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[In response to a Hindu writer named Prabhu aho claims India and Pakistan should be friends.]

The truth can be seen in Mr. Khushwant Singh's recent book End of India. Khushwant is neither Muslim, nor Pakistani. He is not even fundamentalist Sikh. He has criticized even Sikhs in his book. The facts are loud and clear:
Brahmins are only 3-5% of Indian poulation and they are controlling over 80 % Indian resources including top newspapers, top businesses, top Govt. Positions.
Almost all regular Prime Minsiters of India and main oppostion leaders have been Brahmins or their wives
Dalits constitute about 50% of Indian population and they are regarded as untouchables. What could be more of a disgrace for human beings than this?
Dalits are not given decent jobs or social status and are subjected to constant mental torture from their birth till their death
Tens of thousands of unborn girls and newly born girls are put to death
Msulims who constitute about 25% of the Indian population are not given even 3% jobs in Government.
Both BJP and Congress play key role in systemic murder and killing of defenseless Muslims with full Governmental and State terrorism
India has kept over 700,00 army in Kashmir and forgot all the promises made by Nehru and all UN resolutions.
Indian Government State Terrorism has left over 70,000 killed in Kashmir
India took over Juna Garh which officially joined Pakistan
India took over Hyderabad Dakkan and killed about 300,000 Muslims according to Sunder Lal report
Indian Government and so called oppsotion (Brahmin Raj) has destroyed many churches, mosques and Sikhs places of worship
Indian movies depict very well the sick culture promoted by Brahmin media. These values include wine, gambling, cinema, violence, vulgar language, obscenity, bullyism etc.
Indian Brahmins are almost equal to Zionists in terms of their racism and cunning, cheating policies and practicies.
Indian democracy is actually Brahmin Raj.
All Muslim countries are under the direct control of Zionists' chained fat dogs.

Mullah Omar was the only exception and hence he was partially thrown out. Partially???? Because now Mullah Omar is in the process of throwing Bush out and converting USA into USSR.

With Best Regards,
Sincerely yours,
Anwar Ul Haque
Islamabad, Pakistan

2003-07-28 Mon 18:06ct