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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 2, 1428. November 12, 2007. #87

Thinking aloud by New Trend's editor:
The Hereafter is a constant theme in the Qur'an. Everything is passing away. It is autumn. Notice the leaves on the ground. The trees are blazing with color because they are dying.
What's "out there"? The greatest human beings have tried to help us understand but we don't pay attention. We are in this world, "dunya," for a very limited time. The Hereafter is more important and lasting. We don't pay attention beyond the rhetoric of preachers.
This world, "dunya," is important precisely because our existence in the Hereafter will be based on our doings [and misdoings] in this world.
Try to make the going away easier, the farewell "softer." The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, left behind no property. In a world of slaves, he left behind no servants or slaves. He was a distributor, not an accumulator. His food was light too: dates, water, grains, greens, a little honey or meat once in a while. Hence he was "light" and did not get tormented with sickness before leaving. The five daily prayers provide the perfect framework for life.
I know it's very difficult. For many, it could be too late. Still, it's good to know which way is the Sunnah so we can get out of our servitude to corporate America [or at least try].

Latest News:
80 Killed in Mogadishu, Somalia by Ethiopian Occupation Forces

November 10, 2007: Ethiopian occupation forces fired tank shells into a market in Mogadishu killing 80 civilians, mostly women and children. [Reported first by Reuters, then by Gulf News, but not by USA.] The attack began in an attempt to crush Somali protests against the occupation. An Ethiopian military patrol, which entered southern Mogadishu, stronghold of the Islamic resistance, was ambushed. The population hates the Ethiopian occupiers. Two Ethiopian troops killed in the ambush were dragged through the streets by women and children.
The Ethiopian military is armed and funded by the U.S. and is said to have occupied Somalia at the behest of the U.S. [Readers may remember that during the U.S. occupation of Somalia, thousands of Somalis, including large numbers of women protestors, were killed by heavy weapons fire used at random by the U.S. forces. U.S. reporting has focused on Somali resistance, "Black Hawk down," and ignored the suffering of Somali women at U.S. hands]

Taliban Attack U.S. Troops in Nuristan Province: Classic Guerrilla Warfare

November 10, 2007: Six elite U.S. troops were killed and 8 wounded in a Taliban ambush. In addition 3 Afghan troops working for the U.S. were killed and 8 wounded in the same ambush. The audacious attack succeeded in spite of air strikes and artillery used by the U.S. to repel the Islamic fighters. RPGs were used by the mujahideen.

It's worrisome for the U.S. that the lightly armed Taliban are willing to take on the military with the most devastating firepower on the planet earth.

Pakistanis Live on U.S. Radio
Nukes and U.S. Moves against Pakistan versus Israeli Arsenal. Should the U.S. Fear Islamic Militancy? Bhutto's Return is Cover for Pak Generals.

November 10, 2007. Dr. Wilmer Leon, a political scientist from Howard University, Washington, DC runs a progressive radio program known as the "On with Leon" show which can be heard LIVE across the country on XM Radio.

His guests this time were Dr. Kaukab Siddique, Associate Professor of English from Lincoln University, Pennsylvania and Bashir Syed, a distinguished Pakistani scientist and political commentator from Houston, Texas. Dr. Leon asked them some searching questions about the latest situation in Pakistan. He especially wanted to know if there was danger to America from the growing Islamic militancy in Pakistan. These were some of the responses of the two guests.

Bashir Syed: Dr. Siddique made the following points:

Letter: Benazir Bhutto Return Seems Stage Managed

Regarding Ms. Bhutto's "record", let us not forget that she is second perhaps only to Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines (my family lived there when this crony of Reagan was kicked out in 1986) in terms of sheer "lootapa" of her nation's treasury. This whole thing smacks of a stage-managed "Orange Revolution" type situation. Needless to say, except in her own mind and in the minds of those whose "loyalty" she has bought, her return can already be termed an abject failure.

My eyes were opened early in life to the fact that the US, and especially the Republican Party, will set up "leaders" in poor countries who do nothing but rob their own people but who are allowed to do as they please as long as they do Washington's bidding like loyal khaansamas. It is truly nauseating to see BB touted as the "hope of 'democracy' (whatever that means) in Pakistan".

--Jameel Rahman [Pennsylvania]

Tehelka Expose - Gujarat Genocide: Mass Rape and Murder was State-Sponsored: A Look Inside India's Evil Brahminism

by Joseph Alouni in India [Exclusive to New Trend.]

This article is in reference to the recent uncovering of the Truth behind the Gujarat Genocide of Muslims in Feb-March 2002 in India.

