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America’s Strategy to Absorb and Assimilate Islam
by Kaukab Siddique

Following the 9.11 attacks, America’s power structure has gradually worked out a strategy to deal with Islam which has been increasingly gained converts, supporters, sympathizers within the United States. During the first year following the attack, America’s internal policy on Islam was largely reactive and defensive but gradually it has gone on the offensive.

The objective of this strategy is to NATIONALIZE Islam. Both the carrot and the stick are being used in this process. Here are the steps being undertaken:

1. Criminalization of charitable funds being transferred to Muslim countries, particularly Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia, and Sudan.

2. Pressure on Muslims to denounce all armed Islamic resistance as "terrorist."

3. Nine Eleven has been transformed into sacred mythology. Like the Jewish Holocaust, it is not to be discussed as an event in an ongoing war but as a revelation of EVIL. The DEVIL himself did it. Its causes must not be discussed and comparisons overseas are taboo.

4. ALL Muslims with money and big mosques are liable to be investigated. [There might be some good in this because a good number of pro-government Muslims might be uncovered for the sweet heart deals they have been receiving.]

5. Many of the Muslim world’s intelligentsia are part of the immigrant communities in America. These are usually very submissive to the U.S. government. Bootlicking is their favorite hobby. The most compliant among them are immigrants from countries where revolutions took place, such as Iran, Iraq and Sudan, or where Muslims faced atrocities, such as India. [Pakistani upper crust are submissive to rulers owing to their upbringing and do not need serious pressure.] ALL THESE GROUPS ARE TO BE USED (and are being used) to help the U.S. work against their countries.

6. The efforts of W.D. Muhammad helped to nationalize an important segment of African-American Muslims. With the arrest and conviction of Imam Jamil al-Amin, the U.S. seems to have effectively removed independent national-level leadership from the African-American Muslim communities. W. D. Muhammad’s "Imams" made the American government’s task easy in silencing African-American Muslim dissent as well as to control the spread of Islam in the prison system.

7. A major effort is underway to teach an American version of Islam by way of TV directed at both Muslims and (especially) non-Muslims interested in Islam. Quite a few "experts" are involved in this effort to claim that Islam has been traditionally the Islam of Prayers and Peace and that resistance to America is coming not from Muslims but from a cult called "WAHHABIS." Movies about Hajj, such as the one made by Wolfe, are being used to teach the sweetness and gentleness of Islam. Hamza Yusuf, Kabbani, Qazvini also fit into this war on "WAHHABISM."
7a. ISLAM IS INCREASINGLY TO BE TAUGHT ON TV by non-Muslims. Muslim elites have a serious inferiority complex and anything shown in multi-color on TV is very effective with them in general and their children in particular.

8. The concept of Jihad is a major problem for the U.S. Immense efforts have been put in and are underway to teach that Jihad is INNER STRIVING and the effort to purify oneself. [An entire "peaceful, inner jihad" culture is being built on ONE fabricated narration which goes against clear teachings of the Qur’an and the Hadith.]

Within that context, an authentic Islamic movement, based on the Qur’an and the example of the Prophet (pbuh) and REMOVED FROM THE CONTROL OF BIG MONEY and GOVERNMENTS, U.S. and overseas, will decide whether Islam will be a living force in America. The power structure here is quite determined to reduce Islam to a national "church" which will strive to issue a another postage stamp, perhaps this time with a mosque on it, and to put in all a major effort to get the Eids recognized as holidays. Also, Muslims could vote as a bloc again, perhaps this time for a Democrat. Or why not elect Bush again. If he sees a narrow margin of victory, he might promise a holiday on Eid to get the Muslim vote.

Then there are the $87 billion to be spent in Iraq (and a couple billion in Afghanistan). Shouldn’t there be a Muslim share in that pot of money?

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