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By Jalaluddin S. Hussain


White House and the Saudis: but who are really the terrorists?
Today is Wednesday, October 29, 2003. It is 10.30 P.M. From 9 to 10 P.M. I watched the Fifth Estate on TV. It can be likened to the CBS 60-Minutes programme - except that it is relatively more objective. Bob McKeown, the veteran reporter and the anchor of the programme, presented the September 11, 2001 "Attack on America" story, in a more objective and less sensational manner. After watching this one-hour episode, it was painful to realize that Bush - both the father and the son- manipulated the World Trade Centre/Pentagon attacks, to start a tirade and massacre campaign against Islam and the Muslim world; Afghanistan and Iraq, being the starting volleys! Bush, the father, once the CIA chief, seems to be one of the masterminds. It might have taken years of planning but the fact remains that after the dismemberment of the "house-of-cards" Soviet Union, the American imperialists had only the potential force of Islam to fear. Afghanistan, though poor, had that potential, Iraq, though suffering under Baath dictatorship, had also that potential. Syria and Iran were also supposed to be the later targets.

Saudis - the double dealer
Though, The Fifth Estate program focused only on Bush and Saudis, it was clear that the Saudis played the double game of keeping their masters, in the White House happy, and at the same making an effective effort of containing the ferocious power of the Talibans and the genuine Islamic movements, all around the world. While we can criticise the West to our hearts content, we should never be oblivious of the dangers posed by traitors and appeasers, of the likes of Fahds, Husne-Mubaraks and Assads! If investigative journalists, like Bob McKeown, make us sensitive to the Bush conspiracy, they also, at the same time, make us aware of the danger posed by the compromising policies of the Muslim rulers like above.

The arrogance - Bush style!
In the September 29, 2001 issue of The Guardian, London, Arundhati Roy wrote a highly forceful and provocative article entitled: The algebra of infinite justice. She wrote:
"... In his September 20, 2001, address, to the US Congress, President Bush called the enemies of America, enemies of freedom. Americans are asking, "Why do they hate us?. They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and to disagree with each other". Arundhati is right in suggesting, at the end of the article, that people are being asked to make two leaps of faith here. First to assume that The Enemy is the one who the U.S. government says it is, even though it has no substantial evidence to support that claim. And second, to assume that the The Enemy`s motives are what the U.S. government says they are, and there is nothing to support that either. She rightly considers President Bush`s ultimatum to people of the world , "if you are not with us, you are against us", as a piece of presumptuous arrogance.

"National Post" sensationalism
The daily, National Post, which is one of the many newspapers owned by the Canwest Global Communications Group (whose owner Israel Asper, a self-confessed Zionist and a champion of Israel and who recently died at the age of 71) splashed a banner headline on the cover page of October 22, 2003 issue: CSIS FEARS ISLAMIC JEHAD COMING. The whole report, of more than 500 words, was based on the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) information, obtained by the newspaper, under the Access to Information Act. While all the right-thinking Canadians must strongly condemn terrorist act in any shape or form, it is blatantly wrong to be selective and biased in our approach towards this post-9/11 staged and manipulated malaise!

Mahtir Mohamed: "Jews rule by proxy"
Although there was a lot of mud-slinging in the Canadian Press about the outgoing Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahatir Mohamed`s so-called anti-semitic remarks at the last Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) meeting, the fact remains that the Canadian Muslim communities here, thoroughly identified themselves with the remark: "The Europeans killed six millions Jews out of 12 million, but today the Jews rule the world by proxy." An official with the Canadian Jewish Congress, part of a Parliament Hill ceremony celebrating the passage of an Act recognizing Holocaust Memorial Day in Ottawa, said that the Prime Minister Jean Chretien should have sent a more direct message (of disapproval) as a representative of Canadians on the ocasion of the Asian Pacific Economic Conference (APEC).

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