When someone enunciates the word "genocide," we remember Bosnia , Chechnya or the [alleged] genocide of Jews by Hitler. Most of us forget that the most horrible genocide of human history was enacted by Indian Hindus on Muslims just five years back in Gujarat, West India . The targets in this genocide were not shot (as in Bosnia ), nor bombed (as in Chechnya ), nor subjected to poisonous gas (as alleged in Hitler's Germany ). Rather Gujarat , the genocide was enacted through rape, torture and slaughter.

By conservative estimate, 2,000 Muslims were killed in the first two days of the genocide (unofficial reports put the number at 6,000). Thousands of girls, women and even grandmothers were raped simply because they were Muslims. Muslim properties were looted, shops were burnt, families were forced to become refugees. Five years after the genocide, many Muslims continue to live in refugee camps in the outskirts of the city they inhabited in 2002.

The genocide started on February 27, 2002 as a result of hate propaganda spread by members of Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh (RSS), a militant Hindu organisation, after a train in Gujarat had an accident. One Muslim girl and 58 Hindu pilgrims burned to death in the incident. Minutes after the accident, the pro-Hindutva newspapers and television labeled it a pre-planned murder of Hindus by Muslims. At first, the Gujarat media claimed ISI (Pakistan Intelligence Agency) was responsible; later it was blamed on the local Muslim dwellers of Godhra (the rail station at which the accident occurred). In 2006, the Sachar Committee's investigation found that scientific and forensic evidence pointed to the fact that the fire which caused the deaths was started by fuel inside the compartment where the incident occurred, and that there was no evidence of Muslim complicity.

Since the India-Pakistan Partition, RSS's right wing propaganda has stated that Muslims have no right to live in India . The Secretary General of the radical Hindu organization stated in a public speech that Muslims have two choices: 1. Pakistan , or 2. Kabarstan (graveyard). This man was neither arrested nor condemned by the Indian government.

Gujarat genocide is not the only genocide against Muslims. While unofficial estimates of the Gujarat genocide number number around 20,000 (official figures place the number at 3,000), casualties of the anti-Muslim riots in Assam (1984), Bihar (1989), and Bombay (1992) numbered at least 10,000. These genocides are often neglected by the Indian media, which is a communalized one. Neither the government nor the media considered it a serious issue.

RSS has approximately 82 subordinate organizations, of which the Baarathiya Janatha Party (BJP), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Shiv Sena, and Bajrang Dal are most well-known. While BJP is the political wing of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal are the spiritual and the militant wing respectively. Agila Baarthiya Vidyaarthi Parishad (ABVP) is the student's wing while Durga Waahini is the women's wing. In each of the subordinate organizations, anti-Muslim hatred is the common ground which draws members together. The very purpose of the origination of RSS in 1925 by Dr.Hedgewar was to make India as a Nation for Hindus alone and to capture the post-Independent India from the Muslim freedom fighters who equally took part in the freedom fighting. The anti-Muslim feeling of the Hindutva RSS has its origination right from the Brahmins(Aryans). During the freedom struggle against the British, Brahminised society of India had some fear that India would again fall in the hands of Muslim leaders (like it was from 1200 AD to 1857 AD).

The Muslim-hatred propaganda started well during the time of freedom struggle. The nation's leader, Mahatma Gandhi was killed by an RSS member Mr.Nathuram Godse in 1948 for Gandhi's alleged soft corner on Muslims and Pakistan and for acknowledging Muslims as the citizen of India . Though Godse was arrested and RSS was banned a couple of time during the 1950s, the Indian Congress government's soft corner on Hindutva allowed Mr.Savarkar, then leader of RSS, to rebuild the organization and take it toward a single goal: "India is only for Hindus".

The riots and aggressions against the Muslims were routine in the l and of India from the origin of an anti-Muslim Brahminical society. The lack of influence of Indian Government on the fascist Hindutva forces led to the destruction of Babri Masjid in 1992, followed by the Bombay riots. While all the riots are assumed to be a spontaneous over reaction of Hindus on Muslims (as claimed by some Indian media), we can notice that almost every riot against the Muslims was pre-planned and executed with the support of Indian Police themselves. The situation lead various Human Rights organization to question the Indian Government for its soft corner of Hindutva.

Aashish Kehtan is one among the few journalists who dared to convey the truth and raise his voice against the Hindutva. TEHELKA, the Weekly Magazine media which is reputed for its Spy Camera revelations of corruption and other evil happenings of India and Indian politics, this time, after five years, took a step forward to uncover the truth behind the pre-planned state-sponsored terrorism of the Hinduised government of Gujarat over the Muslims in 2002.

