Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 9, 1425/ April 30, 2004 #53


It is election year; otherwise it would have never come out. On April 28, CBS aired photos of the shameful activities of American troops in Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison. The photos showed naked Iraqis forcibly piled up on each other to pose as if they were involved in group sex. The men were made to stand naked while American women pointed to their genitals and laughed. The reality must have been much worse. The photos showed that it was a game for the Americans. They humiliated the Iraqis and photographed the humiliation. One soldier, it is said, could take it no longer and leaked the story and the photos. CBS aired the photos, probably in an effort to embarrass President Bush.
The terrorism aimed at prisoners had been going on FOR SIX MONTHS. It is not very different from what American guards did to Islamic prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, as reported by British prisoners who were released recently.


No Muslim wants to take away America's freedom and democracy. The struggle is for freedom of Kashmir, Chechnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and above all PALESTINE. These are Muslim lands. Is it strange for Muslims to fight for an end to occupation in these lands?
THINK: Why do U.S. media not let Islamic voices from AMERICA come on TV to speak against Israel? Is it a conspiracy theory that in the afternoon CNN has Wolf Blitzer, at night it has Larry King and after 10 Aaron Brown?
CARRY OUT A POLL AMONG MUSLIMS: Very few American Muslims accept the legitimacy of Israel, yet a few individuals under cover of CAIR, ISNA and ICNA in the name of U.S. Muslims recognize Israel and want to be invited to the White House! One of their "leaders" was working under cover for the State Department!
A Terrible Beauty is born: Islam Resurgent in Iraq


by our media monitor

The bombing of Fallujah during the night of April 28-29 was ferocious. The U.S. hit the bleeding city with THIRTY RADAR-GUIDED BOMBS. Rapid artillery fire came from AC-130 helicopter gunships, while drones fired hell fire missiles. But when the U.S. forces tried to advance they were met with serious Islamic resistance and beaten back.

CNN and MSNBC broadcast LIVE tele coverage from an embedded American reporter which should be cherished by the Muslim world. This is what it showed and sounded like: [THE SOUNDS WERE KEY.]
  1. The screen showed heavy smoke rising from areas of Fallujah which had been bombed and shelled.
  2. There was a weak, 'thin', aerial sound which the reporter identified as the buzz of a a pilotless spy plane which had been firing "hellfire" missiles at the Iraqis.
  3. Then there was the heavy drone of the AC-130 gunship looking for targets. [Identified as AC-130 by the reporter]
  4. Under the plane's heavy drone, came the recitation of the Qur'an from one of the mosques in the area following by chanting. The American station monitor asked the reporter what that sound was. He replied that it was the preacher from the mosque urging the people to fight the Americans.
  5. The reporter said that a translator from the military had visited and had noted that the mullahs from mosques all over Fallujah were reciting the Qur'an and calling for Jihad. They were also chanting songs of Jihad.
It was a surrealistic scene, the re-birth of Islam, defying the power of America. The people of Fallujah were being motivated by the spearhead of Islam: the mullah reciting the Qur'an. The power of the WORD of ALLAH, was making it possible for a poorly armed force to take on unbelievable odds. Owing to modern technology, the world could see that even Zionist control of the media cannot stop Islam

No Islamic propaganda could have been more effective. Here the enemies of Islam were pointing out that under the most severe bombardment, the voices of Islam were calling for resistance, quoting directly from the Qur'an. Fallujah is a sign that America cannot win in spite of its overwhelming fire power. After all that bombing NOT ONE IRAQI CAME OUT WITH HIS HANDS UP. The Americans had dropped leaflets calling on the resistance to surrender.
The world is changing. The future belongs to Islam.
One of a series of Revolutionary Khutbas

Progress Not Possible without Change in Male Attitudes Towards Women

On April 23, 2004 Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma Khutba and led the prayers at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. Here are the main points of the khutba:

Texts for khutba:

