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Israelis slaughter Palestinians: Why no worldwide Uprising Against Jews and their friends?
Dictatorships in Muslim Lands Undermine Natural Response
Relevance of Dr. Omar Abdur Rahman's Teaching of Jihad as Religious Obligation
Classic Guerrilla Maneuver leaves U.S. bombing empty mountains
Pakistan News reports: 18 U.S. soldiers captured by Taliban

1. Stiff Palestinian resistance has led to Israeli withdrawal from Jabaliya camp near Gaza City. Before they withdrew the Jewish thugs indulged in slaughter of unarmed people at random and general destruction of civic facilities. In Ramallah too the Jews have resorted to murder and mayhem.
The Jewish murder machine has been let loose and Zionist media in America have the temerity to bring habitual liars like Netanyahu and a great variety of Jews on TV channels to try and fool the American people. Even Jewish settlers, criminals who continue to build on Palestinian lands, are brought on TV as poor human beings who are being hurt by Palestinian resistance.
[Our readers are very well-read and highly informed. WE CHALLENGE THEM TO GIVE US ONE STORY ABOUT THE Second WORLD WAR, be it history or fiction, WHERE A NAZI VICTIM OF JEWISH RESISTANCE WAS BROUGHT BEFORE THE PUBLIC TO PROVIDE BALANCED REPORTING ON THE SUFFERING OF THE JEWS! And here we have Jewish thugs usurping Arab lands being shown as victims on America TV.]

2.In countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, "Saudi" Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Algeria there are large armies, Muslim at least in name. The people of these countries oppose Israel and Zionism. Every Palestinian death is etched in the minds of the masses of people in these countries. Why then is there no military move against Israel?
Some naive readers might say: Some of these countries DO NOT border Israel and hence can't help. That's an error. In modern warfare, help can be given to those who want to fight in a variety of ways. Iran has not given advanced weapons even to Hizbullah which used to fight Israel. {The story of Iranian help for Hamas, etc., does not seem to be factual. The "captured" ship was also a fake and those weapons even looked old and outdated, probably taken out of storage by the Israelis themselves.}
The basic reason for lack of response is that the U.S. has successfully installed anti-people thug-type criminals as rulers in these countries. These rulers are willing to commit ANY ATROCITY HOWEVER VICIOUS against their own people but will never do anything against U.S. interests.
Thus the U.S. and Israel have made sure that democracy does not arise in ANY MUSLIM COUNTRY so that the Israeli "democracy" might continue to function.
{Again Iran is an exception. It does have a democracy but its sectarianism makes Iran part of the problem, not part of the solution. Iran is delighted at the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan in the hope that it will build its sectarian empire with the help of the Alawite ruling coterie of Syria.)

Thus we have a situation where seemingly independent Muslim countries exist but in NONE of them can the Islamic will pervail. AFGHANISTAN was the only exception but was, at least for now, squelched by B-52s and cruise missiles. Who then will express the will of the Muslim UMMAH to fight back and to defeat Zionism and put an end to the control of the Gulf and Arabia by imperialist armadas?
The answer came from Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman (now in a little cell in Rochester, Minnesota) that JIHAD IS FARD ĎAYN, not FARD KIFAYA. His teachings, based on clear verses of the Qur'an and authentic hadith, sowed the seeds of international jihad, carried out by individuals banding together in small groups where possible (based on Hadith teaching Muslims to have an ameer even where there are two of them or three of them.)
Dr. Abdel Rahman taught that Jihad is the FARD of EVERY MUSLIM.
Today, across the world, IN EVERY MUSLIM COUNTRY, this teaching has taken root. What was ONE SCHOLAR's interpretation, is now taught by numbers of Ulema in every Muslim country. Without the jihadists, there would be no hope of freedom for the Muslim world.
The regular Muslim armies continue to sleep (or keep guard on their own people) while the Zionist and imperialist forces rampage across Muslim lands. (Only the guns of Iraq are pointed at anti-Islam forces.)
REPORTS FROM THE GARDEZ AREA OF AFGHANISTAN indicate that in a classic guerrilla maneuver, the small Taliban/Al-Qaida force which beat back Operation Anaconda has moved away from its original positions. On March 11 and 12, Afghan mercenaries and U.S. special forces searched caves in the area where the original fighting took place. THEY FOUND NO ONE THERE, neither bodies nor injured or live Islamic cadres. [A guerrilla force must melt away after a successful ambush.} Which means that from March 10 to 12, the Americans have been bombing empty mountains, dropping a total of 2500 bombs in Operation Anaconda.
NAWAI WAQT (independent Pakistani newspaper) reports that 18 American soldiers were captured during the fighting and are being kept in secure places by the Taliban.
The commander of the force which surprised the Americans was an Afghan, Saifur Rahman ("sword of the Merciful Creator"), now a folk hero in Eastern Afghanistan.
There are some reports that the overall victory operation against Operation Anaconda was led by Osama bin Laden himself but there is no confirmation possible for these reports.
{One U.S. report says that an Al-Qaida prisoner captured two days back, one of THREE TOTAL CAPTURED, has died in captivity of tuberculosis. Doctors doubt the possibility of such death for people hardy enough to fight in the mountains.}
{About 50 Al-Qaida and Taliban still remain in the upper reaches of Shahi Kot, providing cover for the re-grouping, re-assembling guerrilla forces. These 50 seem to be target of 1000 Mercenary Afghan troops.}
{Some U.S. bombs have hit civilians. Reportedly, 24 Afghans were killed when they were praying for the recovery of an Afghan commander whom mercenaries have handed over to the U.S. The killed included 10 women. The report says the bombing was right on Pakistan's border and U.S. special forces quickly moved in to check the dead bodies. Today, March 12, MSNBC finally reported the incident and confirmed civilian deaths.}

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