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India's KKK-type Ruler, Pakistan's General, U.S.A.'s Crusader Visit United Nations
[Glimpses of Burqa-clad Afghan Women in Armed Struggle]
Three U.S. Muslims held for 14 hours on Florida Hwy: Ashcroft's nation of snitches Emerging?

Strange political creatures visit the United Nations and make speeches which give the impression that the people of the world are idiots and will swallow any story if it is delivered pompously enough. Bush's speech has failed to convince even Americans. It was a hodge podge of atrocity stories, accusations and charges. He failed to provide any evidence which could stand up in any court. We are witnessing a bully preparing to squash a small country which he probably thinks will not be able to resist his military onslaught.

Most Americans do not know VAJPAYEE of India. He is a Brahmin (‘upper' caste Hindu), the equivalent of a KKK grand dragon in the U.S. Vajpayee thought (perhaps correctly) that Americans do not know what his Hindu army is doing in Kashmir. He tried to make the hollow claim that violence in Kashmir is happening owing to the Jihad movement! It's like saying that a person who tries to rescue a rape victim is responsible for violence because he causes the rapist to fight or flee. Vajpayee puts Goebbels to shame. He is actually holding "elections" in Kashmir under the auspices of a 700,000-man occupation army.

VAJPAYEE also tried to gloss over the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat, carried out by his Hindus. Well-documented accounts of the rape of Muslim women in Gujarat by the Hindus have been published. The KKK-type Hindu tried to gloss over these crimes by claiming that India has more Muslims than other countries. That is true but those Muslims in India are poverty-stricken, terror-stricken and helpless. [A few rich Muslims are selected for high positions for propaganda purposes.] [To understand India's savage oppression of helpless people, read < ahref="">DALIT VOICE published from Bangalore, India.]

The funniest of the three was Musharraf, the Pakistani general who has been helping America to crush the Islamic movement. With his hair coiffed in Pak-American "good boy" style, and his suit and tie (from Macy's?), Musharref, looking like a Red Indian wearing clothes donated by missionaries, gave the impression that he is a great fighter for Pakistan's independence. He admitted (at Harvard) that serious irregularities were committed in his "referendum" in which he was the only candidate. Musharref tried to win the hearts of Pakistanis by saying that Pakistan will not take part in the war against Iraq. He left out the fact that America has not asked him to join the crusade against Iraq.

Musharref's fat and cowardly generals have decided NEVER to fight for Kashmir. They are busy sealing off the Afghan-Pakistan border. Like the Jews, Musharref has had the homes of Pakistanis blown up who had given refuge to Islamic refugees.
[Our sharp viewers have noted TWO NEWS CLIPS on U.S. TV which gave a glimpse of the role of burqa-clad Afghan women in the armed resistance, Jihad, against the U.S. On Sept.12, < ahref="">CNN's Headline News briefly noted that the U.S. had captured an Afghan woman in Kandahar who had an automatic rifle taped to her back inside her burqa.

Earlier at the end of August, MSNBC briefly mentioned a burqa clad sister who had a belt of grenades around her body inside her burqa. Observers say, for these two mujahid women who were captured by the U.S., there are probably hundreds of others who have escaped detection. As the Soviets learned the hard way, a woman does not become liberated when she starts wearing a skirt and throws away the burqa. Liberation comes from spiritual strength and strong sense of indigenous identity which Islam provides to the Muslim woman in jihad following the path of ‘Ayesha (r.a.) and Umm Ammara (r.a.) who both picked up the sword.
U.S. Attorney general Ashcroft wants Americans to become a nation of snitches, spying on each other. What will America be like if Ashcroft succeeds. On Sept. 13, America got a dose of such fear and suspicion when a woman blew the whistle on three Muslims and they were held up by police on a major highway in Florida for 14 hours while security forces tore apart the contents of their cars. Our monitor of the news from Manhattan, Sis. Aisha, has sent this note on this bizarre incident which closed down highway traffic all day:

"I can't believe it! I mean, I really can't believe it! They actually shut down this Miami (I-75) highway, this morning on the account of some dumpy white woman! When they interviewed her I was upset but, not surprised with how swiftly the government moves against Muslims (or Arabs) on hearsay.

That white woman said that she sat in some booth next to these three guys, in a Georgia restaurant. She heard one of them ask something like, "Will that make it fall? Well, if that's not enough to make it fall, I have contacts who can make it fall." The CNN report also stated that she overheard these brothers saying, "If they're mourning 9/11 wait until 9/13." This white woman runs out the restaurant and writes down the license plate numbers of the two cars.

1.) With all of this hysteria, why would three men of Arab-descent speak so openly of an atrocity in such a manner?

2.) Now, FOX News is claiming that the three men were playing a joke on a patron who looked at them funny. Jeb Bush has the audacity to say that these men should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for playing such a hoax.

3.) Why is it that only one person heard this out of everyone else in the entire restaurant?

2002-09-14 Sat 08:29ct