Aashish Kehtan, the journalist of Tehelka, dared to execute this spying operation in the disguise of a Member of VHP (a subordinate ally of RSS). This time, Aashish Kehtan has brought the truth behind the Gujarat Massacre in the words of the very men who did it: Hindu politicians, Hindu business men, Hindu tea vendors, Hindu taxi men. No one is barred: every Hindu participated in the genocide against the Muslims, killed Muslims and considered ‘raping and killing of Muslims' as their right and duty.

The Tehelka revelation has bought a deep investigative journalism of what actually happened in Feb-Mar 2002. Gujarat is being ruled by BJP (the political wing of RSS) government. Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the Gujarat State , who actively took part in propagating the anti-Muslim hatred of Gujarat , is now freely carrying out his work for the assembly election scheduled in December, to form the next Hinduised government in the state. Though evidence is clear that Narendra Modi is a sponsor of Hindu-terror, and that he is a sympathizer of RSS, he is not arrested by the government. Not only he, but all the RSS murderers, rapists and rioters remain free on the streets of India, bragging about their rapes and killings of Muslims

Letter: Taking Exception: New Trend Should Note Struggle of Pakistan's Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry

I think your coverage about Pakistan is little bit one-sided. Please allow me to put the other side of the events now taking place.

What has happened is that the fig leaf that General Musharraf was wearing has been taken off. The emergency imposed indicate that there is an Army rule in Pakistan. Of this, there is no doubt. Previous to the imposition of emergency, some were under the false impression that assemblies and Ministers were running the country. Even General Musharraf said: " They [the Army] can't go back to the barracks, as they have never left it.." We have local assemblies and a civilian government, I am the only soldier involved in the government. It's only me" interview with William Dalrymple Published in Sunday Times [August 12, 2007].

There is now a Martial law in Pakistan. General Musharraf wrongly calls it Emergency – even though the emergency was imposed in the name of Chief of the Army. There is complete black out as far TV Channels are concerned. Even CNN and BBC cannot be seen in Pakistan. The whole country is up in arms. The demand is for restoration of constitution and end of emergency and reinstatement of independent judiciary and holding of free election. Even now demonstrations are taking place in the whole of Pakistan by students, lawyers, journalists and political parties. These demonstrations cannot be put down and it will continue until the Army rule comes to an end.

This has come about because of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry who started addressing the issues faced by common man. First he stopped the sale of steel mill which was being sold to benefit Army generals. and then he started to hear the cases of people being kidnapped by agencies. There were cases of people disappearing and no trace of them could be found because intelligence agencies had kidnapped them. General Musharraf got fed up of Chief Justice and called him to the Army House and in the presence of Heads of ISI and others he asked Chief Justice to resign. Chief Justice refused. The Chief Justice was held incommunicado in his own house. He was manhandled by Police. Some lawyers in Karachi were killed. Registrar of Supreme court was murdered. As a result the whole country was up in arms against the dismissal of Chief Justice. With the reinstatement of Chief Justice, the judiciary for the first time in the history of Pakistan was sticking to the supremacy of law and the constitution. The case of General Musharraf's election was also being heard by the judiciary. The judges were about to announce the judgment in the case against General Musharraf's reelection as President when the emergency was announced.

You are right that America is interested in BB. But the people in Pakistan are up in arms and they will not accept any American stooge. The lawyers, students are now on the vanguard of the movement and political parties will follow and follow they must. We are witnessing a slow but sure sign of awakening of Pakistani people to the fact that Army generals have occupied the country and this struggle is for the freedom of the country from the clutches of Army generals. Success of people power is inevitable.

Shaikh Mohommad [London, England]

Editor's note: We published Br. Mohommad's entire letter but we have a problem with its main point. The Supreme Court and its Chief Justice existed during all these years when Musharraf was mortgaging Pakistan to the U.S. Remember the assault on Afghanistan, the bombing during Ramadan, the Islamic charitable workers in their hundreds handed over to the U.S. and sent to the Gitmo hell hole? The timing of the Supreme Court's moves seems to fit into the U.S. plan for "change" in Pakistan. Just a coincidence? Maybe we are wrong.

Weber Speaks on the Israel Lobby at the University of Oregon
Institute for Historical Review ml

In spite of protests, media smears and a delay caused by a flight cancellation, Mark Weber addressed a spirited meeting at the University of Oregon in Eugene on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 3. He had been invited by the Pacifica Forum, a campus public affairs discussion group, which also organized the meeting. Weber's appearance generated wide media attention, and prompted a protest demonstration. In his address, entitled "The Israel Lobby: How Powerful is It?," Weber said that awareness of the role and impact of the Israel lobby is growing everywhere.

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