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[In response to Imam Badi's boycott campaign, he received this important message from Br. Ferouz:

"This is fine. However, Do you all support the Muslim Business in the USA. The Halal stores are selling Indian Products. Should boycott these too."
SCROLL TO END FOR IMPORTANT INFO ON THE CASE OF AHMED ABDEL SATTAR, EGYPTIAN dissident held in New York for Supporting Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman.
Greensboro, NC, journalist reported fairly on Badi Ali & Siddique: Fired
INSIDE FIGHTER: Play by Jihad Abdul-Mumit Coming to Washington
Wolfowitz in Turkey: Plans Ready to Attack Iraq: Saddam Defiant & Popular

U.S.A. was a free country but over 40 years just about the entire major media have fallen into Jewish/ Zionist hands. Even regional and local papers are finding it difficult to keep independent journalists on their staff. One such journalist, AULICA RUTLAND, managed to survive for a while at Greensboro's major (only) newpaper The News-Record.

Quite unaware of what Jewish power in this country means, she started reporting the viewpoint of the Arab community in Greensboro, North Carolina. Attractive, clear thinking, honest, typical southern belle, Ms. Aulica had no idea what was in store for her when she started reporting on the activities of Imam Badi Ali and finally even covered Dr. Kaukab Siddique's Khutba at the Islamic Center of the Triad.

The Siddique Khutba and the boycott movement led by Imam Badi Ali was noticed by the Jewish Federation. No direct linking evidence has been collected yet but soon after, the News-Record SUSPENDED Ms. Aulica. Soon after that, on July 12, she was questioned about her "ties with the Arabs" and FIRED. The Jews have struck again. They are indeed, in the words of David Irving, traditional enemies of the truth.
New Trend urges readers to call, email or write the News-Record (politely) and demand that Ms. Aulica be reinstated. The information for messages is as follows:

John Robinson, Editor 336-373-7051
Linda Austin, Managing Editor 336-373-7040
Editor for letters: Becky Layton: 336-373-7037

which won acclaim in Richmond, Virginia is being brought to Washington, DC owing to the efforts of Br. Hodari Abdul Ali. Tickets ($20 per person) are available from New Trend: Send $20 to: New Trend, P. O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087. (Call: 410-435-5000 and leave your name and number for more information.)
PLANS TO ATTACK IRAQ are moving ahead fast. In fact the assault would have taken place in December 2001 but was delayed owing to the revolutionary upsurge in occupied Palestine. In a very SYMBOLIC DEVELOPMENT, a Jew, Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense, has just visited Turkey to prepare the grounds for the air assault on Iraq. Muslims should remember that when a genuine government existed in Turkey, the CALIPH ABDUL HAMID rejected the efforts of the Jews to infiltrate Turkey. Today a corrupt, militaristic, and secularist regime, oppressor of Muslim women, of all dissenters and of the Kurds, hosts a Jew, Wolfowitz, in preparation for a major act of aggression against the Muslim nation of Iraq.

Important points about Iraq:
1. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THE ATTACK ON IRAQ FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Iraq has not been involved in ANY (even one) act of "terrorism" against america.
2. Most Americans admit that there is NO EVIDENCE WHATEVER of Iraqi involvement in the events of 9/11.
3. The invasion of Iraq is 100% a JEWISH PROJECT, made in ISRAEL and in the Jewish lobby in America. EVERY POSSIBLE ZIONIST JEW, from university professors to members of the Bush cabinet, has been clamoring for the attack on Iraq.

We hope to bring you detailed analysis of the Iraq situation.
[Iraq stands defiant, in total support of the Palestinian people. President Saddam Hussain has won the hearts of the Muslim world by his love for the Palestinian martyrs and his generous help for the families of martyrs. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has taught that a person can get his sins forgiven by helping the orphans and widows of martyrs. "When a martyr attacks Israel, I feel as if I am doing it with him" says President Saddam Hussain. A street has been named in Baghdad after Sis. Wafa, one of the women martyrs of Palestine.]
CRITCISM: One of our readers from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada thinks that our report on Sulayman Walker Lindh sounded too critical of this young victim of America's Injustice system. We apologize if we conveyed that impression. Here is the reader's letter:
"I have a concern regarding your latest. It appears that you are ridiculing Sulaiman Walker for "collapsing under pressure" and implying that he made a weak choice by not allowing the government to be exposed. While this may not have been your intent, that is how it came across to me, and possibly others as well.

While joining the Taliban and fighting the Northern Alliance is not a crime, the mood in the U.S. is such that they would have sentenced him to life in prison without proving his actions were criminal or tying him to the death of Spamm. This is obvious as the judge kept discarding Walker's attorney's arguments, especially the one of combat immunity. He had 3 charges against him which held the penalty of life imprisonment. It is obvious that this would have been the outcome of his trial were he to proceed. As for the government exposed, I don't think the life imprisonment of Walker would expose them any more than they already have been for sentencing him to 20 years, holding prisoners in Cuba under harsh conditions without trial, etc. A brother should not have to allow himself to be held captive for longer than he otherwise can be should he decide not to proceed with the trial. As for helping the investigation against Al-Qaeda, I don't think even the U.S. government believes he will sincerely help them.

Sulayman Walker has done much for the Ummah, more than most of us, including myself. He is a role model for us all, and we should refrain from putting him down and try to place ourselves in his shoes.

I hope I didn't offend you, I'm only sharing my thoughts. Please let me know what you think.

Your loving brother,
Also, one of our readers from ATLANTA wants a clarification about our comment on Imam W. D. Muhammad and immigrant Muslim leaders. Please note that we were NOT saying that these leaders do not care for the plight of the Palestinians. There is no decent person who ignores the suffering of Palestinians [400 CHILDREN KILLED BY THE JEWS.] Our question is: Do these gentleman RECOGNIZE Israel as a legitimate entity? If they do, that is a violation of Islam. We simply need to know: Do they recognize Israel or do they reject Israel?
Note: The 400 children and 1200 young men killed by the Jews in Palestine do not include the HUNDREDS buried under the rubble of Jenin. Israel did not permit any investigation of the Jenin massacre. [See PHOTOS of Jenin on our web site.]

There is a hearing on Friday, July 19th @ 2:00 p.m. at the Federal Cort House in Manhattan This hearing is to try to come to a decision about the motion filed by Ahmed's and Lynne Stewart's lawyers. The motion was filed because the lawyers want to be find out that the government was listening to the conversations that would be taking place at MCC to discuss defense strategies.

The Government responded to the motion, 28 pages worth, to tell the lawyers in so many words "we don't have to let you know whether we are listening or not." So now the judge will hear both sides and hopefully make a decision.

The next hearing will be on August 29, 2002.

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