of Peoples' Republic of China kind. Who will start this Long March? Undoubtedly, this will entail a lot of sacrifice. The question is, are the Pakistanis ready for such a sacrifice, without any preparation and a charismatic leader?

George Galloway, the British MP, was supposed to start his public speaking tour from March 23, 2009. Unfortunately, however he has been refused entry into Canada by Jason Kenney, the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Minister. The organizers of the George Galloway events, however, seem to be a determined lot. Worse come to worst, it seems, they have decided on a video-link, so that the already sold-out crowds in Canada, can listen to the British Member of Parliament, on the subject of, "Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar".

At this particular juncture when 116 Canadian soldiers have already been killed and many more have been maimed and mutilated, in this endless and non-productive war, we need to have pacifists like George Galloway right in our midst, to expose the real imperialist aims of the invaders in Afghanistan. Will the crafty military strategists and insensitive weapons-producer stand up and say that they are there in Afghanistan for the long haul and really for reasons other than development and improvement of the Afghani society?

The March 18, 2009 issue of daily, The Gazette, Montreal, carries a brief report on the "shoe-throwing" protest of the Calgarians, on the occasion of $400-plate luncheon for invitation-only crowd, of business and oil executives. Obviously and understandably, they gave a standing ovation when George Bush was introduced. He was frequently interrupted and applauded during his relatively brief speech, in relation to the hefty payment of thousands of dollars made to him! Although, a two-mandate President, who apparently came with the majority-endorsement of the American people, his highly selective participants were made to undergo a rigorous security check, which involved empyting of pockets and purses and a thorough scanning, by hand-held metal detectors!

In his mid-March Press Conference Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao expressed his worries about the $1 trillion Chinese holdings in the US Treasury Bills. Considering the extremely uncertain economy of the USA, the Chinese Premier announced that China will pursue a policy of diversification in future when it comes to its foreign exchange holdings. One wonders what will happen if tomorrow countries like China, Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates, to name only a few, decide to withdraw from the various American Investment institutions and diversify to other relatively secure places. It is a sign of the times that Wen Jiabao had to call on the Obama administration to "maintain its good credit, to honour its promises and to guarantee the safety of China's assets". While Chinese socialism may not be dead yet, the former Canadian Bank governor, David Dodge has already expressed his opinion about Western capitalism, that its very face may change after the recession is over.

Before the 'Human Rights Tribunal': Zundel Hearing in Toronto
Mark Weber -- Institute for Historical Review (2000)

Now into its fifth year, a little-known legal dispute in Canada with important international implications for Internet freedom of speech, is quietly being fought out before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in downtown Toronto. Responding to Jewish complaints, the Canadian Human Rights Commission charges that Ernst Zundel, the controversial German-born Holocaust revisionist publisher and civil rights activist, has been promoting "hatred or contempt" against Jews through the American-based and -operated "Zundelsite" Internet web site.

Occupied Iraq after Six Years: March 21, 2009
Obama Must Bring the Defeated Armies home for the Sake of America
by Kaukab Siddique

Almost 150,000 U.S. troops are still in Iraq or more correctly are STUCK in Iraq. Bush tried his damndest to defeat and destroy the Islamic resistance in Iraq but failed miserably. For almost a year now U.S. troops have been cooped up in their fancy military bases in Iraq. There have been only a handful of U.S. military operations with little results. Hence U.S. military losses have fallen and this reduction in losses is presented to the American public as the "stabilization" of Iraq. In fact Iraq is so unstable [which means it is in Islamic hands] that the U.S. installed al-Maliki regime has demanded that the U.S. military must stay in Iraq at least till the END of 2011 after which, for all we know, a further extension may be needed.

American voters supported Obama so that his fresh face may be used to bring the occupation armies back home in a "face saving" kind of way, but the situation in Iraq is so bad that face saving is difficult. The DEFEAT is becoming clearer, although guerrilla forces cannot win against the firepower of a superpower in a CONVENTIONAL sense.

The configuration of Iraq today is as follows:
  1. The western provinces are in the hands of Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party [now Islamized.] Opportunists among tribal chiefs around Baghdad and in Anbar province have made deals with the U.S. These tribal [very backward] chiefs have driven out al-Qaida in return for non-interference by the U.S. along with quantities of dollars.
  2. Mosul, Diyala, and the northwest are in the hands of al-Qaida-in-Iraq [with help from Islamic volunteers from 22 countries].
  3. The South all the way down from Baghdad is in Shi'ite hands. The Shi'ites of Iraq are seen as the dregs of Shi'ism who welcomed the invading armies and sealed the fate of Shi'ism in the modern era through their treachery and violation of the teachings of Ali, r.a., and Imam Hussain. The Shi'ites are of several categories:
    1. CIA agents such as Nuri al-Maliki.
    2. Iranian agents such as al-Hakim.
    3. Illiterate sectarians, such as al-Sadr [who was used by the U.S. to carry out ethnic cleansing of the Sunnis in Baghdad.]
    4. Small groups of Shi'ites dealing directly with Iran and seen as a serious problem by the U.S.
  4. Baghdad itself is subdivided into zones controlled by al-Sadr, Saddam's Ba'ath and al-Qaida-in-Iraq..
  5. Kurdish enclaves in the north, very westernized and in part linked to Israel.
Bush's policy was that of mass destruction, genocide and mass arrests. It didn't work because of Islamic power and faith. According to U.S. sources, at this time 23,000 Iraqi supporters of al-Qaida are in a concentration camp set up south of Baghdad. Another 17,000 Iraqi opponents of al-Maliki are in prison camps run by Shi'ites. With 40,000 people kept imprisoned, the U.S. claims that it has installed "democracy" in Iraq.

