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[From Br. Anees.] "Christians who follow Jesus are our friends, but there are Zionists in disguise who also say they are Christians."

To enemies of the Prophet's Hadith (pbuh) who follow Parwez:
[From Sis. Ayesha]: "He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, shun him. He is a fool."
[Also see below a ONE SENTENCE letter from Toronto.]

[Name withheld on request]: "How many women were raped in Gujarat by the Hindus? When did the world ever see such cruelty? General Musharraf of Pakistan has embraced Vajpayee, the man behind the mass crimes. Do Muslim women's rapes mean anything to Musharraf? How long will Musharraf continue to be the ruler of 120 million Muslims? Have Pakistanis no shame?"
June 21, 9 AM to 6 PM
Greensboro, North Carolina

For invitation:

Outstanding Islamic activist from Texas to speak on struggle of the Mexican people and the Islamic Da'wah among them.

Boycott Activists will be there to coordinate anti-Zionist movement.
PRAY FOR IMAM JAMIL Abdullah al-Amin

Dear people: Pray for Imam Jamil that he should be able to face the pressure the oppressors are exerting on him. He is being kept in 23 hours lock down.

SEE BELOW: Imam Jamil's case brought up at CORRECTIONAL DEPARTMENT's MEETING in Atlanta by Jamaat al-Muslimeen representative.

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