"When news is brought to one of them, of (the birth of) a female (child), a shadow comes over his face, and he is filled with inward grief! With shame does he hide himself from his people, because of the bad news he has had! Shall he retain it on (sufferance and ) contempt, or bury it in the dust? Ah! what an evil (choice) they decide on!" [16: 58-59] -----------------------------------------------------

Chicago Calling

By: Ather Masood

[Ather Masood is New Trend's veteran representative and human rights activist for many causes]



17-Year Old Diagnosed with Acute Aplastic Anemia

Sarosh Khan is a 17 year old sister form Stratford High School in Houston Texas. Sister Sarosh has been diagnosed with Acute Aplastic Anemia, a rare condition in which the bone marrow is unable to produce blood cells normally. The production of just some blood cells may me affected or the production of all types of blood cells may be decreased. In some people the plastic anemia develops for no known reason. Sarosh will need a bone marrow transplant. The search for a bone marrow donor has been unfruitful.

We appeal to your humanitarian hearts for your assistance as blood donors, marrow donors, and cash contributors.

For further questions and contributions: Afsar Khan 831-419-7526.

For Cash contributions please make check, money order, or cashier check payable to Texas Children Hospital and mail to the following Address:
Afsar Khan 801 Country Place Drive. Apt# 244 Houston, Texas 77079

Voices in the Wilderness Organization Against Mr Ashcroft.

Wilderness is an organization that has been in existence for a long time. Before America invaded Iraq for a second time, Wilderness risked life and jail time to provide much need food, clothing, and medicine to Iraq people. Without having much support of fanfare, wilderness launched memorable drives for collecting food, clothing, medicine and shelter-related items. Kathy Kelly, a founding member of Wilderness is a major advocate for human rights all over the world. Her work has never gone unnoticed as she risked everything time and time again to make people aware of America's cultural war on the Muslim World.

Now of course Mr. Ashcroft has decided that Wilderness and Kathy Kelly is a threat (huh?). We publicly ask why and how Wilderness broke the law when the United States is now sending food, clothing, and medicine to Iraq via the American corporations and Armed forces? This is clearly a contradiction.

If the Bush-organized elitists can send items to help Iraqis, then what was the moral crime Wilderness provoked? Nothing. Here we clearly see the Patriot Act and the counter-Terrorism legislation being used to silence logical dissent. A much respected organization which has not supported violence; instead the Staff of Wilderness donated time, money, effort, and their very lives to help Iraqis. We Ask the administration What's the deal?

What is the difference between Wilderness and USAID? If Wilderness broke the "Law" then so does USAID which means criminal prosecution is wanting.

The world needs to commend the work of Wilderness. American administrators and USAID need to LEARN FROM WILDERNESS. The petition to force charges be dropped against Wilderness is as follows:

sign the VitW letter to the Justice Department.

For Martin Luther King Jr. April 11.

MLK's death passed and has went.

Without anything that was spent.

Discrimination he did much dent.

Prejudice he did surely circumvent.

My Hyderabadi father is a gent.

Who remembers 1958 with signs bent.

"White Only" and for you no rent.

"Black Only" for you they sent.

Even when at the holy day of lent.

MLK could not find anyone he met.

That he was a human being content.

In Chicago he, MLK did foment.

A South Side March that's relevant.

Out at Marquette Park that was virulent.

And on this day we are very diligent.

In remembrance of MLK a living monument.

Demonstration and Remembrance of Deir Yassin Massacre. April 9, 2004.

As soon as the message was received from Imam Sadar, Muslims and Non-Muslims moved in droves towards the Federal plaza at Dearborn and Jackson. Downtown Chicago found a gathering of about 2-300 people moving up and down the street protesting the now most recent escalation. The crowd was full of both Sunni and Shia Muslims, some holding hands and shouting "Bring the troops home!" Speaker after speaker condemned the recent escalation. As passers by looked, a complete hush seemed to resonate over and thru the marchers.

Police were somewhat caught off guard. Even some of us, who helped organize the event, did not realize the response in terms of numbers of people. Members of the Black, Latino, and Progressive white community came out to once again, respond immediately to condemn the American escalation in Iraq.

