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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 22,1427/June 18, 2006 #38

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On Father's Day in the U.S.
What is a Muslim Father all about?
by Kaukab Siddique

It's not easy to be a Muslim father. Here are some guidelines if you are a father:
1. The father must put Allah first above all else.
2. In all matters, ask yourself what Muhammad, peace be on him, would have done.
2a. Live according to Islam. Pray, fast, help those in need, be with the Muslim community and make sure your children have Muslim friends. ***
3. It's your job to earn for your family, other than in situations beyond your control.
4. NEVER abuse your children or their mother, physically or psychologically.
5. Consult [do SHOORA] with your children and their mother in all matters concerning the family.
6. Give more care, honor and love to the DAUGHTERS over the sons.**
6a. In worldly matters treat your children equally with justice*
7. Teach the children to Love, honor and respect their mother.
8. Do not make obedience a personal matter. Obedience is to Allah alone.
9. Tolerate and respect differences of opinion within the family but do not tolerate violations of Islamic Law.
10. If a child is in open rebellion against Islam, he/she must be repudiated, but keep the door of repentance and love open. The punishment must be more in sorrow than in anger.

*** "O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern and severe, who flinch not [from executing] the commands they receive from Allah, but do [precisely] what they are commanded." [The Quran 66:6]

** From Abdullah ibn Abbas, r.a.: The messenger of Allah, peace be on him, said: "One who is given a daughter and does not bury her alive [as in the Days of Ignorance], does not despise her, and does not prefer his male children to her, Allah will enter him into Paradise." [Hadith, Sunan of Abu Dawud.]

*From Na'uman bin Bashir, r.a. ...............[From the messenger of Allah, peace be on him] Fear Allah and treat all your children equally with justice....Wouldn't you like all your children to treat you well?..." [Hadith, Sahih of Bukhari.]

Our America: Is this a Great Country or What! [4 items]

Katrina: An audit has revealed that more than ONE BILLION dollars have been misappropriated from the funds made available for the victims of the devasatating hurricane which levelled the city of New Orleans. After the serious charges of institutional racism and gross incompetence comes this evidence of widespread corruption. If this were a democratic government, it would have resigned. Instead, one man was scapegoated and it is business as usual. [June 14, 2006]

No decency even about 9.11? Official reports say that 45 TONS of goods donated for the families of 9.11 victims were stolen and pilfered. There was NO investigation. In addition, an FBI AGENT stole an item from Ground Zero. Again no investigation. [June 15, 2006]
In addition, Ann Coulter, darling of the American Right insulted the widows of 9.11 victims simply because they were expressing liberal ideas critical of the Bush administration. Ann Coulter, is extremely popular on Fox TV and the O'Reilly show. She was trying to sell her new book by insulting the widows. Critics say that Coulter is a hare-brained "bitch" who gets air time because is a blonde with dreamy eyes and a horsy face. Among the "gems" of Coulter's "wisdom:" She thinks the U.S. should bomb Muslim cities, invade more Muslim countries and convert the Muslims to Christianity. [Who said the ideas emanating from the Spanish Inquisition which led to the holocaust of America's "Indians" are no longer prevalent in America!]

Murtha: America's Conscience defeated: Congress votes for Continuation of War

June 16, 2006. At a time when President Bush's support level is 32% and below, Congress voted 256 to 153 to continue the Iraq war and not to set any date for withdrawal. Bush's ratings went up to 39% after the assassination of Al-Zarqawi as some of his Republican support came back, but it's still very low.

John Murtha [D-PA] tried to help Congress people understand the situation but they wouldn't listen. He made two important points:

i. The war in Iraq is UNWINNABLE.
ii. A second point, very important [which only New Trend has made before] is that Al-Qaida WANTS the U.S. to stay in Iraq so that it can mobilize the Muslim world against the U.S.

The existence of people like Murtha, Ramsey Clark and Cindy Sheehan shows that the U.S. still has a conscience. The government does not care for democracy, hence no chances of early withdrawal.

TWO AMERICAN MUSLIMS WHO MADE IT: Hamza Yusuf and Zaid Shakir hailed by NY Times

The New York Times is the flagship of the liberal Zionist establishment. Very few Muslims have won its approval. Muslims have a problem getting letters published in the Times, let alone getting approving news reports. After 9.11 it has approved only of Amina Wadud, Prof. Abul Fadl and a few others.
[By contrast, the Wall Street Journal, the flagship of the Zionist right wing, approved of only ONE: Siraj Wahhaj.]

