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Wolf Blitzer

Dear Mr. Blitzer

During the first segment of your program today, you had Sen. Feinstein opining about terrorism and Muslims/Arabs in America. She talked in unbridled language of hate and bigotry about America's Muslims. She used broad generalizations in her attack and you neither corrected her, nor asked for evidence.

Sen. Feinstein claimed that there is a "nexus" between terrorism and mosques in America and hence this can be a justification for FBI instrusions into Islamic places of worship.

Sen. Feinstein also claimed that Jihad groups, "kill the infidels" groups, terrorists are sheltered by religious organizations in America.

She was thus calling for a general intervention into and oppression of America's Muslims. Her claims are contradictory to the facts on the ground. No terrorists have come out of America's mosques. In fact, America's mosques are among the sleepiest, non-descript places of worship in the whole world, characterized by lack of leadership.
There are few mosques which are trying for anything more significant than prayer halls, parking lots, elementary (innocuous) education for children.
Mosques are the most unlikely places for terrorists because they are open to everyone and if a secret meeting were being held, it could be interrupted by any visitor to the mosque.
In the present atmosphere it would be unthinkable for a terrorist to try and garner support or hold meetings in a mosque.
Sen. Feinstein is known for her one-sided support for Israel. She should have been interrupted during her vaporings and asked for evidence. You did not do so, thus reinforcing the impression that CNN is an anti-Islam propaganda outlet.

I urge you to get representatives of a cross section of America's mosques on your show so that the absurdity of Sen. Feinstein's insinuations may be realized by your viewers.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

2002-06-08 Sat 14:51ct