At the same time the protestors remembered the now infamous DEIR YASSIN massacre. On it's anniversary realists called onlookers to remember the brutal murder and pacification of Falasteeni Muslims and Chrsitans on Friday April 9th 1948. www.deiryassin.org Organizers made it a point to mention how Falasteeni people have continued the struggle despite incidents such as Deir Yassin.

The Rand Study on Islam.

Well they finally released it. After many inquiries, rumors and innuendoes, the blueprint on how to destroy Muslims in America has been released. If the truth be told the ingredients of this study has been in practice for about three years now. In it Muslims, like dogs, cats, mice, and chimpanzees are defined by those who feel the need to define who we are and what we believe. Besides the utter nonsense of such studies, one has to recall past "scientific" studies into people such as the famous human studies of cybergenics in America.

According to this study Muslim are categorized into four distinct categories: Modernists, secularists, traditionalists, and fundamentalists. For those of us who have been writing for New Trend in the past these words are nothing new. What is recent is the need

www.rand.org/news/press.04/03.18.html The name game is just a modern version of what was done in this country during the Iran-Iraq crisis, where people attacked each other (verbally and physically) for the benefit of others. It should be noted that these ideas are already being used in every way by the Media and political giants in the U.S.

According to this study Muslims can be more or less defined in these terms:

1. Fundamentalists are defined as those who reject democratic values and contemporary Western culture. Well if thatís the definition of "Muslim" Fundamentalist, then where does that leave People like Mathew Hale, Timothy McVeigh, or Ann Coulter.? I have yet to hear the Rand corporation define them as democratic. Are these individuals promoting "democratic principles?" And contemporary Western Culture? What is the standard of Western Culture for us to define Fundamentalism? FOR THE PAST FOUR MONTHS BEFORE THE IRAQI WAR AMERICA DEFINED ITSELF AS "AMERICAN CULTURE." NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN WE ARE "WESTERN CULTURE AGAIN?"

The Rand study describes 'Fundamentalist or Wahabi Islam" as the real enemy. Well if that is true then why did America support Saudi Arabia for the past 30 years? Are we not our own real enemy sometimes? So according to American foreign policy there must be good fundamentalists and bad fundamentalists according to whom corporate America defines as such. So what is Mr. Qadaffi now?

Traditionalist are defined as Muslims who are afraid of change, innovation, and modernity. Wait a minute! Innovations are not liked by "Fundamentalists no? " After all that is the group most described as against bida or innovation? Here we see "Sufi" Muslims are real allies of the West against "Fundamentalists." Sufi Muslims are described as peaceful and loving who hate violence. Liar ! Liar! pants on fire! It was the so-called "Sufi" Muslims who started the rebellion in Chechnya and Kashmir. If the truth be told. So do we define such people as Sufis? Or Fundamentalists. I already know the answer of those outside the Muslim community. But what of the believers?

Modernists are defined as people who want the Islamic world to become part of global modernity. This makes the assumption that it is only the Muslim world outside of modernity. As if all other nations and people are modern. What about the Amish, Native-American, or even similar groups in the United States. There are plenty of other peoples in this world who are not following the so-called "modernist" thought process. Coincidently the American Administration must have taken Saddam Hussein to be a modernist. Otherwise he would not have been so supported by those espousing "democratic ideals" and western culture.

Or should we harken back to the Muslim rebellion in the Philippines? Here was a Muslim people wanting to become part of the "Modern" process. But America, under General Pershing did not seem to be bothered with such a thought. He was more interested in killing as many Muslims as possible so that they could not enter the "Modern" World. Even before the emergence of the MLF, when some Muslims tried to separate church and state it was totally ignored by those in authority at the very united nations. So now that this group of Muslims have been forced into violence, are they now fundamentalists?

So it seems the minute Muslims use violence they are now fundamentalists. While anyone else who kills Muslims are heroes and defenders of "Democracy." As if we have democracy? BUSH STOLE THE ELECTION. WILL THE RAND CORPORATION DO A STUDY IN FRONT OF THE WORLD ON HOW THE LAST ELECTION WAS A FARCE?