In its latest issue, June 18, 2006 New York Times carries a lengthy, laudatory, report on Hamza Yusuf and Zaid Shakir. The main point of the report, written by a Jewish woman, Laurie Goldstein, is that the two have given up the rhetoric critical of the U.S. which they used before 9.11. Now they are for "moderate Islam" and out to help the Muslim communities get rid of "extremists."
[In other words, Hamza Yusuf and Zaid Shakir are opportunists, the kind of persons condemned by the Qur'an.]

The report describes a meeting addressed by the two in Houston, Texas in which the immigrant Muslim audience fell over itself to praise the two. It appears that the duo have found the "right" mix of Islam to make themselves popular to an audience scared of American persecution. Mix generalizations about Islam, rhetorically put, with vague criticism of America, with the glamor of conversion to Islam and you have the "no risk Islam" which is the need of the immigrants.

New Trend Exclusive
[Dr. Oudeh refuses to accept his Islamic marriage, wife and child, has married a non-Muslim woman and is now running on Democratic ticket for State Assembly. We invite Dr. Oudeh to write to New Trend if there is anything incorrect in the following report sent to us by journalist McNally-- Editor]

"A Strange Case of Bigamy:
Man Running for North Carolina Senate Married to Two Women"
By Jim McNally

A North Carolina doctor, and the former mayor of the small town in which is practice is located, is aiming for higher office. But questions concerning his being married to two women at the same time have yet to be answered.

Dr. Abrahim Oudeh, a physician in the small central North Carolina town of Dunn, was joined in wedlock to another doctor, H. K., in a Muslim ceremony in August 2003. The couple had a son, named for his father, in April 2004.

Last December Oudeh married the former Teresa Sloan, who continues to serve as the manager of his medical office.

Oudeh has denied his being married to H.K. despite her having a marriage certificate and the marriage being performed by the imam of a Greensboro, NC mosque and verified by several witnesses.

That a marriage ceremony was performed is not really in question, however.

In a conversation with Sloan prior to her own marriage to Oudeh, she acknowledged Oudeh's marriage to H.K. and recognized him as the father of the child that bears his name. Indeed, Oudeh is named on the child's birth certificate. Oudeh, however, insisted on an altered spelling of his son's name.

A few weeks before the boy's first birthday, Sloan showed up at H.K.'s house and threatened both H.K. and the child. H.K. swore out charges against Sloan following the incident, and only agreed to dismiss the charges after Sloan signed an agreement in which Sloan promised "not to have contact, whatsoever, with H.K." for a period of four months. Oudeh and Sloan were married within two weeks following the expiration of that time period.

There is, of course, only one thing missing from an equation involving two wives and only one husband; a divorce or other type of dissolvement of marriage. And while the Islamic faith and tradition allows for multiple wives, the laws of North Carolina do not.

H.K. maintains she is still married, if not by the state of North Carolina, certainly by her faith, which apparently matters less in this society than it once did.

In an earlier interview, H.K., who is a devout Muslim, believed the marriage was legal in every sense of the word and meaning. If the marriage to H.K. has any validity, Oudeh is practicing bigamy. Contacted recently, H.K. said she did not wish to comment further on the matter.

But Oudeh seems to have found some measure of immunity from scrutiny. He operates the most popular medical facility in Dunn, is famous locally for his philanthropic acts, is well-liked by Democratic Party officials and is huge advertiser in the town's only newspaper, the Daily Record, which, has refused to investigate his shenanigans.

On top of all that, Oudeh was a popular mayor of Dunn.

But he is now running for the state's General Assembly, for an office that will give him a great deal of power in the Democratically-legislature (the Democratic Party has controlled both chambers of North Carolina's General Assembly almost since its inception).

Betrayal of Shi'ism: Hazrat Ali, r.a. and Imam Hussain would be shocked.
Introducing Nouri al-Maliki, the U.S.-Installed "Prime Minister" of Iraq

Nouri al-Maliki is from the Da'wa Party, a Shi'ite grouping in Iraq. The Islamic terminology of "Dawa" is misleading because this person has nothing to do with Islam. New Trend readers might remember that the CIA funded a paper organization called "Iraqi National Congress" [INC] which attempted to destabilize President Saddam Hussain's regime but failed miserably. Al-Maliki was a member of this INC from 1992-95.

