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Israel Once Again Proves it's an Illegitimate State Based on Genocide
Massacre in Jenin Carried out by Forces armed and funded by the U.S.
Worldwide Protests: Tens of Thousands of Sudanese Rally for Islam

When we wrote our previous report, Israel had just begun its massacre in Jenin refugee camp. At that time, the Israeli air force had fired 16 missiles into the camp. By the end of the day, Israel had fired nearly a 100 rockets into this ONE SQUARE MILE of refugee camp crammed with unarmed Palestinians.

The dead number in the hundreds but cannot be counted because Israel is denying access to journalists. The wounded are estimated in the thousands but ambulances are being stopped by the Jews and no one one knows how many will survive and how many will be maimed for life.


Observers see the irony of the Israeli assault. These observers say that the Israelis probably do not realize that with the use of their massive firepower, they have proved the need for martyrdom operations against themselves. Notice this process:
1. Palestinians will not accept slavery. They protest and demonstrate.
2. The Israelis crush the demonstrations and kill the stone throwing children.
3. The Palestinians ask the U.S. and others for weapons to defend themselves. THEY ARE DENIED WEAPONS and an embargo is placed on arms shipments to the PALESTINIANS ONLY.
4. The Palestinians, humiliated beyond measure, turn themselves into weapons and carry out martyrdom operations.
5. Israel says, "how dare you fight back" and carries out a huge military operation.
6. RESULT: Palestinians now have a double choice:
i. Accept the double slavery of the U.S. and Israel.
ii. Fight Back
iia. To fight back, they need weapons.
iib. There are no weapons, so the only way out for the Palestinians is: Martyrdom operations.

AS FOR PEACEFUL MESSAGES: Throughout the Muslim world, there have been demonstrations against Israel and U.S. policies. Even the KUWAITIS ("liberated" by the U.S) are demonstrating against U.S. policies and Israel.
In SUDAN today, tens of thousands demonstrated against Israel and the U.S. and urged OSAMA BIN LADEN to lead the Muslim world. THUS AFRICA IS UNITED WITH THE ARAB WORLD.,
The Sudanese demonstrations are specially significant because the government there has been extra submissive to the U.S., fearful of America's "war against terrorism."
THE ATROCTIES ISRAEL IS CARRYING OUT AGAINST PALESTINIANS ARE WORSE THAN ANYTHING THE NAZIS DID AGAINST THE JEWS (if the Jewish claims are to be accepted.) The Nazis did not have this kind of weaponry.
We urge Muslims to study the Jewish claim about the "HOLOCAUST". Today, as they carry out the massacre in Jenin, they are remembering the myth of the Holocaust. It's the main source of income and sympathy for Israel. Scholars of World War II say that it cannot stand up to scrutiny.
[Such liars these Jews, they had even put "slavery in Sudan" into their Holocaust Museum and now we find that the "slavery in Sudan" story was a money-making fraud.

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