Iraq and the new patterns of Resistance: It was unthinkable for Bush and his Jewish advisers that Iraqis would resist beyond a month or two. More than a million Iraqis had died during the decade of sanctions. The Iraqi army was poorly armed and had no air force to support it. Bush knew that Iraq could not stand up to the power of an American armada. It would be a "cake walk" thought Bush [and his Jewish and Israeli friends]. Here is what went wrong [and was traced only by New Trend right from the beginning].
  1. Saddam Hussain had embraced Islam and decided to accept martyrdom rather than surrender.
  2. He knew that his army was no match for that of America, so he organized for guerrilla warfare.
  3. In 22 regions of Iraq, Saddam stored massive supplies of basic explosives and small arms with huge quantities of ammunition.
  4. In his last years, he urged the Imams throughout Iraq to prepare the people for Jihad. He told the Imams to speak as they wished in the mosques as long as they did not call for his overthrow.
  5. He ordered members of the Ba'ath party to study Islam and prepare for battle. He praised the Taliban's resistance to the U.S. as a good example for Iraq.,
  6. 'Shock and Awe' was meant to kill Saddam. The U.S. used huge bombs but failed to kill him [as they had failed 33 times before during the sanctions regime].
  7. Even when Iraq was occupied in 2003, Saddam did not surrender. He went underground and continued to coordinate the resistance. His sons and grandson went down fighting to the last.
  8. Saddam was captured but refused to compromise. He was a changed man. He would come to the puppet court set up by the U.S. [to "try" him] with the Qur'an in his hand. From the court, with his life on the line, he urged the Iraqi people to fight on and never compromise with occupation. He went to his Creator, with the kalima of Islam on his lips. This was indeed true martyrdom; purified by his own blood, Saddam stands today as the symbol of Iraqi, Arab and Islamic resistance forever!
  9. As the resistance continued, tens of thousands of Islamic volunteers from all over Africa, the Middle East and South Asia entered Iraq to help the Islamic resistance. Thus emerged al-Qaida-in-Iraq which put fear into the hearts of America's elite military forces. Hundreds of martyrdom operators ['suicide bombers'] flung themselves at America's tanks and at the bunkers of the Shi'ite allies of the U.S.
  10. Bush's response was brutal in the extreme. Entire Islamic cities were wiped out, among them large areas of Ramadi, Fallujah, Haditha Tal Afar and Baghdad itself. Hundreds of Islamic schools and mosques were smashed. To humiliate the forces of Islam, mosques were used as camping grounds and urinals by the Americans. Air strikes were used if an al-Qaida fighter was seen entering his home. American troops smashed their way into tens of thousands of Iraqi homes looking for al-Qaida's Islamic fighters.
Today, America's generals realize that the game is up. U.S. troops have to be brought home to stop the drain of ONE BILLION dollars every week. Hence Obama was elected to save America from collapse.

Pakistani Islamic Leader Notices Implications of U.S. Threat of Drone Attacks in Baluchistan

LAHORE, Mar 18: Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Syed Munawar Hasan has expressed serious concerns over the reports that Washington was considering drone attacks in Balochistan.

In a statement on Wednesday issued by JI Media Cell, Munawar Hasan said it shows that Washington is conspiring to destroy Pakistan completely and it is high time Islamabad must come out of the US-led alliance in war against terror. He demanded that a comprehensive policy on national defense should be formulated immediately in the national assembly and should be implemented in letter and spirit.

Munawar said a military dictator has pushed the country on the brink of destruction by forcing the country to join the US war against Muslims. He said people had voted for the democratic government setting up after the Feb 18 elections only to reverse all policies of Gen Musharraf but the so-called democratic rulers proved themselves more loyal to Washington than the military dictator. They not only allowed drone attacks on Pakistan but also sent Pakistan army to Swat and other areas of Fata.

He said now that Swat peace deal brought ceased fire in NWFP, Washington is trying to spread the ugly war to Balochistan on the pretext of Taliban. He demanded that Islambad should raise strong protest with Washington on such moves endangering country's security and solidarity, otherwise Washington could push this war to Sindh and Punjab also.

March 19, 2009: Palestinian mother calls for God's wrath on Mubarak at the fence put up by Egypt's dictator Mubarak to make sure that Israel succeeds in squeezing the people of Gaza. The Egyptian tyrant, a kafir with a Muslim name, is Israel's greatest supporter second only to King Abdullah of Jordan. The Zionists are arrogant because their agents are installed in Muslim lands.

2009-03-24 Tue 19:51:30 cst