When the American armada occupied Iraq in 2003, the CIA set up a Committee to purge members of Saddam's Ba'ath Party from all positions in Iraq. Again al-Maliki was a member of this Committee.

In 1980 Al-Maliki fled Iraq to Syria after Iranian saboteurs hooked up with the Da'wa Party to try and kill Saddam Hussain and he hit them hard. From 1980 to 2003 Al-Maliki lived outside Iraq and arrived in the occupied country behind American tanks. As a result of his 23 year absence from Iraq, he has no idea of the changes Iraq underwent, from being Ba'athist to being Islamic. He is incapable of understanding the forces of Jihad which are active in Iraq.

On June 13, 2006 President Bush personally visited Al-Maliki and embraced him, branding him forever as a traitor to Iraq, to the Arab peoples and to Islam.

Nearly 100 Killed in U.S.-Canadian Air Attacks: Taliban avoid Thrust by 11,000 Troops

It's the most modern military machine in the world against a tenacious Taliban jihad movement. According to CNN and other corporate media, drones are being launched from Las Vegas in Nevada to spot and obliterate the Taliban. From bases in the region itself, 370 more sorties were launched against the Taliban in 2 weeks.

Southern Afghanistan in turmoil as thousands have left their homes to avoid air attacks. The Taliban have no anti-aircraft guns. The U.S.-Canadian offensive has been on for 5 days.

The Canadians have claimed one successful attack in Oruzgan province with 42 Afghans killed. The U.S. has scored twice killing another 40-50 people. The allies claim that those killed were Taliban but their reports indicate that they are not sure. The wording they use is "Taliban suspects." The Canadian report is particularly vague. It claims that a compound was hit and "all those inside" were probably killed. Apparently most if not all those killed in the "successful" air attacks were Afghan civilians.

The Taliban have evaded the massive thrust by 11,000 coalition troops, the biggest yet. NO successes have been reported. Brent Sadler, CNN's best reporter, stayed safely at Kandahar airport and made a dramatic play of the great offensive with helicopters circling around, only to tell his audience that this was only "practise."

Taliban have carried out some classic guerrilla attacks after side-stepping the American-Canadian thrust. In Kunar province they did a quick ambush and killed 2 U.S. troops. [CNN June 17] In Kandahar itself they blew up a bus carrying workers to the U.S. air base. The bus went every day to the base carrying maintenance men. It was blown to smithreens on June 15. [Associated Press.] Among the 10 staff killed were 4 interpreters who are essential to U.S. movement in Afghanistan. Another 17 maintenance people were seriously injured.

In Helmand province, an Afghan intelligence officer named Alauddin working for the U.S. was shot and killed after he came out of the U.S. military compound in Lashkargah, the capital of the province. In Ghazni province a close associate of a Northern Alliance leader working with the U.S. was abducted and killed. [APP June 16.]

IRAQ: Full Scale Fighting Resumes

[According to Congressman Murtha, there is no electricity or running water in the ENTIRE Anbar province, a population of two million. MSNBC June 18.]

June 18, 2006. U.S. forces are tightening their grip on Ramadi, the biggest city [pop.400,000] in Anbar province. The situation is developing into a disaster for the civilian population.
More than 50 people were killed in "insurgent" attacks across Baghdad, including 11 when a Shi'ite military troop was blown up.

June 16: At Yousufia, south of Baghdad, a U.S. soldier was killed and two are feared captured by al-Qaida.
[June 18, the two have still not been found.]

Kuwait City: Umm Qadama, al-Zarqawi's sister, 33, has demanded that his body be handed over to her for proper Islamic burial. She said that as Muslims they can only be happy that he achieved martyrdom. She said he was fighting to free Iraq from the occupation forces and is a martyr of Islam. She and her family have been placed under "security watch."

Amman, Jordan: Four members of Jordan's "Parliament" who visited al-Zarqawi's family in the city of Zarqa have been arrested by King Abdullah's police. Human rights groups have protested and are saying that condolences to a family on anyone's death is not criminal or terrorism.

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