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{commentary by But Shikan (Idol Breaker)}

Egypt and Jordan Urged to open Borders: Let Mujahideen Enter "Israel"
Defeat of Israel is Inevitable if Muslims Nations Wake Up

"O ye who believe! When ye meet a force, be firm, and call Allah in
remembrance much (and often), that ye may prosper." The Qur'an 8:45

The heroic new (September 9) Palestinian attacks on Zionist-Jewish targets are writing a new chapter of FREEDOM and RESISTANCE in Muslim history. Who could have thought the Palestinians could do it? Look at what the Israelis have at their disposal. Road blocks, identification papers for any Palestinian who crosses a road, secret services, collaborators and agents among the Palestinians, tanks, missiles, helicopters, F-16s .... the list goes on.

1. Faith in Allah.
2. The example of the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions in Hadith.
3. A few rifles, some automatics, some primitive
4. A few explosive making materials

At any one time, one or two or three Palestinians attack heavily guarded Jewish settlements, tightly controlled cities, and the biggest military machine in the middle east.
THE PALESTINIANS! ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! wa lillahil hamd! (Allah alone is Great. All Praise belongs to Allah!)

Truly the human spirit can defeat the greatest odds. Try to think think of ONE MARTYR breaking through into the Jews and blowing them up! Even the Zionist media are amazed. The label of "terrorist" is becoming a joke. The world can see that these are the bravest people in the world, comparable only to the mujahideen in Kashmir and Chechnya.
Dear Muslims: When are you going to help your Palestinian brothers and sisters? Think of those mothers and daughters whose handsome, serene, selfless, loving sons and brothers are sacrificing themselves so that one day we will live in a world in which Zionism has been defeated.
THINK OF THE ALTERNATIVE: If the Jews win, they will blow up Masjid al-Aqsa and control the routes to Makka and Madina. They will enslave the Arabs and Africans. They will be in a position to hook up with India and destroy Pakistan. Muslims will have to open their societies to corrupt westernization. Adultery, fornication and homosexuality will be mass introduced into the Muslim world and the corrupt, already in power, will rule forever.
A VERY SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS ON THE SHOULDERS OF Jordanian and Egyptian people. If those two borders are opened up to let mujahideen enter occupied Palestine, the Jews will learn their lesson and start going back to where they came from: Europe and America and various other countries.
OBSERVERS SAY, if Egyptians and Jordanians put enough pressure on their governments, those governments might realize that if they don't open their borders, they might be overthrown.
If the Lebanese mujahideen are interested in the Palestinian issue, why are they silent? Is it the old Iranian game of much rhetoric and little or no action?
AN IMPORTANT IDEA FOR VICTORY: Islam, NOT AMERICA, is the key. The change will come not when the White House falls in love with Muslims but when Muslims decide to join their Palestinian family in the struggle against Zionism.
Show support to the struggle of America's Muslims. Help free SHAIKH OMAR ABDEL RAHMAN. {"The victory of Islam is inevitable" said the Shaikh.}
Support the Rally for Imam Jamil on September 14 (Unity Juma) and September 15: Woodruff Park, Peachtree street, Downtown Atlanta.

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