"Challenge the fundamentalist?" Evidently that was not in your liking when it came to Saudi Arabia. Whom Americans now say is "fundamentalist."

Even the playing field? The author suggests for American fund to assist Traditionalists and Secularists. Evidently such help never existed when it came to Chechnya, China, and the Philippines, and even Afghanistan until 9/11.

The Hui Muslims in China have been supporting the idea separating church and state for the last decade. The UN and America didn't seem to care about secularists then.
So why all of this new-found love for "secular" and "modernists."

By now it should be clear how absurd each of these terms are. This is a blueprint that is being used. We need to define ourselves As Muslims. That's sufficient enough for us. The Prophet did not call us progressives, modernist, fundamentalist etc etc...Each of us must understand that such studies are an overt attempt to break us up into groups, as was done with Native-Americans, African-Americans, and even Latin Americans. Once we are divided into labels defined by someone else, watch how each group will be destroyed, one after another until neither Fundamentalists nor secularists exist. Thatís the history of this "Democratic" nation now calling itself part of Western culture. Let us Muslim define our own terms that fit our cultural and intellectual development ourselves.

Just to prove a point we call on the Muslim Ummah to study in historical documents: the infamous 1887 report by the bureau of Indian affairs (ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JWCRAWFORD/atkins.htm - 12k), as well as the document on how to "regulate" Indian Affairs: (www://digital.library.okstate.edu/kappler/Vol1/HTML_files/AFF0001.html)

And just to make things more clear we have the famous letter from Willie Lynch


After going thru each of the three documents. It becomes clear old methods used to hurt Native and Black peoples are now being re-configured for Muslims. Oh yes Believe it or not.

What is the difference between these three documents and the recent Rand Study? It is pretty obvious. There is none.

That's how it has always been done and it is being done now.

April 25, 2004 In Memory of Rachel Corrie.


Under the leadership of the Palestinian Solidarity Committee, as many as 55 organizations (if not more) gathered in Peoria Illinois. Muslims, Arabs, Progressive organizations, and even corporate Muslim leaders converged on Caterpillar headquarters from 2 PM until about 7 pm with people lingering around. Leaders from the Muslim and Arab community joined hands to create boycotts against the once esteemed construction company. For several years now Caterpillar industries have continued with the government of Israel, in bulldozing homes, lives, and dreams of Falasteeni people.

Converging on the headquarters, people chanted different slogans. Several onlookers joined the march and pushed forward. It was also clear that some of local Peoria residents were not even aware of how a caterpillar machine was used to kill Rachel Corrie. The President of corporate Caterpillar refused to meet or acknowledge what is taking place.


Several Muslims and Arab businessmen agreed to hold boycotts of Caterpillar products within their own areas of marketing.
Those business ventures who are in need of construction and moving equipment must be encouraged to boycott Caterpillar Industries. We must remember Rachel Corrie, the Shahid, and those who have been brutalized by having homes destroyed.

Jackie Mason gets warm greetings in Chicago

Jackie Mason the infamous pro-Zionist comedian brought his show to Chicago. At various times from April 12-16. several hundred protestors marched on the famous Auditorium theater of Roosevelt University. Members of various organizations called on people to reject Mr. Mason's racist and downright condescending comments towards Falateeni people. Mr. Mason refused to allow an Arab-American to openly perform stand-up comedy with him. Among other things Mr. Mason has assailed Falasteeni culture, religious beliefs, and even clothing.

Supporters against Zionism came out in sometimes small and other times large groups with picket signs in front of the theater. The Chicago Police had certain roads blocked just in case something would happen. Despite that protestors came and stood in the warm summer nights. Not in My Name (www.NIMN.org), Palestinians for Peace Now (www.hanania.com/palestinianpeacenow.htm) the Council of American Islamic Relations (www.cair-net.org), the Palestinian American Congress (www.pac-national.org), and Grenada Center for Human Rights (www.ncbuy.com) all praticipated in the event.

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